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Socket AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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levent.hizbul and 34 Guests are viewing this board.
A68HM-E33 + AMD A4000. How change video RAM size?
I build PC on motherboard A68HM-E33 and CPU AMD A4000 with integrated videoadapter AMD Radeon HD 7480D and RAM DDR3-1600 4 Gb. Operation system Linux 64bit using only 3GB,  Video RAM size 768MB. I nee...
maryanp 2 716 Last post 12-March-15, 00:32:15
A68HM-E33 wont boot if any card in PCI slot
Put together a system with an A68HM-E33 board. A4-5300, 4Gb Kingston HyperX, 120Gb Intel SSD, Win7 x64.  Got it all running fine. Went to install a PCI (not PCIe) wifi card. System will not post, give...
scajjr2 1 376 Last post 10-March-15, 14:03:32
by Svet
Wont boot to or from windows
I just put together a small upgrade after mother board took a dump. MSI 990FXA-GD80 motherboardMSI GTX960 graphics cardAMD FX-8350 8 core processorHyper X Fury DDR3 1866 memoryKingston Hyper SH100S3B ...
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markhdcustom 9 692 Last post 10-March-15, 12:24:39
by Jimmy
Windows 8.1 using a 990fxa-GD80
I have just purchased a Sandisk Ultra II SSD drive and i am looking to install Windows 8.1.Is there anything i need to know by the way in settings i need to change in the bios to use Windows 8.1?Also ...
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Jimmy 9 1072 Last post 10-March-15, 12:15:42
by Jimmy
MSI 970A G43 not detecting SSD in UEFI mode
The issue I am having is that the Windows installation does not detect the SSD when I enable Raid (UEFI or Legacy) mode in the Bios. I am using a Dvd drive for windows installation. I have posted some...
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chi_ra 9 2128 Last post 10-March-15, 04:32:52
MSI 970A-G46 No video 3 beep
SPANISHDa esos pitidos y nada de video ocurrio de un dia para otro necesito ayuda por favor ya probe todas las piezas en otras tarjetas madres y todo bien Procesador: AMD FX 6100 Tarjeta de video: ASU...
jahibol_32 4 628 Last post 09-March-15, 19:44:29
by carf2001
990XA-GD55 Bios downgrade or Overclocking
I have the 990xa-GD55, and i would my FX 8350 Overclocking. But sadly, it is not possible. My CPU Voltage is locked. I can increase voltage to 1.446v, but the FX-8350 has been in the turbo 1.42v. How ...
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Gordon-19797 8 1540 Last post 09-March-15, 14:52:32
by flobelix
Core unlocking
can i unlock cores with gf615m-p33?
dendem1998 1 218 Last post 09-March-15, 14:46:35
by flobelix
[SOLVED] AM1I Boots into Windows, but does not show POST screen...
I just purchased an AMD Athlon 5150 CPU and MSI AM1I motherboard for my HTPC. Everything else in the PC has been in use for over a year and has worked fine.The first time I started up with the new CPU...
scott.e.wright 3 698 Last post 01-March-15, 19:24:23
by Nichrome
MSI A88XM Gaming mate with the Athlon X4 860K
Hi MSI Global Forum, I am the proud owner of a MSI Gaming A88XM, had been an AMD A10-7850K on the base, which I have now sold and ordered an AMD Athlon X4 860K! When can we expect an official BIOS upd...
Lord_Darkstar 4 719 Last post 01-March-15, 14:19:24
by Svet
Motherboard 990fxa-gd65 V2 supports windows 8.1?
I'll be assembling a new pc these days, and one of the components is this motherboard. I checked in the webpage and the drivers are only for windows 8 (Newer motherboards have another pack of drivers ...
f.e.ferrarotti 1 249 Last post 28-February-15, 12:40:54
by flobelix
MOVED: 9c error on 970 mb ? need help
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Svet 0 201 Last post 28-February-15, 00:08:36
by Svet
Boot up problem after Bios flash
Hello there! I used Live Update 6 to flash my BIOS, accordingly to the live update my previous version was the H.A0 and now i flashed it to H.K0. But now when i try to boot it i get stuck on "initiali...
simpan_sime 4 378 Last post 26-February-15, 08:48:33
by Svet
How to Turn On Hardware Virtualization in BIOS
Hello: I would like to enter the BIOS. I am running Windows 7. My board is the A78M-E35. What I am doing is setting up to develop Android Apps. I hit the wall where they say I have to use HAXM. I have...
jpk129 2 401 Last post 26-February-15, 07:30:03
by JLio01
Trouble rebuilding RAID 1 array.
I built a RAID1 array, installed windows, purposely broke the array for demonstration purposes removing a drive. After replacing the drive, the array fails to rebuild. What am I missing? (MSI A58M-E33)
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me 9 553 Last post 25-February-15, 08:49:19
by JLio01
Updated Bios From 1.D0 to the latest Bios V1.15 Now Won't Boot?? Pleas Help
 :nooo:Hello all,I have a 890FXA-GD70 Motherboard and Installed Windows 7 Ultimate.I did a Bios Update to Ver. 1.15 Latest Bios update for this board.I disabled virus protection,and did it through win...
dsegala 1 526 Last post 24-February-15, 18:45:07
by flobelix
MSI 870U-G55 - No post or display for existing system
Hi everyone;Having some issues troubleshooting a no post problem and was hoping for some suggestions. This system has been running fine for Years, however today when turning on the system there's no p...
imperialyap 2 366 Last post 24-February-15, 18:43:16
by imperialyap
770-C45 - CMOS Checksum Bad when New 16GB RAMs are used unable to see desktop
I just bought a new pair of to replace my old pair of .But whenever the new RAMs are placed (single, dual, placed with the old one) I receive a "CMOS Checksum Bad" on startup. After that I would "Loa...
chazz.reyes 5 844 Last post 24-February-15, 14:36:40
by Bernhard
760GM-P34 (FX) Random Reboots after Radeon R9 290 install HELP
System runs great when I put my GTX 650 back in..... Please help... it reboots randomly and also jumps between windows basic and back to true. Every once in a while it will black screen for a moment a...
otb.rnd 4 564 Last post 24-February-15, 00:45:24
by otb.rnd
getting into BIOS: MB 990fxa80gdv2
Hi Gents, I am in my 60's and getting slower but I have not been quick enough to enter the BIOS on this last build. Luckily I haven't had to but I would lick to look around in there. I wait with my fi...
fmgag 4 391 Last post 19-February-15, 23:20:55
by HenryW
Pretty old setup, 785GM-E51, I have an odd issue (BIOS related?)
Hello, I'll just get to the point.I have an issue, where If I start up my pc normally, just push the button and let it boot, it will 100% of the time fail, either by BSODing randomly in windows or my ...
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stuffaa00 31 2475 Last post 19-February-15, 20:44:09
by smcvaugh
no display after bios update a88xm gaming
Hi guys I got my new mb today and installed a 7850k too update the bios so it was compatable with my 860k that I plan on using in the board.It all seemed to go fine whilst flashing then the system res...
tony.boyes 2 473 Last post 18-February-15, 21:00:04
by tony.boyes
Having lots of trouble installing an OS (A75IA-E53)
I recently got hold of a MSI FM2-A75IA-E53 board, an AMD A8-6600k, some RAM and a new Hard Drive.It shipped with BIOS 2.2 and I've updated it 2.3 (just because it was annoying me and I wanted to see i...
philip.widdowson 6 581 Last post 18-February-15, 12:06:28
by philip.widdowson
front panel USB connection to MB 990fxagd80v2
Hi Gents, new member here with some issues on me last build. I assemble my families computers , about one every 5 years. Other than that I am not hot in computers. So when I get into a build I have so...
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fmgag 9 878 Last post 17-February-15, 01:05:26
by HenryW
990FXA-GD80 AHCI Slow boot
I was recently forced to reinstall my pc due to some software problems that i was unable to fix.Since this my PC is extremely slow upon booting using AHCI.  I have used both the latest ones from the M...
Jimmy 1 327 Last post 16-February-15, 04:54:22
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