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OK,So instead of starting a new thread I'll keep this one - But there is a change of topic but based on the same board.I've OC'e...
fraser797 2 189 Last post 19-October-19, 10:56:57
by fraser797
B450 Tomahawk - Can't set tRTP to 14
Hi,I'm having issues with setting tRTP to the maximum value (14). If I set a lower value, it works fine, but for some reason 14 ...
integral 1 190 Last post 08-February-19, 03:27:35
by adelossim23
Help with BSOD/WHEA and IRQL errors
I'm a new builder who just finished setting up a new rig and hope that I came to the right sub-form.  If there is information th...
briankcrawford 6 192 Last post 07-January-20, 02:56:36
by Chike
Appreciate some OC help - Corsair i160 - 9900k, z370i, mini itx
HI, thereFull specifications.9900k, liquid cooledRTX2080TI, liquid cooled32GB 2666 DDR4 480gb M.2z370i mini-ITXSF600, 80 plus Go...
adam_jordgubbe 1 210 Last post 23-October-19, 16:08:59
by flobelix
2 x 16GB (32GB) A-XMP
I'm having issues getting my ram to hit 3200 stable. I have updated to the latest bios (before beta) and done a clean install of...
kdot 3 218 Last post 16-November-19, 05:44:11
by Chike
Need Help overclocking DDR4
Hi All,Bought a MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE LGA1151Have Intel Core i9-9900K Desktop Processor 8 Cores up to 5.0 GHz I have installed Fo...
qasirmeh786 2 222 Last post 12-December-19, 12:17:09
by Chike
Psu vs ups
HiToday i am Facing very interesting issue. I m using Antec 650w neo classic modular psu.And i have backup ups cyberpower BU1000...
garg.rishav 2 229 Last post 29-August-19, 11:06:36
by shabbirh
Guide for overclocking on Z390-A PRO? Running i7-9700k 3.60GHz
Title says it all. I'm a noob trying to get into overclocking though I don't know anything about the BIOS and what things do. Tr...
jonas.hellevik 1 230 Last post 30-December-19, 00:41:12
by Svet
MSI Afterburner - no readings
Hi I just joined here, searched a little for an answer to this question but didn't find anything. I am trying to use Afterburner...
hannakent1027 1 231 Last post 04-November-19, 21:20:39
by flobelix
Afterburner Voltage Control Stops Working!
I can't find any information through google about people who have voltage control unlocked and working initially in afterburner,...
jjagger 1 233 Last post 08-January-19, 13:33:55
by Nichrome
Help:Getting better performance with Ryzen 5 1600 & B450 Carbon Mobo
Hi all,So am new to the overclocking/undervolting.just built a computer,specs.Ryzen 5 1600 w/Wraith Prism RGB CoolerB450 Carbon ...
chet.zeeshan 0 233 Last post 01-April-19, 06:04:25
by chet.zeeshan
Afterburner won't apply OC at startup
Hi guys, this is absolutely driving me nuts. I've used afterburner off and on for a long time, but now after not having used it ...
jayeld77 3 236 Last post 13-September-19, 00:11:24
by Nichrome
how to overclock my PC
hi all i just build my new pc n i m planning to overclock my pc but i have no idea about how to oc so can some one pls guide me....
gurungc74 1 237 Last post 14-December-18, 17:20:58
by darkhawk
Loadline Calibration: Auto = Safe?
I'm having a little bit of trouble understanding MSI's safe point for loadline calibration. I have a i5-9600k and I read MSI's o...
d4nt3ch 0 241 Last post 30-October-19, 08:37:18
by d4nt3ch
Reverting to the previous BIOS of B350 Tomahawk for GPU overclock and results?
Hello all,I have a MSI B350 Tomahawk Arctic motherboard with Ryzen 5 2400g. The latest BIOS version (05/02/2018) unfortunately d...
ssss 0 245 Last post 02-August-18, 21:45:37
by ssss
Overclocking Threadripper 2950X
Dear All,   Greetings of the day. I need some help on overclocking my Threadripper 2950X. Hope to find the same here. Before I p...
send2sajeev 0 245 Last post 01-March-19, 14:01:34
by send2sajeev
[PROBLEM] B450 Gaming Plus / Ryzen 2600 / G.Skill F4-3200C16D-32GVK
Hi, I have two kits of G.Skill F4-3200C16D-32GVK for a total of 64gb (so All dimm populated). It seems that I can't get a post t...
yixota5928 13 251 Last post 05-January-20, 22:48:49
by Chike
Disabling monitor overclock causing issues, what can I try short of sending back
Dell Gaming Monitor S2417DG YNY1D 24-Inch
paultmullerjr 0 257 Last post 25-December-18, 22:28:07
by paultmullerjr
X470/2700: Overclocks but downclock immediately on Prime95
Tried this multiple times. Clean defaults, latest non beta BIOS. I just dialled in 4.0 GHz and 1.35v to get a quick and dirty OC...
Methanoid 2 257 Last post 27-August-19, 11:03:07
by Methanoid
Game Boost OC vs Windows Sleep Mode Conflict
Hey all, I figured this would go here in Overclocking instead of the Motherboard section since it dealt with the OC button. MSI ...
bakkaratorz 0 262 Last post 07-June-19, 23:02:42
by bakkaratorz
Black screen after OC of RAM
Hey guys,Everywhere I look it states the memory installed is running at 1333mhz, which I now know is the default.  The memory I ...
mvilla235 1 268 Last post 09-July-18, 09:45:13
by plutomate
Undervolt on z370
Hello,I run stock, non-oc i9 on z370 gaming pro carbon (latest bios), sometime i see that it uses 2.88v on 4.7ghz, which is kind...
theprophet173 1 278 Last post 12-June-19, 23:12:35
by Belbol
Overclock becomes unstable after CNQ is turned on
Hello,I have problem with overclock stability when I enable CNQ in bios that should drop my frequency in idle. I overclock my Ry...
Marshal 0 280 Last post 24-November-18, 14:04:09
by Marshal
MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC OC and GPU
Hi everyoneIm building a system using the B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC with R5 3600 CPU and MSI gaming Z 2070 GPU. Im wondering if ...
botcontimus 2 281 Last post 12-November-19, 03:37:05
X99A SLI Krait Ed. Bios 7885vNA1 CPU speed issue
Hi,In Bios setup page, I set OC Genie Switch to Gear 2. CPU speed of all six cores would be 3800 Mhz. Verified the CPU speed sho...
viennguyen74 1 286 Last post 20-April-19, 10:08:27
by viennguyen74
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