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GE63 RBG 52 bios and Nvidia unlock
Looking to get my new llaptop unlock I would like to get the Nvidia card unlock and the bios unlock. You have did my old laptop ...
d_lomond 2 139 Last post 04-September-19, 15:09:56
by Svet
Bios password reset
Hello! Need Help!!!  Hi! I set the BIOS password on my GT73eVR 7RE Titan before going on vacation , but forgot it on arrival. Ho...
evgeniy.svechnikov85 1 142 Last post 03-September-19, 22:36:28
by evgeniy.svechnikov85
Request for unlocked BIOS- GP62MVR 7RGX (MS-16JC 7700HQ with GTX 1070)
Current BIOS version: E16JCIMS.305 (not yet updated with new microcode)EC Version: 16JCEMS1.106ME FW: recently acqu...
TMoney128 1 124 Last post 03-September-19, 15:22:23
by Svet
BIOS request for GS43VR 7RE Phantom Pro-069
Dear Svet,I sent you a private message but I feel that you have not seen it.Therefore, I will request it again here.I would like...
erickr 1 116 Last post 02-September-19, 18:40:23
by Svet
GP62 MVR 7RFX Lepoard Pro
Just made a 'unlocked' bios for the GP62 MVR 7RFX Lepoard Pro, MS-16JB Mobo.Flash with FPTW64.exe ("FPTW64.exe -F modded.rom -BI...
w4r3zgod 0 87 Last post 01-September-19, 22:29:47
by w4r3zgod
MSI GE72MVR 7RG - Broken intel chip (Dark screen when enabled)
Hello! Is there any way to disable the Intel iGPU from bios options? I'm having a really hard time figuring it out, I've tried a...
wolf.gvr 1 129 Last post 01-September-19, 16:31:30
by Svet
[REQUEST] I need the unlocked bios for GL62M 7REX
As the title states, I need either the unlocked bios or the factory default bios, since I just updated bios and now my USB-C Ext...
yungspu 1 118 Last post 01-September-19, 16:28:28
by Svet
Unlock bios for MSI P65 CREATOR 8RD request
Hi, I would like to unlock my bios for power management.
gofomoti 1 122 Last post 01-September-19, 16:27:39
by Svet
[ Request ] Unlocked Bios for MSI GE62 6QF GTX970M
HelloI would like to ask for unlocked bios for my laptop MSI GE62 6QF Apache Pro.BIOS Version: E16J4IMS.117Video BIOS Version: 8...
zboq 1 134 Last post 01-September-19, 16:26:17
by Svet
GE62 6QD Apache Pro unlocked bios
im looking for the unlocked bios for my msi ge62 6qd apache pro, so I can overclock my gpu more then the 135 MHz, thanks
michaeltrueworthy 1 120 Last post 01-September-19, 16:24:13
by Svet
MSI G65 8RF Bios Unlock Request
I would like to unlock the BIOS for my MSI GS65 8RF-010UK (GTX 1070 Max-Q). Thanks for any help.
kcaj_jones 1 130 Last post 01-September-19, 16:22:35
by Svet
Request unlocked bios mod for GS63VR 7RF STEALTH PRO
Hello, I would like to unlock the bios of my MSI GS63VR 7RF STEALTH PRO (i7 7700HQ + GTX 1060 6GB)
roalcaca 1 118 Last post 01-September-19, 16:21:55
by Svet
Latest vBios for GE63VR
Hello, Looking for the most updated vBios for the GE63VR with GTX 1070.  Currently running on bios version ...
coldint 0 107 Last post 27-August-19, 01:54:16
by coldint
MSI GS65 Stealth 9SF Bios unlock
Hello, I would like to unlock the BIOS for my MSI GS65 9SF (i7 9750H and GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q).I have some strange issues with...
cristof1913 2 172 Last post 26-August-19, 23:21:37
by cristof1913
GS60 2PE buttons remap request and fan speed question
Hello everyone,,I have a GS60 2PE-218RU laptop with BIOS version E16H2IMS.110.Is it possible to do this remap:Fn -> Win (so I wo...
LilChamp 1 130 Last post 26-August-19, 21:06:47
by Svet
Primary Display in bios missing
I have to unlock advanced menu by BIOS. I want to change primary display but it missingin ami has primary display option (bios r...
chalityst 1 114 Last post 26-August-19, 21:04:37
by Svet
GE73VR-7RF extended BIOS
I need to know what modded bios look like, they have all option on? i need to undervolt due to high summer temperature but XTU s...
lan_dragon 1 145 Last post 25-August-19, 15:51:02
by Svet
Unlock Bios MSI GS65 8RF Request
Hi, I would like to unlock the BIOS for my MSI GS65 8RF (Stealth Thin-037 with the GeForce GTX 1070 With Max-Q Design). I would ...
aouone 1 136 Last post 25-August-19, 15:49:19
by Svet
unlock vbios pass +135 mhz for msi GE72 6QD i76700hq skylake gtx960m 2gb
im lokking  to unlock vbios  unlock power limit disable boost  i have done some test gpu clock speed reached 1337 memmory 3380 f...
faruk 0 127 Last post 21-August-19, 13:37:46
by faruk
Unlock Bios MSI GS65 8RF Request
Hi, I would like to unlock the BIOS for my MSI GS65 8RF (Stealth Thin-037 with the GeForce® GTX 1070 With Max-Q Desi
sudolalex 1 161 Last post 20-August-19, 14:21:20
by Svet
custom vbios
hi all i was wondering if i can unlock and flash vbios gtx960m  2gb  for high gpu cloock speed  and disable boost and unlock pow...
faruk_julie 1 155 Last post 20-August-19, 02:00:00
by Svet
MOVED: Stuck on Bios screen
For official related stuffs, this topic has been moved to Technical Discussions (MSI Notebook Technical Assistance ONLY!).https:...
Svet 0 104 Last post 18-August-19, 15:50:18
by Svet
Mod for MSI ge73 8rf
I'm looking unlocking BIOS for MSI GE73 8RF to check the nvidia card is working fine, the w10 reportes error 43
mixman_tonio 1 162 Last post 18-August-19, 15:49:23
by Svet
Request for MSI PX60 6QE Unlocked BIOS
Hi, I'm looking unlocking BIOS for MSI PX60 6QE and udervolt for an i7 6700HQ and GTX960M. I need disable Nvidia Optimus or disa...
filip_suchomski 1 174 Last post 18-August-19, 15:47:34
by Svet
Unlocked BIOS For MSI GS72 6QC-231RU
Good afternoon fellow members and administration of this subforum.I have a pretty common laptop and a few things I wish I could ...
heilgeir 1 165 Last post 18-August-19, 15:46:39
by Svet
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