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By entering this section, you know these are UNSUPPORTED AND UNOFFICIAL BIOS files, and donation is required.
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Unlocked BIOS for MSI GP62MVR 7RF
Hey Svet, I would like to have an unlocked bios for the GP62MVR 7RF, the latest update if possible ([font=DINPro-Regular, Arial,...
91akun 1 577 Last post 16-December-17, 11:59:17
by Svet
Request for GX660R SSD with AHCI
Hi,I tried to install a SSD in my MSI GX660 but it's not recognized in AHCI mode.I found a link to the custom BIOS made by majst...
93aneta93 1 545 Last post 02-July-16, 12:30:48
by Svet
Bios and Vbios for GT72VR 6RE
Svet:As the title says, looking for unlocked versions of the bios and vbios for my laptop.  PM me and let me know what's require...
96svtdriver 1 749 Last post 21-September-17, 17:32:55
by Svet
Unlocked Bios
searching for unlocked bios. GT-80 2QE (4th-Gen) I7-4980HQ 980m SLI Bios installed: E1812IMS.119
a.begerow.83 1 869 Last post 01-May-16, 16:42:05
by Svet
GE62 2QF unlocked bios
Hey there,Just cleaned my laptop fans and upgraded the thermal paste to MX-4. GPUs pulling 65 degrees now, so I thought I might ...
a.cardx013 1 853 Last post 05-May-17, 15:26:30
by Svet
GE72 7RE-046 - Apache Pro
Hello! I'd like to have an unlocked BIOS for overclocking the cpu. The current BIOS is E1799IMS.324 Thanks
a.eckard 1 281 Last post 28-June-18, 15:18:26
by Svet
[REQUEST] GE62 2QF Unlocked bios (for Ram OC at least) help
If there is any unlocked bios for GE62 2QF with i7-5700hq for accessing ram options i would like to speed boost my rams since th...
a.eren0697 1 148 Last post 16-January-19, 16:57:21
by Svet
Request for Unlocked BIOS for MSI GT73VR 7re .325
Hello,i'm searching for an unlocked bios.I think Svet is the man for it.The Notebook has the last official BIOS and EC FirmwareB...
a.giesebrecht 1 166 Last post 30-May-19, 21:28:51
by Svet
MSI GE62VR 6RF Apache Pro
Hi, I'd like to have an unlocked bios to be able to undervolt my GPU. Many thanks
a.papp84 1 266 Last post 09-June-18, 01:05:35
by Svet
Hey Guys, i need a full unlockt bios i will use VT-x my CPU have this option but on the bios i cant change this pls help meMy No...
a.tutkun 11 2739 Last post 27-February-15, 14:50:30
by Svet
MSI GT72 2QE Unlocked Bios
Hi Svet, I would like to unlock the bios for my MSI GT72 2QE. I was informed you were the person to ask. Thank you.
a123chris 1 180 Last post 20-February-19, 14:01:51
by Svet
[Request] Latest bios and firmware to MSI 1672
Hello,I have a Medion X7819 notebook (MD98392) and it has an MSI 1762 barebone motherboard.It had a GTX 670MX card in it, and I ...
a15mam 1 832 Last post 11-March-16, 17:34:07
by Svet
Issue with powering on my MSI GS63VR
I am the owner of an MSI GS63VR 7RF and  I have an issue when turning on my laptop, does any of you know how could I get my lapt...
aalleexx2001 0 723 Last post 25-April-17, 18:32:53
by aalleexx2001
WHITEBOOK, support for Nvidia GTX 980m
To all the experts on these fourms. I purchased a MS-17632MKT Name 17632-219BUSProduct SKU: BBSXIt looks as though it's closest ...
aaron.decapua 0 617 Last post 26-October-16, 06:20:37
by aaron.decapua
Modified Bios for GS73VR 7RF 4k
As the title states. I want whatever features are available including dedicated graphics disable. Thanks.
aaron.fankhauser 1 294 Last post 12-April-18, 12:59:57
by Svet
MSI 1060n id:1C60 possible UEFI Mod Request
Hi Svet!Is it possible to modify my vbios?It is an upgraded m18x-r2 to 1060 from MSII would like to boot in PEG mode without is...
aaronloveweed 1 778 Last post 22-June-17, 12:14:31
by Svet
unlocked bois for ge60 20e 2013 model
i think this laptop would benefit from disabling HT.the cpu gets really hot while playing games. above 90cis there such a bios a...
aaronsta1 3 1154 Last post 16-June-14, 12:51:21
by Svet
Request] Unlocked BIOS GE72 6QD-476XFR
Hello do you have a Modded Bios for GE72 6QD ?[code]Distributeur du Bios   American Megatrends Inc.Version du Bios           E17...
abcdef123456vahirua 1 230 Last post 01-October-18, 21:28:28
by Svet
Fans working at max speed always after i removed the Nvidia GPUwindows 10CORE I7 -3630qmFULL MODEL NO : GT70 0ND 8AR736332G1T0DB...
abdeladim.s2 1 168 Last post 05-November-18, 10:42:55
by Svet
GT70 0NC-630 BIOS mod
Hi, Svet.I have:GT70 0NC-630RU (ivy bridge, gtx 670mx)Product   MS-1762Intel i7-3630QMBIOS Version:   E1762IMS.70UEC-FW Version:...
abe44806 1 974 Last post 29-June-15, 21:43:19
by Svet
fully unlocked MSI GS63VR-7RF BIOS
I want full control over my hardware. I'm willing to donate if you can tell me how you can confirm that I donated. PM me if you ...
absynthesyne 1 507 Last post 14-January-18, 05:10:43
by Svet
GS63VR 7RF 252 BIOS with maximum compatibility with Linux?
Is this possible? I'd like to have a BIOS that allows me to not have any kernel parameters when I boot Linux. I'd also like TB3,...
absynthesyne 0 510 Last post 04-December-17, 03:59:29
by absynthesyne
Unlocked BIOS request: GT73VR 6RF
I would like the latest unlocked BIOS for GT73VR 6RF. Thank you.
ac86 1 468 Last post 04-December-17, 10:52:54
by Svet
MSI GE70 0ND-033US (W7) Unlocked BIOS
Hi,I need unlocked bios for Msi GE70 0ND preinstalled Windows 7. Can you send donate information ?Specs - Motherboard Properties...
acbold 1 753 Last post 08-September-17, 21:39:32
by Svet
Custom GS65 BIOS
I am interested in what capabilities a custom GS65 BIOS would offer. Please PM with details. Thanks.
acekc1 1 324 Last post 05-August-18, 12:46:45
by Svet
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