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By entering this section, you know these are UNSUPPORTED AND UNOFFICIAL BIOS files, and donation is required.
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request supercharged BETA EC for GT60 (16F3)
Make  please 16F3EMS1_T16  fan at full speed Thanks!!!
olegg 14 3012 Last post 29-January-13, 22:27:32
by Svet
Unable to update Virtualization settings, unlocked BIOS request
I'm trying to enable Virtualization support on a GT60-0NC NB. I am unable to flash the BIOS from 30C to 30M (unable to UEFI boot...
ebsmith 1 1349 Last post 29-January-13, 11:34:47
by Svet
Request for a unlocked BIOS for GT70 0ND 202US and question about donation
I am using GT70 0ND 202US。 The current BIOS version is E1762IMS.10R from the official MSI website.The features I need are basica...
hunnitth 10 2887 Last post 28-January-13, 21:38:29
by Svet
Unlock GE70 0ND bios request
any chance to unlock 660M?
tukan90 15 2832 Last post 28-January-13, 13:40:55
by Svet
Request for Unlocked bios for GT70-0ND445
I am looking for an unlocked options version of the bios E1762IMS.50U for my GT70-0ND445US.  I am hoping to see some options tha...
Smegthelight 1 1696 Last post 28-January-13, 13:40:14
by Svet
Request for MSI GT70 0NE-609US Unlocked Bios
I bought MSI GT70 0NE-609US Dragon Edition. An I've upgraded some parts as mentioned belowProcessor Intel i7 extreme 3940xm 3.0G...
LSX Monster 22 7975 Last post 25-January-13, 20:50:25
by LSX Monster
Request Unlocked BIOS for MSI GT70 0ND
Hi Svet! I need an unlocked BIOS for my GT70 0ND to install Windows 7 in UEFI... How much do i have to donate?! How long do i ha...
madhat 12 3039 Last post 25-January-13, 14:30:17
by Svet
Windows 8 GT70 0nc BIOS request & donate question
How much is the donation?  Would like to do the following with the BIOS below if possible (only have the stock 3630qm right now ...
ewitte 1 1132 Last post 24-January-13, 19:49:42
by Svet
Unlock for MSI GT70 0NE-446US?
Hello,Tomorrow I am getting a new MSI GT70 0NE-446US.I know I am going to be running into problems with the Nvidia Optimus inter...
belboz 3 2274 Last post 22-January-13, 19:02:07
by Svet
Custom bios for msi GE620DX
Hi, can a custom bios be made for the GE620DX that can disable the "GPU Boost Technology" and force the use of the discrete nvid...
krnsniper 1 1575 Last post 21-January-13, 12:52:07
by Svet
custom bios request A6000-030US
To Svet and any others...  I have a MSI A6000-030US laptop that has just left teh warranty period and I would like to take a cha...
mscarter40 1 1469 Last post 20-January-13, 06:28:19
by Svet
Request for MSI GT70 0NE BIOS with all hidden options unlocked
Hello!  :-)I need to have access to hidden BIOS options on my GT70. I tried with AMIBCP, but the modified BIOS is refused by AFU...
EvilSentinel 8 3565 Last post 19-January-13, 19:26:22
by Svet
GT780DXR - Option to disable HyperThreading?
Hey!Is it possible to add the option too disable HyperThreading? As it seems there is none in the original bios.I'm refering to ...
Taiten 13 2674 Last post 17-January-13, 10:35:57
by Svet
@SvetCan you unlock cpu multiplier, memory tweaks,cpu throttling,PPU Dsable etc with this latest bios from msi? And also can you...
omega939 11 2891 Last post 12-January-13, 17:57:09
by Svet
GX640 modded BIOS for Agility 4 SSD in AHCI
So...I'm having problems with a new Agility 4 SSD and my GX640.It's not recognized by the BIOS in AHCI mode, but it is in IDE.Is...
gmikol 5 1655 Last post 09-January-13, 06:11:28
by Svet
Requesting AHCI support bios for samsung 830 on gx740
Hi Svet,heres my detailsMSIHQ: Information detected by MSIHQ Tool ver: 1.25g MSIHQ: Report generated in 28/12/2012 at 11:47:15.4...
sirbilly 5 1587 Last post 07-January-13, 16:37:18
by Svet
GT60: Need unlocked BIOS with additional cpu support
I also need an unlocked bios for gt60and supports i7 3720qmit is not definedthanks!  ...
olegg 4 1657 Last post 06-January-13, 21:19:24
by olegg
HI i recently bought from ebay a gpu replacement card MSI GT60 VGA Upgrade Kit; NVIDIA GTX 680M; 4GB DDR5; MXM 3.0b and my probl...
yellowslap 6 5301 Last post 06-January-13, 00:01:13
by BrendanBeckmann
GX701 moded bios
pleas send to me moded bios for GX701 notebook
Novi4ek 1 1199 Last post 04-January-13, 01:26:29
by Svet
Hi Svet, Is it possible to unclock BIOS on this 276US model to enable stock CPU overclocking? I mean i7-3610QM.
deskdollars 1 1078 Last post 29-December-12, 20:55:58
by Svet
MS-1762 barebones unlocked BIOS request
Current info:BIOS: E1762IG6.30JEC: 1762EG62 Ver4.00Can I get the latest unlocked BIOS with an updated Intel OROM and XMP support...
whiteboyprime 3 1368 Last post 28-December-12, 01:16:01
by Svet
Notebook CR610 CPU upgrade (a new BIOS necessary? )
Hi! this notebook had a Sempron II (M120 Caspian S1G3), I've tried to upgrade the CPU, a Turion II Ultra (M620 Caspian S1G3), bu...
marcus 1 1833 Last post 27-December-12, 21:53:09
by Svet
bios request msi gt725
can You send me custom bios for my gt725? I am looking for latest bios suitable, providing  best performance ? what changes will...
spasmolas 1 1174 Last post 25-December-12, 16:54:37
by Svet
Request: Modified Wind U135DX BIOS?
Hey SvetHow possible would it be to have an option to disable the oboard RAM on the Wind U135DX?Additionally, would it be easy t...
robinslit 15 5791 Last post 22-December-12, 18:13:13
by Svet
Need unlocked bios for MSI GT70 0NE-623RU.Процессор: [ ? ]   Intel Core i7 2400 МГц Ivy Bridge (3630QM)Количество ядер:   4Шина/... 28 8956 Last post 20-December-12, 16:07:33
by Svet
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