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[REQUEST] MSI GP62 7RE LEOPARD PRO Laptop is 1050TI 2 GB GDDR5 versionNeed full unlocked BIOSAlso, I need...
absolut80p 1 101 Last post 20-April-20, 20:24:35
by Svet
Medion x682x - MSI GT70 Barebone Bios Unlock
Hello,Due to a fan issue (stuck @ 100%), I need to unlock the BIOS in order to access the fan control parameters, as far as I ca...
fabrice.pautot 1 105 Last post 17-May-20, 14:54:06
by Svet
BIOS for GE60 2PC APACHE without BIOS access
Hi, After struggling to get help from MSI (they won't reply my technical messages), and after trying some good tips from the tec...
kevineuman 1 105 Last post 03-May-20, 23:36:18
by Svet
GT60 2PE Dominator Pro 3K - GTX 1070M Upgrade
Looking for some help with this...I'm looking to purchase a GTX1070M N17E-G2-A1 8GB GDDR5 MXM for my GT60 2PE with i7 4810MQ to ...
d4niven 1 105 Last post 05-May-20, 21:23:47
by Svet
MOVED: bios for msi x570 carbon wifi
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Svet 0 107 Last post 22-April-20, 22:29:13
by Svet
Custom/unlocked bios for Ge72 6qf
I'm looking for a bios so I can use an external graphics card via m.2 slot on my MSI GE72 6QF Apache Pro
jessegonzalez94 1 112 Last post 26-April-20, 15:07:42
by Svet
P75 Creator 9 application for keyboard auto dimm + cpu and fan regulation
Hi.As I am really annoyed with software options support for this expensive laptop, I programmed my own application to do 2 simpl...
norberts 0 112 Last post 09-February-20, 16:26:30
by norberts
Unlocked bios for GL63 8RD
I looking for unlocked BIOS for GL63 8RD. Thanks. ver
pkirillov 1 113 Last post 05-May-20, 15:30:09
by Svet
Request for MSI GS43VR 6RE Unlocked BIOS
I would really appreciate if you could help me! I'm on E14A3IMS.109 [size=2
dissegnasimone1997 1 113 Last post 03-April-20, 19:03:15
by Svet
[REQUEST) Asus ROG GL702VSK Bios unlock
Hi Svet, I'm not that good at unlocking bios and stuff but it would be nice if you could help unlock all the options/ additional...
zabrapvp 0 114 Last post 08-April-20, 07:47:27
by zabrapvp
GS73VR 6RF Unlocked Bios
Hello Svet! Can I also request for a full unlocked/UEFI bios for MSI GS73VR 6RF Stealth Pro1060 6gbi7 6700hq1080p 120hzWhen do I...
jamden90 1 114 Last post 03-May-20, 23:41:44
by Svet
Modded Bios For GS73VR 6RF Stealth Pro
Hello Svet! Request for full unlocked/UEFI bios for MSI GS73VR 6RF Stealth Pro1060 6gbi7 6700hqAlso i have this missing data Do ...
stalhaq 1 114 Last post 03-May-20, 23:37:35
by Svet
1060 mxm zotac zbox in msi gt70 1763
Hi,I need some help @svet with my MSI GT70 1763 the fan spins at 100% with the GTX 1060 mxm installed. I have tried to do an .in...
maxwell902 2 115 Last post 26-May-20, 18:34:35
by Svet
Looking for bios to unlock XMP on GE72 6QF
As title says looking for bios to unlock xmp on GE72 6QF
Vailen 2 118 Last post 19-May-20, 19:28:57
by Svet
MSI PS63 8RC bios unlock
HII would like to ask for an unlocked bios for MSI PS63 8RCIf there is possibility I would like to ask for:*Unlocking all settin...
liloslaw 0 121 Last post 26-March-20, 15:23:01
by liloslaw
BIOS unlock for my GL72 7RDX 664ZA
Hi! SvetI would like to know if you could please help to unlock my BIOS for more options. I only have the BIOS that looks very "...
cobus.claassen 1 124 Last post 14-May-20, 18:44:05
by Svet
BIOS for MSI FX-603 (MS-16G4)
Have been looking long and hard for a BIOS to install i7-920XM in my MSI FX-603 w/out luck. Laptop obviously boots, as fan is ra...
catilley1092 0 125 Last post 16-March-20, 05:11:42
by catilley1092
Requesting Custom Or Unlocked Bios for GT73VR 6RE TITAN
Requesting Custom or Unlocked Bios for GT73VR 6RE TITAN.Specs:I7-6820HK,GTX 1070 8GB,48GB RAM.Thanks in advance.
l.benidze97 0 125 Last post 23-April-20, 22:01:09
by l.benidze97
Looking for updated bios for MS-16H5
Hey guys,I have a Cyberpower FANGbook Edge 15x with the motherboard model - MS-16H5.I recently had to format the laptop and have...
chrismartin5454 0 127 Last post 08-March-20, 23:52:13
by chrismartin5454
Hi Svet!Could you please send me an unlocked bios for my GE73-7RD Raider (BIOS Version: E17C3IMS.10A ) (Firmware version : 17C3E...
xdream.1 1 127 Last post 14-April-20, 14:18:20
by Svet
Bios Unlock GL62M 7RDX
Hi! I hope you are well and staying safe, please can I have assistance with unlocking my bios, I own the GL62M 7RDX. Thank you ben
winchesterb99 1 128 Last post 12-April-20, 22:51:37
by Svet
[Request] GS70-2PC-Stealth Unlocked BIOS
Can I have the unlocked bios so i can swap my fn and windows key around? Thanks in advance. BIOS is E1772IMS.10F
gary961105 1 128 Last post 03-April-20, 19:07:26
by Svet
GE60 2OE eGPU Modified Bios
Hi,I want to upgrade my GPU. I wonder possibility of upgrading process. Is there a modified bios for eGPU ?Thanks,Specs:MSI GE60...
mertaydar 1 129 Last post 10-April-20, 14:07:43
by Svet
unlock Bios / VBios for GP63 8re
Hello,         I would like to have a unlocked bios / vbios with more other settings for my GP63 -8re cn006My bios version is E1...
reon.tyc 1 129 Last post 14-April-20, 14:16:36
by Svet
MOVED: Shortcut key to Open Dragon Center Not working
For discussing official stuffs, this topic has been moved to Technical Discussions (MSI Notebook Technical Assistance ONLY!).htt...
Svet 0 130 Last post 10-February-20, 14:04:21
by Svet
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