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Vmod KT2 Combo
Is there a guide how to Vmod a MSI 6764 KT2 Combo mobo? /Zappa
zappa 1 2145 Last post 06-November-03, 07:41:08
by Wonkanoby
Lock ups when idle
I've got my system set as below and I never have problems playing games, I can run prime95 for hours and any benchmark I can thr...
Inglo 10 4088 Last post 06-November-03, 04:31:18
by Inglo
CPU Ratio Selection
I have MSI 865 p neo mainboard and P4 2.4GHz 800 FSBWhy I can't change my CPU RATIO (it is closed) , I can change only FSB, how ...
k_shoot 1 2413 Last post 06-November-03, 01:02:18
by Assaf
865pe neo2 2.4 to 3.2???
well i dont have advance cooling... i have a fan... nothing special...well last week on my old board i uped the power from 2.4 p...
Crafter 0 1699 Last post 05-November-03, 05:00:24
by Crafter
Is it Possible to use a Mac Cinema Flat Screen with a PC?
Is it possible to use a MAC Cinema Flat Screen with a PC, and for that matter what about the keyboard and mouse?
jutino 3 2486 Last post 04-November-03, 23:39:45
by Glenn
My first OC
This is my first build so i am still new to the OC thing. Problem the fsb is now at 166 and i have the clock multiplier at 12x I...
Itoao 19 6737 Last post 04-November-03, 14:00:29
by Wonkanoby
With the card you get some software 2 clock your vga.When i changed that settings and apply it,the settings moves back 2 the ori...
ToBbErT 1 2018 Last post 04-November-03, 12:54:58
by PoRsChE
whats a PSU
whats a PSU
psu4me 3 2277 Last post 03-November-03, 11:48:16
by Into Eternity
ultimate quite pc
Wonkanoby 4 2581 Last post 02-November-03, 22:41:33
by Lineage
first post, overclocking?
Hello this is my first post on the forum! I have had a KT6 delta - FISR for a couple of weeks with an XP2000+ and have been rela...
neilfenstein 7 3445 Last post 02-November-03, 22:13:22
by neilfenstein
Arctic Alumina Adhesive
Well since we got this new OC/mod section of the forum ill post on how well Arctic Alumina Adhesive worked out for me.  On my Ra...
[T-A]_Super_10 3 3899 Last post 02-November-03, 09:59:03
by Wonkanoby
Thermltake Aquarius III....when???
Hi all,i was in the Thermaltake website, and i saw a little wonder...the Aquarius III, a really awesome external water-cooling s...
laifox 5 2948 Last post 02-November-03, 07:17:34
by bilnv
Want to overclock
Hi all,I want to overclock my Barton 2500+. But my problem is my ram is Corsair PC2700-333MHz. I want to know where I is the CPU...
Rockblaster13 1 2117 Last post 02-November-03, 01:43:40
by Wonkanoby
I am new to overclocking and want some tips on how its done as i am going to try it for the first time. please help
neo_1977 10 4553 Last post 01-November-03, 23:14:03
by Grog
Voltage Modifying the MSI KT8 Board your on your own as far as doing it goes and you kiss good bye to your warrenty
Wonkanoby 0 2128 Last post 01-November-03, 09:51:41
by Wonkanoby
875 P help
why i cant increase my fsb more than 220 ?? isit bcos of my power supply ??? now using Hi-Cute 400W
PoRsChE 1 2184 Last post 31-October-03, 09:12:20
by Into Eternity
Are they compatible?
Hi all,I want to buy a Koolance Exos and the Swiftech MCW5000 CPU Block.I just read that the Koolance Exos has a 1/4 tubing whil...
Rockblaster13 1 2003 Last post 31-October-03, 09:04:40
by Into Eternity
cheap cooler deal ,usa only im afraid  SLK-900(A) for $19.99 & $4.94 Shipping = $24.93!!
Wonkanoby 1 2113 Last post 30-October-03, 14:42:19
by Lenzsc
Praise be to the GODS @ MSI
Yup here we have it.....A recently purchased K7N2 Delta ILSR storming an AMD 2500+ to 2.21 Ghz (3200+) stable.... Thats kick ass...
Toady 3 2132 Last post 30-October-03, 08:04:02
by Skookum
BIOS Flashing in Windows - for NTFS and no Floppy drive.
I discovered a way to flash your BIOS in Windows. This is specialy good if you have a NTFS system and no floppy drive, and you h...
laifox 3 3279 Last post 29-October-03, 23:04:59
by Inglo
Newbie to overclocking XP2100+ / MSI K6 Delta
Hey everyone,I just built my new system with an MSI K6 Delta and i've been very impressed with the motherboard so far. However, ...
DJ-Edge 1 2570 Last post 29-October-03, 22:51:45
by Wonkanoby
KT4V and AMD Athlon Xp 2400+
Ive got a KT4V motherboard with a Geforce MX 440 Graphics card, 512DDR PC2100 Ram and an AMD Athlon Xp 2400+ Cpu. I was wonderin...
d34n 8 5425 Last post 29-October-03, 17:18:45
by Wonkanoby
Slightly overclocking on a 875P Neo board
First of all, I'm new to hardware and overclocking so please be gentle. My computer specs are found in my sig. *points* I bumped...
GogoTheMimic 2 2321 Last post 28-October-03, 16:30:35
by GogoTheMimic
artic silver 5 reviews thread
well i can only find one in german so farbut the numbers you can all understandthe best just got better and the new stuff i unde...
Wonkanoby 3 3523 Last post 27-October-03, 19:51:24
by Inglo
Overclocking AMD 2600+ on KT4 MS-6590
Just wanted to know if I can overclock my AMD 2600+ XP (333FSB) processor (on KT4 MS-6590), which is running at 2.088Ghz? I have...
richard_2003 1 3215 Last post 27-October-03, 19:02:12
by Wonkanoby
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