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K7N2G will it take pc3700
Hi guys can anyone please tell me if the MSI K7N2G will take pc 3700 or will it just default to pc 3200 .
donkey 6 2686 Last post 12-November-03, 09:23:24
by Wonkanoby
Fast Trak S150 TX4 Raid PCI card
Waiting for my new fast trak PCI card to run 4 Raptors in Raid 0.for about the same cost as two new 74 raptors I will be looking...
stilup 19 6485 Last post 12-November-03, 06:56:57
by stilup
2.6Ghz@3.0Ghz Stability
I overclocked my Pentium 4 2.6c to 3Ghz, after reading a post in the msi forum.I set the Bios to High Performance modeTurned Dot...
DeathSectoren 3 2181 Last post 12-November-03, 06:48:41
by PoRsChE
Overclockin Basics
I just wanna now the basics of overclockin. i.e not modifying the cpu. I just wanna know the basics of overclockin like voltages...
d34n 3 1905 Last post 11-November-03, 17:44:56
by d34n
K7N2 Delta ILSR Problem/HELP : Beginner
A week ago I bought a K7N2 Delta ILSR Mainboard to build a new system. Originally I was looking for the Assus A7N8X or the Chain...
cooper88 7 2661 Last post 11-November-03, 04:47:15
by cooper88
Memory wont post?
I was overclocking a Athlon XP 2500+ on a K7N2 Delta-ILSR.    I set the FSB @185 and the mutliplier @ 12.  Innitially the comput...
jutino 6 2486 Last post 11-November-03, 02:55:33
by jutino
How to use fuzzy logic?
Hey, I have an MSI KT3 Ultra MB with an AMD 2100+ XP processor. I havent done any overclocking before and figured I might as wel...
ziad 2 1924 Last post 10-November-03, 17:47:59
by ziad
OCing 2500 Barton with K7N2 Delta
I want to know how far I can OC the 2500 Barton, cooled with a thermalright slk 900 heatsink 92mm Vantec fan blowing @ 4800 rpm....
jutino 2 1927 Last post 10-November-03, 07:35:08
by Wanderer-Z
More Voltage questions
The last few days, for the first time in years, I've been shutting down my computer at night (12 am) and cold booting at 7:30 am...
Inglo 6 2521 Last post 09-November-03, 15:53:30
by Inglo
K7n2g And Twinmos Ram
Hi alli am running a MSI K7N2G with a 2500+ barton core cpu . i am thinking of buying some twinmos memory to go with it . i was ...
donkey 2 1395 Last post 09-November-03, 01:44:40
by donkey
Overclocking Athlon XP 2400+ on Msi KT7 Turbo 2
i have a kt7 turbo 2 mobo with athlon xp 2400+, would like to overclock this. My mate has the Combo-L and all you have to do is ...
darylreseigh 5 2432 Last post 09-November-03, 01:38:13
by khernitzz
stupid questions
A few questions; ive read that to unlock my processer i need to sort out my bridgesbut messing around in my bios ive managed to ...
lastexit [uk] 2 1737 Last post 08-November-03, 22:52:11
by lastexit [uk]
Barton XP3000 OC on MSI KT6 Delta
For those of you with AMD Barton processors, please post your highest overclock! I run 180x13 at 1.75Vcore, 2.85Vmem and 185x13 ...
cobray 2 1753 Last post 08-November-03, 22:48:54
by Toenne
Hi all, I want to be 100% sure. I have the MSI KT6 Delta-LSR. If my FSB is lets say 192 its 192/6=32 PCI is this correct?
Rockblaster13 1 1671 Last post 08-November-03, 12:02:33
by Wonkanoby
HELP with overclocking 865pe neo2!
i have a P4 2.8GHz and an MSI 865PE NEO2-S moboanywayive tried sevrel times to overclock my cpu through the bios and reached 215...
NyKoN 14 5450 Last post 08-November-03, 06:59:49
by Radion
Neo 2 MS-6728 P4-2.8
Hi Folks!I'm new to this OC scene. First question i've got is what is a good temp range for CPU, NB and sys??? I've got 48 CPU, ...
Radion 1 2017 Last post 08-November-03, 06:08:24
by Radion
Blue cold cathode tube
Hi, I have a blue cold cathode tube in my case but it is not bright enough. Is there any way to make it brighter?   Many thanks.
Kingfisher 8 3509 Last post 07-November-03, 22:03:08
by Kingfisher
modded beta bios for the nforce 2 boards
thanks to SysCrusher at nforcershq they were posted in this thread,cannot think were he got them from
Wonkanoby 13 5595 Last post 07-November-03, 11:38:26
by cityhunter
km2m combo L
i have the km2m combo L and the amd duron 1200 i wont to OC, but i dont know alot about my board if any one knows any thing abou...
MrLinge 8 2925 Last post 07-November-03, 11:00:08
by Wonkanoby
multiplier ? soz my inglesh
hi there,i new at this stuff so.. i would like to know where is the multiplicators @ my bios.. ? lol my board is a MSI KT4V with...
volumes 3 1757 Last post 07-November-03, 07:57:33
by volumes
OC'ing 2.4B w/ PC2700 Memory, please help.
PC Specs:MSI 845G MAX mobo, v1.0, AMIBIOS v 3.31a1GB Generic PC2700 CL2.5 RAMP4 2.4b OC'd to 2.75 (40C idle, close to 60c full l...
trey22 8 3152 Last post 07-November-03, 07:21:56
by bilnv
pc 2700 or pc 3200
Hi guysat the moment i am running a MSI K7N2 motherboard with a 2500+ barton cpu .this motherboard is overclocked at ( 2125 Mhz ...
donkey 4 2175 Last post 07-November-03, 07:10:15
by bilnv
Bios Problem
I have a km2m combo board with AMD Althlon 2500+ thrbred,  Phoenix Award BIOS is only seeing 1.7 GHz. I tried messing a arouund ...
jayceo21 1 1824 Last post 06-November-03, 21:56:47
by Wonkanoby
The real VCore
Anyone experience discrepancies with VCore readings?  I've heard plenty of complaints about temperatures being off but little of...
Inglo 1 1973 Last post 06-November-03, 15:32:55
by Wonkanoby
need advice :)
Hi Guys/gals, just found this forum and it looks like a good place get help from. I'm a newbie at this overclocking stuff, but w...
bobby b 8 2979 Last post 06-November-03, 12:37:57
by bobby b
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