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Any 990XA-GD55 BIOS with VCore > 1.446 volts?
I have a 990XA-GD55 MB and I'm running an FX-6200 processor. I can run a stable 4.4Ghz overclock but I can't get any higher than...
120pilot 6 2835 Last post 15-October-13, 21:21:55
by Occ
865 PE Neo2 overclocking question.
Im a first time overclocker and I'd like to bump my P4 2.4 up to about 2.8 but when I go into my frequency/voltage control optio...
12fan 6 3514 Last post 30-May-04, 03:46:54
by goodcooper
The Right Temature
I just bought a 865PE/G Neo2 and also at the same time I bought an Aquarius II
130wman 1 1441 Last post 27-March-04, 11:24:44
by kt6user
P55 GD45 load line calibration option missing
Hi guys. So I just flashed to the newest MSI bios for this board because I was having OC issues. Bios version 1.10/1.A from the ...
1337ruski 1 2229 Last post 01-April-11, 20:05:49
by Svet
HELP Any modded bios for P7N SLI that can set cpu mgz/ratio or im missing somet
As far as raise my fsb is to 1100 then it won't always post. I had my abit Fatality hd190 with this CPU to 3.1ghz  rock solid on...
153stars 14 7839 Last post 05-November-08, 01:40:39
by 153stars
Which board should clock higher. P45NEO or PN7-SLI with n750i
I got the p45neo at frys for $48 .Im putting together a HTPC and probally won't need sli on this RIG As I don't see myself Inves...
153stars 3 3427 Last post 17-March-09, 04:50:54
by 153stars
Is 4gb a waste in XPsp3 home Edition & just killing my OC
I'm running @ 1220 fsb 3.05ghz/305bus @1.352V 15/13mem ratio 4 4 4 12 15 2t in linked  "mem in auto"-"it's stable" Can't post 12...
153stars 4 2922 Last post 07-November-08, 10:44:32
by DaLoona
Any pionters? Ready to start OC P7N SLI w e4500 new to this bios and forum
Ready to start OC my new P7N SLI w e4500 new to this bios and forum I can say it is very friendly ,respectful & helpful here. Ha...
153stars 0 1582 Last post 28-October-08, 05:02:35
by 153stars
MSI Control Centre settings query
Hi all, the older versions had an option via the taskbar icon to automatically load current settings on reboot. The option is no...
1979Damian 0 1178 Last post 31-January-13, 19:35:08
by 1979Damian
[AMD] FSB overclock doesn't hold after Standby???
Hello fellow overclockers,My motherboard is a K8N Neo2 Plat. BIOS v1.8 and I just bought the board and the FSB overclock isn't h...
1aja777 2 1775 Last post 19-July-05, 00:15:16
by 1aja777
OC Barton XP2500 on a K7N2G-L
I've got an unlocked XP2500 with excellent steppings that I'm having trouble getting stable at the higher speed.The mobo has the...
1wizard4u 2 1746 Last post 20-March-06, 14:59:26
by 1wizard4u
MSI P67A-GD65 - Overclock not sticking in Win7
HiAm having some confusing problem.I am using this board with a 2500K and I have set the multiplier to achieve 4.5Ghz. I have di...
2stepsteve 3 3277 Last post 16-January-11, 14:07:28
by t1_75
No POST above 220 FSB out of BIOS, but soft OC ok to 250 ???
Hey again.  I was running a Winchester 3000+ on a daily basis for a year at 4xHT, 250FSB, 500MHz DDR speed @ 2.5,3,3,8 and 9x CP...
2thAche 19 7930 Last post 02-February-07, 19:20:19
by rdpdo
Re: Overclocking p7n Diamond-l-Split
I am having the same issue.  I have a MS-7510, 780i Nvidia board, with a 2.5Ghz C2D CPU and when I go into the bios and bump up ...
2vulgar 15 6566 Last post 20-November-10, 03:06:23
by 2vulgar
Please MSI
Give us a Bios with more than 2.85 vdimm!!!
2||Para 5 1911 Last post 06-November-05, 19:54:22
by NickS_
First MSI Mobo
Firstly Hi,As the title says "This is my 1st MSI Mobo" could someone point me in the right direction for bios tweaking please?Th...
2||Para 2 1501 Last post 23-May-05, 19:54:29
by 2||Para
Geil to OCZ?!?
Can run this rig [and have done for 4 months] @ 2.8ghz with a Arctic Freezer64,as soon as i push it back to 2.9GHZ it locks up. ...
2||Para 2 1448 Last post 24-October-05, 14:43:17
by Apple renegade
Overclock reporting wrong.
Hi all. I have set the bus speed to 1450 and when I boot up, the POST screen says 362x9 3.256ghz. When I am in windows (XP) CPU-...
300 15 8478 Last post 08-June-08, 22:01:55
by 300
Cold boot problem
Hi. I have overclocked the cpu and I get cold boot problems. Sometimes the pc will not boot and I just get the fans running with...
300 4 3525 Last post 28-August-08, 20:40:24
by 300
Z77MA-G45 w/ i5-3570K overclock settings (screen shots)?
Hello, I have a Z77MA-G45 MB (bios v1.7) w/ i5-3570K cpu and would like to overclock. New to overclocking so was hoping I could ...
311blitz 3 4170 Last post 22-March-13, 17:06:51
by zapee995
X6 1090T overclocking on the NF980-65
Just wondering if anyone is overclocking the 1090T with turbo cache on..I have it off right now setting at 4ghz..Would it make a...
33avz33 5 3647 Last post 17-September-10, 04:58:21
by mrinfinit3
1090T Temp monitoring question
Hey all..Got a question..In my BIOS my CPU temp is 41c to 42c..And in windows when I run Core Temp 0.99.8 its telling me its 20c...
33avz33 1 2046 Last post 19-October-10, 06:15:43
by Mike
NF980-65..problem with getting memory above 1600
I own the Nf980-65..and know matter what I do...I can not get my memory above 1600..everytime I over doesn't boot..wit...
33avz33 4 2223 Last post 19-June-10, 17:38:15
by roudydog
890GXM-G65 Memory Issues
I have a 890GXM-G65 Mainboard.The Memory is Geil BlackDragon GB34GB1600C9DC.My memory will NOT work in slots 1-2 but work fine i...
365481 1 1997 Last post 25-February-11, 20:49:40
by Stu
Overclocking a haswell i7 4770 on a Xpower Z87
I can not get any overclocks past what the OC Genie will do @ 4.2. This is a very complex bios for me, it's been several years s...
3Dflyer 7 3889 Last post 10-November-13, 23:58:50
by Gamtu
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