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MSI All-In-One (AIO), Windtop, Nettop and all other barebones PC systems.
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MSI CUBI N 8GL dead after BIOS update
I just bought two MSI Cubi N 8GL-001BEU BN4000XX.The first one had a corrupted bios (I did nothing) version 800. The problem was...
elmeunick9 8 900 Last post 01-September-18, 03:11:44
by Svet
drivers Cubi B171
Hi, i have a MSI Cubi B171 and triying install a W7 on it, after severals attempts i can boot smoothly the OS Installer but the ...
adrian 3 853 Last post 27-August-18, 07:35:08
by Yang
MSI Cubi 2 Plus 003-BEU won't work
Hello,Hope you can help me.Some time ago I purchased a MSI Cubi 2 Plus 003-BEU barebone and bought the following components, whi...
pgolxpt 10 2194 Last post 15-August-18, 03:01:45
by Yang
Help. MSI AIO computer corupted bios AE2010
Hello, i have an old AIO computer that i need help with, TLDR/ it wont start, check video.
nicholas2gionet 2 591 Last post 05-June-18, 03:01:58
by Yang
Mouse and keyboard not work after change windows
HiI have an AIO Pro20 6m-BYesterday I change windows for first time in my AIO and Install Windows 7 64bit (old Windows is win 64...
MAN 7 855 Last post 30-May-18, 17:59:01
by Nichrome
Looking for Cubi-N that meets or exceeds specifications
I'm looking for a Cubi-N Mini PC that meets or exceeds these minimum specifications to run a specific HD gaming program.CPU Inte...
marine_hm 2 496 Last post 10-May-18, 22:01:13
by darkhawk
Cubi 2 Problems
My Cubi 2 has not been working correctly since the 860 bios update from the end of last year. My video would drop out for no rea...
zbrett 1 448 Last post 10-May-18, 13:50:24
by Svet
Does Cubi N supports auto-restart on a power outage?
Hi, Can anyone confirm if Cubi N supports auto-restart on a power outage? Thanks.
jordi_ramis 3 528 Last post 08-May-18, 03:07:30
by Yang
MSI-6657 killing hard drives
Hi all, I recently was given a MSI-6657 computer from a friend because she said it wasn't working. When I first turned it on, it...
melissa.anthony1985 0 525 Last post 23-April-18, 03:03:06
by melissa.anthony1985
I just bought a Trident 3 i7-7700 | 16GB | 256GB SSD + 1TB.Is there a way to get HDMI in to this machine so that I can bring in ...
howood 8 855 Last post 20-April-18, 01:41:12
by Yang
[font=Microsoft JhengHei, 微軟正黑體, DIN Pro, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]hi[/font][/color][font=Microsoft JhengHei, 微軟正黑體, DIN Pro...
am.beh6722 5 640 Last post 16-April-18, 02:39:27
by Yang
Unexpected Reboot
I have a MSI PC and rebooting every day. I have updated system drivers but still having the same issue. Appreciate your help.Mon...
purnacc 5 845 Last post 28-March-18, 02:18:52
by Yang
BSOD upon boot for Cubi 2 Plus 8GB RAM 128GB SSD Windows 7 Pro x64
Hello,I have successfully installed windows 7 x64 on my Cubi 2 Plus. (8GB RAM 128GB SSD Windows 7 Pro x64)I have the latest BIOS...
webmaster 2 494 Last post 27-March-18, 02:36:24
by Yang
Install Windows 7 pro 64 bit from USB blue screen of death on boot / Cubi 2 Plus
Hi all,I just purchased a Cubi 2 plus i3-6100t with 8gb RAM and 128GB SSD. Cubi 2 Plus-001BKR-B3610TXXModel 936-B12311-001I'm tr...
webmaster 3 1506 Last post 26-March-18, 13:39:13
by webmaster
reagentc.exe false
Hello i m french Who speak french please . Problem pc with "win top ae 2220" disc boot "reagentc.exe false".  THANK YOU...
pierchris 4 8939 Last post 11-March-18, 17:28:40
by flobelix
Cubi 2 mini-pc Supported Crucial Memory
Hello,I couldn't find a link to an MSI page that lists compatible memory and the support button is broken on my registered produ...
martin.dittmar 2 703 Last post 23-February-18, 20:55:05
by martin.dittmar
cubi2 Bios update to address remote exploit vulnerability?
When will the cubi2 bios be updated to address the remote exploit vulnerability affecting Intel Corporation's Management Engine?...
zbrett 2 735 Last post 02-January-18, 02:04:00
by Yang
MSI AE2220 not booting, only power LED and fans 100%
Hello,My MSI AE2220 stopped working a few days ago.When I turn it on the fan goes to full speed and the power LED is lit. The CP...
Jofrel 1 607 Last post 29-December-17, 00:52:22
by Yang
System Reboot without
This is my 1st MSI desktop got it in Oct. I'm seeing couple of issue 1.  automatic Reboot 2. Ethernet connection. I have updated...
purnacc 3 1005 Last post 19-December-17, 01:36:16
by Yang
MS 6650 all in one will not turn on
Good Day,I have an MSI all in one MS 6650, i think was manufactured in 2009. I have been using this for my personal use for abou...
del34 1 566 Last post 14-December-17, 00:54:47
by Yang
QuickSetting use
Hi,I am reinstalling a computer and besides the drivers I can download a QuickSetting app.Before I use it I would like to know w...
gmazelli 3 935 Last post 24-November-17, 01:13:25
by Yang
cubi2 win7 drivers
Hi,I bought the cubi2 from a reseller with this configuration:MSI Cubi 2 Intel Core i3-7100U - WINDOWS 7pro -500GB (hdd) - 4GB -...
gmazelli 3 791 Last post 24-November-17, 01:11:12
by Yang
Looking for drivers for the MS-9A08
Hey all, so I just got an MS-9A08 for free due to a dead fan, so I order a replacement as well as another wifi antenna, and a co...
popscilover 2 841 Last post 22-November-17, 01:33:50
by popscilover
No Boot :(
Okay so i've been working on an MSI nightblade MI2 build for the longest time, and i've RMA'd it in 3 times under the same or si...
jamepatmurphy 7 1514 Last post 13-November-17, 00:44:15
by Yang
Memory upgrade for Trident 3
I have a question in regards to the ram. What is the suggested memory capacity that I can upgrade to. I want to upgrade to 32gb ...
e.villa50 1 1127 Last post 25-October-17, 02:47:47
by Yang
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