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Socket AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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A88X-G45 What CPU or APU
Hi. What is best CPU/APU choice for A88X-G45 MB. The system will be with two PowerColor HD-7870 Myst GPU-s in CrossFire mode. MB manual says that 'Only FM2+ processors can support PCIe 3.0'. I couldn'...
tomekp64 2 402 Last post 27-April-14, 23:32:02
by badboy2k
usb 3.0 doesn't work
i have updated the drivers from the renases website for the usb 3.0 and i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. my computer sees them just when i use them nothing works front or the rear. and i am...
matt.gutsche 1 314 Last post 27-April-14, 18:38:14
by Bernhard
A88X-G43 - 'A2' POST Code / exFat Drive
I'm creating this thread for the purposes of pointing out an issue that's been plaguing me for the past month in the hopes that my workaround can serve others that have this same problemthe issue can ...
jurogumo 1 570 Last post 27-April-14, 05:27:00
by costabunny
MSI 760GM-P34-FX sound issues
had this board in a machine running XP for 12 months or so with no issues. Upgraded to win 8 and now the on board sound and front panel do not detect anything being plugged in. Latest drivers installe...
squiddy1971 3 431 Last post 26-April-14, 18:04:14
by flobelix
How To Add RAM?
I've got the following new build:Main Board:  970A-G43Bios Version:  Don’t knowVideo Card:  GeForce 8400 GS, 512 MBPSU:   Solid Gear 650 W12v rail Rating of listed PSU:  42 ACPU:  AMD FX-4100Memory:  ...
steve45 7 685 Last post 26-April-14, 16:44:12
by steve45
760GMA-P34 problems
Hi, i have problems installing windows on this motherboard am3+ 760GMA-P34, i have tried various hd (ssd samsung 840 evo 120 gb, ssd samsung 840 basic 120 gb), i try to upgrade bios (now i have the 25...
Trian16 2 366 Last post 24-April-14, 14:19:30
by Trian16
How to flash FM2-A75IA-E53 in dos or Linux
Hi all!Help me please - I have FM2-A75IA-E53 mb with AMI BIOS v2.0 & I want upgrade BIOS to v2.3. But I run in Linux OS & the site is only exe file ( version and t...
aleks-nl5 4 458 Last post 23-April-14, 16:35:38
by flobelix
A88X-G41 PC mate no video no beeps at boot
I have installed on th is board the AMD A serie A8-6600K - 3.9 GHz which is supported according the website..?!I'm just not sure what bios version i have, since all items are 100% new.Should this proc...
kird03 8 788 Last post 23-April-14, 15:19:33
by kird03
MOVED: MSI-FM2-A55M-E33 restarts everytime I try to boot from USB. Can't install Ubuntu
This topic has been moved to Linux/Unix.
Svet 0 229 Last post 23-April-14, 14:15:50
by Svet
Cannot install WIndows 7 64 Bit
I have a Windows 7 disk that has both 32 bit and 64 bit.  Everytime I try and clean install it automatically installs 32bit.  It never gives me an option. I've checked my compatibility and it tells me...
exciter72 9 588 Last post 22-April-14, 17:59:14
by Svet
frequently shutting down
Hey guys, my computer started to shut off in the middle of me playing battlefield.  And then it started to shut off more and more like just with browser up and small things like that. Every once in a ...
potato-killa 5 423 Last post 21-April-14, 17:39:08
by Svet
ms-7721 keyboard/mouse problem
Good day MSI,I have a ms-7721 and each 24hrs the keyboard is not working (ps2) i have to reset the bios from the desktop (go to bios function from the desktop).is there a way to fix this, this is gett...
ragnarokz 1 554 Last post 21-April-14, 16:37:01
by Svet
Motherboard MSI 760GA-P43
HiI buy this Motherboard: MSI 760GA-P43 and have some problems.Motherboard problems:Computer won't start when i press a keyboard/mouse buttonNo power on USB /PS2 slots when pc is shutdown.I try S3 and...
tilicar 1 381 Last post 21-April-14, 16:36:15
by Svet
A88X G45 Raid failure
Hello everyone,This is my second purchase of an MSI MOBO, my second one died after a year.I have been trying to install raid on my hybrid drives (ST2000DX001-1CM164) in raid 0 and keep getting bsod af...
MrShlongy 20 1617 Last post 21-April-14, 15:21:40
by Svet
POST card help
Recently my 1 year old CPU died. I returned it and installed the new one, computer wouldn't start up. I returned the motherboard, installed the new one, same problem. Fans and lights come on, power su...
dc098 11 1001 Last post 20-April-14, 11:30:12
by badboy2k
990FXA-GD80 code 26 not booting
Specs:MSI 990FXA-GD80FX-835016GB HyperX Predator 2133 @ 1866MSI r9 290 4g gamingSilverstone ST100060GB Kingston V300 SSD(os and small programs only)2TB Seagate hybrid drive for everything elseWhen I h...
Jimp0 9 704 Last post 20-April-14, 01:28:07
by Jimp0
spdif compatibility on AM1I
Hello there,I received my all-new AM1I-Motherboard yesterday. On the MSI Website it is stated that it has spdif output support. However, I was not able to identify the output on the PCB as there is no...
Smos 12 755 Last post 18-April-14, 22:39:09
by Svet
990FXA-GD65/FX-8350 Lots of Bios Problems
Hi PeepsI'm having some trouble with the Bios and overclocking my FX-8350, namely saving settings, RAM timings and CPU thrashing whilst in the Bios screen. I'll mention I have reinstalled everything t...
Beamzappa 3 468 Last post 17-April-14, 15:22:33
by Svet
Constant crashing
Motherboard- MSI FM2-A75MA-E35 AMD A6 5400Memory- 8g Corsair (should be right! It was part of a bundle)Running XPEver since I put this together and got it up and running its been flakey. Sometimes it ...
repete 4 466 Last post 16-April-14, 18:52:02
by Svet
A78M-E35 board Windows won't load
Trying to upgrade, system loads bios screen no problem, starts to load windows, then goes to the "Windows did not shut down properly" screen with 2 options, repair windows, or load windows normally.  ...
oldcrankyman 1 257 Last post 14-April-14, 17:37:30
by Svet
Owner of a computer far beyond my knowledge base
So a friend gives/sells (that's our business- he willingly parted with it) and he fine tuned it and the works. Well if I can't format it and redo it because I don't know how then I don't want it. So I...
Diablo 2 373 Last post 13-April-14, 11:50:54
by wlahdone
need CMOS battery for 990fxa-gd65 v. 2
Hello, my name is Micah.  I go by Twinkie as my in game name.  My first post here on this forum.  I was given a MSI 990FXA-GD65 v.2 by a friend when he upgraded his pc.  The board came without the CMO...
twinkie 5 544 Last post 12-April-14, 23:41:34
by Joebear55
A78M-E45 blank screen, wont boot, no post boot.
Hi there,I always had ASUS boards with Intel processors. Now Im building a MSI / AMD computer.Motherboard: A78M-E45Memory: Kingston blu 16gb 1600mhz KHX1600C10D3B1K2/16G (two sticks of 8gb)Processor: ...
jabberwockie 1 569 Last post 12-April-14, 20:18:21
by badboy2k
Please can someone help?
So, I bought MSI 760gma-p34 And I booted into bios, went into boot priority but it doesn't let me boot from USB (There's no such option) I'm trying o install windows from USB... Are there any other ways?
KenshinHimura 2 323 Last post 11-April-14, 23:22:56
by wlahdone
GPUz states SLI not working
For some reason GPUz is stating SLI is disabled even though the Nvidia control panel states it is enabled.My motherboard is a 990XA-GD55 with an AMD 8350, 2x Asus GTX 660Ti OC, Corsair CX750m, Gskill ...
loserspearl 5 577 Last post 11-April-14, 06:01:02
by loserspearl
A55M-E33 no audio via HDMI
Everything works perfectly on this recently installed motherboard except for ONE thing, no audio carries through an added video card's HDMI output.  The video card is good.  Is there perhaps a setting...
Thuladoom17 2 282 Last post 10-April-14, 18:30:39
by flobelix
Command center problems
Got  a message from command center to update to .. So after a time it uninstalls then then starts to install then gives me a message that it cant find a file so's I...
maxxxem1 2 396 Last post 10-April-14, 03:44:22
by holaz
A55M-E33 POST problem
I purchased two A55m-E33 mother boards to revive two of my old XP systems now deemed obsolete. I have them both up and running just fine with Windows 7 Ultimate, but... Both have a strange problem wit...
krhall3273 5 573 Last post 09-April-14, 00:42:57
by krhall3273
What could cause "2A" code on 890FXA-GD70 mainboard?
My MSI 890FXA-GD70 now stalls at the point where it displays the code "2A."  Can someone describe the possible cause(s) of the mainboard stalling at "2A"?I even contacted MSI and received a refurbishe...
shunthepunman 5 708 Last post 08-April-14, 22:54:41
by badboy2k
MSI 770-C45 incompatible with Phenom Z965??
Hello thereRecently I've got the Phenom x4 Z965 (125TDP) to replace my old and trusty Athlon x2 250My mobo as I said is the MSI 770-C45From the cpu support of my mobo I saw that the current phenom is ...
limnos21 3 358 Last post 08-April-14, 17:18:39
by flobelix
760GM-P21 (FX) AMD-V Support?
If I get a CPU that supports AMD-V, will this board support AMD-V? My goal is to install Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012.
tmontney 1 291 Last post 08-April-14, 12:39:03
by himee
how to enable AMD-V n a 990FXA-GD65 BIOS v19.9?
Juat that... how to enable AMD-V n a 990FXA-GD65 BIOS v19.9?
ernestouriburu22 1 314 Last post 08-April-14, 12:22:22
by himee
renesas usb 3 drivers, not on website, or cd
Hello!Motherboard:  a78m-e45anybody know why MSI doesn't have USB 3.0 drivers for the onboard ports anywhere?  I found some by using the device id, but they were xp 64bit, got those to work, but would...
zekeallmon 4 652 Last post 08-April-14, 04:03:42
by gunner1
MSI A88X -G45 Gaming USB 3.0 Roothub Problems
Ok i bought this Motherboard recently and thought great cant wait to use it etc, built it nps, installed windows 8 / 8.1 nps...updated drivers etc and thought nps so far..upon connecting various perip...
ph3n0m73 18 2502 Last post 07-April-14, 20:23:52
by ph3n0m73
890gxm-g65 no video and bad optical sound.
 :gg:No video output and lousy sound from optical output. I have an auzentech graphics card and sound card whose sound no longer works. I transfered the audio outputs to the motherboard and it worked ...
teaqueen 1 210 Last post 07-April-14, 20:23:10
by xmad
Legacy IDE Hard Drive and DVD Drive
I wondered if anybody could send me in the right direction with this...I have got the A55M-E33 motherboard and try to connect my old hard-drive and DVD drive (both IDE) to the motherboard using IDE to...
stephanfrank 5 641 Last post 07-April-14, 16:00:31
by Svet
760gm-p23 motherboard and ssd
can this motherboard use a ssd sata 111 drive
chuckman45 3 488 Last post 07-April-14, 15:39:07
by Svet
990FXA-GD80 Bios 13.5
Sooo, anyone tried it yet? anything noticeable different?
SegaStep 11 2295 Last post 06-April-14, 16:24:56
by miklkit
fm2-a75ma-e35 Onboard and External Graphics
I'm having issues using both my onboard graphics and my Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 TI graphics card. I have three monitors, 2 connected to the graphics card and one connected to the mainboard. When the gr...
crvs899 3 436 Last post 06-April-14, 01:15:59
by XFM
Pc will not turn on
Hello, good afternoon just ride my PC when I called and I came across this message. CPU or Memory Changed! Please enter setup to configure your system Press F1 to run setup Press F2 to load default va...
rafael.campos.1690 6 524 Last post 05-April-14, 17:22:45
by rafael.campos.1690
VRM temperature on an MSI 990fxa-gd65
Hi. I have recently replaced my stock AMD cooler with a TX3, after that I have noticed that a sensor reading was getting too high, usually +12* c above CPU temps at stock and as far as 27* C above CPU...
sarutobi.azuma.33 9 721 Last post 05-April-14, 16:29:14
by sarutobi.azuma.33
Howdy , I recently installed a new Mobo ,, the Z87 Gd65, along with two new DD3 and New Processor, Combined with my Old HDD that has My windows version Vista.The problem I am encountering is the Error...
TonyL 3 349 Last post 05-April-14, 15:06:25
by flobelix
MSI A88XG45 Gaming mother
I thought I would try putting to different Speed ram (ADATA XPG V2 16GB - 2400MHz 1.60 volt and G.SKILL Sniper Series 8GB 2133MHz 1.65 volt  .. I thought fat chance it will even boot up but it did and...
maxxxem1 3 403 Last post 04-April-14, 13:51:53
by badboy2k
970a-g43 with FX8320 wont boot. no bios. help...
I have been swapping out parts for the past week with no luck and seem to have landed on some kind of motherboard compatability issue. So here is the story.1. after having my system run like a dream f...
runeform 1 448 Last post 04-April-14, 04:21:17
by runeform
990FXA-GD80 WiFi Issues
Hello, hope someone can shed some light on a problem I'm having.Installed Windows 8.1 on an SSD installed on this motherboard, but wireless internet just doesn't work no matter what I do. It will work...
Tansley91 6 499 Last post 03-April-14, 19:17:59
by Tansley91
970A-G46 no beeps no video
I had 970A-G46 with FX-8320 with radeon  HD 7870 working fine for several months.One day while I was playing a game everything went dark and there was burnedelectronics smell. After that computer wasn...
acorn 6 579 Last post 03-April-14, 15:14:51
by falco
Freezing issues with MSI 970A-G43 and AMD FX 8320
Hey all,I bought my brother a new system a few days ago, but he has had serious issues with the machine crashing ever since.The machine has had a fresh installation of Windows 7, it has all the latest...
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Adresch 51 14516 Last post 03-April-14, 15:07:07
by falco
A55M-P33 no video
Greetings,old MB died and replaced with A55M-P33.  put everything back together, no video and not a sound from that little speaker. tried all the following, but no lucks...tried to tap into BIOStried ...
jzli 9 1039 Last post 02-April-14, 21:21:09
by flobelix
bios update for k9ngm am2 mobo
hi allI have a msi k9ngm ms-7252 mobo and have been given a amd 64 x2 5200+ cpu but when it posts it says I need to update the bios but all I can find on the website is v3.1 which is the same as I alr...
wadworks 7 1379 Last post 02-April-14, 03:11:33
by bmn111
MSI A78M-E35 Mobo no post-boot. Just a black screen
I'm building a pc and ran into the issue of the machine not hitting post-boot. It's getting video signal, because the monitor that I use goes completely black rather than displaying the "No Input" com...
Aaronius.h 1 441 Last post 01-April-14, 21:27:34
by Svet
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