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Sticky Topics
NOTE : While I am a moderator and a mild enthusiast, I am by no means an expert.  Do your research, look at some other guides on...
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darkhawk 133 140249 Last post 23-October-19, 22:27:24
by Nichrome
*** This is all done at your own risk. I, any user on this forum, this forum, or MSI will NOT be held responsible for your actio...
Aaron 28 55725 Last post 26-September-16, 16:06:42
by flobelix
motherboard pcb layer vs memory overclocking:
Svet 0 1737 Last post 19-February-19, 17:15:52
by Svet
Intel Mining Guide : with 7 to 9 GPUS :
darkhawk 0 39904 Last post 28-June-17, 02:44:54
by darkhawk
Always remember the risks of overclocking. If you damage something it's no one's fault, but yours. Overclocking components beyon...
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Aaron 121 176153 Last post 05-April-15, 00:17:35
by miklkit
What is a sensible everyday use overclock in terms of processor efficiency ?  This is a subject that has been discussed numerous...
Bernhard 2 10900 Last post 07-April-12, 17:30:34
by boby7
*** I no longer monitor and edit this database, the moderator >>flobelix<< does ***Hello, welcome to the overclock database.The ...
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Aaron 934 556752 Last post 09-January-18, 20:00:48
by LeLoT3
Overclocking GuideDisclaimer: Overclock at your own risk!Data and information provided in this guide are for informational and e...
Kingfisher 20 138894 Last post 10-April-15, 13:08:54
by flobelix
Please feel free to post screen shots of your bios here. Make sure you include your system spec's are in your signature.<<Forum ...
xmad 21 37686 Last post 11-November-17, 17:50:23
by rolandukas21
Use the +/- keys by the number pad, or use the page up and page down keys.This is so we don't have to keep repeating it... P.S I...
Aaron 0 26127 Last post 31-August-08, 02:26:25
by Aaron
Normal Topics
HI THERE!!This is my machine [MSI K7N2 DELTA-L - ATHLON XP 2000+ (common refrigeration)- 512ddr 333mhz - MSI GEFORCE FX 5700 128...
K7N2 8 2598 Last post 08-May-05, 07:19:01
by [T-A]_Super_10
560 Ti Golden Edition 1025 core clock
 For those of you that might be interested, I have my 560 Ti GE at 1025 MHz @ 1.112V running f@h since yesterday afternoon. I'm ...
Henry 2 2592 Last post 13-March-11, 20:56:32
by Henry
790FX-GD70, OCZ 6GB 1600Mhz problem
Hey everyone. I recently upgraded my PC to a MSI 790FX-GD70 and When I installed my Blackmagic Intensity Windows 7/Vista Freezes...
KIWIDOGGIE 5 3444 Last post 31-October-09, 10:51:06
790GX-G65 1466mhz?
Hello. There is a week that i bought tis motherboard.Also i bought and and Kingston ddr3 hyper at 1600mhz.The site refers 1600oc...
Miyagki 2 1896 Last post 17-December-09, 17:40:54
by Miyagki
790GX-G65 and memory sychronied
Hello my name is thanasis, im from greece and i have a problem with my motherboardWhell im write following the posting guide#  P...
Miyagki 0 1481 Last post 18-December-09, 14:54:37
by Miyagki
Any pionters? Ready to start OC P7N SLI w e4500 new to this bios and forum
Ready to start OC my new P7N SLI w e4500 new to this bios and forum I can say it is very friendly ,respectful & helpful here. Ha...
153stars 0 1593 Last post 28-October-08, 05:02:35
by 153stars
Author Topic: GTLREF and FSB VTT Voltage Tweaking (Read 41923 times)
Hello there.Sorry for digging this out, but I have a few questions regarding this topic.On my P7N2 Motherboard with an Wolfdale ...
daniel2 0 647 Last post 26-September-16, 17:15:28
by daniel2
Chipset cooler for nForce 4?
I'm looking for a good cooler for my mbo but the three I have found that I like look like they won't fit. 1) Microcool NorthPole...
bchivers 1 1837 Last post 22-September-05, 03:13:04
by PetroL
CPU Voltage Bump
Can anyone tell me how to increase the voltage on K9A2 Platinum.It's set on AUTO and grayed out.I'm OC'ing my 5000+ BE and need ...
clutch442 15 8793 Last post 16-July-08, 16:18:36
by Svet
Gtx 670 power edition oc unusual throttling
Hi all,When i overclock my gpu to a certain core clock (1250+) and set voltage +100mv. My card seems to throttle. The core clock...
zoraka 21 9100 Last post 21-September-12, 22:25:11
by flobelix
HELP Any modded bios for P7N SLI that can set cpu mgz/ratio or im missing somet
As far as raise my fsb is to 1100 then it won't always post. I had my abit Fatality hd190 with this CPU to 3.1ghz  rock solid on...
153stars 14 7895 Last post 05-November-08, 01:40:39
by 153stars
I7-4790k 5GHz Safe Temps on gaming
Hi all,I have overclocked my 4790k to 5Ghz. It is stable. I stress test it for 2 hours with success. On stress test 100% load th...
ekstak 18 6687 Last post 04-December-15, 19:51:35
by tobias_l
K8NNEO 2 P SATA Port Lock issue
Alright...I'm I already know the answer to this question, but I'm gonna ask anyway. Is there anyway to lock ALL FOUR SATA PORTS!...
Garyclaus16 2 1871 Last post 17-October-05, 22:25:01
by Garyclaus16
K8T Neo-FSR/ FIS2R BIos HT link questions
tubbytubb 11 6064 Last post 04-October-08, 03:35:49
by tubbytubb
Msi Afterburner Keeps putting voltage back to 1.164
Hi, this is my first post so please tell me if I am doing anything wrong.I am using MSI afterburner 1.6.1 to overclock my MSI R5...
Jet Slicker 3 2864 Last post 01-September-10, 22:54:30
by Mike
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