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MSI All-In-One (AIO), Windtop, Nettop and all other barebones PC systems.
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Memory upgrade for Trident 3
I have a question in regards to the ram. What is the suggested memory capacity that I can upgrade to. I want to upgrade to 32gb ...
e.villa50 1 996 Last post 25-October-17, 02:47:47
by Yang
Defective MSI CUBI2-005 - SN not recognized by Service
My MSI CUBI2-005 has a defective headphone jack, which i only discovered recently after using the device for half a year with no...
ryanazarko 1 490 Last post 25-October-17, 02:38:33
by Yang
MSI Cubi Bios update problem
I have a CUBI cubi-001busI had BIOS V1.2 and updated to BIOS V860 my S...
metalslug2k2 2 1228 Last post 23-October-17, 02:02:15
by Yang
Boot Error MSI Cubi
Hello guys.I have a system with MSI Cubi.  But Today the cubi don´t want to boot. Please see the attached image .How to fix that...
leandrosrds 6 1032 Last post 19-October-17, 14:49:03
by Svet
Hi all, I've been trying to register my desktop Aegis for a week now. I've received no support and everytime I try to register i...
kaffip 3 1146 Last post 17-October-17, 08:27:36
by nica.ar2
Problem with MSI installer
Hi guys,I actually have a problem with my computer (it is an asus and not a msi ) : I was updating virtualbox but I accidentally...
paul.zoppi 1 641 Last post 16-September-17, 18:24:43
by flobelix
MSI CUBI - BSOD when Installing Windows 10
I have a MSI Cubi 3160NGW (MS-B096)              Kingston 240GB mSATA              2 x 4GB G-Skill F3-1333C9SEverytime (20 times...
matt 10 1882 Last post 14-September-17, 02:21:31
by Yang
Cubi 2 before buy questions
Hello.I'm considering a purchase of MSI Cubi 2-024BEU to use as a small headless home server and I have some questions:1. Can it...
msi 3 999 Last post 06-September-17, 22:03:30
by badboy2k
Can MSI Cubi PXE Boot?
[font="Microsoft Yahei", Arial, ����, Helvetica]Hi Im looking for a mini-pc that I can ghost with Clonezilla or similar. But I n...
diegobt 1 780 Last post 06-September-17, 06:54:21
by Yang
Pro 24T 6M 035XEU fan / sleep/ wallmount issue
Just received and wallmounted my new aio pc from msi.It replaces a HP Touchsmart 610 where the tocuhscreen broke down after 6 ye...
dfz0r 2 620 Last post 29-August-17, 08:08:48
by dfz0r
AE1900-WT usb and drive not recognized.
I recently got a AE1900 from my company that was a kiosk computer and I am trying to reboot as a spare in my home. The cd drive ...
tax 1 662 Last post 19-August-17, 23:41:22
by Nidhoggr
MSI Cubi - AMI BIOS 860 or BIOS 140?
Dear FriendsI own MSI Cubi and I would like to ask, which BIOS should I flash, because on the support page for MSI Cubi there ar...
VAMET 4 1135 Last post 14-August-17, 02:16:04
by Yang
Wind Top AE2220-How to set up automatically start up?
Hi, I want to config this. But, I can't find out the proper configuration in the bios menu. Does anyone know about this? Thanks.
appjeffapp 2 794 Last post 03-August-17, 06:33:17
by Yang
Cubi firmware (BIOS) does not see SATA drive
I have a Cubi 001bus, with the latest firmware (8.6).I have set the firmware in Windows 8/8.1 mode, i.e. UEFI boot modeI've inst...
hugh 7 1379 Last post 28-July-17, 04:02:51
by hugh
Cubi firmware update without a Windows license?
I have a Cubi  001bus (Broadwell i3).I installed 2 x 4G of DDR3L RAM and a 240G 2.5" SATA drive.The Cubi was able to boot off a ...
hugh 3 840 Last post 25-July-17, 18:48:45
by hugh
Wind Top ae2220
i cannot get the network adapter to be detected after factory system restore. i do not have a driver disk but i downloaded and i...
rtnewbold1 2 894 Last post 05-July-17, 01:58:02
by Yang
[Cubi 2] How to reset BIOS administrator password without this password.
I try to re-install system from scratch so I want reset BIOS settings to default. But I cannot do it as I forgot the administrat...
ur6lad 2 1645 Last post 12-June-17, 06:24:55
by ur6lad
MSI Cubi - fan constantly spinning up and down
I contacted support when the Cubi was only 8 days old and they said the fan likely needs to be fixed but it'll be out-of-warrant...
immiketran 2 854 Last post 08-June-17, 03:54:02
by immiketran
Random Shut downs
Hey guys and Gals,I currently have an brand new msi trident 3. However when I play certain games ,like PUBG, HotS and R6S, my pc...
eirik.cervino 2 1188 Last post 28-May-17, 11:00:29
by Nichrome
Cannot get past MSI logo screen on boot
I have just attempted to system restore my MSI Nightblade mi2 due to problems with malware (I previously backed all of my data e...
joshspies 21 6580 Last post 27-May-17, 20:15:58
by Svet
PRO 22ET 6M Touch Version won't wake up after sleep
Hi all,I just got a MSI PRO 22ET 6M Touch Version and still with the original win10home and nothing installed when i left the AI...
bill_gatos 1 1123 Last post 18-April-17, 09:52:40
by jimy
MSI Cubi i5 failed BIOS flash - Please help!
Hello,I tried flashing the BIOS of my Cubi i5 unfortunately now it doesn't boot past the "Press DEL to enter BIOS / Press F11 to...
gurgory 6 1571 Last post 11-April-17, 07:50:14
by Mog
cubi2 crashes all the time
I just got this a couple weeks ago and am ready to send it back. I7 w/16 gig Crucial ram and 250 SSD. Crashes in multiple progra...
gpw797 11 1399 Last post 29-March-17, 23:42:03
by Svet
MSI Cubi not seeing MSATA or SATA drives
I received my Cubi and right out of the box I was having trouble.My Cubi doesn't want to recognize the MSATA or SATA drives atta...
zach.grimshaw 4 1827 Last post 29-March-17, 07:36:38
by joandreani
Cubi 2 Plus configure/install IR remote
Hi there guys. After being able to use my Cubi 2 Plus unit by using an M.2 PCIE ssd and not an M.2 SATA ssd, now I would like to...
francisco.gamiz 3 801 Last post 29-March-17, 02:25:18
by Yang
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