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Sticky Topics
If you are trying to solve a hardware problem with your MSI Barebones PC unit, then this is the right place to look for help and...
Stu 0 10755 Last post 04-December-05, 14:41:07
by Stu
Sticky topics for MSI Barebones PC series:Wind PCWind PC Compact Flash causes XP to install hard drive as E:Media Live[img]http:...
Stu 0 14203 Last post 28-December-05, 22:24:07
by Stu
If your MSI All-In-One (AIO) PC develops a fault and needs repairs, you can contact MSI for assistance directly.For users in the...
Stu 0 8699 Last post 15-November-10, 20:12:38
by Stu
Q.: How can I create the recovery discs for my MSI laptop/AIO computer? (For Windows 7 systems)A.: 1. Locate the "MSI BurnRecove...
Svet 0 3949 Last post 13-August-14, 11:33:45
by Svet
Q.: My wireless keyboard and mouse do not work on my All-In-One computer?A.: If your wireless keyboard and mouse do not work eve...
Svet 0 9038 Last post 13-August-14, 11:36:35
by Svet
Q.: What do the buttons do on the RC118 remote control that came with my AE2220 series AIO computer? A.:
Svet 0 3541 Last post 13-August-14, 11:40:20
by Svet
Q.: How can I disable the touch screen on my MSI All-In-One computer?A.: Applies to AIO models with touch screen.1. Open the Con...
Svet 0 7706 Last post 13-August-14, 11:43:11
by Svet
MSI MGA 2015 Grand Finals is upon us! It’s the first time ever for the Grand Finals to set foot in the United States; all region...
emersonyang 0 2848 Last post 13-August-15, 01:08:29
by emersonyang
Normal Topics
State of the LED panel
It would appear our cries to MSI fall on deaf ears, so it would appear the task of harnessing this beast is up to us.  There has...
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kid sinister 138 55426 Last post 07-June-07, 13:37:30
by otrofox
MSI Mega series girder plugin version 2.0 available
HalloEDIT:There is a new version out: check here for details of the version 2.I'm proud to release the first version of my MSI M...
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nschmid 108 65601 Last post 23-March-10, 10:46:53
by shockboy
865 Will Not Work With SP2 for XP!!!
Ladies and gentlemen,Last night I installed Service Pack 2 RC 2 on my MegaPC (Pentium 4 2.8E), all was well until I restarted, a...
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mmorton 97 32756 Last post 01-December-04, 13:28:17
by cjay_cdr
Mega 180 Temps
Let me start off by saying that the Mega 180 is a great idea for a product but unfortunately it is not finished.  MSI is using u...
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anakin14 87 30222 Last post 17-February-05, 00:43:51
by almas
"Easy" way to lower MEGA 180 CPU Temp
Let me start off by saying I haven't done this yet but I think it would work.  I built a Mega 180 based machine for a customer a...
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anakin14 81 32484 Last post 05-July-05, 21:41:55
by D_River
TV out resolution
I finally connected my MSI MEGA 180 to my TV, but got someproblems.If i use 800x600 on my 36"" Sony widescreen i get 3 cm black ...
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Dst 63 17122 Last post 19-December-04, 13:21:53
by Stu
Winamp Plugin for LED Panel
HiFirst of all this is a very very unstable and experimental pre-release of the winamp plugin I'm developing at the moment. You ...
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nschmid 63 25851 Last post 11-September-06, 21:43:12
by virtualoverride
WinIRX.ocx internals/usage
Hello, after a few days of fiddling with my new MEGA 180 i came to the conclusion that the damn remote only works with MSI Media...
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ddookie 55 18866 Last post 01-March-05, 18:42:00
by nschmid
Mega PC barebones optical drive compatibility list
please post here your optical drive youre using with your mega 180 or mega 865, and if you have any problems or hints for compat...
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psykik 55 24186 Last post 12-January-08, 09:12:39
by cruzy
change welcome screen
can anyone point me in the direction to a site where i can download a program that changes the welcome screen when you switch on...
elninio 45 14006 Last post 16-December-04, 15:40:54
by janahan
System Control Manager Info
System Control Manager application manages the Front LCD Display on the Mega series of PC'sits default location is C:\Program Fi...
kane81 45 27993 Last post 15-March-07, 23:51:10
by kane81
!!! We Want Design-Specs Of The MEGA LED-displays !!!
Every once in a while someone opens a topic in which he/she askes for a possibility to control the LED display. Some have even s...
Jadi 43 17774 Last post 17-December-04, 22:01:29
by Mcfc85
"What new features would you like to see in the next Mega PC?"
This is a poll running on MSIs website at the moment. It gives you the following options (Freeview TV Tuner is currently most po...
Stu 40 11171 Last post 02-September-04, 16:14:03
by kancept
Things to Know Before Building Your Mega 180
Some people have asked me for a list of tips so here is my attempt---I'll ask Wonk to sticky it if it turns out OK....Feel free ...
johnrr6 39 27624 Last post 23-October-05, 00:47:23
by Stu
Msi Mega 180 Gaming Problems
Hi,I having problems playing games on my MEGA 180. Everytime I play a game, after 5 to 10 minutes it just stops and goes back to...
djneily 38 7334 Last post 11-October-04, 19:53:20
by Stu
Hello i had the MSI 180! I had this problem:If i use it on Computer monitor no problem but when i use the S-Video TV-OUT on my S...
simisoft 38 9165 Last post 20-January-05, 15:26:34
by simisoft
MSI Media Live - couple of major questions before I buy one!
Hi all, just joined up as I need two questions answering before I can commit to buying one of these, so I hope you can help I do...
Matt_C 38 24066 Last post 31-December-08, 18:45:30
by Stu
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