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Good day! I have same problem with my Athlon X2 4800+! I set at bios max vcore 1.35 but it is not enoth for 3Gh When i set 240X1...
vivien_valdi 5 3624 Last post 11-October-08, 18:48:15
by Svet
MSI R7850 2GD5/OC overclocking
Why is on this card set maximal possible core clock in BIOS to 1050MHz? Because I've read that other R7850 models are capable to...
vako 11 4280 Last post 21-January-13, 19:42:12
by vako
hello everybody. I have an low-end graphic card - MSI 8400 gs ,e5200 processor ,msi p45neo 3 mb and 2*2 a-data gaming series.I w...
bibut 0 1771 Last post 04-April-09, 03:55:21
by bibut
Overclocking i5 4670k
Hello Pros,i'm totally new to overclocking, just got my new processor that comes with a "K" so i decided to try overclock it.Her...
90 2 1301 Last post 02-March-15, 09:34:46
by Chike
Problem with changing 1333 to 1600
I have a MSI 870a-g54 mobo ...
hkjai1120 8 3896 Last post 09-October-10, 22:56:23
by hkjai1120
X570 Unify AMD 3800X
I finally have everything set up and installed! I have a few questions if yall would be willing to help a guy out.What is everyo...
T3X 0 98 Last post 30-December-19, 23:27:49
by T3X
Z68-GD65 (G3)
On my way to 5000 on my 2700k with bios n.49 I have found a rather odd scenario in the bios using mushkin ram @ 2133 8 gigs. The...
MdntMank 3 1884 Last post 09-January-12, 11:12:24
by dubflex
Z77A-G45 & 3570k bios quest.
how do i get to the page that gives me the CPU FEATURES cie support where i can change the  long duration power limit,short dura...
COMEINPEACE 4 1362 Last post 16-October-13, 07:40:16
[MSI X370 KRAIT GAMIN + Ryzen 1600] bios overclock 3.9Mhz stuck at 1549.64Mhz
I built new system with msi X370 KRAIT GAMING +  Ryzen 1600 setup bios 3900 clock speed with 4.12500 power at automatic overcloc...
jain.pritesh 2 1301 Last post 28-May-17, 13:30:38
by hamid_m_h
My configuration is this:Mainboard: MSI K7N2-DELTA2-FSRCPU: AMD Athlon XP-Mobile 2500+ 1855MHZVideo Card: CAPTIVA Nvidia 6600GT ...
Mario131083 7 5044 Last post 09-February-06, 04:52:52
by Svet
"A Disk Read Error Has Occured" past 239 FSB?
The title says it all.  I'm runnin an Neo Platinum 2 and when booting up overclocked past 239 FSB I get "A Disk Read Error Has O...
sarlen 8 2641 Last post 19-September-04, 17:41:26
by sarlen
johnmh88 0 1659 Last post 24-November-09, 01:42:03
by johnmh88
"CPU PLL Overvoltage"/"Vdroop" - unclear what BIOS setting mean
I have a MSI P67 GD65, BIOS version v1.8B6.I am unclear what the word "Auto" means in the BIOs for the CPU PLL Overvoltage and V...
iamtheone 6 11719 Last post 22-August-11, 22:23:02
by Cvsi3
"Dual Core Centre"
Hi guys,Had dual core centre running on my new rig a couple of days ago lovely. However, it now doesn't work. It won't open/load...
drummer_tom 16 14456 Last post 09-April-08, 23:38:17
by drummer_tom
"Dynamic Overclocking" Is it all B.S. ?
Whats the deal with this "Dynamic over clocking".Does anyone else find this as silly as i do for gaming.I can bump up by only a ...
raided 2 1948 Last post 21-March-08, 00:23:46
by raided
"high fsb" data corruption issue on K8N neo2 Platinum?
Hi!First of all, thank you for you attention!My system- Winchester 3200+- MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum- 2x1024 G.Skill 2GBZX- Gainward ...
damascato 23 6452 Last post 29-December-05, 15:16:15
by syar2003
"NB Frequency" (cpu-z) Question
Hey guys, sorry if this is the wrong forum - it's not an actual OC'ing question yet, but it's something I need to understand fir...
rcanino 8 61439 Last post 13-February-12, 10:32:19
by badboy2k
"undervolting" compatible With Atom Z530?
So I discovered something that is supposed to lower the voltage margin used by the CPU in order to lower temperatures (and incre...
IceFire 2 2557 Last post 01-December-09, 15:54:28
by IceFire
(865PE NEO2) OC w/ P4 2.4 800
I recently purchased an 865PE NEO2 board and have been having trouble overclocking with it.  I can't get past 230 FSB without er...
cwgrock 7 3417 Last post 06-November-03, 04:57:35
by cwgrock
(Help) Overclock i7-4790K MSI Z97 Gaming 5
Hello all,Could anyone help me out please?I did the following in BIOS:Multiplier: 50x CPU Vcore: 1.28Core Voltage mod: AdaptiveI...
ekstak 1 4149 Last post 01-December-15, 20:25:36
by ekstak
(help)how far can i take my northwood 2.8c
I need help cant seem to get my northwood stable at 3.5 for more than 10 minutes i know it will cuz i seen it.   if anyone has a...
clocdubb 2 1358 Last post 13-May-04, 21:33:19
by babyface uk
(more) on the 865Pe memory timing issue (no manual settings above 230fsb)
HiI´ve spend hours trying to lower my timings with Crucial Ballistix Pc4000 at 1:1 250fsb but the with this board (Msi 865PE Neo...
Willemoes 1 1566 Last post 13-October-04, 07:55:29
by balewolf
(Noob) Trying to overclock my MSI-7759. OC Genie 2?
Hey this would be my first time overclocking.I have an MSI-7759 and an Intel i5 - 3570k.  Bios v1.11I tried following a ton of t...
jmflu 28 7425 Last post 19-July-14, 10:33:35
by Sea Dog
(Noobie OCer) FSB down throttled despite manual settings?
I had a modest 2.4ghz OC going (10x240 166 divider=RAM @ 200mhz) and Prime95 passed about 12 hours, temps around 47c under full ...
Liver Kick 0 1304 Last post 05-June-05, 00:37:53
by Liver Kick
* AGP / PCI Locks on Neo2 Platinum *
Hey there guys,Im trying to really ramp up my HTT / FSB to get something int he region of 10x 250htt but to get this figure I kn...
Cashman 5 2158 Last post 14-November-04, 16:57:50
by syar2003
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