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Mod for MSI ge73 8rf
I'm looking unlocking BIOS for MSI GE73 8RF to check the nvidia card is working fine, the w10 reportes error 43
mixman_tonio 1 184 Last post 18-August-19, 15:49:23
by Svet
Request for MSI PX60 6QE Unlocked BIOS
Hi, I'm looking unlocking BIOS for MSI PX60 6QE and udervolt for an i7 6700HQ and GTX960M. I need disable Nvidia Optimus or disa...
filip_suchomski 1 196 Last post 18-August-19, 15:47:34
by Svet
Unlocked BIOS For MSI GS72 6QC-231RU
Good afternoon fellow members and administration of this subforum.I have a pretty common laptop and a few things I wish I could ...
heilgeir 1 182 Last post 18-August-19, 15:46:39
by Svet
Unlock GS63 7RE bios
Hello Svet. Could you help me unlocking a GS63 7RE bios? Thanks Saludos desde España 3 448 Last post 18-August-19, 10:41:45
[Request] GE72MVR 7RG EC/unlocked BIOS to stop CPU fan wavering noise + OC
Hello! Is there a modded EC and/or unlocked BIOS for the GE72MVR 7RG to stop my CPU fan from making a wavering noise? And to hel...
mickey.padge 2 269 Last post 16-August-19, 18:18:04
by mickey.padge
unlocked BIOS for GX660R
Hi Svet,I have a GX660R with i5-460m CPU and HD5870 GPU. I bought i7-840qm for it but after install I got just black screen afte...
bandit77 2 237 Last post 15-August-19, 21:53:00
by bandit77
~ ᴍsɪ ɢᴇ𝟽𝟻 𝟾ʀᴇ ᴠʙɪᴏs ~
HI folks  My GE75 8RE with the 2060 GPU has many limits due to power limit and am trying to find a way to change it.Although i t...
leonpanagiotidiss 0 126 Last post 13-August-19, 14:31:45
by leonpanagiotidiss
Request for MSI GE72 7RE
Hi I would like to ask if u could send me modified latest bios for my laptop GE72 7RE Apache Pro
westcoast1845 1 202 Last post 12-August-19, 00:23:15
by Svet
hello, I am looking for an unlocked BIOS for MSI gp60 2qf leopard pro
evgenij.polikarpov 2 215 Last post 11-August-19, 18:20:12
by evgenij.polikarpov
Ge62 2qf unlocked bios
hi, new here, i see others have requested an unlocked bios in the past, i recently got a Ge62 2qf and would like an unlocked bio...
hieplevan1234 1 228 Last post 11-August-19, 16:15:33
by Svet
Update BIOS for MS16L1
Hi, can anyone provide me with an updated BIOS for the MS16L1? I need to update my BIOS. 
chensilun1997 0 142 Last post 10-August-19, 06:16:17
by chensilun1997
GS40 6QE unlocked BIOS?
hi, new here, i see others have requested an unlocked bios in the past, i recently got a GS40 6QE and would like an unlocked bio...
p2cdesigns 2 304 Last post 08-August-19, 17:05:06
by p2cdesigns
[REQUEST]: MSi Stealth Thin GS65 8RF Unlocked BIOS
Hi, Im looking for a modified bios for my MSI Stealth Thin GS65 8RF Max-Q GTX 1070 Thank you in advance for any help!
dextery772 1 159 Last post 07-August-19, 17:05:57
by Svet
Requesting Unlocked GE72MVR 7RG BIOS
I have done some mayor upgrades to the laptop and want to have full control, I am so used to overclock and use XMP but need the ...
babysexydragon 1 152 Last post 07-August-19, 16:53:08
by Svet
UEFI on GT70 0nd (1762IMS.10U) ?
Hi,According to my other topic : there a way to get UEFI with an unlocked 17...
eijizwanted 2 324 Last post 07-August-19, 02:09:18
by eijizwanted
Hi, Svet. I have: GT70-0ND MSI 1762 [font=Ver
drayker 0 172 Last post 05-August-19, 16:56:00
by drayker
Unlocked BIOS for GL62m-7REX
Hi guys,I am new here and I am looking for a modified BIOS for my laptop GL62m-7REX. I want to change RAM/CPU clocks and timings...
Xibit1990 1 240 Last post 04-August-19, 22:25:46
by Svet
[REQUEST] Bios for GE62VR-6RF
After finding a stable undervolt for my GE62, i want to apply it with bios, i need a custom one or a unlocked version.Best regar...
JeremH 1 205 Last post 03-August-19, 15:06:12
by Svet
[REQUEST] Unlocked bios for MSI GT60 0NC
Dear Svet My Laptop was MSI GT60 0NC the old vga, GTX670M was dead Recently I buy VGA Card from [
erygoodguy 2 230 Last post 03-August-19, 05:12:57
by erygoodguy
vbios GS60 970m 3go
hello, i would like to know if it's possible to do something with this vbios to help with the throttle temps & unlock the +135 l...
just 1 219 Last post 01-August-19, 18:59:51
by Svet
[Request] Bios unlocked GP62 6QF Leopard Pro MS-16J5
Hi I would like to ask if u could send me modified bios for my laptop GP62_6QF
cryss 1 174 Last post 01-August-19, 18:57:51
by Svet
boots only to blinking bios clock even after new battery
Edit: ( MOD _ please move- posted in wrong section )The only thing I can try now is to upgrade the BIOS.Was booting ok with Lini...
chris333242 0 149 Last post 01-August-19, 06:19:58
by chris333242
Unlocked bios
I know this is a gaming system forum but I have the ws65 8sk and was wondering if my bios could be unlocked
mikemcguire1987 1 186 Last post 30-July-19, 14:01:30
by Svet
[REQUEST] Modded BIOS for GS70 6qe
Hello, I'm looking for a modded BIOS for the GS70 6QE that allows me to disable optimus and only use the dGPU Thanks! 
albmanzi 1 178 Last post 28-July-19, 14:34:16
by Svet
Request MSI GE75 Raider 9SF Unlocked BIOS ( SVET )
need Unlocked BIOS for my MSI GE75 Raider 9SF want to use XMP
maorosh 0 165 Last post 28-July-19, 01:37:14
by maorosh
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