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Socket AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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No K9VGM-V video drivers for win 7 in live update 5?
Hi!Since my separate graphics card died I'm trying to get the on-board graphics on my K9VGM-V to work.I installed live update 5 (LU5), but: 1. LU5 doesn't seem to be able to identify my motherboard (o...
annerborn 4 507 Last post 18-March-14, 18:12:27
by badboy2k
990FXA-GD65 no video
I recently purchased a 990FXA-GD65 to upgrade my computer, along with an AMD FX 8350 CPU, MSI Radeon R7 250 video card, 16 GB Patriot Viper Xtreme, RAM, and AZZA 1000W 14CM PSU. With all connectors at...
elbrtark001 3 302 Last post 18-March-14, 02:10:05
by badboy2k
970A-G46 slow lan speed
i just built a fx6300 on a 970A-G46   i can plug in old computer and pull 2.4 megs a sec in steam downloading games    with new build with a 970A-G46 mobo  slow as crap  cant hardly watch any steaming...
tom.c.madison 2 355 Last post 17-March-14, 21:22:17
by WaltC
990FX-GD80 Hot to the touch
Hi,I purchased this board on 29th April from Amazon and a few months back I noticed the Northbridge and the heatsink over the VRM's was getting warm, thought nothing of it though as it was just an err...
ExsolviteMeFurorHoc 7 603 Last post 17-March-14, 19:56:47
by badboy2k
Booting with UEFI
I had shipped my 970A-G45 mobo to MSI for warranty repair. I have received a replacement that does work, I no longer have my no video issue. I have put my system back together. This is a system that w...
kdpine 5 678 Last post 17-March-14, 02:10:34
by WaltC
msi k9a2 platinum mining
So I pulled out my old motherboard and decided to use it for mining.  But the thing is, I can't get it to work.  I'm not sure what's wrong but I have four pci-e x1 to x16 risers plugged into the 4 x16...
redmonkey 3 323 Last post 16-March-14, 11:56:39
by badboy2k
am3+ socket
Good evening, my MSI 760GMA-P34 FX has this type of socket is it possible to install my FX-4130 cpu? thanks..
Teri9 4 566 Last post 16-March-14, 00:09:05
by badboy2k
990FXA GD65 No boot
The issue:About 2 weeks ago my rig started to hang (crash without a BSOD), monitor would go on to standby and audiomake that awful buzzing noise and then stop. The rig will just sit there, no reboot, ...
Alien Tech 1 237 Last post 14-March-14, 07:04:46
by badboy2k
870A-G54 V3.1 instant FF on POST, all board LEDs and fans on.
Trying to get  a 870A-G54 V3.1 working. I get instant FF on a PCI POST card, all the blue LEDs and fans are on, so is the red LED on the overclock button. I have 16 gig of new Patriot DDR3 plugged in ...
bizzybody 2 356 Last post 13-March-14, 19:07:13
by bizzybody
Six Independent Monitors Setup: A88XM-E45 + AMD A10-7700K + R7 250X
I plan to build a system with A88XM-E45 + AMD A10-7700K + R7 250X for six independent monitors that will showing different webpage, and different screen for surveillance system, as the motherboard alr...
tomswork 3 501 Last post 13-March-14, 02:46:05
by tomswork
MSI 990FXA-GD65 sin video
Buenas amigos necesito ayuda tengo una tarjeta madre 990fxa-gd65, con un procesador fx-8350, mas una tarjeta de video ATI Radeon Sapphire 5770, 8gb de memoria ram y una fuente de poder testeada de 800...
jaos17 1 238 Last post 11-March-14, 18:37:47
by flobelix
MSI FAST BOOT w/ MSI FM2-A85XA-G65 : using mechanical HDD
is it possible ? using fast boot with mechanical HDD ?and how to set it up ? thanks using windows 7full specs:msi fm2-a85xa-g65amd a10-5800k 4.2ghz (turbo)gskill ares 1866 2x4gb (8gb) memory kit1tb w...
kimkelvin 1 207 Last post 10-March-14, 20:49:18
by flobelix
fm2-a55m-e33 + AMD A8 660K no vidoe no post
I am building a new system, I have the MSI FM2-a55m-e33 mother board, the AMD a8 660k processor, but I'm not getting any video, or a post. If I remove the ram i get the 3 beep, letting me know the spe...
pcguy 5 594 Last post 09-March-14, 22:20:59
by badboy2k
CPU temperature on MSI 970A-G46
Hello !I replaced my motherboard ASRock N68-VS3 FX with a MSI 970A-G46My CPU, a FX6300, was 52°C max on ASRock, after several hours on Battel Field 4.Now, after only 15 minutes, il reaches 64°C, and I...
mastergub 3 425 Last post 09-March-14, 20:49:59
by Svet
990FXA GD80 Error 62 (GPU?)
Hello there..i have an MSI 990FXA GD80 Millitary class with 11.13 Bios..i bought a visiontek AMD 7970.. when i tried to boot up i got error 62 in the debug led.i tried to test in another motherboard a...
Pipeh 4 593 Last post 09-March-14, 19:29:31
by Pipeh
A88XM-E45 memory compatibility
Hi,I recently bought the A88XM-E45, and an Athlon X4 760K, both brand new.I also bought from a friend an Nvidia Graphic card, and memory.I permanently get errors trying to install Windows 7, and it se...
zithro 5 631 Last post 08-March-14, 19:05:51
by zithro
890FXA-GD65 computer shutdown(fans still running)
When playing a game, computer will shut down, the monitor will turn black but the fans will keep running.  The only way to turn it off is to hit the power supply switch on the back.  I thought it was ...
cubsmaniac 42 12709 Last post 08-March-14, 02:18:10
by bozsiks.darkpassenger
MSI 970A-G46 Northbridge Overheats
HelloMy first MSI 970A-G46 stopped working perfectly one moment, and the next it was dead. Nothing responded, everything was doublechecked, PSU, CPU, RAM and I ended up returning the motherboard, reci...
Nikkeftw 0 240 Last post 07-March-14, 18:24:14
by Nikkeftw
Computer hard freezing in Windows 7 Ultimate
Hello everyone, I recently built myself a new computer. I feel I have a fair bit of knowledge but I am stumped at the moment.When playing games, for example, assassins creed 4, or watching films with ...
jakeherer 15 1027 Last post 07-March-14, 09:00:23
by jakeherer
990fxa GD65 and Sound Blaster Problems
Hi Everyone,Upgraded my motherboard to a 990fxa GD65 with 2 XFX hd7970 in Xfire.  Only 1 slot can be used to set up the sound card, which is a SB Titainium Fatality Professional PCIe sound card into P...
jhookusa 8 842 Last post 06-March-14, 06:01:45
by jhookusa
K9A Platinum will not reboot after power loss
despite setting bios to do so. It will not reboot after power loss. This is even though I have ups which shuts down pc correctly. Does not work even if I shut down, pull power supply cord and reinsert...
markwebb 1 272 Last post 04-March-14, 20:01:21
by Svet
No USB power after shut down
Hi guys, I have a question.Is there anyway to enable the motherboard to provide USB power after shutting down Windows? A bios settings ?I have a mouse with rechargeable batteries that keeps on dying o...
mars32 1 167 Last post 04-March-14, 03:16:55
by XFM
Msi 870a g54 USB / razer naga
Hi , I recently flashed my bios to the latest version using live update and now when I try to start my pc it hangs at the USB initialising , if I unplug my razer naga it will boot through no problem l...
NeWorlDisorder 0 160 Last post 03-March-14, 22:59:51
by NeWorlDisorder
A55-33E cannot install windows7 x64 pro
hello, am I missing something with this board and installing windows? It took me 5 minutes to install Linux (as a test) to verify HDD, MEM, etc are working fine. But I tried Vista, Win7 and Win8 and g...
eddacker 2 317 Last post 02-March-14, 22:19:19
by eddacker
Bad BIOS Flash
Hello guys, i need help with a problem with my msi 970-g46 Motherboard. i have downloaded the latest bios available. i execute the file and the computer froze, entirely! y restart it with the case but...
Beefmaster85 1 237 Last post 02-March-14, 20:47:05
by flobelix
990XA-GD55 not posting need bios repair
I have a 990 XA-GD 55 motherboard  with a vishera fx-6300 6 core processor650w raid max powersupply12gb ramGigabyte hd 6300 gpuI recently purchased a power color HD-7870. When I plugged in the power c...
nmysliwski 3 330 Last post 02-March-14, 07:06:51
by Bernhard
Windows 7 64-bit on A88X-G43 and have no sound
I just replaced my dead Motherboard with an MSI A88X-G43, with an AMD A10-6800K and 2 4GB sticks of G.Skill Ripjaws X Series RAM.Main Board:    A88X-G43Bios Version:  E7793AMS V3.3Video Card:    On-bo...
JMANBOURG 0 400 Last post 02-March-14, 02:41:35
FM2-A55M-E33 HD Audio
I am not getting connectivity from the motherboard, or the headphone jack on my tower. I just bought the components to build this computer yesterday. I got everything installed and working, but my aud... 0 196 Last post 01-March-14, 21:02:08
Graphics card replacement on pc with K9N6PGM-FI mobo
It looks as though my NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS graphics card has failed and I have to replace it. I need a compatible card for the K9N6PGM-FI mobo that will be the best I can get for photo editing. My po...
Peterfpan 1 258 Last post 26-February-14, 20:39:11
by Peterfpan
970A-G46 Support RAM
Greetings How is it possible that the motherboard has a maximum frequency of 2133 MHz OC, which support list are only up to 1600 MHz without OC, we can use the Support List to the motherboard for exam...
Kub3c 1 471 Last post 26-February-14, 13:40:41
by xmad
K9AGM3 motherboard won't start if JPW1 is plugged in.
Have had the motherboard for about 5 years working fine apart from the pcei graphics card slot getting a bit iffy and needing to be plugged in very carefully or I end up getting weird lines on my scre...
Johnhenry 1 331 Last post 26-February-14, 01:12:32
by XFM
990FXA-GD80 and NB-frequency
Hello @all owners of the 990FXA-GD80!I have 2 of this Boards, using FX-8350 and FX-8320.The same Issue on bothe Mainboards: When i change the CPU-NB-ratio in UEFI from "Auto" to 12, so in UEFI is show...
wiesel201 28 3431 Last post 25-February-14, 15:24:04
by miklkit
FM2-A55M-E33 max shared memory
Hello,I recently bought the  FM2-A55M-E33 and an AMD A6 6400K processorI have 16GB of RAM and i would like to share 2GB of RAM  for the onboard VGA (Radeon 8470D), but i can't find any option on the U...
thallescard 0 286 Last post 25-February-14, 14:44:32
by thallescard
760GM-E51 with AMD FX-8120 - HIGH CPU FAN 6437rpm!!!!
Hi everyone, I am having a super high noise fan issue with this mobo and cpu.  The fan is the stock that came with the AMD cpu.  It sounds like a freaking server.I have tried messing with the cpu cool...
ceez97 9 780 Last post 25-February-14, 04:44:44
by ceez97
Can only use 2 SATA connections
I have a MSI FM2-A55M-E33 MoboIf I have drives plugged into SATA 1 & 2 connections, the SATA 2 Connection wont work.It seems as though the SATA1 drive has priority over SATA2?If 2 or 3 SATA drives are...
rocketjacket 0 228 Last post 25-February-14, 02:39:23
by rocketjacket
FM2-A75MA-E35, Less Usable Memory than installed....
I just powered up my new FM2-A75MA-E35 Mainboard with A6-5400K and 4G memory stick.  Running Win 7 Ult 64.When I used on board video, I had 3g out of 4G available.  I assume the missing 1G was reserve...
jfl330 0 231 Last post 24-February-14, 19:22:40
by jfl330
970A-G46 board, no video, memory issue?
hello,I see a lot of people have the same issue i am about to describe, but the only thing that remains is a question of memory compatibility.  I just purchased:970A-G46AMD FX-8320Corsair CX500M 500 W...
neothecat 6 838 Last post 24-February-14, 09:18:24
by cioangel
FM2-A75MA-E35 BiOS Flash Failure
Hi MSi community,During a bios flash to 2.20 to 2.30, my system locked up and I was forced to reboot.  As you may have guessed, upon start up there is no post, only two short beeps.I followed the reco...
Hodor 1 308 Last post 23-February-14, 15:20:39
by flobelix
msi 990fxa-Gd65 blue Led help
Im in need på help i overclocked mycket pc and it worked fine for 5-6 hours but then my pc just shutdown and myPower Led buttom starten blinkning. And now i cant start my pcWhen i try to start it a bl...
frekkis 0 238 Last post 23-February-14, 09:56:43
by frekkis
990FXA-GD65 and 4xGPUs setup question
Hi guys, after happily using my board on a crossfire setup to play games like crysis 3, bioshock infinite and skyrim, I bought 2 more 7950s and decided to roll the dice and mine litecoin.  I'm able to...
mars32 3 296 Last post 23-February-14, 02:28:27
by mars32
SATA problems with my MSI A88XM-E35 motherboard
Thanks to ‘flobelix’ for pointing me recently to the only review of this motherboard I have been able to find.  Ever since buying it I have been trying to get windows XP Pro installed on a SATA HDD vi...
jeffporter 2 540 Last post 23-February-14, 01:11:45
by dammml
RAID configuration on 760GMA-P34fx
I have 4 1TB SATA drives plugged into the SATAII motherboard connectors.Latest BIOS version.In BIOS, I select Integrated Peripherals.On-Chip ATA Devices->On-Chip SATA Controller RAID Mode             ...
ezylstra 5 513 Last post 22-February-14, 00:19:05
by Svet
890 GXM G65 won't boot up with 16 GB RAM
Hi AllI am using AMD Phenom X6 1090T on 890 GXM-G65. When I insert 4X4GB RAM, system won't boot up but if I use 12GB, It is working fine. Also shuffled RAMs so it is not a RAM fault. It was working fi...
naraamit 3 353 Last post 21-February-14, 22:06:02
by XFM
890gxm-g65 w/ FX-6300 will only POST once
System:MB  : 890gxm-g65CPU: AMD FX-6300GPU: Nvidia GTX 570RAM: 2x Mushkin Silverline 8GB 1.5v 9-9-9-24PSU: Corsair TX650WHi everybody,Joined the forum in order to hopefully get some ideas.  I replaced...
Justin Z 11 937 Last post 19-February-14, 04:09:12
by TheAwful
890GXM-G65 RAID 5 Issues (SB850)
Hi allHopefully you guys can help me, I am hours and hours into this by now.  My 890GXM-G65 does not want to cooperate with me to make a 3x4TB RAID 5 array using Seagate ST4000DM000 HDDs.  I can get i...
TheAwful 0 463 Last post 19-February-14, 03:57:28
by TheAwful
Non Graphic card in 760GM-E51 PCIe x16 Slot
Why can't I use the on board graphics and attach a PCIe x2 or x4 SATA controller in the PCIe x16 slot?  Any non graphic board is simply ignored.
RegorTejmar 0 225 Last post 18-February-14, 22:37:08
by RegorTejmar
New board version of A55m-e33 7.0 use same bios as board version 2.3?
Just picked up this lil guy for a htpc as a gift for one of my brothers.  Just wondering if the bios versions are interchangeable between these two board revisions as the website doesn't show any diff...
bigfoot2716 3 434 Last post 18-February-14, 22:14:15
by bigfoot2716
Power surge now nothing but issues.
So I had a power surge (no protector...I know dumb) and my pc restarted.  When it came back on it loads the bios.  If I leave the bios, it beeps once long and then 2 short and goes to black screen.  E...
Dan1234 6 345 Last post 18-February-14, 20:56:00
by Dan1234
Disabling leds on 990FXA-GD80
Hello ! I would like to know if there's a possibility through bios to disable the leds set above the dimm slots on the 990fxa-gd80 when powering on my computer ?
Ayato 3 375 Last post 18-February-14, 20:16:47
by yahaway
Click Bios II is broken
I just updated Click Bios II to version 1.0.123 and it does not work.  Is MSI aware that it is broken?
miklkit 6 1122 Last post 18-February-14, 19:53:43
by miklkit
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