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When it starts smoking you gone too far :-)
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MOVED: Ryzen 3700x boost issue bug report + question about MSI Command Center
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
flobelix 0 127 Last post 17-July-19, 22:52:29
by flobelix
i5 8600k overclock profil
Hello boys i need your help with overclocking.My system;Cpu: i5 8600kGpu: gtx 1060 6gbMotherboard: Msi z370 a proCooler: cooler ...
mtin_16 4 247 Last post 09-July-19, 23:48:18
by darkhawk
About SA Voltage, IO Voltage and CPU Voltage
Hellolet's start with my first simple question, which is that i am setting my CPU voltage to 1.155 in the BIOS, but while checki...
Belbol 15 734 Last post Best Answer 14-June-19, 00:37:39
by Belbol
Undervolt on z370
Hello,I run stock, non-oc i9 on z370 gaming pro carbon (latest bios), sometime i see that it uses 2.88v on 4.7ghz, which is kind...
theprophet173 1 178 Last post 12-June-19, 23:12:35
by Belbol
Game Boost OC vs Windows Sleep Mode Conflict
Hey all, I figured this would go here in Overclocking instead of the Motherboard section since it dealt with the OC button. MSI ...
bakkaratorz 0 168 Last post 07-June-19, 23:02:42
by bakkaratorz
Overclocking options missing in UEFI - P67A-GD65
So i've recently upgraded the GPU in my gaming desktop from a GTX 970 to a GTX 1070ti. Utilising the GTX 1070ti to it's full pot...
coendeleng 5 362 Last post Best Answer 07-June-19, 19:32:30
by flobelix
overclock ram
pleas  anyone can help me , I have an older motherboard MSI 760GA-P43 / FX (MS-7699), and I have 8gb ram ddr3 1600 mhz, but in ...
alexbass33 0 166 Last post 07-June-19, 03:29:20
by alexbass33
Needing A modded bios to overclock an A320 chipset
I have a msi A320m Pro VD/S mobo.It doesnt have Permit oc.I wanted to know if it was possible to give me a modded bios which cou...
hrishitsayeed05 1 198 Last post 28-May-19, 22:06:02
by flobelix
5.3ghz with 240 aio and 4200 rpm server fans this is what i achieved on a 240 aio with some 420
biueprintchrisn 1 196 Last post 28-May-19, 19:44:05
by flobelix
z97 gaming 7 mobo, xeon 1240 v3 cpu issues
ive just recently replaced old cpu which was dual core, with xeon to be a bit more up to date, but suddenly im getting BSOD on w...
ewwaslt 1 177 Last post 26-May-19, 15:13:48
by ewwaslt
Freezes & BSODs with Trident Z RGB 4266 4x
Hello!I'm having issues with my Trident Z RGB 4266 4x8 (F4-4266C17Q-32GTZR) when I turn on the XMP profile in BIOS. Memtest fail...
petrdzb 6 366 Last post 25-May-19, 12:55:01
by petrdzb
Overclock BCLK H310M PRO VDH
I would like to overclock this motherboard along with the processor below. I would like to know how to configure!Motherboard: H3...
jonas15.klein 1 214 Last post 06-May-19, 21:12:28
by flobelix
More limit on core clock and memory clock
Is there any way to limit core clock a lot less that -90 mhz and memory clock a lot less that -501 mhz?
870pro 3 377 Last post 01-May-19, 16:28:49
by Svet
Bristol Ridge APU overclocking support on MSI B350/X370 motherboards
Hello everyone,Is overclocking of those APUs even supported on MSI motherboards? I have B350M Mortar Arctic (with latest bios), ...
Flaky 18 2408 Last post 25-April-19, 15:47:45
by Svet
Excessive vdroop?
I'm running a Ryzen 2700 on the B450i Gaming Plus AC overclocked to 4.0 all cores on a vcore of 1.35. It is stable at these sett...
hstrent51 0 208 Last post 22-April-19, 15:54:05
by hstrent51
X99A SLI Krait Ed. Bios 7885vNA1 CPU speed issue
Hi,In Bios setup page, I set OC Genie Switch to Gear 2. CPU speed of all six cores would be 3800 Mhz. Verified the CPU speed sho...
viennguyen74 1 195 Last post 20-April-19, 10:08:27
by viennguyen74
Need help with a P67A-c45 (B3) board.
I purchased this board just so i could overclock my 4 bins (+400mhz so it gets 4.2ghz) on the i7 2600, however it only does 1 bi...
kenan.siv 0 129 Last post 18-April-19, 20:10:52
by kenan.siv
Msi z390 meg ace and i9 9900k
HiHow can I get the best settings overclock 5.1 , 5.2i have nzxt 62x kraken I tried to apply all the settings up on 5  But there...
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hard.lost 52 2189 Last post 18-April-19, 18:12:34
by Krank
Need a bios settings to overclock my 9700k
Hi,Need a bios settings to overclock my 9700k.[font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif]pc specs;[/font][/color][font="Noto Sans", Ar...
fusuyrakuy 0 190 Last post 10-April-19, 10:55:38
by fusuyrakuy
MOVED: 1050 MSI GTX 2gb video card overclock help
This topic has been moved to Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 130 Last post 08-April-19, 20:47:42
by flobelix
Brand new MPG Z390 Gaming Plus wont XMP/Manual OC
Hey guys,I'm gett overclock settings failed, f1 for setup f2 to load defaults and i think ctrl-l for last known working settings...
prince_of_punk_long 2 466 Last post 03-April-19, 15:11:24
by prince_of_punk_long
Help:Getting better performance with Ryzen 5 1600 & B450 Carbon Mobo
Hi all,So am new to the overclocking/undervolting.just built a computer,specs.Ryzen 5 1600 w/Wraith Prism RGB CoolerB450 Carbon ...
chet.zeeshan 0 175 Last post 01-April-19, 06:04:25
by chet.zeeshan
MSI Command Center complaining my vcore is too high??
Hi,Got an X99 Godlike and 6850K @ 4.2Ghz 1.325v and Command Center complains at start its too high. Is it too high?Its also in r...
Moheban79 1 174 Last post 01-April-19, 02:20:01
by Nichrome
Ryzen 1700 AMD Cool and Quiet and Overclocking
Whenever I enable AMD Cool and Quiet on my MSI x470 Gaming Plus and I try to overclock, I get stuck at 3.2 ghz.Additional voltag...
jigglywiggly 5 483 Last post 29-March-19, 21:39:23
by darkhawk
CPU Voltage Mode: Auto vs Adaptive?
Hi guys,What is the difference between these 2 modes? I previously thought they were both the same and some other posts said the...
banana999 3 437 Last post 24-March-19, 13:58:50
by alisalatashpuor
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