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Raptors and software RAID 0
I recently replaced my two 100gb WD 7200rpm 8mb cache drives with two WD 74gb Raptors in RAID 0 configuration. The WDs were on a...
slrguy 0 1265 Last post 10-June-04, 03:46:40
by slrguy
Tamed the beast!
Well, I have tamed the beast! I am running a Prescott 2.8@3400 (default core voltage), idle temps range between 47-50 celsius, l...
Tarowah 0 1141 Last post 18-April-04, 16:40:22
by Tarowah
RMClock utility 1.2
FrankenBerrie 0 1316 Last post 23-October-04, 14:40:37
by FrankenBerrie
k7n2 Delta-L Mutliplier problem
I wire tirck my XP2100+ on my K7N2 Delta-L to unlock it. I noticed that I cant get a stable setting when running a mutliplier of...
ral_mnl 0 1473 Last post 18-December-03, 02:11:21
by ral_mnl
Register and win 10 Musketeer 2
titanx 0 1183 Last post 29-July-04, 06:12:24
by titanx
Bios with modded raid-function
For various msi-mobos:
Toenne 0 2599 Last post 25-October-03, 21:59:00
by Toenne
865PE PAT enabled at FSB237
This could have been posted before:I managed to get PAT enabled at FSB237 using ClockGen or SetFSB. To accomplish this, you need...
pokipoki 0 1151 Last post 20-August-04, 17:29:23
by pokipoki
papst fans
just orderd a papst 4412fm 120mm case fan. anyone else have one of these fans or one by the same make? if yes, what do you think...
bozza90 0 1285 Last post 04-January-04, 23:13:38
by bozza90
K8N Neo Platinum BIOS Tweak Guide
Here's a guide for those with a K8N, although the overclocking section may help those with other boards. BIOS Tweak Guide
Ludic 0 1433 Last post 27-June-04, 08:20:35
by Ludic
how far do i go?
hi all well as my sig shows ive recently upgraded both my cpu and memoryi bought p4 3.0e prescott and corsair twinx1024-4000pro ...
ghandhi 0 1374 Last post 22-October-04, 13:36:03
by ghandhi
O/C'ing Advice!
Hi there - I've just discovered this Forum (at last!) and was wondering if someone can help me out please.I've been tryuing to O...
Crichton 0 1869 Last post 06-November-03, 04:20:27
by Crichton
amd cpus..what fsb etc etc
well ive no intention of writting it all so start hereamd it list all the codes and explains what they arehow to tell them apart...
Wonkanoby 0 4316 Last post 23-October-03, 20:20:35
by Wonkanoby
unlocking the older palamino cpu's
now before i start this is not easyand i know as in several goes i could never do it,thank god for thoroughbredsit envolves fill...
Wonkanoby 0 4262 Last post 23-October-03, 20:10:26
by Wonkanoby
MSI brought out a new BIOS version 2.5. Ok, so I try the BIOS and it trashes my video? I tried it several times but in each case...
Sweeper 0 1076 Last post 23-October-04, 08:20:10
by Sweeper
Ram chips?
I heard and seen on here several people using Infineon Ram. I have (2) Kingston Value Ram 512MB PC2700 modules. They were purcha...
gleonard 0 1079 Last post 01-July-04, 04:09:28
by gleonard
Poor mans internet speed fix
try going over to check out how fast your internet connection is, if your brave have it do ...
stilup 0 1448 Last post 02-January-04, 23:12:23
by stilup
unlocking the super lock on k7d Master wondering ?¿?¿?
Hi Guys,I am just looking for info. Has anybody tried the mobile XP method on a dual board ?? does 760 MPX support powerNow !!  ...
jcolo 0 1565 Last post 25-January-04, 22:25:11
by jcolo
Msi 875p - Fisr2 Vapochill 250+ Ocing problem!
This is a decent board however, i recenlt purchased a vapochill unit, looking on there forums suggest that this board has stabli...
arve121 0 1349 Last post 19-February-04, 20:46:25
by arve121
V mods on the Albatron and MSI A64 boards!!!  this didnt get much response in the amd64 via forum so i try here
scooter787b 0 1108 Last post 02-July-04, 23:32:56
by scooter787b
wire trick on kt6 delta w/mobile bartons
anyone tried this with success?
chile 0 1259 Last post 28-March-04, 00:59:15
by chile
monitoring & controller options via hardware?
I have this msi gnb max motherboard Fuzzy logi...
mystvearn 0 1448 Last post 19-June-04, 16:06:41
by mystvearn
controller card problem
Hi,I am having a problem installing an Adaptec ASH-1233 ATA adapter PCI card.  I first installed the card into the PCI slot (thi...
cd151 0 1097 Last post 01-September-04, 23:20:05
by cd151
Chipset Voltage controlling on Delta L
hey guys, I reached 220 FSB last night , and couldnt pass it, pretty sure because of lack of chipset it possible to c...
grilw 0 1326 Last post 13-March-04, 18:23:19
by grilw
Dynamic Overclocking and CoreCenter
Hi everybody,I need some clarifications about DOT so please answer my questions:1) Dynamic Overclocking = Overclocking of the CP...
UnderTheSun 0 1419 Last post 21-February-04, 20:14:09
by UnderTheSun
overcloking AMD XP post 0340
jcolo 0 1462 Last post 02-January-04, 14:58:35
by jcolo
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