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By entering this section, you know these are UNSUPPORTED AND UNOFFICIAL BIOS files, and donation is required.
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MS163a enable vt + a bit more
Hi,Does any one have a bios update for the MS-163a baraboneBIOS E163AIBB.102EC 163AEG6 1.05I need the following1. Enable VT (Vmw...
royco2 5 1576 Last post 07-April-11, 13:10:26
by Svet
GX600 VT Enabling
Hello !I have an MSI GX600 '08 and I would like to install XP Mode on Windows 7 but I can't figure out how to enable virtualizat...
bogdan.beda 11 3048 Last post 05-April-11, 17:49:18
by Ex Forum User 3
Request: GX640 Fn and Ctrl Key Swap
Hi,I'd like to request a Fn/Ctrl key swap for the GX640.Bios Information:BIOS Version: E1656IMS.106BIOS Build: 02/12/2010 11:06:...
Pherein 15 3989 Last post 28-March-11, 23:35:06
by Svet
Request: Brightness fix
In BIOS 1.0D update the following problem is fixed: "Fixed issue when AC Main Power is plugged, Brightness automatically goes to...
mork 4 1664 Last post 22-March-11, 16:12:46
by Svet
BIOS Archive-File for the MSIHQ USB Bootable Tool and BIOS Helper
HelloI'm looking for a Bios archive-file (zip/rar) for my MSI 1201PN board, that your MSIHQ USB Bootable Tool can read (the one ...
schnitzelpommes 2 1685 Last post 18-March-11, 09:30:50
by Ex Forum User 3
Request: BIOS/EC mod for EX300
Hi there,I have the 1.06 Bios/EC versions installed on my EX300.  I am interested in finding a mod which will allow swapping the...
dtan 5 1660 Last post 12-March-11, 13:39:23
by Svet
Need TO Disable HT and Turbo On CR620
Need To Disable HT and Turbo On CR620 and a Way to check Fan speed THNXXXX SVET
MANLINK 7 1674 Last post 07-March-11, 17:34:56
request to swap fn an ctrl keys on GX740
I want to be able to swap the key. I would ask to you also if there are problems to break the keyboard if i physically remove th...
Vashino 12 2960 Last post 07-March-11, 13:05:49
by Svet
Request: fan control on GX720
Hi Svet, can you enable some sort of fancontrol on GX720? I would like to turn down or turn off fan in iddle and light use (brow...
T2slow 1 1029 Last post 03-March-11, 17:53:04
by Svet
Hi all, I need a BIOS to control taimingite memory and increase overclocking turbo.please send it to{email removed to protect pr...
pipkata 0 1134 Last post 13-February-11, 21:04:07
by pipkata
There is a request to SVET, can you send a patch which makes GeForce 9100 mg 256 MB to 512? Laptop model VR 630. I would be very...
de_funker 15 3876 Last post 02-February-11, 21:57:56
by Ex Forum User 3
Request: FN/Ctrl swap for MSI GT627-218US
Need the fn/ctrl swap for my laptop msi gt627-218us.
yhr707 6 1812 Last post 27-January-11, 07:24:08
by Svet
MSI PR200 Notebooks 1.43 and 3.43 BIOS Mods
Purpose of the 1.43  BIOS Mod for PR200 & PR200 Crystal Collection & PR200 YA Edition* Reverse/swap the notebook keys functions ...
Svet 8 3003 Last post 24-January-11, 07:48:50
by 1770
Request: Fn/Cltr Swap for MSI GX 740
Donation has been sent via e-mail from email removed to protect user from spamAround how long is the expected wait time? Also, I...
Mists 23 5474 Last post 24-January-11, 01:45:20
by Svet
Virtualization Technology
Hi CommunityI want to disable the Virtualization Technology but in my Bios i cant find the poit for disable that. How i can disa...
sannicolao 10 2064 Last post 19-January-11, 19:52:19
by Svet
Custom Bios for GX740
Hi SvetIs it possible to get a Custom BIOS for the GX740, that have the hidden options unlocked e.g. HPET 32/64, and advanced se...
Alf1har 1 1520 Last post 19-January-11, 19:20:35
by Svet
Does my bios have vcore adjustment ?
What is "wi vcore control" ?"leving vcore" ?Can I use this option to decrease voltage ? What are the option values? Can I lower ...
link626 1 1276 Last post 16-January-11, 22:35:37
by Svet
Request: Bios mod for MSI GT627, enable northbridge options
Hi,I have an MSI GT627, report:MSIHQ: Information detected by MSIHQ Tool ver: 1.18xMSIHQ: Report generated in Sun 21/02/2010 at ...
MH from NBR 7 2375 Last post 16-January-11, 13:33:53
by bman255
combine 2 bioes
hello, i have AMI bios (msi gt725 gaming laptop)and i have 2 bios versions. The one allow me to overclock my cpu and the other d...
lenarass 4 1180 Last post 13-January-11, 16:37:12
by lenarass
As was done with the A5000 recently(, i was wondering if the same could be don...
jrav 26 9132 Last post 05-January-11, 15:42:10
by Mike
SVET . can you modify AMI bios ?
You enabled the overclocking features of my MSI a5000 bios.So, I have to ask you if this is possible........ ?I have an amd am2+...
link626 1 1733 Last post 01-January-11, 14:25:59
by Ex Forum User 3
MSI GX600 Notebook 1.0Z BIOS Mod
Purpose of the GX600 1.0Z BIOS Mod:* Reverse/swap the notebook keys functions of the "Fn" key with Left "Ctrl" key. {E.g "Fn" ke...
Svet 2 2358 Last post 30-December-10, 14:27:06
by Svet
BIOS for GX740 to swap Fn and Ctrl key
hello i need a FN/ctrl swap bios for a GX740bios informationbios build : E1727IMS.10B, 8/18/2010EC BUILD : 1727EMS1.406, 05/28/2...
kuba112004 19 5923 Last post 29-December-10, 02:38:31
by Svet
Want to disable hyperthreading on MSI A6200
I have a MSI A6200 (Core i3-350M etc.). I would like to disable hyperthreading to get lower latency for professional real-time a...
dewdrop_world 1 1432 Last post 28-December-10, 07:37:07
by Svet
Request GX600 1.12 VT capable BIOS
Hi! I would like a VT capable bios from new relase 1.12 for GX600. Thx!
Rogan 3 1645 Last post 25-December-10, 19:35:35
by Svet
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