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Sticky Topics
If you are trying to solve a hardware problem with your MSI Barebones PC unit, then this is the right place to look for help and...
Stu 0 11033 Last post 04-December-05, 14:41:07
by Stu
Sticky topics for MSI Barebones PC series:Wind PCWind PC Compact Flash causes XP to install hard drive as E:Media Live[img]http:...
Stu 0 14443 Last post 28-December-05, 22:24:07
by Stu
If your MSI All-In-One (AIO) PC develops a fault and needs repairs, you can contact MSI for assistance directly.For users in the...
Stu 0 8962 Last post 15-November-10, 20:12:38
by Stu
Q.: How can I create the recovery discs for my MSI laptop/AIO computer? (For Windows 7 systems)A.: 1. Locate the "MSI BurnRecove...
Svet 0 4176 Last post 13-August-14, 11:33:45
by Svet
Q.: My wireless keyboard and mouse do not work on my All-In-One computer?A.: If your wireless keyboard and mouse do not work eve...
Svet 0 9616 Last post 13-August-14, 11:36:35
by Svet
Q.: What do the buttons do on the RC118 remote control that came with my AE2220 series AIO computer? A.:
Svet 0 3760 Last post 13-August-14, 11:40:20
by Svet
Q.: How can I disable the touch screen on my MSI All-In-One computer?A.: Applies to AIO models with touch screen.1. Open the Con...
Svet 0 8304 Last post 13-August-14, 11:43:11
by Svet
MSI MGA 2015 Grand Finals is upon us! It’s the first time ever for the Grand Finals to set foot in the United States; all region...
EY 0 3455 Last post 13-August-15, 01:08:29
by EY
Normal Topics
Information about MEGA 651?
Hi all,I have seen the product page on the msi site aboutthe new MEGA pcs (651), but are the products available?Does anybody kno...
petasis 0 2598 Last post 08-May-03, 15:31:49
by petasis
845GL TV-Mode selection doesn't work
hi,i have a hermes 845GL with Bios A6557IMS V1.1 bios settings i selected PAL as default tv mode but whenplugging the ...
od 2 2713 Last post 29-May-03, 20:16:40
by od
Mega PC and Remote control in Windows ?
Is there a way to use the remote-control (Delivered with Mega PC) in Windows ? online4u
online4u 0 2341 Last post 16-July-03, 19:56:54
by online4u
Mega Pc Hi-fi problem
hi there, i recently purchased a Msi Mega pc, When i put it into hi-fi mode abd play a cd it skips once or more during the first...
Dave -Mega PC 0 1922 Last post 21-July-03, 22:49:50
by Dave -Mega PC
mega pc contest
there was a mega pc giveaway a while back did anyone else enter and did they post winners list?
bigapl 0 1981 Last post 27-July-03, 15:12:24
by bigapl
Built A MSI Mega PC and installed the optional TV Tuner Card (MS 8606).  The drivers have loaded on ok and the card is working, ...
reoncomputing 0 2259 Last post 16-August-03, 15:30:19
by reoncomputing
MS 8606
Built A MSI Mega PC and installed the optional TV Tuner Card (MS 8606). The drivers have loaded on ok and the card is working, h...
reoncomputing 1 2424 Last post 16-August-03, 17:30:36
by BobSee
just wondering if ne one has one of these as im looking to buy onejust wanting to know 1. if its worth the 600 bucks AUS2. if it...
rhinobeetle 1 2633 Last post 18-August-03, 05:39:08
by Rob
Mega PC problem playing mp3 cd
I have just assembled a Mega PC and I am trying out the HiFi part. Standard CD's play just fine, but MP3 CD's cause a major prob...
devotional 0 1991 Last post 19-August-03, 13:47:40
by devotional
Mega pc and 5.1 sound help
Just added soundblaster live 5.1 to my mega pc (p2 2.4)any way which i can get the hifi to use the soundblaster 5.1 card instead...
amangill1984 0 2005 Last post 30-August-03, 19:46:21
by amangill1984
adding a 5.1 card to mega pc...
Just added soundblaster live 5.1 to my mega pc (p2 2.4)any way which i can get the hifi to use the soundblaster 5.1 card instead...
amangill1984 10 4340 Last post 31-August-03, 16:38:47
by NovJoe
Another MSI MEGA PC Sound question
What if i was to connect a speaker systm to the optical SPDIF OUT connection at the back (next to the sound). Would this work an...
amangill1984 1 2409 Last post 01-September-03, 15:17:37
by NovJoe
DDR Problem with MSI MEGA PC
Hi thereI bought a Mega PC barebone system and added an HDD, P4 2.4 CPU, and 2 PC2100/DDR266 memory banks of 512MB (manufact. co...
johnotUK 1 1908 Last post 01-September-03, 17:25:36
by Wonkanoby
MSI Mega PC (for geeky gurls)
! I'm browsing around looking for bits for a new pc i plan to build (so my 'nix box can become a media server and my windows box...
angelic 1 2144 Last post 06-September-03, 01:22:20
by Glenn
MegaPC 651 & Both TV Tuner Cards
Well,  I am having a little bit of trouble here that I can't seem to figure out. I bought the Mega PC 651 with the TV@nywhere Ma...
GiG_a_LoW 5 4202 Last post 10-September-03, 05:12:22
by Hellafax
Mega Pc fakk ?
what grafic card is supposed to fit in the agp slot ?and the sis chip sucks big time by the way, cant use my pioneer dvd-r. im a...
soujiro 2 2083 Last post 13-September-03, 16:01:23
by soujiro
MSI Mega PC Problems
HeyI bought an MSI Mega PC 2 weeks ago and kitted it out with a 2.4ghz p4, 512MB DDR, 52xCDRW, 40GB HD and ripped the 32MB Gefor...
KingNic 2 2649 Last post 18-September-03, 11:54:06
by KingNic
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