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alraisi06 and 76 Guests are viewing this board.
Digital video capture and the K8T Neo
I was wondering if anyone has had any luck capturing digital video with a machine based on this motherboard.  I've tried using v...
wintermute 0 1153 Last post 24-February-04, 06:33:19
by wintermute
Quick Core Center Auestion - System Temperature.
What does teh system temperatur stand for?  Is it the temp of the Northbridge or the Ambient temp inside the case?
n00bst3r 0 1176 Last post 22-February-04, 23:37:09
by n00bst3r
RPM Readout on K8T Neo FIS2R?
I got my PSU hooked to the PWFAN1 connector. According to the manual this connector has a sensor but I can't see the RPM in Moth...
Ghanja 0 1260 Last post 28-February-04, 09:03:23
by Ghanja
Raptor File System Benchmark Scores - Seem low
Hey peeps, i'm on my friends computer and his RAID array seems slow. I don't know this for a fact since I don't know what sort o...
Ruckus17 0 1137 Last post 29-February-04, 03:28:46
by Ruckus17
Build 1159
Has anyone here successfully installed build 1159 of Windows XP 2003 edition or Windows Server 2003 for AMD64?I encountered two ...
threedaysdwn 0 1540 Last post 02-March-04, 19:53:02
by threedaysdwn
Voltage Question in Core Center/Bios
Just the other day, core center and bios started dislaying my voltages differently. This was right when my temps seemed to drast...
AxiOn IXI 0 1126 Last post 04-March-04, 23:04:33
by AxiOn IXI
Hauppauge PVR card and cpu usage
Just wondering if anybody is running a PVR 350 TV card. My concern is this I am running this card and it is using 50%+. When I h...
MCG 0 1176 Last post 11-March-04, 13:46:01
by MCG
Core Center
Well hello all my very first post  just set up new 64bit system .msi-kt8-neoAmd64-3000.60Ghd ide.apacer technology 512megram pc3...
Gothmogs 0 1244 Last post 12-February-04, 02:00:54
by Gothmogs
K8T Neo FIS2r: Setting the DRAM Command Rate?
Just saw that I need to make sure this is set to T2 or 2T. . .any ideas? Thanks
senator 0 1623 Last post 22-January-04, 18:23:50
by senator
Stupid Move on Promise Bios Flash
I foolishly tried to get the last bit of performance out of my Promise controller by obtaining a bios flash from the Promise web...
Hovis234 0 1099 Last post 11-February-04, 01:17:05
by Hovis234
Try out the AMD processor driver!
I don't know how many of you are aware of the AMD Athlon 64 processor driver. I didn't know about it at first. It doesn't appear...
pmennen 0 1593 Last post 10-February-04, 04:47:47
by pmennen
cable tv
can anybody help with my msi tvanywhere cardcan copy of terrestrial tv aerial picture and soundbut not from ntl cable picture bu...
Patrick J Ivers 0 1468 Last post 24-November-03, 23:12:00
by Patrick J Ivers
CL Live/Audigy drivers for WinXP64
Announcement/Notes (120 days version)
Sake 0 1306 Last post 12-March-04, 11:41:51
by Sake
Troubles with Promise RAID and Win2k Pro
Setup:Athlon 64 3000MSI K8T800Enermax 350W PS 3.3V@32A 5V@32A 12V@26A2x512 Kingston ValueRam PC32002xWD 36GB Raptor (Promise RAI...
sambuca83 0 1740 Last post 24-December-03, 00:57:50
by sambuca83
KT8 Neo Ram questions
I upgraded my computer from my old Asus A7M266 (very first DDR board).  Eventually I bout 2x256 Kingston 266 dimms, very nice CL...
Stukov 0 1487 Last post 05-January-04, 22:55:13
by Stukov
K8T Neo Question...
Ok, just got the Neo board with the 3000+ chip.Reformatted my WD SE 80gb drive. Hooked the drive to the Promise IDE controller v...
sac130e 0 1401 Last post 31-December-03, 23:20:49
by sac130e
emachines t6000 (ms-6741) and Linux
Has anyone had any luck getting x86_64 Linux working on an emachines T6000?  I recently purchased one and am having nothing but ...
jduersto 0 1595 Last post 03-February-04, 20:40:12
by jduersto
Raid 5 problems..
HiI got some problems when i use Raid 5 on my MSI K8T Neo.I use this card "Highpoint RocketRAID 1640".And 4 X 80Gb Maxtor sata.M...
Merlinen 0 1343 Last post 07-March-04, 16:17:23
by Merlinen
Hello,its a little bit "funny" with the k8t neo it says supports up to 2 GB RAMbut when you look in the compatibility list (deta...
ijarkor 0 1451 Last post 11-December-03, 04:18:30
by ijarkor
K8T Master2 Chips...
Does anyone know if the MSI K8T Master2 have these ISL6569 chip????
xogun 0 1380 Last post 18-February-04, 13:03:24
by xogun
RE: Raptor 74 Gig: Basic or Dynamic Disk?
Mine is formatted as dynamic.  I don't even know if I can change it to Basic (that was greyed out for me in disk mgt) but I was ...
knownalien 0 1298 Last post 26-February-04, 23:31:52
by knownalien
Windows XP running very smooth?
Is XP running good on the MSI K8T Neo-FSR + AMD64 3200+? is any need update drivers for this before he take it his home. Thank
Darkstalker 0 1178 Last post 29-February-04, 21:27:17
by Darkstalker
k8t Neo - VIA / Promise Sata controler problem
I just got two k8t neo boards in and am in the process of setting up two identical machines.  One machine the via sata controlle...
edryhten 0 1668 Last post 21-February-04, 16:17:52
by edryhten
K8T Neo-FIS2R Memory Troubles
I have read quite a number of threads on this forum about the memory problems of the Athlon 64s and it's a shambles tbh  On the ...
Karaboudjan 0 1350 Last post 16-February-04, 01:28:01
by Karaboudjan
Model Number
Hey guys,  I foun this info about the AMD Athlon 64 model numberADA3200AEP5APADA  = Brand : Athlon 64 Desktop3200 = Model number...
Seranko 0 2081 Last post 13-October-03, 06:13:28
by Seranko
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