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By entering this section, you know these are UNSUPPORTED AND UNOFFICIAL BIOS files, and donation is required.
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Need help and instructions.
Need help and instructions. And indicate the cost of your services. GT70 0NC Notebook Upgrade Required With GTX 670MX to GTX 980m
akm-registration 1 115 Last post 12-June-19, 16:22:56
by Svet
[Request] VBIOS TDP modding to 95W for GS65 8RF
Hello Svet,My laptop is a GS65 8RF from 2018 End of April.If I provide you the original vbios,Are you able to modify the GTX 107...
r565687 1 154 Last post 11-June-19, 15:23:33
by Svet
Hi,Recently i bought a new board for my GT60 0ND MS-16F3 V1.0 .Bios was flashed with a Rabook Firebat F640 firmware E16F3IW3.30D...
blackhein 0 118 Last post 10-June-19, 23:59:35
by blackhein
[Request] GT70 - video card upgrade
Hello,In order to update my GT70 0NE-1038XFR (MS-1762) from 680M to 980M; I post this thread that I will update (especially on t...
Cha0s 1 131 Last post 10-June-19, 21:00:18
by Svet
GE72 6QD gtx 960m 2GB Unlocked Bios requested.
Hello Svet, I need a modded or unlocked bios for my laptop GE72 6QD. Can you help me please?
lopsol33 1 128 Last post 10-June-19, 20:57:30
by Svet
[REQUEST] GS65 9SE unlocked bios requested.
Hello, I am looking for an unlocked bios for my MSI GS65 9SE. Thanks.
fatcowyu 0 119 Last post 09-June-19, 05:44:01
by fatcowyu
Request unlocked bios Quadro P4000 MXM
Hi, I got a Quadro P4000 mxm but I can't overclock it, I think the lock is bios related, can someone look if it can be unlocked,...
TheQuentincc 1 130 Last post 08-June-19, 13:37:15
by Svet
[REQUEST] GE62VR 6RF unlocked bios requested.
Hello, I am looking for an unlocked bios for my MSI Apache Pro GE62VR 6RF. Thanks.
Richard Nixon 1 133 Last post 08-June-19, 13:29:12
by Svet
[GS65 9SE] I am confuse on the ram setting
Poor am I,Hi everyone,I am from Hong Kong.Just bought a GS65 9SE, and a new pair So-dimm - Ballistrix Sport 16GB X2, 2666HzI ins...
fatcowyu 0 101 Last post 08-June-19, 06:50:20
by fatcowyu
bios request for cx61 2pc
enable vt-d and vt-x on a cx61 laptop please and thank you
gjchepil 0 104 Last post 07-June-19, 05:50:39
by gjchepil
Hello, this is my first time posting here.Recently I was trying to bump up my TDP a little bit with Intel XTU and Throttlestop a...
skaeteboarder 1 156 Last post 05-June-19, 15:08:36
by Svet
MSI GE75 8SF Raider - unlocked BIOS
Hello,Would need an unlocked BIOS for MSI GE75 8SF Raider laptop. Need the unlocked CPU multiplier option, voltage control, etc....
bldybstrd 1 132 Last post 05-June-19, 15:08:01
by Svet
BIOS for GT63 8RG-Titan 4K
Hello, I am looking for a custom BIOS to fix a couple of outstanding issues with the official BIOS, namely a runaway uncore that...
tristan.agostino 1 139 Last post 02-June-19, 15:10:07
by Svet
Hello,i m going to upgrade my video card 880M -980mi need a full unlocked bios.My current bios is: E1763IMS.51DMy EC firmware: 1...
doudoumath 1 117 Last post 02-June-19, 15:08:28
by Svet
GL62M 7RDX fully unlocked bios request
Hi, wondering if there is a fully unlocked bios for the GL62M 7RDX, I'd appreciate the help.
itchelll57 1 108 Last post 02-June-19, 15:07:17
by Svet
BIOS GT702oc 670m-980m
Hi.Upgraded my GT70 2oc from 670m - > 980m it fit and all but doesnt show in device manager is it outdated bios version? E1762IM...
andreas1381 1 102 Last post 02-June-19, 15:06:27
by Svet
[REQUEST] Unlocked BIOS MSI P65 Creator 8RF white edition
I recently bought this Laptop (MSI P65 Creator 8RF -451)and would love to change fan settings directly inside the Bios.The lates...
bitone 1 123 Last post 02-June-19, 15:05:22
by Svet
Can I have an unlocked bios firmware for MSI GT72 2QE? Current Bios: E1781IMS.110
tobyh87 1 117 Last post 02-June-19, 15:03:13
by Svet
MSI GT72S 6QE GPU support
Hi! A have MSI GT72S, 6QE, MS-1782 have Videocard Geforce 980 8Gb ...
ewgenqz 1 140 Last post 30-May-19, 21:30:26
by Svet
bios for gp75 leopard 9sd
I would like to remove this power limit.
songjh159 1 102 Last post 30-May-19, 21:29:45
by Svet
Request for Unlocked BIOS for MSI GT73VR 7re .325
Hello,i'm searching for an unlocked bios.I think Svet is the man for it.The Notebook has the last official BIOS and EC FirmwareB...
a.giesebrecht 1 100 Last post 30-May-19, 21:28:51
by Svet
Request for unlocked bios for MSI GS60-2QD
Hello.I'm looking a modded bios with all the options unlocked.I use intel XTU for configure the CPU and silent option for config...
wario_115 1 108 Last post 28-May-19, 17:46:20
by Svet
Need Unlock/Mod-Bios for MSI GE70 2OE
Hello, i need a Unlocked / Modded Bios for my Notebook (MSI GE70 2OE) I have 520 Bios Installed Greetz from Germany
xxkamikaze1988xx 1 108 Last post 28-May-19, 17:45:05
by Svet
Hi Svet, any info you can share about a modded bios for GS73VR 6RF ?
benj.cao 1 108 Last post 28-May-19, 17:44:16
by Svet
Request for unlocked bios for MSI GP70 Leopard MS-175A
Hello.I am looking for a fully unlocked bios.Laptop:GP70-2PEi741SFDi7-4720HQIntel(R) HD Graphics 4600 (HSW-MB GT2)GeForce 840MBi...
markojuricev 1 103 Last post 28-May-19, 17:36:11
by Svet
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