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MSI analogue and digital TV tuner products.
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MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in order to earn rewards. Members can earn points toward rewards such as PC ...
emersonyang 0 138 Last post 13-July-15, 02:30:09
by emersonyang
I found this excellent knowledgebase article and utility on Hauppauge's forum recently.While the article refers to specific Hauppauge DVB-T tuner cards, I see no reason why the same advice cannot also...
Stu 0 15209 Last post 11-August-08, 22:52:59
by Stu
Welcome to the forum! If you are looking for help with your MSI TV tuner, this is a good place to start before posting. Look through the stickies below, and make good use of the Search function to see...
Stu 0 23492 Last post 09-May-05, 01:14:49
by Stu
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Analog Tuner Card - Help in Windows 10
I have a USB 2.0 MSI VOX tuner card.  Have used it for years with the programs that came with it (i.e. MSI PVS + TV@nywhere - InterVideo WinDVD Creator Plus).  I just upgraded to Windows 10 and the ca...
dkocian 3 183 Last post 09-October-15, 00:09:16
by HenryW
MSI PC-TV MEGA SKY 580 Windows 7 Driver
hello guys, this update cant use by my toshiba notebook, the software tells me " just for msi products " or something like this... i have the same problem : window 7 64 bit,service pack 1 and want to ...
tester85 6 7082 Last post 21-June-14, 18:08:31
by flobelix
MSI TV@nywhere Master PCI TV Tuner
this is not work plz hellpe me
alam 3 748 Last post 06-June-14, 16:36:58
by flobelix
About MSI - TV Anywhere Plus - Windows 7
About 3 or 4 years ago I purchased this item. (I believe it came with my graphics card.)It worked quite well with my initial installation and Windows 7.However; recently I completed a completely new i...
calm.calmcalm 3 839 Last post 07-May-14, 23:11:55
by HenryW
K-Vox Mini USB MovieEditor - Composite Driver needed
Sorry, if this is the wrong subforum for my question.   I bought a device sold as a video grabber.  It has written on top in large letters K-Vox and in small letters Mini USB MovieEditor.   On the bac...
walumg 5 1238 Last post 03-April-14, 01:57:09
by walumg
I need drivers for TV @nywhere Plus Remote Controller!
Hi, I'm really getting depressed because I'm searching for drivers for months. I have TV @nywhere Plus but I lost my CD long time ago and I didn't care because everything still worked fine but last ye...
msmilanov 5 1690 Last post 23-January-14, 09:31:16
by hippo
TV@anywhere plus, Where are the settings file location (win7)?
Hello,I hope someone still uses this card!When I tried to change the audio source, it is locked to "master volume" (grey colored so I cannot change it), I guessed I can uninstall, and reinstsall again...
hippo 0 439 Last post 19-January-14, 23:52:15
by hippo
Hi i had tvanywhere plus on my old comp with win xp and it worked fine.i now have it on my new comp installed with win 7.the comp is connected to cable. there is sound but no picture .tried to install...
barkag 1 697 Last post 16-September-13, 17:52:41
by HenryW
TV@nywhere Master
Hello,I have a TV @ nywhere Master, I need all the drivers for windows 7 64bit, and a program for viewing?I've tried all sorts of ways that I found this forum and the internet and I could not fix.Than...
tomke 1 590 Last post 14-September-13, 23:54:02
by HenryW
Cannot connect to Smart Tee input pin... [Windows 7 64 bit]
Hi TV Tuner users! I need some help.I've been searching on this forum and all over the web for a solution. I hope some of you guys might have a solution. I have a TV @ anywhere Plus and run Windows 7....
erlithor 0 691 Last post 03-September-13, 12:08:37
by erlithor
TV @nywhere Satellite II DVB-S2 VIA VT6112L Chipset
Hi,I have MSI TV @nywhere Satellite II DVB-S2 VIA VT6112L Chipset card.It is working with 32-64 bit BDA driver XP to Windows 8 and I received both of Standard definition & High Definition channels wit...
aQUa 0 1001 Last post 21-May-13, 13:57:14
by aQUa
DIGIVOX Micro HD does not work in Win8?
My new PC run Win8, I installed driver for Digi Vox Micro HD from my recent CD, just to see if it works... Device was not detectable, so I tried to find any new driver for Win8... No success. Does it ...
taketoki 1 840 Last post 20-May-13, 22:16:58
by xmad
TV @nywhere plus in a small form factor PC
I have just moved my TV @nywhere plus card from an old tower to a slightly less old HP small form factor PC.  This PC requires low profile cards.  The TV @nywhere card fits fine and it seems to work i...
ortingwing 1 978 Last post 14-April-13, 21:55:35
by HenryW
Windows 8 support for Digivox ATSC
HelloI see on the web site that only a Windows-7 driver is provided for the Digivox ATSC TV tuner device.Are there any plans to provide a Windows-8 driver?   I think Windows-8 has now been out for nea...
BL1231 1 1014 Last post 08-April-13, 20:59:16
by flobelix
problem with tv@nywhere plus on windows 8
hii have a problem with tv@anywhere plus on windows 8. i can setup the pvr plus app completely but when i open that and click on "watch and record dtv program" icon, i will see an error that says: "in...
aminshiraz 1 1662 Last post 04-January-13, 18:37:20
by flobelix
tv anywhere master can not work on my pc now
I have a problem with the tv anywhere master.a few years ago when it was new everything is functioning normally. no problem.because it had long been unused tv tuner so I save.when there is a need to u...
mohawk7507 1 1180 Last post 09-November-12, 00:46:18
by HenryW
DIGIVOX Micro HD does not work in Win8?
I have recently upgraded to Win8 Pro with Media Center. It's the 64 bit version. I have tried installing both 64 and 32 bit drivers for DIGIVOX Micro HD. After installing the drivers I've also tried l...
jakobstensig 3 1363 Last post 08-November-12, 17:19:05
by jakobstensig
Problem with MSI TV@nywhere pro
Hi to all.i need help about MSI TV@nywhere pro TV tuner card. i am facing a problem that it is not giving display of video of TV channels in windows 7, i can hear the voice of the TV channel but no vi...
d_t_m 6 2017 Last post 02-November-12, 19:44:47
by Ex Forum User 3
Digivox USB all basic cable channels locked
I just bought a Digivox USB dongle and plugged it into my laptop. When I went through the channel scan, all of the basic cable channels I get when I plug that same cable into my cheap TV show up as "l...
jmkmsi 3 1383 Last post 24-September-12, 13:51:17
by xmad
Digivox not reliable if attached to USB 3.0 port
HelloI recently purchased 4 @ MSI USB Digivox TV tuners.The application is in the USA, with an antenna to capture ATSC broadcasts.   I am using Windows Media Center.I attached 2 of them to 2 each of 2...
BL1231 1 1230 Last post 09-September-12, 19:15:06
by xmad
MSI TV@Anywhere PLUS and Windows 7
I installed Windows 7 (build 7600) and I try to install drivers and PVR for this TV Tuner. Everything was working just fine.Than I was scaning for channels and in the backgound I saw picture and sound...
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bovcan 61 73512 Last post 13-August-12, 19:25:48
by StivZerk
TV@nywere-master  conexant boradcat decoder  cx 32881-19 ned software plz
alam 1 1493 Last post 03-July-12, 07:40:22
by Bernhard
MSI Vox and Windows 7
Hello Friends,I have this product I searched a lot the web including msi official website, but could not find the answer:How should I make ...
levan777 6 4403 Last post 03-July-12, 01:13:50
by Henry
64 bit drivers for TV@nywhere Master?
Are there drivers for WinXP 64?
mimsabords 8 4849 Last post 25-June-12, 20:34:07
by Stu
MSI TV Box MS8609 + notebook Dell PP20L
Greetings, I need to install MSI TV Box MS8609 in laptop Dell PP20L, but there is not Line-In, only standart Wave Output and Microphone Input. So I've got picture, but no sound. Any ideas? Thank you.
golmarco 2 1768 Last post 01-May-12, 01:39:17
by Henry
Need Help with Digivox ATSC USB 2.0 Windows XP
Installed device according to instructions - no errors. Tried on 3 machines at least 2.0Ghz. Device will not light up (I assume it lights up). Neither emTVSetup nor Arcsoft can find it although it is ...
wrenchtosser 1 1427 Last post 24-April-12, 12:44:27
by Ex Forum User 3
MOVED: TV card problems for Wind Top AE2400
This topic has been moved to MSI PC series.
Stu 0 4197 Last post 20-March-12, 09:04:33
by Stu
MSI Digivox ATSC Tuner stick-won't scan QAM channels
I am using 2 digivox ATSC tuner sticks with the latest build of J River Media Center (QAM capable) as the host software and that setup works great to pull in my local OTA channels using one of the Dig...
theaterdesign 0 2754 Last post 09-March-12, 04:26:03
by theaterdesign
MSE : "Files needed to display video are not installed..."
I installed the MSI DigiVox ATSC w QAM USB stick. Live TV setup and channel scanning worked fine. But then when I try to use the tuner in Windows Media Center, and play live TV, I get stuttering video...
n808 2 2786 Last post 01-March-12, 22:00:33
by n808
Digivox micro hd won't receive all freeview channels
Hi, I recently purchased a digivox micro hd tv tuner but it doesn't seem to pick up all the channels.It was detected without problems on windows 7 64bit and the drivers were installed without any prob...
dusty9 4 4441 Last post 25-February-12, 21:29:52
by Stu
TV@Anywhere Master Serial No. Required
After using quite years back, my friend has handed over to me TV@anywhere Master (MS-8606) to me without having a complete box. I have asked about the but he lost all the documents related TV@anywhere...
Rehan 5 7986 Last post 18-December-11, 16:13:04
by Stu
TV Anywhere Plus - Windows 7 - "Init Fail"
Hello,Purchased TV Anywhere Plus card yesterday. Installed card, installed drivers, card is seen in Device Manager in right section, everything looks ok.Start "Viva TV", when trying to identify source...
Osyris 4 8400 Last post 14-December-11, 20:50:48
by gauthief
MOVED: Help with finding a tuner
This topic has been moved to MSI PC series.
Stu 0 2865 Last post 02-December-11, 21:30:36
by Stu
MSI doesn't have appropriate driver for MSI digivox II v 3.0 with RTL2832 chip!
Can anybody provide me Windows XP driver for MSI digivox II v3.0 with RTL 2832 chipset, please? MSI changed the chipset from AFA9017 to RTL 2832 during production without changing the name of the prod...
pavelkraxner 4 6460 Last post 09-November-11, 10:20:47
by pavelkraxner
How to record audio with video using composite on
Just got this card already installed in 2nd hand Dell Dimension E520 running Vista. Everything's ok except one problem. I can't seem to record audio along with the video when using composite input. I ...
pjp 3 3050 Last post 05-November-11, 01:19:12
by Henry
mega sky 580 on win7?
Is this posible to work on win7 ? I cant make it :(
ciprijani 6 7837 Last post 13-October-11, 18:43:08
by ciprijani
Does the Digi@nywhere A/D Plus work with PCI Express ?
Hi guys!  I am planning to purchase a Digi@nywhere A/D Plus for my PC, but all PCI slots on my K9N Diamond mainboard are already busy, only the second PCI Express slot which can be used for a second g...
Dexter26 1 3136 Last post 30-September-11, 12:03:50
by Wonkanoby
MOVED: Help Configuring Raid 1 & Raid 5 on the P67A-GD65 (B3) motherboard
This topic has been moved to Intel Core-iX boards.
Jack 0 1791 Last post 28-September-11, 17:00:12
by Jack
I can't get signal from the FM no stations what should i do antenna working tv and recording working fine
barca-fan 2 6352 Last post 19-August-11, 00:44:14
by barca-fan
MSI TV Tuner Master 8606 WDM
hello please driver MSI TV Tuner Master 8606 WDM for windose 7 64bit please i can not find for win 7 
hossein6120 1 4011 Last post 07-August-11, 12:13:03
by Stu
MS-1715 TV tuner drivers
Hi all,I have a laptop I can't find the right drivers for the tv card.MSI MS-1715b Megabook  or  could be 17154-B021AU.1833Mhz T2400 processor.Windows 7 ultimate.The tv card is one that is built insid...
dopeybloke 31 11730 Last post 28-July-11, 01:12:10
by dopeybloke
MSI TV@nywhere card
I was under the impression that the card would pull streaming TV directly off a modem. Please correct me (nicely) if this is wrong and if this is correct can you show me how it set it up in Linux.Than...
tlcasey100 3 3493 Last post 17-July-11, 01:38:41
by Henry
TV Anywhere Plus: Capture above 320x240??
Is there a way to capture at higher than 320x240 with a TV@nywhere Plus on Windows XP?  I've tried several software packages with no luck. The BDA driver (used by VLC, AVI-IO, WinDV, etc.) appears to ...
yaktaur 1 3505 Last post 24-June-11, 04:11:37
by yaktaur
MSI Vox Software
My friend gave me his MSI VOX USB 2.0 device but he lost his software. How can I get a copy? Do I need to purchase again or is there a way to download it? Thanks Dave
drdave 7 4680 Last post 13-June-11, 03:06:40
by drdave
MSI Digivox micro HD overheating
Hello, Im having overheating problem with my digivox micro HD. After 5 minutes from plugin in Windows 7 start connecting and disconnecting in 5 second cycle. When I remove the stick its really hot. Is...
jebulol 0 2402 Last post 28-May-11, 20:55:12
by jebulol
MSI TV-anytwhere-plus
HI: I have a 2005 TV Anywhere-Plus. Version 1.03. I had Windows XP, and it worked fine. I now have windows 7. And it's not compatible. Do you know how to get the proper drives for windows 7. I can't r...
patsyscloud58 1 2166 Last post 13-May-11, 05:51:32
by Henry
Digi@nywhere A/D Plus, Vista Media Center, Analog cable
How do I configure Vista Media Center to use the analog part of my digi@nywhere tuner card? It will only "see" the input source as: digital antenna. And, since I don't have an antenna connected, all s...
dloyer4 1 4220 Last post 09-April-11, 08:28:11
by Stu
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