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artic silvers own 2 stage cleaner released
Wonkanoby 0 1126 Last post 15-August-04, 18:43:26
by Wonkanoby
antec easy mod kit
any one has the antec easy mod kit, have a 480watts psu and some modding stuffwhat is your advice ? this is the link to the manu...
xsoft 0 1060 Last post 27-June-04, 22:23:29
by xsoft
amd cpus..what fsb etc etc
well ive no intention of writting it all so start hereamd it list all the codes and explains what they arehow to tell them apart...
Wonkanoby 0 4318 Last post 23-October-03, 20:20:35
by Wonkanoby
unlocking the older palamino cpu's
now before i start this is not easyand i know as in several goes i could never do it,thank god for thoroughbredsit envolves fill...
Wonkanoby 0 4263 Last post 23-October-03, 20:10:26
by Wonkanoby
K7N2 Delta L voltage mod anyone?
Hi, I am a new user here as I can't find source anywhere else. Anyone who has modded the voltage limits for the above mentioned ...
rocka 0 1365 Last post 21-September-04, 14:47:40
by rocka
overclocking prob with k8n neo2
hello,sorry my english is not so is my sysk8n neo23200 wichchester2X512 a-data pc5663 X hitachi s-atawhen i overclock ...
anton 0 1212 Last post 27-November-04, 11:40:16
by anton
Unlocking the Locked Barton!
clarkkent57 0 1372 Last post 31-December-03, 18:06:06
by clarkkent57
For All The ATI Radeon9600 Pro users only.
If you are an owner of a built by ATI Radeon 9600pro card then you should take some interest in this post.  Some of you may know...
Into Eternity 0 1846 Last post 19-November-03, 08:04:14
by Into Eternity
Msi 875p - Fisr2 Vapochill 250+ Ocing problem!
This is a decent board however, i recenlt purchased a vapochill unit, looking on there forums suggest that this board has stabli...
arve121 0 1351 Last post 19-February-04, 20:46:25
by arve121
V mods on the Albatron and MSI A64 boards!!!  this didnt get much response in the amd64 via forum so i try here
scooter787b 0 1108 Last post 02-July-04, 23:32:56
by scooter787b
Overclocking with ATI 9600XT
I have successfully overclocked my system to the specs in my sig. I was messing around a bit today to see if I could go any furt...
locque 0 1630 Last post 13-February-04, 00:51:53
by locque
Raptors and software RAID 0
I recently replaced my two 100gb WD 7200rpm 8mb cache drives with two WD 74gb Raptors in RAID 0 configuration. The WDs were on a...
slrguy 0 1266 Last post 10-June-04, 03:46:40
by slrguy
Temp sensor 2
MS-6390  AMD 2600+We are getting a reading from "Speedfan" of 160 on "temp 2". I got the individual to up his fan speeds and the...
silat 0 1167 Last post 26-October-04, 07:27:23
by silat
can someone point me the right direction?
I have seen and use some of the programs that we use to oc the are systems. some like speed fan use the temps and rpm on the fan...
jjscram 0 1200 Last post 28-March-04, 22:15:06
by jjscram
Source for Cheap Peltiers
If you're looking for peltiers cheaper than what you find on the web, don't forget that many manufacturers of personal refrigera...
clarkkent57 0 1234 Last post 19-December-03, 00:23:19
by clarkkent57
overcloking AMD XP post 0340
jcolo 0 1462 Last post 02-January-04, 14:58:35
by jcolo
the mainboard (k8n neo2 pe) revision important for oc ?
hi, i have new k8n neo2 platinum that is rev 1.0 is new revision afte...
curpa 0 1418 Last post 06-December-04, 16:02:05
by curpa
Abit AV8 -> Neo2 Platinum
Well, my utterly horrible Abit AV8 finally locked up the PCI/AGP buses (or so I thought) two nights ago, so I started doing some...
nweibley 0 1201 Last post 29-November-04, 03:02:01
by nweibley
Help me with my sound please :)
I have a P4 3.2ghz Prescott and earlier today while i was overclocking the CPU i realised that when i overclock it i cannot use ...
Carlin 0 1174 Last post 11-December-04, 21:07:22
by Carlin
just a few small questions :)
hi guys, just had a few small questions incase any of u can shed some light on the subject1 - i have removed my Sound Blaster Au...
screaming_lord 0 1082 Last post 10-November-04, 18:07:00
by screaming_lord
King Max DDR 500
Hi AllCan I O/C only my sistem memory ?2 x 512 MB DDR 500 ( PC4000 ) KingMax Dual channel.I have Barton 3200+ NON O/C.Now I run ...
bijurom 0 1175 Last post 26-October-04, 10:09:56
by bijurom
Ok guys, how is this OC setup for my 3200+ Winchester.
Hello folks.First of all, thanks for taking the time to read this.I know this is a LONG post, but I will appreciate it if someon...
GizmoC 0 1375 Last post 26-November-04, 10:56:17
by GizmoC
What next?
I've been testing my machine to see how far i can overclock, i've wanted to get to at least 2400, but ran into a snag last night...
lost0822 0 1002 Last post 29-October-04, 14:11:33
by lost0822
overclocking MS-6378 ver. 2
hello,I have an MSI MS-6378 version 2 motherboard with an AMD Duron (Morgan) 1Ghz.  I overclocked the CPU's speed and am getting...
daufoi 0 1416 Last post 03-December-04, 06:38:49
by daufoi
Overclocking with Fuzzy logic 4 . Help
MS-6533P4.2.4gig512mb DDR2100MS Geforce4 ti4200 128mb60gigWinxp HomePresent CPU settings on FuzzyCPU 2393.0 MHZCPU Voltage 1.49v...
Romans909 0 1866 Last post 24-November-03, 21:42:30
by Romans909
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