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MSI All-In-One (AIO), Windtop, Nettop and all other barebones PC systems.
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my mega pc is blocked in 10 min after opening
help help!!!!!my mega pc stops each time 10 min after opening. i have flashed the bios, i made up to date all the drivers. Must ...
frantz 2 1904 Last post 16-October-03, 03:34:54
by Videoz
About next release Mega PC (400)
Hi,I was wondering if anybody could give some information about the release of the next Mega PC's like the nice green AMD versio...
roma 1 2118 Last post 15-October-03, 20:58:02
by djmac20
Just a Request :)
I was thinking about getting a Mega PC for the living room when i noticed it was a P4!! :P.  is there any chance of MSI doing a ...
christop 2 1886 Last post 14-October-03, 16:01:40
by christop
Hello, I just got a MSI mega pc and I was wondering what i needed to buy to make it work. I heard you can only buy msi made opti...
Fishy4tU 3 2707 Last post 09-October-03, 09:09:15
by Videoz
MSI Mega
I will use my Mega with a sattelitcard (Hauppage), so I must have TV-out from Mega, what vill I do? kejjse Sweden
kejjse 4 2488 Last post 07-October-03, 16:53:20
by sunsear
Mega PC - 6760 - modem
Does anyone know what modem (chipset) is integrated in Mega PC - Motherboard MSI-6760?
Englez 1 2565 Last post 04-October-03, 22:56:17
by rchabot
MEGA PC in PC mode and the Hifi capabilities
Hey gang,I'm a relatively skilled C++ programmer with some time on my hands and a new MEGA PC. What I'd like to know are a few t...
sunsear 4 2110 Last post 02-October-03, 09:57:19
by sunsear
Problem with MSI MEGA PCs Hi-fi mode
Hi there.I have a problem with my MEGA PC. its totaly crap hehe.The machine works very good while im using it as a pc. but when ...
Lurifax 1 2000 Last post 28-September-03, 07:58:49
by sho-one
MSI MEGA PC - Can't boot from USB-FDD
Hello.Got two _new_ MSI MEGA PCs and two different USB-Floppy diskdrives. The USB-FDD are made by IBM and TEAC, they work perfec...
dkpete 2 2695 Last post 23-September-03, 08:03:41
by dkpete
Can I add a ATI 9800 PRO AGP card?
Hello, I am seriously looking at this cool MEGA PC as HT add-on. I am thinking of adding a ATI 9800 PRO card. Can I do it? :O
Mesha 3 2269 Last post 19-September-03, 23:42:56
by Kevin Keenan
MSI Mega PC Problems
HeyI bought an MSI Mega PC 2 weeks ago and kitted it out with a 2.4ghz p4, 512MB DDR, 52xCDRW, 40GB HD and ripped the 32MB Gefor...
KingNic 2 2407 Last post 18-September-03, 11:54:06
by KingNic
Mega Pc fakk ?
what grafic card is supposed to fit in the agp slot ?and the sis chip sucks big time by the way, cant use my pioneer dvd-r. im a...
soujiro 2 2012 Last post 13-September-03, 16:01:23
by soujiro
MegaPC 651 & Both TV Tuner Cards
Well,  I am having a little bit of trouble here that I can't seem to figure out. I bought the Mega PC 651 with the TV@nywhere Ma...
GiG_a_LoW 5 4095 Last post 10-September-03, 05:12:22
by Hellafax
MSI Mega PC (for geeky gurls)
! I'm browsing around looking for bits for a new pc i plan to build (so my 'nix box can become a media server and my windows box...
angelic 1 2063 Last post 06-September-03, 01:22:20
by Glenn
DDR Problem with MSI MEGA PC
Hi thereI bought a Mega PC barebone system and added an HDD, P4 2.4 CPU, and 2 PC2100/DDR266 memory banks of 512MB (manufact. co...
johnotUK 1 1842 Last post 01-September-03, 17:25:36
by Wonkanoby
Another MSI MEGA PC Sound question
What if i was to connect a speaker systm to the optical SPDIF OUT connection at the back (next to the sound). Would this work an...
amangill1984 1 2339 Last post 01-September-03, 15:17:37
by NovJoe
adding a 5.1 card to mega pc...
Just added soundblaster live 5.1 to my mega pc (p2 2.4)any way which i can get the hifi to use the soundblaster 5.1 card instead...
amangill1984 10 4157 Last post 31-August-03, 16:38:47
by NovJoe
Mega pc and 5.1 sound help
Just added soundblaster live 5.1 to my mega pc (p2 2.4)any way which i can get the hifi to use the soundblaster 5.1 card instead...
amangill1984 0 1913 Last post 30-August-03, 19:46:21
by amangill1984
Mega PC problem playing mp3 cd
I have just assembled a Mega PC and I am trying out the HiFi part. Standard CD's play just fine, but MP3 CD's cause a major prob...
devotional 0 1907 Last post 19-August-03, 13:47:40
by devotional
just wondering if ne one has one of these as im looking to buy onejust wanting to know 1. if its worth the 600 bucks AUS2. if it...
rhinobeetle 1 2514 Last post 18-August-03, 05:39:08
by Rob
MS 8606
Built A MSI Mega PC and installed the optional TV Tuner Card (MS 8606). The drivers have loaded on ok and the card is working, h...
reoncomputing 1 2327 Last post 16-August-03, 17:30:36
by BobSee
Built A MSI Mega PC and installed the optional TV Tuner Card (MS 8606).  The drivers have loaded on ok and the card is working, ...
reoncomputing 0 2105 Last post 16-August-03, 15:30:19
by reoncomputing
mega pc contest
there was a mega pc giveaway a while back did anyone else enter and did they post winners list?
bigapl 0 1880 Last post 27-July-03, 15:12:24
by bigapl
Mega Pc Hi-fi problem
hi there, i recently purchased a Msi Mega pc, When i put it into hi-fi mode abd play a cd it skips once or more during the first...
Dave -Mega PC 0 1844 Last post 21-July-03, 22:49:50
by Dave -Mega PC
Mega PC and Remote control in Windows ?
Is there a way to use the remote-control (Delivered with Mega PC) in Windows ? online4u
online4u 0 2233 Last post 16-July-03, 19:56:54
by online4u
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