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By entering this section, you know these are UNSUPPORTED AND UNOFFICIAL BIOS files, and donation is required.
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GT70-0NC mod bios and EC
Hi, Svet.I have:GT70-0NC (ivy bridge, gtx 670mx)Product    MS-1762BIOS Version:  E1762IMS.50XEC-FW Version:  1762EMS1 Ver5.03Win...
meloman87779 3 122 Last post 05-April-19, 21:21:49
by Svet
GP63 Leopard 8RE Custom Bios Needed
Looking for custom BIOS for GP63 Leopard 8RE if available. Thanks.
jonah_richards 1 167 Last post 05-April-19, 14:56:19
by Svet
Mai GE60 0nc modded bios for overclocking
Hi, I’ve seen that 6 years ago someone here requested modded bios for this modelGtx 660mI7 3630qmIs cpu and gpu overclocking pos...
dimakal93 1 111 Last post 04-April-19, 15:16:57
by Svet
[Request] Msi GF62 7RE Unlocked Bios
goshoflove95 1 112 Last post 03-April-19, 21:24:00
by Svet
Custom BIOS for MSI GS63VR 7RF - Disable nvidia gtx 1060 and switchable graphics
I've already tried editing my BIOS and flashing it with multiple different tools including the official aptio V tools specific t...
jakeblankenship 1 143 Last post 03-April-19, 15:58:22
by Svet
msi E16F3IMS.51X mod GT60 16F3
Hello I have just already donated to know where to download System BIOS version: E16F3IMS.51X (unlock) EC version: E16F3EMS1 Ver...
thehay95 1 105 Last post 03-April-19, 00:04:09
by Svet
msi GE70 2OC Unlock bios
Hi.Interested in an unlocked BIOS for GE70 2OC (MS-1757).Current version E1757IMS.520.What opportunities and how much donation?T...
q123038468 1 118 Last post 02-April-19, 15:32:11
by Svet
Hello Sven,  I'd like to have the BIOS for the windows / fn key swap. Thanks!!
eduardo.choi 1 137 Last post 01-April-19, 14:08:30
by Svet
GP73-636 Bios options
I have a gp73-636 and want to upgrade my ram and set timings. I wonder if it is also possible to disable the integrated GPU to r...
msweeney23 1 114 Last post 01-April-19, 14:07:46
by Svet
GL62 6QF
Hi, i just wanna ask if there's modded BIOS for GL62 6QF Thanks before
rezer007 1 113 Last post 31-March-19, 19:00:49
by Svet
[Request] Unlocked bios msi gt70
Hi guys,I have a issue with my GT70, it is working with 100% fan, making so many noise, it started when the graphic card stopped...
bruno.oliveira165 1 131 Last post 31-March-19, 13:41:47
by Svet
GT72 6QD vs GT7VR 6RD Thunderbolt
Hi Svet,I just had a question.  I used to own the GT72 6QD but not for very long.  I now own the 6RD.  I was comparing the two b...
shawn.donnelly21 0 94 Last post 31-March-19, 13:08:45
by shawn.donnelly21
P65 8RE Bios Unlock
Does anybody know how to unlock P65 bios.I upgraded memory, but Command rate on Ram is 2T I would like to change to 1T, my memor...
fndasilva 1 111 Last post 30-March-19, 13:27:51
by Svet
Seeking modified bios for cyberpowerpc fangbook 4k
Hi Svet, I was hoping that you were still doing bios updates/mods/unlocks for cyberpower notebooks.  I was hoping to figure out ...
stang281gt 1 111 Last post 30-March-19, 00:40:22
by Svet
modify bios for GP72mVR 7RFX
Hello, I would like to have a unlock bios for my laptop GP72mVR 7RFX where I can set my own cpu core/t
voodoopeople1990 1 127 Last post 28-March-19, 15:39:19
by Svet
Requested: custom bios for GP72m 7REX
Hello,I would like to have a custom bios for my laptop where I can set my own cpu core/turbo multiplier (since its all over the ...
tischot 1 115 Last post 27-March-19, 19:05:32
by Svet
Bios for GT62VR 6RE
Hello! I am looking for some information in order to change to the unlocked BIOS for the MSI GT62VR 6RE Dominator Pro.Thanks in ...
fuje 1 127 Last post 26-March-19, 21:39:22
by Svet
Request for unlocked BIOS for GS65 8SE
Looking to get hold of an unlocked BIOS for my GS65 8SE.  Curious about what options there are and if there's anything I can do ...
pheerit 0 132 Last post 25-March-19, 13:59:39
by pheerit
Need custom bios for Leopard GP63 8RE
Need custom bios for Leopard GP63 8RE, Thanks in Advance.
mrpanda42015 1 142 Last post 25-March-19, 13:55:08
by Svet
Unlocked VBios Request for GT72-6QD-019 970M 3GB
Hi, I am requesting help finding an unlocked VBios for the GTX 970M 3GB GPU on my GT72.Thanks in advance!Laptop model:  MSI GT72...
thejerm 1 139 Last post 24-March-19, 22:40:40
by Svet
BIOS options?
Hi I'd like to find out what options are available for BIOS and (if possible) VBIOS.  I have a GT62VR 6RE.  1070 8MB GPU.
me.msi 1 133 Last post 24-March-19, 22:39:36
by Svet
GS60 2PC FN/Win Key swap
Hi,I'd like to have the Fn and Windows key swapped, regarding modified BIOS what setting does that unlock.BIOS Version:         ...
Maki-Takanashi 1 123 Last post 24-March-19, 14:10:46
by Svet
request for unlocked bios for GS63VR 7RG-051TR
Hello SwetAlthough kinda confusing, I think I correctly understood have to do this to get in communication with you about an unl...
volkan_sert 1 120 Last post 24-March-19, 14:09:55
by Svet
GE62 7RE Bios unlock
It seems  AUO panels have some issues with brightness control on MSI laptop.I will get a B156ZAN02.3 or 02.2 in several days for...
discoverytaiwan100 2 147 Last post 22-March-19, 13:38:58
by Svet
Bios unlock for GP62-6QF
Hi, really hoping for a bios unlock for my MSI GP62-6QF with GTX 960M? Current bios version is E16J5IMS.114 Thank you! 1 133 Last post 21-March-19, 13:28:38
by Svet
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