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Request : Bios mod for GT 70 to enable vt-x
It would be terrific if virtualization options could be added or somehow made available in a modded bios for the GT 70. Thanks.
wild_x 7 3082 Last post 09-May-12, 02:02:59
by Svet
Request : Bios mod for GT 70 to enable vt-x
Hi for the use of VMware Workstation 8.0.3 i need that vt-x could be enabled in the BIOS.Can you please make a mod of the BIOS V...
HansWalter 3 1518 Last post 08-May-12, 21:08:26
by Svet
Request : Bios mod for GT 70 to enable vt-x
I would like this mod so I can run VMs for work please.
jjo422 1 1444 Last post 08-May-12, 19:59:45
by Svet
[request] Gx640 Bios Mod Request
I was wondering if  there is a bios for the gx640 with cpu overclocking and/or memory timing and fan options. Also... first post...
mrlimozines 10 3147 Last post 04-May-12, 01:38:09
by Svet
Hello,I'm looking for a GX-600 Bios version which gives Intel VT as on option, and to disable/enable on my ownI would really app...
noando 4 1757 Last post 03-May-12, 19:45:29
by Stu
Whats possible on GT780DXR?
Hello, can someone explain me which features can unlocked on GT780DXR? I will donate if unlocked features are good. Thanks
berm 5 1976 Last post 29-April-12, 17:45:24
by Svet
XP on MSI EX630X
Hi to  everyone... I need help... I need custom bios version to install xp on my laptop... Can you send me a file..??! tnx...
vladav87 1 1478 Last post 26-April-12, 15:29:41
by Svet
nvidia "gtx570m" firmware for fan speed ?
hi all, new here, i looked but can't find anythingis there a way (maybe a firmware) for the gtx570m in the msi gt780dxr that can...
rd1 3 2258 Last post 19-April-12, 01:11:33
by Svet
msi ge620-021us custom bios?
Svet, do you have anything for the msi ge620-021us?Interested in being able to control more power settings, and general tuning s...
chewie 9 3789 Last post 17-April-12, 20:07:17
by Svet
beachy 3 2890 Last post 08-April-12, 19:52:12
by Stu
virtualization option missing on MSI GT780DX
Hi all  I recently bought a  msi-gt780DX-406US   and i can't seems to find the option to turn on virtualization in bios.pls is t...
rd1590 2 1876 Last post 01-April-12, 20:00:56
by rd1590
[REQ] Unlock ADvanced Menu CX640
Hello Svet,If possible could you unlock some of the hidden features in the GX640 bios? I'd like you to unlock the hidden options...
Unland 4 2577 Last post 14-March-12, 21:23:16
by Svet
Request: Bios mod for ex625, remap fn to ctrl
Hello, BIOS Build A1674IMS, Ver 1.0Y, 02/01/2010 EC Build 1674EMS1, Ver 4.23, 09/15/2009 Thanks in advance
pr3di 5 2023 Last post 13-March-12, 07:26:57
by Svet
Unlocking GT780 DX
is it possible to unlock all features in bios for the GT 780 DX ?if so will it be done ?I do not have paypal is there any altern...
Mr52 2 1844 Last post 25-February-12, 19:19:24
by Stu
Enable virtualization in Bios
Hi,i have an older laptop and i really need to use virtualization for some tests.Laptop:Megabook L730 (MS-17188)AMD Turion 64 X2...
mad0man 16 6141 Last post 23-February-12, 12:19:31
by Svet
MSI Whitebook (937-16F231-012 aka GT683DX) MSI Bios ?
Hello,i have a Medion X6819, a MSI Barebone Is this possible to ...
likezero 1 2192 Last post 12-February-12, 12:09:56
by Stu
Hi,can someone please unlock all option in this gx660r BIOS v30L for a...
mindwarp101 4 2687 Last post 31-January-12, 18:56:46
by Svet
[REQUEST] Fn/Ctrl keys swap
Hi Svet! Can u send me the bios for swap fn/ctrl? My laptop MSI GX740 076PL MS-1727 Thanx!
Quentin77 6 2004 Last post 30-January-12, 23:10:16
by Svet
Unlocking EIST for double IDA
Hello,cau u mod bios for me, i have option in bios to turn EIST on and off, but it cant be switched in OS to activate double IDA...
makatec 4 2040 Last post 30-January-12, 00:31:44
by Svet
[Request] GX640 Unlock Settings
Hi Svet,If possible could you unlock some of the hidden features in the GX640 bios? I had a look at the bios in AMIBCP to find o...
Pherein 5 2286 Last post 18-January-12, 19:25:37
by Svet
Request, allocate more base RAM to Intel HD 3000 graphics
Is this possible to do in custom BIOS? Notebook = MSI A6400-042US. Core i5 sandy bridge 2410 CPU with Intel HD 3000 integrated g...
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msidiot 58 20039 Last post 15-January-12, 20:09:22
by uncledavid
modified bios
laptop MSI A6200 modified to cpu ( i7  640 m) ssd (ocz vertex 180 gb) 8gb ram(1033 mgz) memory not detected properly even whit b...
serge-dodge 0 1319 Last post 18-December-11, 17:39:27
by serge-dodge
MSI GX620 Barebones BIOS and EC!!!!
Hi ...I have a gx620This is the barebones version!We talked already about a year ago, the cpu overclock:
micski2 0 1263 Last post 08-December-11, 23:26:46
by micski2
modified bios for an unrecognized battery?
will a modified bios for an unrecognized battery, i have a ms-163k motherbooard thanks
yaronberger 2 1612 Last post 05-December-11, 17:39:59
by yaronberger
Request: BIOS mod for notebook MSI CR500
Hello,Svet can you tell me if it's possible to unlock hidden BIOS menus for overclockinng-for example increasing fsb speed, cpu ...
mitkosoft 17 4712 Last post 24-November-11, 23:50:01
by mitkosoft
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