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MSI All-In-One (AIO), Windtop, Nettop and all other barebones PC systems.
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Sticky Topics
If you are trying to solve a hardware problem with your MSI Barebones PC unit, then this is the right place to look for help and...
Stu 0 10442 Last post 04-December-05, 14:41:07
by Stu
Sticky topics for MSI Barebones PC series:Wind PCWind PC Compact Flash causes XP to install hard drive as E:Media Live[img]http:...
Stu 0 13913 Last post 28-December-05, 22:24:07
by Stu
If your MSI All-In-One (AIO) PC develops a fault and needs repairs, you can contact MSI for assistance directly.For users in the...
Stu 0 8511 Last post 15-November-10, 20:12:38
by Stu
Q.: How can I create the recovery discs for my MSI laptop/AIO computer? (For Windows 7 systems)A.: 1. Locate the "MSI BurnRecove...
Svet 0 3661 Last post 13-August-14, 11:33:45
by Svet
Q.: My wireless keyboard and mouse do not work on my All-In-One computer?A.: If your wireless keyboard and mouse do not work eve...
Svet 0 8516 Last post 13-August-14, 11:36:35
by Svet
Q.: What do the buttons do on the RC118 remote control that came with my AE2220 series AIO computer? A.:
Svet 0 3272 Last post 13-August-14, 11:40:20
by Svet
Q.: How can I disable the touch screen on my MSI All-In-One computer?A.: Applies to AIO models with touch screen.1. Open the Con...
Svet 0 7304 Last post 13-August-14, 11:43:11
by Svet
MSI MGA 2015 Grand Finals is upon us! It’s the first time ever for the Grand Finals to set foot in the United States; all region...
emersonyang 0 2367 Last post 13-August-15, 01:08:29
by emersonyang
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in o...
emersonyang 2 2770 Last post 18-May-16, 17:48:13
by flobelix
Normal Topics
Information about MEGA 651?
Hi all,I have seen the product page on the msi site aboutthe new MEGA pcs (651), but are the products available?Does anybody kno...
petasis 0 2544 Last post 08-May-03, 15:31:49
by petasis
Mega PC and Remote control in Windows ?
Is there a way to use the remote-control (Delivered with Mega PC) in Windows ? online4u
online4u 0 2284 Last post 16-July-03, 19:56:54
by online4u
Mega Pc Hi-fi problem
hi there, i recently purchased a Msi Mega pc, When i put it into hi-fi mode abd play a cd it skips once or more during the first...
Dave -Mega PC 0 1872 Last post 21-July-03, 22:49:50
by Dave -Mega PC
mega pc contest
there was a mega pc giveaway a while back did anyone else enter and did they post winners list?
bigapl 0 1919 Last post 27-July-03, 15:12:24
by bigapl
Built A MSI Mega PC and installed the optional TV Tuner Card (MS 8606).  The drivers have loaded on ok and the card is working, ...
reoncomputing 0 2181 Last post 16-August-03, 15:30:19
by reoncomputing
Mega PC problem playing mp3 cd
I have just assembled a Mega PC and I am trying out the HiFi part. Standard CD's play just fine, but MP3 CD's cause a major prob...
devotional 0 1937 Last post 19-August-03, 13:47:40
by devotional
Mega pc and 5.1 sound help
Just added soundblaster live 5.1 to my mega pc (p2 2.4)any way which i can get the hifi to use the soundblaster 5.1 card instead...
amangill1984 0 1958 Last post 30-August-03, 19:46:21
by amangill1984
MEGA PC Optical Out
I am trying to use the Optical out from my MEGA PC to my Onkyo receiver.  I enabled the analog passthrough so the tuner card aud...
knautzr 0 1762 Last post 28-October-03, 16:40:15
by knautzr
What can be done to reduce the heat build-up in the MEGA PC . I just got my prototype and it seams to run a little hot. Is ther...
jaxracer 0 1647 Last post 01-November-03, 20:57:38
by jaxracer
[ms6760-mega pc]Radio WebUpdate Bios
I've just upgraded the Radio Firmware to version 166 (file: Bx166ms0.bin)I was amazed by the new option to change the start-up s...
dnutpops 0 4356 Last post 10-November-03, 14:54:56
by dnutpops
Mega PC issue with usb hub
I have an MSI Mega PC with the following config:2.66GHz P4 533Mhz FSB CPU2x512MB PC2700 DDR160GB Maxtor 7200RPM IDE DriveATI Rad...
eric5280 0 1757 Last post 06-December-03, 22:59:57
by eric5280
Mega PC TV sound does"t work
Hi all,The sound of my tv-card does'nt work at all. I tried in- and -outside connectors. I tried the card in another (normal) PC...
Elwood1111 0 1548 Last post 07-December-03, 20:35:12
by Elwood1111
Optical drive doesn't power down in "Standby Mode"
Hi,Just a quick question.  On my Mega-PC my DVD Writer stays powered up (I can hear it ticking) after the machine has gone into ...
bat400 0 1554 Last post 19-December-03, 21:52:58
by bat400
Hetis 865G
I'm building a new system with the Hetis 865G. It has a header for an optional memory card reader, it's not like a USB header it...
cdj2020 0 1892 Last post 20-December-03, 22:52:25
by cdj2020
MEGA PC and linux
hi,I would like to know whether it is possible to use or not the receiver included in mega pc from msiThere is a receiver for re...
as8z 0 1777 Last post 31-December-03, 09:37:24
by as8z
Mega PC tvcardsoftware
Since there is verry litle info about the megapc and peripherals i hope to get more info here!After installing the intervideo (...
TCM 0 1639 Last post 03-January-04, 15:44:37
by TCM
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