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Need a FN/CTRL swap for a MSI GT740 | SPLIT | SPLIT
I would appreciate the Fn/Ctrl changer for my GT740 if possible. EDIT: BIOS version: E1727IMS.102 SMBIOS version: 2.6 not really...
Tehqqq 1 1043 Last post 17-July-10, 01:20:11
by Svet
Request: E7405 - Fn/Ctrl Swap
BIOS BUILD: E1727IMR.106 3/23/2010 EC BUILD: 1727EM51.404 12/15/2009 Thank you!
alexluong 7 1702 Last post 14-July-10, 23:34:03
by Svet
Request: FN/Ctrl swap for MSI 1656-ID4
Svet, I've ordered an MSI 1656-ID4 (the bare bones of the GX640) and I was wondering if you knew ahead of time whether or not yo...
pepst98756 2 1478 Last post 11-July-10, 15:34:34
by pepst98756
MSI EX620/EX623/EX625 4.19 EC Mod
EX620/EX623/EX625 4.19 EC Mod:* Reverse/swap the netbook keys functions of the "Fn" key with Left "Ctrl" key. {E.g "Fn" key will...
Svet 26 12529 Last post 10-July-10, 15:53:59
by Svet
Enable VT and FN & CTRL switch for a6000--029us
I would reallllly love to be able to swap the fn and Ctrl buttons. I wouldn't mind enabling VT also.  thanks Dave
fischdl 6 2293 Last post 08-July-10, 17:52:30
by Svet
MSI Wind Netbook U123 turbo speed request | SPLIT
Hi Svet,I have work to you ;]  Yesterday I downloaded latest bios from MSI global website to my Wind U123H and flash my netbook ...
ruNNer222 12 3620 Last post 07-July-10, 01:33:38
by Svet
msi wind u100 plus overclocking
Is it possible to flash a wind u100+ with a u100 bios to enable 24% overclock? At present only 15% is avaliable thanks
mrgreen1000 4 2710 Last post 03-July-10, 11:24:56
by mrgreen1000
Cannot post request for U100 bios switch FN and CTRL keys
I need the U100 BIOS that switches FN and left CTRL keys.  Followed a somewhat convoluted method of locating the BIOS page for U...
clarose 1 1201 Last post 26-June-10, 08:27:18
by Svet
Unlock BIOS of MS-1727 Notebook
Hi,is it possible to get a unlocked BIOS for a MS-1727 Barbone.I bought another RAM from Kingston. And it should run at 533 MHz ...
d3lph!c 6 2296 Last post 23-June-10, 19:21:35
by d3lph!c
X340 Bios Mod Request
I need a bios mod dat enables OC
maaz2020 0 1262 Last post 19-June-10, 11:45:21
by maaz2020
Xplorer X7-7700 Ctrl + FN , \ + Alt , Delete + Insert keys | SPLIT V2
Hi SVET, I just purchased an MSI-1727 Barebone from a third party vendor (
gags1 3 1488 Last post 16-June-10, 15:56:04
by Svet
Request: Mod EX630 Bios to disable onboard vga
Wondering if it is possible to disable onboard vga (9100) and to only use dedicated gpu
gartman 19 5529 Last post 15-June-10, 18:30:34
by Svet
Mod bios for X340 Celeron 723
Hi, is possible to have a mod bios to use a SETFSB and speedup the Celeron 723 on X340 ? 
magosagazzu 1 1142 Last post 15-June-10, 17:44:55
by Svet
Modified msi X-340 bios request
Hi there, I was wondering if there are any programers out there that could modify the x-340 bios so that we could overclock this...
ferrarista 3 1216 Last post 13-June-10, 21:18:52
by Svet
Unlock Bios of MS-1656 Notebook
Hey, I was wondering if there was anyone who could help me unlock my notebook's(ms-1656 barebone) bios to be able to change the ...
bri353 15 4157 Last post 04-June-10, 20:22:49
by bri353
MSI Wind Netbook U120/U120H 1.0B & 10C & 10E & 10F BIOS Mods
Purpose of the Wind 1.0B BIOS Mod:* Reverse/swap the netbook keys functions of the "Fn" key with Left "Ctrl" key. {E.g "Fn" key ...
Svet 17 6505 Last post 27-May-10, 16:43:51
by francsal
Request modified BIOS for GX620 1.0S->1.14
Hello,MSIHQ: Information detected by MSIHQ Tool ver: 1.18x MSIHQ: Report generated in 24.03.2010 at  0:42:24,64 ****************...
quackmoor 6 2069 Last post 27-May-10, 04:52:55
by modder
Need a FN/CTRL swap for a MSI GT740 | SPLIT
Hi, Donation is done. I need a FN/CTRL swap for a MSI GT740. Is that possible? Thx I have the latest Bios 1.07 installed.
d3lph!c 13 3614 Last post 26-May-10, 12:30:06
by Svet
Request:reverse/swap the notebook keys
Hi!I have EX720X and want to swap/reverse "Fn" and "Ctrl" keys. Is that possible? Thank you in advance! 10 3810 Last post 23-May-10, 12:20:56
by StresSdidri
Question about the fn/ctrl mod
Hey i got a gx640 and i have to say i hate the fn key lol....But here is my question if i donate and get the modded bios... what...
crazywolf_00 3 1114 Last post 21-May-10, 20:41:19
by Mike
Request: GT725 swap FN+Ctrl keys?
Hi all,does it exist a patch to swap keys function for MSI GT725???* Reverse/swap the netbook keys functions of the "Fn" key wit... 9 3710 Last post 21-May-10, 15:32:20
by Mike
MSI Wind U100 Plus, 24% Request
Hello Svetexcuse for my low English.Can you change include value of DOC 8% <-> 24% ?Because I use U100+. I can not choose 24% of...
mkt3110 1 1359 Last post 14-May-10, 02:45:33
by Svet
U100 Key Swap BIOS Request
I tried following instructions, I searched for an hour and could find no links, went to BIOS section and followed link to U100, ...
bym231 3 1543 Last post 13-May-10, 21:52:26
by Svet
Request: Modified Bios For EX625, Memory Ratio
Hi. I want to change the Memory Ratio on my Laptop. Is it possible to get an custom Bios?Is it possible to get FSB settings too?...
aquaphun 4 1717 Last post 13-May-10, 21:21:13
by Svet
request: msi ex600x 103key (with numpad) 5.09 bios mod
hi.. im having problems with this specific laptop. running windows 7 x64 on it, and i cant turn on my webcam. p1 button starts w...
moondoggie 0 1102 Last post 13-May-10, 19:04:51
by moondoggie
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