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Socket AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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Bios failed updating 970A-G46
i was updating my bios to ver 2.6 and i didn't know it was only for windows 8 which i had 7 and the computer lagged and i was careless to shut it down when i was trying to turn it back on it's all bla...
elmo3zeb2500 27 2538 Last post 13-December-15, 00:00:46
by nonecko
MSI 770-C45 not working with X4 965
Hi.I check the compability page for MSI 770-C45 since I needed to get a quad-core cpu to play Star Wars Battlefront.I found out that this CPU would be great:Phenom II X4Denebz9652003.402M6MC3125But wh...
mazze83 15 1431 Last post 12-December-15, 23:53:07
by nonecko
MSI 970A-G46 No POST, No Video
I'm not getting any POST codes with my full setup installed. I am getting the POST for no memory when I pull my RAM. Here's my setup:Mobo: MSI 970A-G46Model: MS-7693 Ver: 2.0Processor: AMD FX-6300 3.5...
monsieurdozier 1 412 Last post 12-December-15, 01:42:33
by HenryW
MSI A78-35 v2 + Cpu 7870K dual graphics ?
I have a motherboard MSI A78-E35 v2 + CPU AMD A10 7870k.  Does not work dual graphic with Sapphire R7 250X VAPOR-X 1GB GDDR5. In crimson control center missing "Dual graphic".  Where is the problem?  ...
2006js 2 393 Last post 11-December-15, 20:31:37
by 2006js
970a g46 ram compatibility
Just curious if the 970a g46 motherboard is compatible with the hyperx fury line of ram. i read its not because the mobo doesnt support PNP but id like a confirmation.  Thank you
marco_longo30 16 1979 Last post Best Answer 11-December-15, 12:53:08
by flobelix
This topic has been moved to Older MSI motherboards.
flobelix 0 210 Last post 11-December-15, 12:52:11
by flobelix
FM2-A75MA-E35 Automatische live update PROBLEEM
After MSI Live Update told me i should update my drivers MOBO (FM2-A75MA-E35 ) i wen't with it and did not doubt it once. (wich seem pritty logical at the moment since there was no watch out for warni...
duvel88 7 855 Last post 10-December-15, 14:39:56
by Svet
Hello everyone i am hoping that someone can help me here. I have the NF980-G65 mobo with PhenomII 4x 965 cpu. The trouble i am having is that my mobo wont post anymore. I have reset my cmos, pulled my...
hpiracer002 12 910 Last post 10-December-15, 12:48:26
by hpiracer002
MOVED: CPU alway running at low speed
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Svet 0 193 Last post 09-December-15, 23:27:04
by Svet
MOVED: How to properly flash Bios (or is this what I even need??)
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Svet 0 172 Last post 09-December-15, 14:57:45
by Svet
MSI 970A-G46 Northbridge Overheats
HelloMy first MSI 970A-G46 stopped working perfectly one moment, and the next it was dead. Nothing responded, everything was doublechecked, PSU, CPU, RAM and I ended up returning the motherboard, reci...
Nikkeftw 2 611 Last post 07-December-15, 15:46:48
by wlahdone
oc genie
Hello just wondering i have the A88X G45 motherboard and got a AMD A10 7850k processor and wanting to know if i have to buy a new heatsink to use oc genie or if its ok to use the the 1 that came with ...
timothy232011 5 418 Last post Best Answer 06-December-15, 12:00:02
by Hazzo
990fxa gd80v2 motherboard SSHD upgrade
Hi Gents, the old man got into a little trouble. My original build used a Samsung Evo 120Gb SSHD, as I got into Video and needed more room I installed a 1TB Samsung Evo. I planned to move all the stuf...
fmgag 9 944 Last post 04-December-15, 18:24:45
by fmgag
970A-G46 BIOS 2.7 Update Failed
Hello,My motherboard 970a-g46 bios gone (or something like that) when 2.7 bios update with usb flash memory on Windows 8.1. I put exe file to usb flash memory and run. Update started, scrool bar went ...
taran7ula 15 2784 Last post 04-December-15, 07:47:29
by root2014
MSI updater and driver disk
I pop in the driver disk that came with the MB, I get the install screen and nothing happens when I select install, no DVD activity or anything. I never get a "installation complete" message or anythi...
triniphen 2 320 Last post 03-December-15, 14:58:38
by triniphen
MOVED: Installed MSI Gaming 970 motherboard no boot
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Nichrome 0 158 Last post 03-December-15, 14:32:44
by Nichrome
Does the A68hm-grendade support AMD-virtualization?
I recently purchased an A68hm-grendade to run the A10 Godavari cpu. I was wondering if the motherboard supported AMD-v for vga passthrough to be used with any some distribution of Linux? I am also doi...
klevejeremy 0 200 Last post 02-December-15, 21:43:20
by klevejeremy
MSI 970 GAMING 5.1 sound Subwoofer not working WIN10 / WIN7
Hello, i have important question, which is annoying me all day yet. I really dont know what to do yet. I have problem with my 5.1 audio speakers ( Genius sw-hf 5.1 4500 ,230V-EU ) . I am daily using w...
tomas92 3 1298 Last post 02-December-15, 17:02:04
by wlahdone
I just got a AMD 8 core 4.0ghz FX8350 Black Edition CPU and I installed it in my 760GM-P34(FX) Motherboard. When I start my computer it does not work at all, when I let it try and post for 15-20 secon...
william.vandermay 4 491 Last post 02-December-15, 16:56:37
by wlahdone
Motherboard drivers where ??
A78m-E35    only downloads available are bios, apparently.  Can't see enough of the screen to run MSI Live Update as there are no video drivers and can't find buttons to click on in 640x480 mode... no...
waveav 2 449 Last post 02-December-15, 16:47:48
by wlahdone
990FXA-GD80 Bios Not Booting
Hi everyone.First,my english is not good.Sorry for about that.Here is my problem2 day ago i tried to update my bios.idk what was version but default version's date was 2013.So i downloaded 13.6 send f...
trk.turunc 28 2720 Last post 02-December-15, 16:02:42
by Svet
970A-G46 BIOS 2.7 Update Failed
Hello,:undecided: My motherboard 970a-g46 BIOS gone (or something like that) when 2.7 BIOS update  with windows 7. I put the .exe file to USB flash memory and run. Update started, but in the end it se...
misternaranjapcg 1 285 Last post 01-December-15, 23:16:00
by Svet
msi fm2-a85xma-e35 update BIOS failed... Please help!
Today I tried to update BIOS from 1.8 to 2.4 version and my PC was freeze. When I reboot PC  I got 2 beeps and black screen. What can I do to load my pc?
4dimm 11 663 Last post 01-December-15, 19:46:22
by 4dimm
AM1l CPU Supports ?
Hello and thank you for any and all answers to my question I have an AM1l motherboard and wish to change the processor from a sempron to  an Athion 64 x2 or even maybe a Phenom for a little bit faster...
dawnbielz 5 629 Last post 29-November-15, 10:06:25
by wlahdone
am1l won't boot from install media.
doesn't seem to matter what i plug into it, from offficial windows media to the modded usb image i've installed every other instance of win7 i have in my house from, nothing will boot. tried several d...
kenabi 7 726 Last post 26-November-15, 13:49:24
by Svet
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