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Socket AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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I have an MSI A55-E33, not sure if FM2+ of just FM2, please let me know how to identify. I wanted to update my BIOS but unsure what to choose as MSI site has two links for the download and not sure wh...
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Ajames 12 1673 Last post 12-November-14, 15:51:54
by Jimmy
A88X-G43 missing bios options for video ram
I am wondering why these settings are not available in my bios.I am running:A88X-G43 motherboard v 3.7 motherboard.2x2gb sticks of ramAMD A10-A6800K Black Edition apuCurrent OS is Ubuntu Server 64 bit...
xt3rminance 3 605 Last post 11-November-14, 18:17:29
by xt3rminance
MSI motherboard diagnostic?
Hello everyone,I m having major problems with my desktop PC and my bet is it has something to do with motherboard but i want to be sure (i already tried troubleshooting for everything else and MB is o...
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coky 30 4923 Last post 11-November-14, 18:04:20
by coky
PCI-E Soundcard on 990FXA-GD80
Hi i wonder if someone can please answer me a question.I think my onboard sound is on its way out as it keeps dropping out until u move the sound slider, i have tried different speakers and its the sa...
Jimmy 3 541 Last post 10-November-14, 22:47:12
by Jimmy
MSI A88XM GAMING | Can't boot with new PCI-e x1 card plugged in
Hi,I'm a owner to an MSI A88XM GAMING motherboard and I purchased a AverMedia Live Gamer HD card last week. After unboxing and installing the card to one of my PCI-e x1 slots the computer won't boot. ...
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WaCrex 35 3968 Last post 10-November-14, 16:29:36
by ChandleeStyle
A88x-g43 doesn't POST
I have just bought my A88x-g43 with an athlon x4 860k.I finished the assembling (its not my first) with 4x1gb corsair and a HD5870 GPU that i had in my old configuration.The problem is that my pc does...
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giofot 28 2705 Last post 10-November-14, 09:13:40
by giofot
Motherboard Issue
I would put the issue in the title but it is hard to explain. So I turned off my computer and it would turn on again but it would not display anything. I was able to turn it off without holding the po...
crvs899 1 256 Last post 09-November-14, 19:54:38
by Svet
A88XM-Gaming, LLC, voltage flucutation and APM master mode
Just trying to figure out if there is or will ever been an update to allow control over load line control and APM master mode on the A88XM-Gaming motherboard for FM2+. Having several issues where my 8...
Spawne32 2 554 Last post 08-November-14, 00:12:18
by Spawne32
MSI A88X-G41 PC Mate - no CPU voltage settings
I see no CPU voltage settings in the BIOS.The manual states a "Digit All Power" section with 6 voltage regulator settings(CPU & NB) ,item that is not present/visible in the BIOS page.Is it hidden ?!Is...
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wlahdone 9 932 Last post 07-November-14, 22:09:17
by wlahdone
fm2 a75ma e35
Doing an upgrade. Had a 500gb sata hard drive running 32 bit WinXP sp3 and stuck a 500GB SSD drive in there and loaded up my copy of windows 7 on the SSD. Worked fine. Installed drivers for everything...
Jaytee84 3 382 Last post 07-November-14, 22:04:43
by wlahdone
MSI 970-G46 AMD - Not Working with MSI R9-270 (No Display)
I Bought a MSI R9-270 2GB 256BIT and there is no display on mi Screen tries all cables DVI,VGA and HDMI Motherboard: MSI 970-G46What could be the problem ?Thanks PC:AMD FX6300 3.5ghzMSI 970-G46Kingsti...
callie.vanmoerkerken 1 306 Last post 07-November-14, 11:12:37
by Nichrome
mouse and keyboard usb
Hi guys,I successfully flash my bios with your tool  , from V1.3 to 1.9.I had to because I want to change my processor.After flashing now I have one problem. Every time when I turn on my computer and ...
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Joni 8 642 Last post 06-November-14, 15:39:13
by Svet
880GMS-E35 Fx-6300 CPU support?
I've come across to a site that is some sort of official announcement from MSi regarding the upgrade of 'old' motherboards to the AM3+ standards. Since I cannot post external links, I'll just post wha...
Pilotito 5 833 Last post 05-November-14, 19:19:24
by flobelix
A78M-E35 New build, no POST or video
New build, and I just ran a test boot with only the following connected, on top of the mobo box, by jumping the powerswitch connector:- Mobo- APU + Heatsink/Fan- One stick of RAM- PSU (ATX connectors ...
rymalhunt 4 1258 Last post 05-November-14, 14:56:23
by Nichrome
990FXA-GD80 v2 need advice
I built two computers, exactly the same with the exception one has two video cards.  These computers are not used for gaming, 3D viewing or anything heavy duty.  The display on the MB of the computer ...
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Thevenizer 13 813 Last post 04-November-14, 02:45:46
by Jimmy
NIC compatability
This will be my second project using an MSI board and have to say that they are a well kept secret (or have been to me) that I'm pleased to discover.I'm planning on building a firewall box using the M...
je33 3 307 Last post 03-November-14, 15:01:40
by je33
Where is the option? My CPU A10 7850k always varies the frequency how do I can do to stop this changing?
solaresmty 2 570 Last post 03-November-14, 08:43:42
by Boight
fm2a55m-e33 + fm2+a55m-33 bios crossflash ?
Is it possible to crossflash the bios from the fm2+ version to the fm2 ? From what it looks like they are identical ?
cronogr 1 367 Last post 03-November-14, 06:33:06
by JLio01
760GM-P23 FX CPU fan control
I have recently replaced my motherboard with the afore mentioned board, and all went well apart from the CPU fan. My system was originally a HP system and I swapped both fans over from there, but the ...
mike.clewlow.5 2 342 Last post 03-November-14, 04:17:03
by HenryW
no signal to monitor (LED error 5d)
Hi PeopleI build a new computer yesterday, and seems to be having some problems with it. At first i assembled everything, i think correctly, and powered the computer on, everything seemed to run, exce...
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thomas.bau.jensen 15 1417 Last post 01-November-14, 11:22:45
by Svet
i recently updated my motherboard and computer and now i have no audio except for static coming from my speakers i dont know whats going onEDIT Nichrome: Please don't use caps all the time and not in ...
vantage12 3 294 Last post 01-November-14, 10:30:39
by Nichrome
Newbie needing help with adapters!
I have the 970a-G46 and bought the AZZA XT 1 comp case. The problem is the front duel 3.0 USB leads to a 20 pin header plug, Is there a adapter to connect it to this mother board? Also name of the ada...
qmc1134 2 394 Last post 01-November-14, 03:23:50
by badboy2k
990FXA-GD80 overclock genie question
Hi i wonder if someone can answer me a question please.My setup is currently an 990FXA-GD80AMD FX8320 3.5Ghz cooled using an Arctic Cooler 13 and it usually idles around 39*c16GB of Cosair Vengence Re...
Jimmy 2 222 Last post 31-October-14, 06:14:50
by hpipiw
msi fxa990 gd80 non v2 version FX 9590
I'm currently running an FX 8350 in a MSI FXA990 GD80 (not the V2 version). Does anyone know if the newer FX 9590 is compatible? I have a friend that has an FX 9590 and will give it to me for around w...
bradtech519 1 264 Last post 30-October-14, 23:05:22
by badboy2k
970 Gaming USB 3 Problems
So i purchased a MSI 970 Gaming board. all is good EXCEPT when i reboot USB 3 ports stop working. however when i do a complete system shutdown then start up as normal everything is fine. is this norma...
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DanielM22 7 532 Last post 30-October-14, 18:28:49
by flobelix
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