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How I installed the All In Wonder 9700Pro in my MEGA 180
This took a little over one hour to do; YMMV  Disclaimer:  Just because I had success, doesn't mean everybody will.  This case/m...
Glendor 0 1547 Last post 05-March-04, 14:02:11
by Glendor
Mega Pc Hi-fi problem
hi there, i recently purchased a Msi Mega pc, When i put it into hi-fi mode abd play a cd it skips once or more during the first...
Dave -Mega PC 0 1900 Last post 21-July-03, 22:49:50
by Dave -Mega PC
Mega PC and Remote control in Windows ?
Is there a way to use the remote-control (Delivered with Mega PC) in Windows ? online4u
online4u 0 2321 Last post 16-July-03, 19:56:54
by online4u
651 Sound Gone Missing
Hi all you chumps.I've Got A Serious Problem. My Sound Have Worked Fine Since I Got This Puter And Now It´s Just Gone!Back Nor F...
Saltasnubben 0 1383 Last post 22-March-04, 21:33:41
by Saltasnubben
Is anyone running SETI@Home on their MSI MEGA PC?I'm triying to run the latest version (3.08) on my MEGA 180, and it is not work...
king nick 0 1280 Last post 29-April-04, 15:59:23
by king nick
A fan fit for a MegaPC?
Hey,I got my MSI mega651 about a week ago and I love it, but it gets very hot.  Since the onboard graphics aren't very good (ie ...
mortsteal 0 1516 Last post 23-February-04, 20:01:48
by mortsteal
Information about MEGA 651?
Hi all,I have seen the product page on the msi site aboutthe new MEGA pcs (651), but are the products available?Does anybody kno...
petasis 0 2577 Last post 08-May-03, 15:31:49
by petasis
Msi 865 Tv Out not working
i just got the msi mega TV out card for my Mega 865 today, i installed it.Plugged in an AV cable, connected it to the TV and NOT...
injux 0 1136 Last post 23-April-04, 20:40:23
by injux
Boot from USG floppy
Hi all,is here anybody who has some experience with boot from usg floppy with megapc MS-6251?What should I setup in BIOS to be a...
vladob 0 1191 Last post 14-April-04, 19:33:26
by vladob
HDD Design Considerations on Mega 180
Here is a link to an interesting white paper on Maxtor's Website for those considering the PVR setup of there Mega. Some interes...
LarryGB 0 1196 Last post 12-April-04, 19:48:03
by LarryGB
MSI MEGA + MS 8606 TV Tuner Card software
Hi folks,im sitting here very frustrated with my lil mega ...i own this nice piece of hardware for 2 months and was very satifie...
Firestarter 0 4957 Last post 26-January-04, 17:05:58
by Firestarter
Silent Drives 4 MEGA PC ??
I used a TEAC DV-W50DK DVD Burner Device, but its too mutch noise.Now im using a TEAC DVD-ROM Device that works fine but when i ...
MEgaVolt 0 1476 Last post 17-January-04, 01:13:23
by MEgaVolt
tv tuner for megaPC 651
What tuner card work correctly with the MegaPC651?I was thinking of getting the TV@anywhere Master, will it work correctly with ...
chris1177 0 1521 Last post 17-February-04, 18:29:11
by chris1177
after assembly, the computer never go through DMI verification
Hi, as the title, after I assembled MSI mega 651, the computer never go through the stage of DMI verification, I tried different...
meiyuc 0 1579 Last post 07-March-04, 19:53:53
by meiyuc
Motherboard Swap
Does MSI sell the motherboards for the mega's seperatly?  If so, do you think I could put the mobo from the 865 in the 651?
eurospeed951 0 1327 Last post 05-April-04, 05:05:43
by eurospeed951
Supported VGA+Tv-out for 865
What tv out cards can acctualy fit in?I have the MSI 865 and also bought the recomended Tvcard. But there is no TV out..But can ...
dRjake 0 1168 Last post 12-June-04, 15:50:36
by dRjake
Media Center Deluxe III no fullscreen
The software refuses to go fullscreen when in the screens: Video Clips or Recorded TV (which are basicaly the same)The little fu...
medvjed 0 1296 Last post 03-June-04, 22:13:19
by medvjed
more mega pc!
my card reader light never goes off?also how longon avarage did it take most of you to re-arange the cables to install a F$$king...
swalesgeeza 0 1459 Last post 24-January-04, 00:05:38
by swalesgeeza
MSI MegaPC 651 and two audio streams at the same time
Running Showshifter Time Shifting playback through 5.1 SPDIF, I get the sound of the live stream and the playback stream at the ...
KampferAs 0 1668 Last post 02-February-04, 21:42:53
by KampferAs
New Heatsink/Fan for Mega 180
Just wondering if anyone in this forum knows of another heatsink that would fit the Beta 180?  By the way,  thanks to whoever su...
acoppol 0 1438 Last post 20-May-04, 17:48:12
by acoppol
MEGAPC and TV@Master
Hi, I was wondering... Is it possible somehow to use/add a timer function in the megapc (with tv@ master) so you are able to use...
DolphS 0 1378 Last post 26-February-04, 12:58:49
by DolphS
blue screen of death with xp
Love the Mega 180 deluxeTemps, high system 44c cpu 55 cunder load running battlefield vietnam on a 80 f day had to make a small ...
crash again 0 1391 Last post 18-May-04, 01:01:40
by crash again
RMA Time
Anyone ever sent a system back to MSI for repairs via RMA?  I did with a Mega 180.  MSI recieved it back at the end of April and...
anakin14 0 1170 Last post 20-May-04, 03:49:55
by anakin14
MEGA 180: Media Center deletes radio stations of HiFi Mode
HelloWe have the following problem: Media Center III deletes the radio stations programmed in HiFi Mode!- I programmed the 6 sta...
pastampfli 0 1215 Last post 01-May-04, 19:11:13
by pastampfli
Slow PIO mode IDE drives?
Read following in a review at Toms Hardware about the Mega PC 651;"Without a software update, all the IDE devices run in Windows...
Urban 0 1561 Last post 20-February-04, 17:51:31
by Urban
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