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Socket AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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A55-G41 pc mate
does the a4-6320 processor with intergrated hd8370D have intergrated graphics on the a55-g41 the site says n/a but all the other a4 series are supported someone told me its just a typo and all of the ...
robert.m.miles.9 4 283 Last post 10-September-14, 10:38:50
by robert.m.miles.9
Is this a Windows 8 Control Center for the 760GMA-P34(FX)?
There doesn't appear to be one. I did manage to install the CC for the 760GM-P34 (FX); mostly works but doesn't read the DRAM voltage or fan headers correctly.I apparently have a habit of buying board...
eelpout 4 345 Last post 10-September-14, 10:27:45
by Svet
3 identical computers with A55M-E33 BSODs [Dump Added]
Hi Everyone,I built 3 identical computers recently to use as workstations for a family business and all of them have been having BSODs repeatedly. I have done the following:- Run memtest86+ for 48 hrs...
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padabsod 9 733 Last post 10-September-14, 07:49:07
by Svet
Motherboard Temperatures Question
Earlier this week, I installed new motherboard, an MSI 990FXA-GD80V2. So far, it's been a super performer, not any issues at all. I have been using HWMonitor to monitor the system temps, and they have...
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BlackCat314 10 831 Last post 09-September-14, 13:52:40
by Nichrome
msi fm2 a55m e33 build problem
Recently I helped a friend build a rig. The setup as follows: Case: cooler master elite 344 with usb 3.0Mobo: msi fm2 a55m e33 / amd a6 6400k richland processor Os: Windows 7 home premium 64-bitThe pr...
samfisher92 3 360 Last post 08-September-14, 15:31:19
by flobelix
760GMA P34 (FX) USB 3.0 sockets not working at all
Hi,My USB 3.0 sockets are not working at all. I have tried numerous devices, as well as devices that work in the 2.0 sockets. This is a new build and they have never worked. Both rear and front-mounte...
dyl8n 1 256 Last post 08-September-14, 09:51:38
by Svet
MSI A88XM-E35 Processor temperature readings
Is the MSI command center utility from MSI website will support this motherboard MSI A88XM-E35 even if the OS is not installed in UEFI mode? Because I have seen differences in Core temperature on it. ...
ExtremelyEvil 2 346 Last post 08-September-14, 09:41:01
by Svet
760GMA-P34 FX CPU Fan Speed Issue
Hi all.I got my MSI motherboard set up with a Cooler Master Hyper 212+ heatsink. I set the target smart fan temperature in the BIOS to 50* and the minimum fan speed to 25%. I boot into Windows and the...
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chipmunkofdoom2 10 2620 Last post 07-September-14, 22:16:28
by flobelix
A75MA-P35 with strange noises
Hi, I've got a A75MA-P35 motherboard with strange noises coming from the PCB. When I plug a pendrive (several different models) or when I launch a defrag software like Perfect Disk from the board come...
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liquidframe 13 975 Last post 07-September-14, 19:35:14
by badboy2k
Strange internet slowdown on one PC
AMD A8 5600K cpuMSI A55M-E33 motherboard8GB ramWindows 8.1My desktop PC's speed fluctuates quite a lot when it's left on for a day or longer. Its maximum speed can be about 35 Mbps down and 6 Mbps up,...
Ringoko 1 194 Last post 07-September-14, 07:44:32
by arturomtzz
Audio Resetting
I have a MSI 990XFA-GD80v2 board and used the Realtek HD Audio Manager.The audio manager keeps popping up every few minutes saying that a new device has been plugged-in ti the sub out.So far I've chec...
Jimp0 2 204 Last post 06-September-14, 00:52:19
by Jimp0
Networking problem
Sometime yesterday, perhaps caused by a thunderstorm, my computer lost connection to the Internet. Subsequently the wired connection on my K9A2 Platinum has stopped working. I tried my laptop using a ...
eldiener 2 220 Last post 06-September-14, 00:24:03
by eldiener
PCI and PCIE slots FM2 A55M
Alright, so i have these 2 wireless adapters. the DLink N150 PCI and the ASUS PCIE adpater.. my DLink has been broken(dunno how but it doesnt work anymore) But my problem is my graphics card the old b...
kipi01 1 159 Last post 05-September-14, 11:00:08
by JLio01
MSI 970 Gaming Bios issue/freeze
hi there, i have an motherboard MSI 970 Gaming with FX-8320, i have many issue with this board, first of all, is the bios freeze at reboot of system, only after a CMOS reset the bios function normally...
Obscure_92 6 1799 Last post 04-September-14, 20:02:14
by Nichrome
NIC problem
Sometime yesterday, perhaps caused by a thunderstorm, my computer lost connection to the Internet. Subsequently the wired connection on my K9A2 Platinum has stopped working. I tried my laptop using a ...
eldiener 2 289 Last post 04-September-14, 16:16:54
by flobelix
Wrong IO shield with motherboard
Hello. I made a ticket with msi USA techical support about getting the wrong io shield in my brand new 970a-g43 motherboard. I had an email saying I would get a response in <24 hours. It's been 2 days...
cameronc56 1 232 Last post 03-September-14, 22:10:14
by Nichrome
970a-g46 chipset drivers
Hey all, no see very long timeSo finally upgraded to win 7 64 from win 7 32   problem is the chip set drivers on msi site  wont install with out ATI download manager and cant seem to find a copy of th...
henrythe9th 3 367 Last post 02-September-14, 20:24:19
by Bernhard
A88X-G43 Odd usb behavior Linux live boot Flash Drive
So i bought this A88X-G43 and it posts and all. I'm trying to install ubuntu server to an SSD and it's just not happening. I even tried just running the Ubuntu desktop live usb. It gets to the point w...
xt3rminance 3 437 Last post 01-September-14, 08:01:34
by xt3rminance
will this specs can bottleneck a videocard ?
i'm planning to upgrade the Discrete GPU..A6 3500 OC to 3.5GhzMSI A75MA-PA35Gskill Ares 2x4 1866 can this kind of specs can holdback ? these gpu's :PowerColor DEVIL R9-270X 2GB GDDR5 256Bit(2GBD5-A2DH...
yOyieGuangCo 5 741 Last post 29-August-14, 10:48:05
by badboy2k
Problem flashing my BIOS
I have a 760GM-P21 (FX) motherboard. I know the drill: Create a Windows 98 boot disk on a flash drive, and put the bios file and utility on the drive. I booted to my flash drive, but ran into a proble...
CalmestRoadkill 1 175 Last post 29-August-14, 08:00:18
by CalmestRoadkill
970 Gaming fails to boot most times
Most times the motherboard fails to boot with this graphics card installed. I get no video, no keyboard lights and no speaker beeps, but all the system fans start up. Sometimes it will boot and then t...
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Crapnanny 20 2190 Last post 28-August-14, 23:51:04
by Nichrome
970 gaming board acts erratic... (hates dvd-roms???)
I have tried this friggin' motherboard with three different dvd/bluray roms, and it's 'always' the same. Windows install discs won't initialize, inevitably giving me a disc read error....Neither will ...
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ammon17 7 898 Last post 26-August-14, 19:25:08
by ammon17
Is this board supports UEFI?
The board is MSI A88XM-E35
ExtremelyEvil 1 218 Last post 26-August-14, 10:02:04
by Nichrome
my MOBO is A75MA-P35..and i want to do some overclocking for expirement..i'm just confuse about this POWER CAPABILITY SUPPORT..what is that thing ?
yOyieGuangCo 1 250 Last post 25-August-14, 08:55:23
by pandaz
MOVED: P67A-GD80 (b3) to R9 290
This topic has been moved to MSI Intel boards.
Svet 0 181 Last post 23-August-14, 20:05:36
by Svet
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