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Force wfi adapter on or disable Fn + F11
Hi Svet,Our school has U135 DX netbooks running Win XP SP3.Students complain they can't connect to the wifi network when the pro...
maxymaxy 1 1345 Last post 01-July-11, 02:03:06
by Svet
Request: FN & Ctrl, (Left) Alt & \, Insert & Delete Swap for A6000-029US
Hi, can I get a modified bios with the above swaps please? (swap FN with Ctrl, Left Alt with \ [left of spacebar], and Insert wi...
aznwings 7 2734 Last post 18-June-11, 02:05:25
by Svet
[Q]How to setting Disable-Enable Virtualization on MSI NB GE620
[Q]How to setting Disable-Enable Virtualization on MSI NB GE620 AMI BIOS Version E16G5IMS V.10AI test from securable program, Di...
iti11 7 4011 Last post 10-June-11, 23:21:01
by brenny
Request: 1.0Q V1 BIOS Mod for GT735 and GX730 and GX733
Hello, I completed a donation a couple days ago, paypal e-mail same as my forum account. Thanks.
hadept 3 1581 Last post 10-June-11, 11:36:54
by Svet
REQUEST: Switch LEFT Fn key with RIGHT Ctrl key for GX740?
Hello Svet, is it possible to switch the LEFT Fn key with my RIGHT Ctrl key on the GX740?  I can say I never touched the right C...
user64x 2 1572 Last post 08-June-11, 20:50:59
by Stu
Request MSI GX620 (MS-1651)
I'm Currently Using the 1.E0 bios version is this possible for a request, can you increase the TDE or the Overclock touch, i hav...
jrchan01 2 1530 Last post 06-June-11, 19:16:32
by jrchan01
GT628 mod - disable power management
Hi,Is it possible to disable power management features except SpeedStep?I'm using my notebook for professional work like music c...
Polarus 9 2241 Last post 03-June-11, 20:24:29
by Svet
Request: GX740 FN and Ctrl Swap
BIOS BUILD: E1727IMS.106, 02/01/2010 EC BUILD: 1727EMS1.404, 12/15/2009 Link donation :D
nghost 19 5572 Last post 03-June-11, 17:16:04
by Svet
REQUEST: U100 1.0G Bios with WIFI on startup
Hello Svet,Is it possible to make a bios with the wireless card on at startup? My f11 key is broken so I just want to have it on...
John McClane 4 1362 Last post 03-June-11, 13:15:20
by Svet
REQUEST: GX660R bios that supports a Kingston SNVP325-S2/128GB SSD
Looking for a GX660R bios that supports a Kingston SNVP325-S2/128GB SSD drive with a Toshiba T6UG1XBG controller.I can't believe...
Nakano2k1 2 1143 Last post 22-May-11, 17:30:11
by Rhadamanthis
REQUEST: GX740 VID control from BIOS
I have a MSI GX740 and I updated the BIOS and EC to the latest ones. I used SetFSB to bump the CPU up to 1.8Ghz but cannot proce...
ysaliens 5 1770 Last post 18-May-11, 22:06:08
by ysaliens
Hello there,I was wondering if it would be possible to get a BIOS mod for the A4000-0092US model version of the CR400 series lap...
ScrawnyB 3 1778 Last post 16-May-11, 17:47:40
by Svet
GX640 SMT(HT) disable and fan speed control
I have GX640 - i7-720QM.1. Can I toggle SMT(HT) option at BIOS SETUP ?2. This notebook is too hot. So I want to adjust the fan s...
DY,Kim 16 3869 Last post 14-May-11, 17:09:01
by DY,Kim
Custom Bios PR200 ms-1221
Hi after updating to Bios 1221_151 my fanspeed have raised one or two levels and temp raised 3-5 deg Celsius a thing I really li...
Carsten 19 5417 Last post 12-May-11, 15:26:24
by Svet
Request: U100 1.0G Bios with OC on startup
Hi Svet,I would like the lastest 1.0G modded bios, except the following:- Regular Ctrl-Fn keys- Regular logo- OC is set by defau...
jesuisunique 11 3424 Last post 11-May-11, 14:42:58
by Svet
[Q] CR400 Modified BIOS
First i have a question, what additional menus that is possible to add in my CR400's BIOS?Please tell me, i want to know how far...
aldee_s 3 1343 Last post 07-May-11, 15:37:33
by Svet
SVet, I got the same laptop.. is it possible to get a copy of that modded bios? Ill donate if thats what you want.. I need those...
DeaTHToLL818 8 2573 Last post 07-May-11, 15:07:47
by Svet
GT735 enabling integrated HD 3200 graphic
Hi SvetI have a special request for you. It is possible to activate integrated HD 3200 in this notebook? GT735 have RX781 chipse...
frostman 18 5161 Last post 03-May-11, 19:20:53
by Svet
Hello, i'm italian and i have buyed this very power notebook, msi gx660r. Is possible to modify last release (3.h) with support ...
Rhadamanthis 21 7183 Last post 01-May-11, 21:39:05
by Rhadamanthis
bios mod for msi gx620 notebook
Hello  I can be one of the bios gx620 modify notebook?
lorenco 12 3747 Last post 28-April-11, 18:22:38
by Svet
Modified Bios PR200 - ms-1221
Hi after i have updated my bios on this Notebook PR200 - ms-1221 the fan is running faster in idle and temps are higher (pretty ...
Carsten 1 1624 Last post 26-April-11, 22:05:20
by Svet
EX625 4.14 EC Mod
EX625 4.14 EC Mod:* Reverse/swap the netbook keys functions of the "Fn" key with Left "Ctrl" key. {E.g "Fn" key will act as "Ctr...
Svet 8 3815 Last post 24-April-11, 10:43:22
by Stu
Request: GX640 Fn and Ctrl Key Swap
Hello,I'd like to request a Fn/Ctrl key swap for the the GX640.Bios Information:BIOS Version: E1656IMS.10EBIOS Build: 08/30/2010...
krazey 5 2063 Last post 23-April-11, 15:39:50
by Svet
MS163a enable vt + a bit more
Hi,Does any one have a bios update for the MS-163a baraboneBIOS E163AIBB.102EC 163AEG6 1.05I need the following1. Enable VT (Vmw...
royco2 5 1702 Last post 07-April-11, 13:10:26
by Svet
GX600 VT Enabling
Hello !I have an MSI GX600 '08 and I would like to install XP Mode on Windows 7 but I can't figure out how to enable virtualizat...
bogdan.beda 11 3310 Last post 05-April-11, 17:49:18
by Ex Forum User 3
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