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1762 modifications
Hello.My name is Thomas and my work recently gave me a Maingear laptop. The only problem is the GTX 680M it came with was dead, ...
ThomasTN98 1 113 Last post 22-September-19, 15:38:12
by Svet
GP62 MVR 7RFX Lepoard Pro
Just made a 'unlocked' bios for the GP62 MVR 7RFX Lepoard Pro, MS-16JB Mobo.Flash with FPTW64.exe ("FPTW64.exe -F modded.rom -BI...
w4r3zgod 0 115 Last post 01-September-19, 22:29:47
by w4r3zgod
Unlock Bios GT70-0NC-218NE WIN7
Unlock BiosHi i got this laptop MSI GT70-0NC-218NE dead and i have fixed it back to Life But the grafics card is burnt and i lik...
matte_44 1 115 Last post 28-April-19, 18:47:39
by Svet
request modded bios for GL62M-7RDX
hi svet, can i please get modded bios and info for GL62M-7RDX thank you
lukebmx81 1 116 Last post 27-February-19, 13:37:58
by Svet
Need BIOS for GE70 2PC, BIOS stuck on "-"
Hey, I got MSI GE70 2PC and my BIOS is stuck on "-" . Now my computer BIOS is on version E1759IMS.612 and i cant update it with ...
lukaszzb 0 117 Last post 15-July-19, 22:04:17
by lukaszzb
Replaced msigt60 motherboard in my old laptop, need custom bios and ec firmware
Good Morning Svet,My older MSIGT60 whitebook's motherboard was failing where it would turn on and then shut off randomly later. ...
co0kies 1 117 Last post 30-September-19, 15:23:25
by Svet
Request bios unlock for MSI ge60 2pc apache 850m
Hi I want to request a bios unlock to overclock the nvidia 850m past 135mhz. Thank you
pepone1988 1 117 Last post 30-April-19, 13:31:56
by Svet
GE63VR 7RF Raider
Hello I need GE63VR 7RF Raider unlocked bios/vbios for oculus rift s. Thank you.
e.cagatayguven 0 118 Last post 16-September-19, 01:05:43
by e.cagatayguven
Request - Unlock Bios for MSI GT72 Dominator 2PC
Hi, I need an Unlocked Bios for my GT72 Dominator 2PC, I want to modify the clock speeds.  Is it even possible? Thankyou Regards
necron 1 119 Last post 03-October-19, 16:54:47
by Svet
Latest vBios for GE63VR
Hello, Looking for the most updated vBios for the GE63VR with GTX 1070.  Currently running on bios version ...
coldint 0 119 Last post 27-August-19, 01:54:16
by coldint
MSI GE73 RAIDER 8RF - BIOS to unlock CPU potencial (TDP limit)
Hey.Is there any other way to unlock full CPU potencial? Currently, I use -0,140 UV which gave me stable 3,2 GHz but there is st...
m4rios90 0 120 Last post 08-September-19, 21:30:03
by m4rios90
[Request for help] GP72 7RD Leopard - Re-enable ME
Hi,I hit the same trouble as did this guy from win forumsfound that I can temporary disabled ME and thought WOW!!! Many reverse-...
dovgel 1 120 Last post 29-January-19, 23:49:48
by Svet
[Request] GS65 Stealth 9SD Unlocked BIOS
Hi, would it be possible to get an unlocked bios for the GS65 Stealth 9SD? Thanks
karstenes 0 121 Last post 01-October-19, 02:24:55
by karstenes
MSI GP73 Leopard 8RE Unlock Bios Request
Hello, I'm looking for an unlocked bios for my MSI GP73 Leopard 8RE (MS-17C5).  Thanks for all of your hard work ! Have a nice day
dam.29 1 122 Last post 03-October-19, 16:55:53
by Svet
[Request] I need a Bios update of GE60 2PE for using EGPU
I am using GE60 2PE (860m)Now i want to use an exp-gdc 8.0with the GTX1060.Then i have try to disable the 860mBut it still worki...
looxar.wicher 1 122 Last post 08-September-19, 21:08:34
by Svet
GE72MVR 7RG unlocked bios
Reading the forums and hearing good things about the unlocked bios for the MSI GE72MVR 7RG and I cannot find the file though.  C...
jmsimmons2004 1 123 Last post 10-December-18, 12:30:53
by Svet
unlocked bios for GE72VR 7RF
now i have latest offical bios. just bought faster RAM and would be nice to get it work faster than 2400MHz.
jps67 1 124 Last post 25-July-19, 19:41:38
by Svet
GT70 0NC unlocked bios
Hi Svet, please let me know how i can acquire the most recent bios for this notebook, with features unlocked. Thanks!
Korsan 1 125 Last post 25-July-19, 14:56:39
by Svet
~ ᴍsɪ ɢᴇ𝟽𝟻 𝟾ʀᴇ ᴠʙɪᴏs ~
HI folks  My GE75 8RE with the 2060 GPU has many limits due to power limit and am trying to find a way to change it.Although i t...
leonpanagiotidiss 0 126 Last post 13-August-19, 14:31:45
by leonpanagiotidiss
Primary Display in bios missing
I have to unlock advanced menu by BIOS. I want to change primary display but it missingin ami has primary display option (bios r...
chalityst 1 129 Last post 26-August-19, 21:04:37
by Svet
Request for modified/unlocked bios for GT83VR 7RF
Hello how do i get a modified/unlocked bios for my GT83VR 7RF with sli 1080s ? thanks
danielhealy 1 132 Last post 07-February-19, 20:49:24
by Svet
Hi I need a custom EC  or be able to unlock and modify fan speeds for my GS43VR.The problem is that when I hit the fan boost opt...
ajavierbu95 1 134 Last post 12-February-19, 20:47:44
by Svet
MSI GS40 6QE Phantom Unlock
Hi, Does anyone know of any bios unlock option for the GS40 6QE Phantom, so i can overclock the gpu. Thanks
shawnthenoob 1 134 Last post 15-May-19, 18:14:19
by Svet
Request Unlocked VBios for GE62 7RF 1060 6G
Hi, I would like to tweak the GTX 1060 TDP, thanks.
bcc290786 0 135 Last post 25-May-19, 19:00:24
by bcc290786
Request bios moded msi ge70 20e
Hi! i'd like to install the custom BIOS for my laptop. Some information about the current BIOS:BIOS Version: E1757IMS.520BIOS Bu...
by_mouez 1 135 Last post 04-February-19, 11:21:15
by Svet
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