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Sticky Topics
When you want to use the K9ND Speedster board, do note the following:There are two versions:K9ND Speedster    - MS9652K9ND Speed...
Hans 43 50150 Last post 16-July-14, 09:35:31
by BillMilosz
Hi guy's,If you have a board that supports ccNUMA, turn it on!!!Boards that support this are:K8D Master (series) with 2 CPU'sK8D...
Ex Forum User 3 6 13540 Last post 08-August-08, 10:48:13
by Ex Forum User 3
Hi dude's,There are some older K8N Master boards that do not do C&Q properly with new CPU's.Those boards need a rework.If your b...
Ex Forum User 3 13 15153 Last post 17-October-07, 15:40:48
by Ex Forum User 3
Hi there,I create a sort of Opteron&FX trouble guide here.This only applies to the K8T-Master series as because I have this boar...
Ex Forum User 3 12 16406 Last post 25-March-06, 11:02:27
by Ex Forum User 3
Normal Topics
Looking for docking station for MSI WE72-7RJ-1080ca
HI,I'm looking for a dock station for my new workstation MSI WE72-7RJ-1080ca and I need to know what kind of USB-C is on it.Is i...
fboulay 2 3194 Last post 07-July-19, 00:46:45
by tomsyn
C236M Fan control issue
Got a C236M, had it for a few years but recently swapped it into my FreeNAS machine (the old Supermicro MBD-A1SRi-2758F-O board ...
tittyballz 0 635 Last post 02-June-19, 07:50:31
by tittyballz
Choosing memory for E3m workstation v5
Hi,I am trying to setup a new machine using a e3m workstation v5 with an XEON E3.I managed to borrow RAM sticks  from  a Dell wo... 1 1055 Last post 26-May-18, 03:54:54
by HenryW
C236A Intel AMT Support
Greetings ,Since MSI C236A board is based on intel C236  chipset , it should support Intel AMT , obviously if paired with vPro p...
mearajahmad 2 1877 Last post 20-January-18, 03:20:03
by dan
Finding ECC RAM for C236A Workstation
Hello, I am having trouble finding unbuffered ECC RAM for the MSI C236A Workstation motherboard. I need ECC as this will be runn...
GTAXL 2 1303 Last post 29-December-17, 05:05:24
ms-96c8 + x5675 = CPU multiplier 12 = 1600MHz CPU speed :(
Hello.Installed in the ms-96c8 motherboard  2 x Xeon X5675, but the processor multiplier does not increase above 12 :( Should be...
roman 1 1214 Last post 20-November-17, 19:50:46
by roman
MS-9652 No Post
Hey guys. Just picked up a system from an old customer. He said it was working fine 2 days ago. Yesterday, he pressed the power ...
fastvan67 4 1704 Last post 13-October-17, 23:00:28
by fastvan67
M.2 Drive not recognizing on C236 Workstation Board
I recently purchased the C236 workstation board with a Crucial 1 TB MX300 SATA M.2 2280 SSD and a Seagate Ironwolf Pro.  The Cru...
thescarydoor 5 2324 Last post Best Answer 02-October-17, 12:36:35
by Nichrome
MSI C236A WORKSTATION Hyper Threading Issue With Intel Skylake CPU
Under complex micro-architectural conditions, short loops of less than 64 instructions that use AH, BH, CH or DH registers as we...
sunmoon2017 4 1711 Last post 28-September-17, 05:47:51
by sunmoon2017
I'm using Debian 9.0.0 Stretch / Linux kernel 4.12.0some errors in dmesgroot@abc:/home/def# dmesg | grep -i "C236A\|dsdt\|error"...
sunmoon2017 1 1877 Last post 09-July-17, 18:36:34
by Svet
MSI C236A CPU Support List
According to, the MSI C236A supports 6th and 7th gen i5 and i7 cpu's wi...
rabidplatypus 1 1692 Last post 05-July-17, 21:27:46
by flobelix
C236A-WORKSTATION with BIOS update issue
After updated to the latest bios, I cannot enter bios again after setting UEFI with TOSHIBA NVME XG3 256G PCI-E M.2 SSD 2280 NGF...
sogie2003 4 2021 Last post 25-June-17, 03:25:09
by sogie2003
need help for driver instllation
i have a CPU with MSI C236A workstation motherboard. and i have installed windows server 2016. i have installed all the driver b...
salvation_am 5 4343 Last post 17-May-17, 13:21:50
by Nidhoggr
C236M WORKSTATION: ECC and SATA Express questions
Hello.I have two questions regarding the motherboard in the subjectDoes this motherboard allow boot from a device connected to S...
andruid 3 1858 Last post 29-January-17, 17:48:18
by andruid
MSI K9ND Speedster 2 and Opteron 2425HE
Hi everyone, I need your expert help with this as it's driving me bonkers.I recently purchased a second hand ms9661 board to use...
john.applin 2 2485 Last post 28-December-16, 23:01:04
by alfonso
16GB DDR4 ECC compatibility with MSI C236A Workstation motherboard
Hello MSI Forum,I'm looking for a suitable motherboard for a home workstation/server, and came across the MSI C236A Workstation....
jip 1 1800 Last post 30-November-16, 15:30:22
by HenryW
Is the C236A M/B compatible with the Firepro W7100 graphics card ?
anjones 3 1807 Last post 11-July-16, 14:58:20
by Nichrome
K9ND Speedster Server Board only supports PXE Boot?
Hello folks!I am psyched to have acquired a second live server board with 2pcs 6 core Opteron CPUs and 32GB of server memory, al...
usertogo 4 2473 Last post 24-June-16, 20:09:25
by usertogo
C236A vtd
does MSI C236A support vt-d  ?
ytz997 2 1541 Last post 25-May-16, 16:27:59
by moolchandanimohit83
C236A workstation 64GB Ram and Raid card can not run together
CPU:          E3 1275 v5 RAM:         Kingston 4 X 16GB ddr4 2133Raid Card: Dell PERC H710P 1GB NV Cache 64GB Ram and Raid card ...
samsonhp 2 1477 Last post 24-May-16, 10:27:20
by samsonhp
Hi EveryoneI can't manage to get a reliable answer to this question, so I'm trying my luck here.The MSI C236M WORKSTATION specs ...
jemeor 5 2570 Last post 14-May-16, 14:19:36
by flobelix
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