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Socket AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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K9A2 Neo2 won't enable SVM
I updated bios to V7.5, then 'SVM Support' item appeared in Advanced BIOS Features>CPU Features. so I enabled it, but it keeps go disabled every reboot. Because my CPU apparently support SVM (Brisbane...
kigike 3 1157 Last post 24-October-15, 02:54:47
by Nichrome
A68HM-E33 V2 Fan Control
Hi,first of all, I would like to tell you that I believe MSI forums sucks. And it sucks really bad. What the :censored: is that with all the stickies ? It is the same :censored: since I left it decades ago...Anyw...
rbaltas 6 1325 Last post 23-October-15, 03:11:36
by darkhawk
970A-G46 Sound Issue
Yes! I come to plague you guys with an issue that seems to be beyond common throughout this 970A-G46 Community!:lol_anim: Unintentionally at least in my case as this issue has prolonged itself for far...
vloggablehotspot 8 993 Last post 23-October-15, 01:03:23
by vloggablehotspot
Hello everyone,I currently  own an msi 790fx-gd70. A bit old but I still getting the best out of it. A couple of years ago I moved to another city and had to leave it behind until I got completely est...
mig092 40 2880 Last post 22-October-15, 21:53:19
by mig092
990FXA-GD80 v2.2 BIOS update failure POST F2>19>F2
STandard setup, 2 x ddr1333 memory, ssd 256GB etc etc.  VGA card failed, installed a GFX 750 - no displayTried to upgrade bios from B50>D50 by using the exe file downloaded for my MS-7640 V2.2 MB in w...
tristan 2 336 Last post 22-October-15, 19:22:45
by Chike
Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 compatibility
I Have a Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 motherboard, Amd 8 core cpu and 500Watts of PSU the gpu i have is rubbish and was wondering if i could use a gtx 960/970 instead. would it be possible?
gridcore 1 309 Last post 22-October-15, 17:11:19
by flobelix
970-G46A MB - updgraded to 16GB Fury Hyperx and PC won't start
My current system set up is:Motherboard: 970-G46aProcessor: AMD FX6300Ram: Corsair Value Select 4GB x2 (8GB total)Windows 7 Home PremiumBIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. V1.11, 31/10/2012Grap...
Rameses10 4 565 Last post 22-October-15, 15:18:56
by Nichrome
1st of all, I don't game. Bought MSI geforce GT 610 to get away from VGA connections. Had a lot of trouble in device manager of win7 when installing from disk or from the MSI website or nVidea's websi...
thekennethshelden 1 601 Last post 22-October-15, 10:59:22
by thekennethshelden
SUPPORT FOR 760GM-P23 (FX) Please Help
I own a motherboard 760GM-P23 (FX) I want to ask if this motherboard can support a processor FX-8370.  As i can see from the website the processor list is outdated so I need some help.
menelaos 5 551 Last post 16-October-15, 11:27:12
by flobelix
What? No External SATA Connector?
Well, I fried my 990FXA GD80 motherboard because your BIOS didn't warn me my liquid cooling had failed and my CHIPS WERE FRYING!!Anyhow, I purchased a 990FXA GAMING board and an AMD FX8350 CPU.  My bi...
gswetsky 2 289 Last post 15-October-15, 15:06:50
by gswetsky
AM1I unable to boot from usb or hd dark screen HELP!
so i have just installed my amd 5350 cpu. power it on for the first time, setup the bios and save to setting and reboot. MSI splash screen comes up and nothing happens after that. reset cmos about to ...
jasonshiplack 5 914 Last post 15-October-15, 10:07:50
by wlahdone
MSI 970A-G46 Northbridge Overheating - PSU or MB?
Hello All!I know this isn't the first "MSI 970A-G46 Northbridge Overheating" forum post by a long shot, but all the other ones I have been finding seem to deal with fx 8xxx or 9xxx, ect.By build is:Wi...
rudedog90 14 1509 Last post 15-October-15, 09:57:02
by wlahdone
785GTM-E45 and Samsung 4GB DDR2
I'm looking into getting new memory for my 785GTM-E45 motherboard. I want to upgrade from 4GB to 8GB (total). I've tried a couple different generic brands and neither have worked. The system would pow...
tonyturner66 9 1405 Last post 13-October-15, 23:31:04
by Chike
MOVED: Pc Restarting Opon entering a game or some complex hardware. MSI 970 gaming
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Svet 0 163 Last post 13-October-15, 22:58:11
by Svet
Memory running slower than rated
I have 8 gigs of ADATA DDR31600 ram which refuses to run faster than 667 Mhz. The ram has model number AX3U1600W4G9-DB, and part number DDR31600. Also: Sapphire Radeon R7 260X550 Watt Antec PSUSB Audi...
bfb97f96 7 851 Last post Best Answer 13-October-15, 10:36:10
by c-wut
MS 890FXA-GD65, USB 3.0 ports wired to 2.0 controller
I have turned off the USB 3.0 controller in the BIOS.  However everything plugged into the blue USB 3.0 ports continue to function.  Using USB Tree View, or devices manager, it can be confirmed everyt...
dlritter 2 284 Last post 13-October-15, 10:32:50
by c-wut
970 Gaming ram issue.
Good night to everyone.Today i recieve a new kit of 16gb of DDR3 from Amazon, Kingston Hyperx Fury 2x8gb.the problem is that when i install the memory and turn on the pc there is no video.i try severa...
fcavalli2014 12 1030 Last post 13-October-15, 04:07:24
by c-wut
MSI 990fxa-gd65 problems
Hello, I have your 990fxa-gd65 and I would like to use Windows-XP-profi-x32 on this board and VMWare 7.1.4 and again Windows-XP-profi-x32 inside the VMWare image. Unfortunately, I am not able to find ... 16 2013 Last post 12-October-15, 13:14:26
785GM-E51 vga problem
Hello,yesterday I've purached a Radeon HD5670 1GB DDR5 video card. I've installed on my 785GM-E51 motherboard. I'm using Windows 7 64bit. At the graphic card propherties shows 2 vga. I can't disable...
Archriffer 12 6229 Last post 12-October-15, 11:20:55
by darkhawk
Live Update 5
I'm trying to update the bios on my 785GTM - E45 motherboard. I downloaded Live Update 6 but it won't launch. Keeps giving an a message "the platform does not support this application". I'm using Win7...
tonyturner66 1 384 Last post 11-October-15, 22:30:59
by HenryW
PC refuses to run dual channel memory, stuck with half my RAM "reserved"?
Hey everyone, so I built a gaming rig and recently noticed my RAM was running in single channel mode with 4GB available and 4GB "reserved for hardware". Weird, but i thought that it was maybe because ...
miltonpaullin 11 1760 Last post 07-October-15, 08:17:13
by HenryW
A68HM Grenade error code 99 instead of post
Hello,I did some searching and cannot find any definitive answers on this issue and I'm hoping someone here has the answer.Ordered parts for a new computer and put everything together, with the A68HM ...
dkfrantz 6 2136 Last post 06-October-15, 16:26:13
by dkfrantz
MSI 760GM with AMD RAID-1rebuild
Hi, have an MSI 760GM with AMD.Using RAID-1 in SATA-0 and SATA-1.SATA-0 went bad, switched SATA-1 to SATA-0 and boots fine. Replaced bad drive.In AMD RAID screen shows the two drives, nothing on the F...
wjm.wcom 0 227 Last post 06-October-15, 12:40:12
by wjm.wcom
A88XM-E45 hybrid crossfire
Hello guys! I have a problem when i try to make a hybrid cross. I bought a HD 6570 2Gb to make cross with apu A6-5400K, but the option Crossfire don't shows up on catalyst. These are the steps i tried...
athrunbr 11 1442 Last post 05-October-15, 14:47:42
by Chike
MSI 970 Gaming Board with 8320 AMD FX Black Edition
I just finished adding the last components to the system I build off of the MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard. Processor: AMD FX 8320 Black EditionRAM: G.Skill Ripjaws (2133) 4 x 4GB ( 16GB )EVGA nVidia GTX ...
robtwright67 13 1572 Last post 05-October-15, 01:49:33
by darkhawk
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