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Custom Fan and TDP settings for P75 Creator
Hi Svet,I have a P75 Creator with i9 9880h and RTX 2070 max Q. At the moment the fan at idle is running at 2500rpm or so.  Can s...
Macpod 1 121 Last post 29-October-19, 22:19:05
by Svet
(request) Unlocked bios for msi gs65 9sf
Hi. I Would like to unlock all menus in my bios for the latest version bios of msi gs65 sorry for bad english[
mdhana3000 1 180 Last post 28-October-19, 03:40:46
by mdhana3000
Msi gs73vr 6rf
request for full unlocked bios for msi gs73vr 6rf 1060 i7 6700hq
igorigor3192 1 149 Last post 28-October-19, 01:11:58
by Svet
Modified Bios Msi GP 2qf Leopord Pro
Hello,I looking for an unlocked bios for my MSI GP60-2QF Leopard Pro. The bios I currently have installed is E16GHIMS.10I I want...
dwalk107 1 121 Last post 28-October-19, 01:11:10
by Svet
MSI CR62 6M (model name MS-16J)
hi dear.How can I unlock the aptio bios to show hidden menu?I want to change DVMT prealloc memory value.bios version E16J6IMS.10...
adexin 1 159 Last post 24-October-19, 14:53:20
by Svet
Hello , I want to unlock my bios but i don't have links for do that . Can you help me please?
aimable06 1 142 Last post 24-October-19, 01:25:01
by Svet
Need bios for gt70 2pc (haswell) for 980m 8gb
Hello!I have notebook MSI GT70 2PC (Haswell) v. E1763IMS.10T and inside was video card gtx870m.Short story. I wanted to upgrade ...
zevs2005 1 135 Last post 24-October-19, 01:23:18
by Svet
[Request] MSI GT80 - GTX1070 compatibility fix
Hello Svet! I will really need your help with unlocking my good old GT80's BIOS for using GTX1070 while also keeping compatibili...
jiri.psenicka 1 148 Last post 24-October-19, 01:21:24
by Svet
Flash 90w vbios to MSI Stealth 2060
Hey guys,Recently picked up the MSI GS65 Stealth from BestBuy here in the US.I completed manual OC of gfx card and power tweaks ...
somejoshdude 0 114 Last post 23-October-19, 19:38:37
by somejoshdude
Custom BIOS for GE60-0ND
Hello!I need to have access to hidden BIOS options on my GE60 0ND .Is it possible to unlock this BIOS : E16GAIMS.10D? I want to ...
dgaadai 1 178 Last post 20-October-19, 22:26:36
by Svet
Request: Unlocked BIOS for GE62 6QF Apache pro
Hello,   I would like to unlock all menus in my BIOS.    [size
quique96 1 142 Last post 20-October-19, 22:25:32
by Svet
[Request] unlocked bios GS63VR 7RF
Hey, Requesting unlocked BIOS for GS63VR 7RF. Thanks.
jhrenyk 1 151 Last post 20-October-19, 22:22:51
by Svet
GS65 8SG Unlock GPU Power and Voltage
Is there any BIOS modification that will unlock GPU settings for GS65 8SG to:- Allow Custom Max Temperature lock.- Allow Custom ...
damian.zalesko 0 143 Last post 18-October-19, 22:03:26
by damian.zalesko
Nead Unlocked BIOS FOR GT70 2PE for EXP GDC external videocard
Hello I nead Unlocked BIOS FOR  GT70 2PEFor External graphics card with V8.0 EXP GDCBIOS info:BIOS version: E1763IMS.50W        ...
korund2020 1 145 Last post 17-October-19, 00:57:29
by Svet
unlocked bios MSI GT70 for GeForse GTX980m
Hello. Need unlocked BIOS for MSI GT70 GeForse gtx980m graphics. Thanks in advance.
ardilla.lightwriter 1 144 Last post 14-October-19, 22:32:23
by Svet
GS65 8RE-079 Stealth Unlocked BIOS
Hi,Would it be possible to get an unlocked BIOS to have more control over core voltages, multipliers, etc. I'm having trouble wh...
juanchoibf 1 158 Last post 14-October-19, 22:31:20
by Svet
[REQUEST] GP62MVR 7RFX Leopard Pro Unlocked Bios
I would like an unlocked bios to help me with the power limit throttling of my gpu.bios link:
Saqsy 1 186 Last post 11-October-19, 22:32:37
by Svet
Need Bios update for GT70 2PC E1763IMS.70Y
I want to update my BIOS. My current version is E1763IMS.70Y.Which BIOSes in which order should I install to update to latest on...
Gwamyr 0 151 Last post 11-October-19, 15:12:23
by Gwamyr
[Request] Latest BIOS update for GS40
Hi Svet,I've noticed that MSI won't update the BIOS to the latest microcode and the BIOS loading times are getting too long >12 ...
theraf90 1 158 Last post 10-October-19, 18:56:35
by Svet
Request for unlocked bios+vbios MSI GE72 2QF Apache Pro
Hello, I'm looking for unlocked bios and vbios for GE72 2QF Apache Pro with GTX970M 3GB (GM204 rev A1). If possible i want a bio...
Sephiroxx 1 138 Last post 10-October-19, 18:49:25
by Svet
Hi Svet, I'd like to request custom BIOS for GP72MVR 7RFX.
krencikm 1 175 Last post 07-October-19, 23:45:52
by Svet
unlocked bios for msi ge70 2PC
hello, i would need a unlocked bios for oc ram, adjust cpu power managment ecc..  Thanks in advance!
maurizio.sabia91 1 162 Last post 07-October-19, 00:54:45
by Svet
I Need vBios and EC , Im upgrading from GTX870m to GTX970m 6GB .. GT60 2PC
System Model: GT60 2PC                   Current  BIOS: E16F4IMS.51D (type: UEFI)I need a new bios im upgrading from GTX870m to...
Damnstev 2 208 Last post 07-October-19, 00:53:28
by Svet
MSI GT72 vr 6rd modded bios
Please kindly I would like to have my bios modded. Searched every where but id did not find. 1. Where do I find this? 2. Can you...
fred 1 146 Last post 07-October-19, 00:50:30
by Svet
GT80s sli002 laptop TB3 Need modified bios
I am trying to have my GT80S sli002 i7-6820HK work with a razor core X and a GTX 1080i card. I will donate if need be. Need bios...
celso.vizcaino 0 130 Last post 06-October-19, 07:24:58
by celso.vizcaino
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