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magusxxx and 3 Guests are viewing this board.
Hi I need a custom EC  or be able to unlock and modify fan speeds for my GS43VR.The problem is that when I hit the fan boost opt...
ajavierbu95 1 72 Last post 12-February-19, 20:47:44
by Svet
GT70 2OC
I'd like to enable TRIM on the triple mSATA RAID0 Array, and I understand this is through a custom BIOS.How do I acquire it? I'v...
alexneuman 2 86 Last post 12-February-19, 16:05:56
by Svet
Unlocked Bios request
my Laptop: GT72S-6QE Bios: E1782IMS.122 i like to flash an unlocked version to mod the Bios thank you
luki508 1 86 Last post 12-February-19, 16:03:11
by Svet
Unlocked Bios Request: MSI GS65 8RF
Hi There, I would like tinker with the C-States and the Clock and therefore need an unlocked Bios. Thanks in Advance!
norman.freier 1 95 Last post 10-February-19, 15:39:10
by Svet
Request for unlocked BIOS/EC for GE63 Raider RGB 8RF
Hi, is there an unlocked BIOS/EC for GE63 Raider RGB 8RF that allows adjusting the Power Limit 1 for CPU? Thank you in advance!
longxig 1 79 Last post 10-February-19, 12:47:28
by Svet
Request: MSI GS65 8RF
Hello, I would like to request a custom BIOS for the MSI GS65-8RF. Thanks in advanced!
murzilka03 1 112 Last post 09-February-19, 00:49:51
by Svet
MSI GT70 0NC modified bios
My laptop's GPU 670m is burned so i am using other video card but fan is working so hard. I wanna choose the other video card as...
Rack 1 85 Last post 08-February-19, 18:58:44
by Svet
Request: MSI GS65 8SF bios
Hi, Could you send me a custom BIOS for the MSI GS65 8SF? Thanks in advance.
michal81 1 84 Last post 08-February-19, 16:09:36
by Svet
[Request] Unlocked bios for P65 Creator 8RF
Recently bought this laptop and saw that the bios is locked. I would love to get my hands on a unlocked bios.I got the model wit...
charlesla301 1 85 Last post 08-February-19, 15:13:15
by Svet
request unlocked bios for GT72VR 6RE
6700HQ GTX1070  Is it possible ?
kenneth26wong 1 79 Last post 08-February-19, 15:11:58
by Svet
Request for modified/unlocked bios for GT83VR 7RF
Hello how do i get a modified/unlocked bios for my GT83VR 7RF with sli 1080s ? thanks
danielhealy 1 64 Last post 07-February-19, 20:49:24
by Svet
Request for Unlocked BIOS for GE63VR 7RE
Hello, i would like to know if its possible to unlock bios for my laptop Thanks in advance
daniguay13 1 99 Last post 07-February-19, 20:48:19
by Svet
Unlocked bios for ge60 2pl apache
I need a unlocked bios for ge60 2pl apache for som light overclock and switch between grafics so i can connect egpu.
sonny_900 1 98 Last post 06-February-19, 20:43:04
by Svet
Hi,BIOS E1772IMS.10IBuild date:  01/28/2014Could you give me a quick consultation on what would a custom BIOS help me achieve? I...
sevenstriker7 1 94 Last post 06-February-19, 20:42:15
by Svet
BIOS FOR MSI GE62VR 7RF Camo Squad Limited Edition
Hello. I Have MSI GE62VR 7RF Camo Squad Limited Edition with i7 7700hq gtx 1060 3gbInstall last BIOS E16JBIMS.319 but maybe any ...
vovan-teror-rus 1 84 Last post 06-February-19, 20:40:16
by Svet
gs63vr bios request
requesting information on gs63vr custom bios features and pricing!
gregevans209 1 79 Last post 05-February-19, 16:37:58
by Svet
Request for custom bios for GP63 Leopard 8RE
Hey, i would also like a custom bios for my GP63 8RE my BIOS version is E16P5IMS.10D and my EC version is 16P5EMS1.109. Thank y...
20misiek 1 78 Last post 05-February-19, 16:04:10
by Svet
MOVED: Updated bios for GT80 2QE TITAN SLI
For discussing official stuffs, this topic has been moved to Technical Discussions (MSI Notebook Technical Assistance ONLY!).htt...
Svet 0 63 Last post 05-February-19, 16:02:00
by Svet
[REQUEST] Modded BIOS for my GT72 6QD
Hi. Can I ask for unlocked  BIOS for my GT72 6QD?
p.tosini 1 89 Last post 04-February-19, 11:40:50
by Svet
Request: MSI GS65 8RF
Hello, I would like to request a custom BIOS for the MSI GS65-8RF. Thanks in advanced!
pfortes88 1 101 Last post 04-February-19, 11:33:47
by Svet
GE73 Raider RGB 8RF
Hello, I would like to unlock my bios to access the advanced configs like:Intel (R) Speed Shift TechnologyCPU Flex Override[font...
zitani100 1 103 Last post 04-February-19, 11:32:47
by Svet
Request bios moded msi ge70 20e
Hi! i'd like to install the custom BIOS for my laptop. Some information about the current BIOS:BIOS Version: E1757IMS.520BIOS Bu...
by_mouez 1 83 Last post 04-February-19, 11:21:15
by Svet
[Request]GE63VR 7RE Unlocked BIOS
Hello,is it possible to unlock BIOS for my gaming notebook please, thanks.MSI GE63VR 7REi7-7700HQGTX 1060 6GBBIOS:              ...
hsj1992 1 100 Last post 03-February-19, 02:22:37
by Svet
MSI GL63 8RC-076 Custom BIOS/Firmware
Is it possible to get a bios and/or ec firmware that disables any type throttling(power limit throttling)? Maybe a bios that unl...
rhardaway88 1 126 Last post 03-February-19, 02:21:44
by Svet
MSI GS60 2PE Unlocked BIOS
Hi, I want to use nvidia gpu(just). I think this is possible with the unlocked bios. Is it for GS60 2PE?Current BIOS: E16H2IMS.1...
doganserserin_19 1 91 Last post 02-February-19, 03:11:52
by Svet
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