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Sticky Topics
MSI MGA 2015 Grand Finals is upon us! It’s the first time ever for the Grand Finals to set foot in the United States; all region...
EY 0 3458 Last post 13-August-15, 01:08:29
by EY
If you are trying to solve a hardware problem with your MSI Barebones PC unit, then this is the right place to look for help and...
Stu 0 11035 Last post 04-December-05, 14:41:07
by Stu
Sticky topics for MSI Barebones PC series:Wind PCWind PC Compact Flash causes XP to install hard drive as E:Media Live[img]http:...
Stu 0 14444 Last post 28-December-05, 22:24:07
by Stu
If your MSI All-In-One (AIO) PC develops a fault and needs repairs, you can contact MSI for assistance directly.For users in the...
Stu 0 8963 Last post 15-November-10, 20:12:38
by Stu
Q.: How can I create the recovery discs for my MSI laptop/AIO computer? (For Windows 7 systems)A.: 1. Locate the "MSI BurnRecove...
Svet 0 4178 Last post 13-August-14, 11:33:45
by Svet
Q.: My wireless keyboard and mouse do not work on my All-In-One computer?A.: If your wireless keyboard and mouse do not work eve...
Svet 0 9618 Last post 13-August-14, 11:36:35
by Svet
Q.: What do the buttons do on the RC118 remote control that came with my AE2220 series AIO computer? A.:
Svet 0 3762 Last post 13-August-14, 11:40:20
by Svet
Q.: How can I disable the touch screen on my MSI All-In-One computer?A.: Applies to AIO models with touch screen.1. Open the Con...
Svet 0 8306 Last post 13-August-14, 11:43:11
by Svet
Normal Topics
MEGA 400 hangs
Hi all,I just bought a mega PC400.I installed all parts, HDD, cpu, dvd drive and memory. Then kbd and mouse.the fm/am/cd and rem...
--NoZ-- 0 1555 Last post 21-June-04, 11:42:40
by --NoZ--
Replacement cover for card reader
With the 190 deluxe i have a card reader and the panel in front of the card reader,So i've taken out the card reader and threw i...
-31.A.I.T.-FS[NL] 7 2935 Last post 14-April-05, 21:38:50
by cestmua
MSI MEGA 180 replacement cover
I was wondering if there is a cover availeble for the mega 180 beacause i know that shutles have a acrylic cover availeble,i wou...
-<31.A.I.T.>-FS[NL] 2 2778 Last post 19-May-07, 17:23:50
by Stu
MEGA 651 Random Crashes and Exits
Hi,I got my MSI MEGA 651 PC yesterday. I installed my graphics card and ran. All seemed fine, except it heated to 50 degrees.It ...
-=M@ty=- 1 1878 Last post 04-January-04, 22:33:21
by Pony
865 won't power on
I just put an 865 together, and it powers on for about 2 seconds, then automatically turns off.the radio/stereo part works fine....
.bill 5 2604 Last post 12-February-05, 15:29:58
by Stu
How too get lcd to work.
I hawe seen that there is many people that have problems with the lcd.So I registerd me too tell what I do. "Have got blanck lcd...
.H.K.O. 1 1510 Last post 04-August-04, 08:35:52
by Jadi
Can I owerclock an 865?
I have turned around my cpu fans and removed the hd chasie.Cpu is max 27-28 c`Anyone who can tell me if there is posible to set ...
.H.K.O. 1 1493 Last post 29-November-04, 07:26:11
by jon23
Cubi 2 trouble (a big one)
Hi guys,Am I the only one who has a terrible time with a Cubi 2?This innocently looking little computer drives me crazy because ...
12hun19 10 2147 Last post 28-February-17, 16:31:13
by Svet
MEGA 180 - NASTY memory leak
Run the Media Center Deluxe III application.Open up the Windows Task Manager (which is always on top) and select the Performance...
18000rpm 2 1973 Last post 18-March-04, 05:16:06
by 18000rpm
MEGA 651 Mounting Bracket for heatsink and fan?
I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get the mounting brakcets that go on the motherboard so I can connect my heatsink an...
1ManClan 8 4211 Last post 16-March-14, 13:04:36
by flobelix
AE2420 Mini PCI-E and SSD
Hello,I want to use one of my mini pci-e slots to use an SSD, but i need some recommendations and advices. There are really few ...
1stfaruk 3 3247 Last post 03-September-11, 04:52:14
by Henry
AE2420 3d part upgrades
Hello,I have a AE2420 AIO PC. I want to upgrade its ram and harddisk. My pc is still on warranty. If i change these parts will i...
1stfaruk 6 4198 Last post 06-October-12, 10:39:59
by 1stfaruk
ae2420 3d problem
Hello,It has been 3 years since i bought my AE2420 3D. A few day ago, while i was using, it suddenly powered off as if the power...
1stfaruk 2 1288 Last post 11-July-14, 07:15:38
by 1stfaruk
MSI Mega PC MS-6251 Power Problem
Hey guys, I have a Mega PC stated as in the subject header.. that I cant get it to power on. The only thing that powers on is th...
281R 4 4154 Last post 18-May-05, 22:05:38
by 281R
MSI Wind as NAS
I've decided to set up a NAS for my house. Presently it's so I can share key data and have access to that key data from 2 deskto...
2MSI_boards 2 4168 Last post 10-August-09, 03:17:04
by 2MSI_boards
/ * + keys not working in the number pad section...?
The following keys suddenly stopped work in the numeric pad section of the keyboard.  I just bought my system about a month ago....
3debbie3 1 428 Last post 09-March-19, 00:06:08
by Nichrome
no rear and center audio output
this is my configurationpc: mega 400speakers: creative inspire 5.1 5500 connected using optical cableaudio: realtek ac97 chipset...
3mors 16 5550 Last post 08-June-05, 01:05:54
by 3mors
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