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If you download a BIOS from this area, nobody is to blame but yourself!
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Update: You can get more BIOS through the link below.
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emersonyang 368 80266 Last post 09-September-19, 10:34:03
by unfnknblvbl
BETA BIOS's will be posted when they are available.We do not have any time frame of WHEN a new BETA BIOS will be available.It wi...
darkhawk 31 354822 Last post 24-April-18, 06:31:58
by Leonard
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in o...
emersonyang 2 5662 Last post 22-January-18, 13:07:54
by octavian
NOTE 1: These are provided as a service to the user with no obligation. Abuse it, abuse the moderators, and we will discontinue ...
darkhawk 1 12142 Last post 15-August-17, 12:31:00
by darkhawk
NOTE 1: These are provided as a service to the user with no obligation. Abuse it, abuse the moderators, and we will discontinue ...
darkhawk 7 13309 Last post 18-July-17, 13:11:43
by darkhawk
First off, let's start by saying this is COMPLETELY unsupported by MSI, it's forum staff, and is provided merely for advanced us...
darkhawk 0 4009 Last post 19-June-17, 00:54:18
by darkhawk
Since the release of the original vJ0 Ivy UEFI/BIOS update package, are there any Beta's currently available? Also, if there are...
Froggy Gremlin 37 11522 Last post 15-February-13, 20:37:34
by Froggy Gremlin
Please report missing or broken links to me by PM. (Thanks)NOTE:Please note that bios flashing is performed entirely at your own...
xmad 0 73732 Last post 30-November-12, 16:49:00
by xmad
Normal Topics
Mortar Titanium B450 missing Mortar B450 bios updates
Hello everyone,Mortar B450 has 2 more bios releases than Mortar Titanium B450 which had the latest bios release in on 21/08/19.I...
johnson7GR 3 133 Last post Yesterday at 15:28:02
by tesfilolosterno
Difference Between BIOS version?
I see there are 2 new bioses for B450M Mortar.
rusta 1 131 Last post 13-September-19, 15:55:53
by buddyw53
MPG X570 GAMING EDGE WIFI 7C37AMS.137 got pulled, what now?
Hi.As the 7C37AMS.137 got pulled, and I have it installed, while getting BSOD and black screens,what version you would suggest t...
Freeman79 2 358 Last post 13-September-19, 08:09:45
by minciel
Beta BIOS for B450m Mortar - v1A3
Available in support page for B450M Mortar is a new 'Beta' BIOS.  It's v1A3, but don't bother if you trim timings or overclock y...
buddyw53 9 555 Last post 09-September-19, 17:14:33
by buddyw53
MOVED: MSI X570 A PRO + Corsair MP510 NVME stable?
This topic has been moved to MSI AMD boards.
flobelix 0 73 Last post 06-September-19, 22:20:14
by flobelix
X399 Creation LN2 Bios
Looking for a LN2 Stable Bios for the x399 Creation. The currently available public bios that I can find seem to have a cold bug...
mnees11 1 115 Last post 02-September-19, 20:04:11
by flobelix
Any B450M Mortar folk running Ryzen 3000 CPU's here yet?
If so. How did it go?
DeadMan3000 29 2379 Last post 02-September-19, 13:55:39
by creativeimpulses
New X470 Gaming Plus Beta BIOS (2019-08-22)
I made a support request asking if a issue i was having was a know one and they gave me a beta biosI do not have time to mess wi...
evilkitty 2 298 Last post 24-August-19, 19:44:04
by evilkitty
Why is AGESA taking so long to rollout?
As per topic.
DeadMan3000 30 2548 Last post 24-August-19, 05:39:42
by darkhawk
More new released BIOS's popping up on support pages....
New v190 for B450m Mortar's... adds OC profile saving to USB stick.  Other things I've not fully explored but seems quite stable...
buddyw53 4 787 Last post 07-August-19, 15:58:32
by buddyw53
X570 Ace - 3900X - BIOS Update 7C35v13 7/19/19
Was this update to contain the BIOS fix for Linux/Destiny 2? If so... that is not the case. X570 MEG Ace with current 7C35v13 BI...
Scio_Mori 5 1059 Last post 04-August-19, 16:50:03
by darkhawk
Theory: Upgrade 128Mbit (non-MAX sku) board to 256Mbit (MAX sku) board
I have a X470 Gaming Plus board, this board has a  Winbond 25Q128FWSQ (note page 7 [labeled page 6]) BIOS chipI was reading the ...
evilkitty 30 1504 Last post 03-August-19, 18:14:13
by evilkitty
X370 XPower Gaming Titanium (7A31V1) Bios Discussion
I'm starting this thread to discuss the tweaks, changes or otherwise improvements in the X370 XPower Gaming Titanium MB Bios' Be...
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jonrevis1985 269 53018 Last post 29-July-19, 16:17:54
by mongoled
Ryzen 3600 on my B450 Mortar
I just thought I'd post this on it's own.  I know people are experiencing some difficulties with the new BIOS'. I updated with a...
buddyw53 1 346 Last post 28-July-19, 22:03:52
by buddyw53
B450 Tomahawk - BIOS 7C02.1A1
It's been sort of "leaked", the BIOS is available for download from MSI FTP servers. Any news about it?
reduxpl 3 393 Last post 28-July-19, 11:37:12
by buddyw53
Z68A-SD60(B3) (OEM): Which BIOS file should I use?
I could not get the videocard RX580 working with this mainboard and have been searching a solution for a while.It seems I need t...
lnatti 2 184 Last post 24-July-19, 20:54:50
by flobelix
PCIE lane problem with the BIOS to support 3rd generation Ryzen CPU
I have a x370 gaming plus motherboard and update to the BIOS E7A33AMS.5JM to support the 3rd generation  Ryzen. However, this BI...
rex4 4 587 Last post 22-July-19, 15:18:21
by buddyw53
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