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MSI VX600 Notebook 1.0A & 1.0H BIOS Mods
Purpose of the VX600 1.0A BIOS Mod:* Reverse/swap the notebook keys functions of the "Fn" key with Left "Ctrl" key. {E.g "Fn" ke...
Svet 8 3269 Last post 19-October-09, 02:54:15
by Svet
msi gx610 adding ñ letter request
hi. i was wondering if the letter ñ could be added through the bios. in traditional spanish keyboards it comes to the right of t...
moxiot 3 1562 Last post 15-December-09, 05:01:29
by Henry
Msi Gx 630 1652_10m Request
Need bios version that changes Fn and Ctrl Buttons
draculas 7 3011 Last post 15-December-09, 20:17:11
by Stu
I have a MSI A5000-025US and I would like to know if you could mod it to Reverse/swap the notebook keys functions of the "Fn" ke...
hurtz777 26 11793 Last post 05-January-10, 20:57:43
by kaborka
MSI X-Slim X320 Notebook 0.10 , 1.07 BIOS Mods
Purpose of the X-Slim X320 Notebook 0.10 BIOS Mod:* Reverse/swap the notebook keys functions of the "Fn" key with Left "Ctrl" ke...
Svet 2 2792 Last post 09-February-10, 03:34:21
by IceFire
MSI Wind U110 - Reverse/swap the keys functions of the "Fn" key with "Left Ctrl"
Hi guys, is there a bios-fix to reverse/swap the keys functions of the "Fn" key with "Left Ctrl" for the MSI Wind U110. I don't ...
CyberKlabauter 10 5967 Last post 11-February-10, 14:51:38
by Stu
More options in bios - MSI GT628X
HiI heard something about more advanced options in notebook bios (Oc settings and etc...) but for that need to know  key shortcu...
keno10 3 1626 Last post 13-February-10, 14:18:59
by MH from NBR
Index of Modded BIOSes
To save you the bother of searching, here is an alphabetical index of all Svet's modded notebook BIOSes, and where to find them....
Stu 0 3508 Last post 17-February-10, 17:32:28
by Stu
Anyone have the moded 3.0F Bios for MSI U100?
Anyone have the moded 3.0F Bios for MSI U100?
hardware33 6 2308 Last post 19-February-10, 18:42:38
by Svet
M6275-419US | SPLIT
Hi,I just bought the M6275-419US. When I go to MSI's site and look at BIOS updates, it directs me to a download page for the EX6...
NotAnotherReboot 4 1944 Last post 19-February-10, 20:41:28
by Svet
Request for A6005-201US bios, switch some keys
Hi,I'm looking for a modded bios that switches the fn and the left ctrl keys, and the left alt and the "\" key adjacent to it.I ...
grease 2 1737 Last post 20-February-10, 00:28:16
by Svet
Request: Swap Fn & Ctrl key for GT640 (MS-1656)
Hi there,I've purchased a lovely MSI GT640 notebook but i would like to swap the Fn and Ctrl key. Is there a custom BIOS for thi...
wampatan 15 4481 Last post 21-February-10, 15:25:05
by Svet
Request for GX 633 fn key swap with left ctrl
Hi Svet,Request for GX 633 fn key swap with left Ctrl pleaseMainboard : Gx630/GX633PCB Version : Ver.001BIOS Version : E1652NMS ...
RudiAk 5 2425 Last post 23-February-10, 20:08:59
by Svet
BIOS Mod Disable FN-F2 for my MSI GX620
I want to disable it totally because of some operating system not working with it properly. It cause hang and that's a big probl...
darkhunter22 1 1807 Last post 01-March-10, 02:57:37
by Svet
Request GX620 C2Q (Core 2 Quad) bios mod
Hi everyone! I just got my powerful gx620 and I love the performance.But I was wondering if there could be a bios mod to allow c...
MexicanSnake 25 11332 Last post 02-March-10, 08:20:09
by Stu
Request: Please add support to change the multiplier of unlocked CPUs in BIOS.
Hi,I would like to put an extreme CPU in my MSI GT627, is there any chance of having a BIOS option to change the multiplier?I'm ...
MH from NBR 16 4907 Last post 04-March-10, 08:24:27
by Marecki_clf
Bios Mod Requst: MSI 1722-ID2
Hello All. My MSI 1722 is very nice and has great feature. But I do not have full quad core support. The turbo button does not o...
technos 11 3792 Last post 05-March-10, 22:26:55
by technos
MSI GX710X FN and CTRL swap request
Can I please have one of those files that makes the ctrl and fn buttons (down-left) swap functionality. A171AAMS205 is the versi...
phoenixvg 3 1828 Last post 12-March-10, 11:38:59
by Svet
MSI X320 Modified bios request
Hey all,I just recieved a X320 netbook and I want to install Windows XP SP3 on it. As far as I understood, I can't install XP un...
zach123 8 4346 Last post 16-March-10, 13:24:38
by Svet
MSI Wind90/100 1.9,1.0A,1.0B,1.0BV1,V2,1.0D,V2,V3,R6,Fn,R7,R8,R9,R10,VC1 BK Mods
Purpose of the Wind 1.09 BIOS Mod:* Reverse/swap the netbook keys functions of the "Fn" key with Left "Ctrl" key. {E.g "Fn" key ...
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Svet 195 74971 Last post 25-March-10, 16:15:22
by Svet
U100: Fn+Ctrl switch?
Hi, I'm trying to swap the Fn and Ctrl keys on my MSI U100. Do you know how to do it?
InsertCoin 3 1817 Last post 30-March-10, 20:04:10
by Svet
request for modified bois gx720
model gx-720 board ms-1722 bios 1.10 ec fw 432 would like to unlock the multipliers so i can overclock a Q9100 (qavk) thank you
phenom 5 1807 Last post 16-April-10, 23:24:05
by Svet
Enable VT and FN & CTRL switch for GX723...pretty please
Hey,  So after much research I have found that the GX723 CAN support VT...but bios doesn't have an option for it.  (I can curren...
V1x0r 6 2347 Last post 17-April-10, 02:08:28
by V1x0r
MSI Wind Netbook U115 Hybrid 0.09 & 0.0A & 0.0E & 0.0F & 1.04 BIOS Mods
Purpose of the Wind U115 Hybrid 0.09 BIOS Mod:* Reverse/swap the notebook keys functions of the "Fn" key with Left "Ctrl" key. {...
Svet 6 2853 Last post 19-April-10, 19:42:03
by Stu
How to switch Fn and Ctrl key on MSI E7235
Hey everyone I am new to this forum and was wondering if someone could help me switch the Fn and Ctrl key on my laptop. Thanks.
kamran619 7 3827 Last post 22-April-10, 02:15:07
by Svet
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