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Socket AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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This topic has been moved to Older MSI motherboards.
Svet 0 209 Last post 10-June-15, 11:48:55
by Svet
MSI 790FX-GD70
I always get one blue screen of death after starting up when the computer is cold then not again. What is happening?Computer:MSI 790FX-GD70 MotherboardAMD Phenom II X6 1055T 6 Cores 2.8 GhzPNY Quadro ...
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bdhowey 11 863 Last post 09-June-15, 15:32:20
by Bernhard
jspi1 cable?
anyone know where I can buy a jspi1 cable to reprogram the bios? like this one on the pics!!0-item_pic.jpg_600x600.jpg
Funki 3 1069 Last post 08-June-15, 19:49:06
by Bernhard
970A-G43 WIndows 7 clean install attempt fails - GPT type partition
Hello, A few days ago I received this new MB (970A-G43) as a replacement for a damaged 970A-G46.  Athlon Phenom x4 3.4GHz, 12GB ram.  I partitioned one of my drives for a clean install of Windows 7 pr...
wp4nuv 1 347 Last post 05-June-15, 22:06:36
by flobelix
970A-G43 motherboard not working with Vmware
I bought a 970A-G43 motherboard about a year ago to build a computer running Vmware.I had it all setup and it was running for several months until the motherboard died about a month ago.I had the moth...
jadamczewski 3 429 Last post 05-June-15, 21:28:24
by Nichrome
990FXA-GD65v2 and New SSD
I'm starting to pull my hair out over this because I'm not sure what's going on!My system includes the 990FXA-GD65v2 on BIOS version 19.9, which it came with. I have two (2) x 2TB HDDs in a RAID 1 con...
xryenstheman 4 572 Last post 05-June-15, 17:13:15
by badboy2k
970A-G46 CTRL-F doesn´t work.
Hi,I have build a new PC with this MB and two Kingston HyperX SSD. I would like to create a Raid1 butif the system shows the two drives and "press CTRL-F to enter Raid" and I do it, nothing happens. A...
freddy_falk 5 397 Last post 03-June-15, 21:15:03
by freddy_falk
A88x-g45 Debug Code Flickering. Need help ASAP!!!!!!!!
So new install not first time i have built a computer, built like 20+ so far. I think everything is in the right place, have a test bench set up on top of the box. The debug code is messing up first o...
d3vpatel 4 380 Last post 03-June-15, 06:42:11
by pandaz
PC won't boot FM2 A75IA E53 BOARD
so my PC had a blue blinking light on it when I came back one afternoon and won't boot up anymore. I took the cover off unplugged the power cord and pressed the power button. the fan above the CPU mov...
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eddie 8 563 Last post 03-June-15, 04:41:21
by badboy2k
I need help I tried to update my bios with msi software, I select the bios file everything went well, he is asking me to restart what I did but restart nothing. I NEED HELP PLEASE !!!!!
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Funki 15 1813 Last post 02-June-15, 03:09:52
by Funki
MOVED: A88XM GAMING v1.5 BIOS CPU Multiplier Locked?
This topic has been moved to Overclocking, Undervolting.
Nichrome 0 263 Last post 01-June-15, 15:17:44
by Nichrome
MOVED: MSI GT683 Windows Update Failure
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
Svet 0 156 Last post 01-June-15, 11:25:32
by Svet
880g-e45 bios setup help
Windows 7 Professional   Version   6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601   System Model   MS-7576   System Type   x64-based PC   Processor   AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 970 Processor, 3508 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Log...
patterson.dean 2 406 Last post 29-May-15, 08:44:45
by patterson.dean
MSI 970A-G46 + AMD FX 8350
Hello!So I had this 970A-G46 MOBO for some years..and now, when I upgraded my PC and changed the CPU with FX 8350 I'm a little worried. I also upgraded the power supplie with an Sirtec - High Power El...
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cristibejinariu 13 1662 Last post 27-May-15, 23:26:05
by darkhawk
I couldn't find this online. Does anyone know what version of HDMI the MSI AM1I motherboard supports? Looking at using this for a media hub.
chris 1 284 Last post 27-May-15, 17:08:52
by Svet
New Memory Computer won't boot windows
I am running a MSI A58M-E33 running Windows XPAMD A Series A4-6300 - 3.7 GHz - 2 Cores - 1 MB Cache - Socket FM2 - Box - AD6300OKHLBOXIt came with Memory of ADATA XPG V1 4GB Desktop Memory Module - DD...
gregpgleason 5 733 Last post 24-May-15, 20:05:30
by gregpgleason
hi, which DDR3 memories are compatible with MSI 785G-E53? I have 1x 1GB GOODRAM GR1333D364L9/1G, but these do not have to buy.  Thank you for answer
vohanka69 1 299 Last post 23-May-15, 14:27:51
by Svet
Atheros WiFi drivers Windows 8.1 (64bit)
I am using a MSI FM2-A75IA-E53 mainboard. Worked fine with Windows 8. After the update to Windows 8.1 My Atheros 9271 WiFi does not work.Is there an update for the drivers?When i check the driver vers...
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fvgrouw 14 16363 Last post 23-May-15, 12:21:27
by darkhawk
how do you flash BIOS manually?
dumb question, but the MSI Live Update 6 does not update the BIOS to the latest version.I have a 990FXA-GD65 motherboard (Version 1) and want to put the latest BIOS version (K.4) to get these USB3 por...
dave 4 760 Last post 23-May-15, 11:48:18
by flobelix
A8M-E33 not beeping on boot
My first MSI motherboard and I have to say so far I'm pretty happy with it. Not being familiar with the UEFI bios I'm not sure if the motherboard is supposed to beep on boot or not (it is not beeping ...
jeffparissr 3 364 Last post 23-May-15, 11:33:55
by flobelix
MSI 760GM-P33 MOBO Boot Problem
my motherboard doesnt beep if my memory cards are inserted it doesnt boot either..i tried running it without the memory cards and i get a beep code..i know my rams are working because i use it in my o...
fdsasdf01 1 254 Last post 22-May-15, 17:03:46
by Svet
MOVED: NO "speaker fill" option mpower z77
This topic has been moved to MSI Intel boards.
Svet 0 125 Last post 22-May-15, 12:44:27
by Svet
Failure to Boot
Hello, i bought an MSI A68HM-E33 Mobo with an A4 6320 APU for a friend of mine, however it's randomly failing to boot, it gives out a long beep and 2 short ones and the screen shows Hardware Monitor P...
jonnyserra 1 283 Last post 20-May-15, 20:21:05
by Svet
890FXA GD65 no video signal after OC Genie install
Hello,I wanted to see what OC Genie is about so I installed it, but then after the reboot I couldn't get video signal to my video card. The PC is powering up and all the fans and LED are working insid...
marinkov 3 363 Last post 20-May-15, 10:32:52
by flobelix
Hardware Reserved RAM
I have 8GB of RAM installed on my motherboard and Windows shows that half of it is "hardware reserved." My BIOS (Click 4) only reads half of the installed RAM amount. I have tried adding my friend's R...
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tilconichjr 7 726 Last post 20-May-15, 01:36:39
by badboy2k
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