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When it starts smoking you gone too far :-)
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Sticky Topics
Use the +/- keys by the number pad, or use the page up and page down keys.This is so we don't have to keep repeating it... P.S I...
Aaron 0 24869 Last post 31-August-08, 02:26:25
by Aaron
Intel Mining Guide : with 7 to 9 GPUS :
darkhawk 0 24140 Last post 28-June-17, 02:44:54
by darkhawk
motherboard pcb layer vs memory overclocking:
Svet 0 800 Last post 19-February-19, 17:15:52
by Svet
What is a sensible everyday use overclock in terms of processor efficiency ?  This is a subject that has been discussed numerous...
Bernhard 2 10247 Last post 07-April-12, 17:30:34
by boby7
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in o...
emersonyang 5 4696 Last post 28-June-19, 20:14:43
by scrane5757
Overclocking GuideDisclaimer: Overclock at your own risk!Data and information provided in this guide are for informational and e...
Kingfisher 20 133332 Last post 10-April-15, 13:08:54
by flobelix
Please feel free to post screen shots of your bios here. Make sure you include your system spec's are in your signature.<<Forum ...
xmad 21 35591 Last post 11-November-17, 17:50:23
by rolandukas21
*** This is all done at your own risk. I, any user on this forum, this forum, or MSI will NOT be held responsible for your actio...
Aaron 28 53466 Last post 26-September-16, 16:06:42
by flobelix
Always remember the risks of overclocking. If you damage something it's no one's fault, but yours. Overclocking components beyon...
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Aaron 121 169888 Last post 05-April-15, 00:17:35
by miklkit
NOTE : While I am a moderator and a mild enthusiast, I am by no means an expert.  Do your research, look at some other guides on...
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darkhawk 131 119691 Last post 11-February-19, 19:42:35
by banjo7172
*** I no longer monitor and edit this database, the moderator >>flobelix<< does ***Hello, welcome to the overclock database.The ...
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Aaron 934 540769 Last post 09-January-18, 20:00:48
by LeLoT3
Normal Topics
unlocking the older palamino cpu's
now before i start this is not easyand i know as in several goes i could never do it,thank god for thoroughbredsit envolves fill...
Wonkanoby 0 4135 Last post 23-October-03, 20:10:26
by Wonkanoby
amd cpus..what fsb etc etc
well ive no intention of writting it all so start hereamd it list all the codes and explains what they arehow to tell them apart...
Wonkanoby 0 4246 Last post 23-October-03, 20:20:35
by Wonkanoby
Bios with modded raid-function
For various msi-mobos:
Toenne 0 2548 Last post 25-October-03, 21:59:00
by Toenne
Voltage Modifying the MSI KT8 Board your on your own as far as doing it goes and you kiss good bye to your warrenty
Wonkanoby 0 2051 Last post 01-November-03, 09:51:41
by Wonkanoby
865pe neo2 2.4 to 3.2???
well i dont have advance cooling... i have a fan... nothing special...well last week on my old board i uped the power from 2.4 p...
Crafter 0 1663 Last post 05-November-03, 05:00:24
by Crafter
O/C'ing Advice!
Hi there - I've just discovered this Forum (at last!) and was wondering if someone can help me out please.I've been tryuing to O...
Crichton 0 1820 Last post 06-November-03, 04:20:27
by Crichton
For All The ATI Radeon9600 Pro users only.
If you are an owner of a built by ATI Radeon 9600pro card then you should take some interest in this post.  Some of you may know...
Into Eternity 0 1748 Last post 19-November-03, 08:04:14
by Into Eternity
865PE CPU Voltage Limitation? (also posted an P4 based board 2 days ago)
Hello everybody,I already posted that at P4 based board, but I thought posting it here as well, as you're more likely to play wi...
mrsaccess 0 1658 Last post 20-November-03, 02:31:55
by mrsaccess
Overclocking with Fuzzy logic 4 . Help
MS-6533P4.2.4gig512mb DDR2100MS Geforce4 ti4200 128mb60gigWinxp HomePresent CPU settings on FuzzyCPU 2393.0 MHZCPU Voltage 1.49v...
Romans909 0 1819 Last post 24-November-03, 21:42:30
by Romans909
Anyone got experice with this ? and has had long term good results ?
I need people who have had OC a Athlon 2500+ with stock CPU fan, if anyone has done this, please let me know, as I want to know ...
MSI_Rockz 0 1390 Last post 10-December-03, 15:24:00
by MSI_Rockz
K7N2 Delta-L: Strange cold boot problem & solution
My K7N2 Delta-L has a problem cold booting when the vcore is set in the bios at 1.65v of higher. After a cold boot, you get a bl...
ral_mnl 0 1609 Last post 18-December-03, 01:50:32
by ral_mnl
k7n2 Delta-L Mutliplier problem
I wire tirck my XP2100+ on my K7N2 Delta-L to unlock it. I noticed that I cant get a stable setting when running a mutliplier of...
ral_mnl 0 1397 Last post 18-December-03, 02:11:21
by ral_mnl
Source for Cheap Peltiers
If you're looking for peltiers cheaper than what you find on the web, don't forget that many manufacturers of personal refrigera...
clarkkent57 0 1157 Last post 19-December-03, 00:23:19
by clarkkent57
OS reading 2X....
I just DLed CoolBit's of the Forum and afeter tweaking the Memory speed a little I noticed under the newly found AGP setting's t...
Sledge 0 1338 Last post 19-December-03, 10:43:35
by Sledge
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