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Full Unlock BIOS for MSI GT62VR 6RE dominator pro
BIOS desbloqueado para MSI GT62VR 6RE Dominator Pro, Obrigado.
odilonafneto 1 188 Last post 30-March-20, 23:53:10
by Svet
How do i get in touch with svet for custom bios services?
Email? PM here?
wiktorwiktor 1 156 Last post 30-March-20, 23:52:11
by Svet
Cyberpower Fangbook III BX-6 / MSI Whitebook, VT-D support?
I have an old Cyberpower Fangbook III BX-6 that appears to be exactly a MSI GE62 2QF - 5700HQ, HM87, 8GB 1866mhz, GTX 970M 3GB. ...
lordxale 1 144 Last post 30-March-20, 23:49:14
by Svet
For discussing official stuffs, topic has been moved to Technical Discussions (MSI Notebook Technical Assistance ONLY!).https://...
Svet 0 83 Last post 30-March-20, 23:47:47
by Svet
[Request] Unlocked BIOS for MSI GE72-2QF
Hello, I would like to make a request for unlocked BIOS for my notebook.Now I'm using BIOS version: E1791IMS.113 and 1791EMS1.50...
fuilares 1 165 Last post 30-March-20, 23:46:17
by Svet
[Request] GT72VR 7RE-467CN [BIOS and EC UNLOCK]
Hello all :My laptop is GT72VR 7RE-467CN with i7-7700HQ and 1070.I'm looking for an unlocked BIOS&EC to show me whether it's hav...
csyandhch 1 178 Last post 30-March-20, 23:44:26
by Svet
[Request] Unlocked BIOS for MSI GE63VR-7RF
I would appreciate an unlocked BIOS I have the last version Thanks!!
echave.l 2 209 Last post 30-March-20, 16:27:57
by Svet
MSI GT60 2OC+GTX 1060 6 Gb (upgrade's problem)
Hello. So I decided to update the video card on the MSI GT60 2OC (non G-Sync) laptop on the GTX 1060 (from MSI, which is on blac...
stalker1903 2 197 Last post 29-March-20, 07:29:42
by stalker1903
MSI GT70 OND 1762 - Virtualization Unlock
Hi i want to use Hyper V under Windows 10. My Notebook is a MSI GT70 OND 1762. I flashed the BIOS with E1762IMS.50X but it doesn...
mariohanske 1 155 Last post 27-March-20, 13:13:52
by mariohanske
MSI PS63 8RC bios unlock
HII would like to ask for an unlocked bios for MSI PS63 8RCIf there is possibility I would like to ask for:*Unlocking all settin...
liloslaw 0 121 Last post 26-March-20, 15:23:01
by liloslaw
hello i need unlocked gp60 2qf unlocked bios for disable gpu sector. Because of i want to use EGPU please help me about this sub...
akifkaan1 1 166 Last post 24-March-20, 16:38:36
by Svet
GT70 + RTX 980M
Hi!I have a GT70 (not sure of the suffix - this was a "whitebox" model sold through The original configurat...
Daniel M. 1 171 Last post 23-March-20, 14:35:19
by Svet
cx61ond bios
need cx61 0nd bios
ahmad.ershadi1375 1 156 Last post 23-March-20, 14:32:28
by Svet
[Request] GL62M 7RDX
Hello, I'm looking for an unlocked BIOS for MSI GL62M 7RDX laptop. Thank you!
itsatharva 1 174 Last post 18-March-20, 22:23:18
by Svet
[Request] Unlocked bios for MSI 14" Modem 14 AIORB-661XPT
Hey Svet, I would like, if possible, an unlocked BIOS for MSI 14" Modem 14 AIORB-661XPT. Thanks.
canetinhas 0 159 Last post 18-March-20, 18:13:02
by canetinhas
[Request] Unlocked BIOS for MSI GT72 2QE (MS-1781)
Hi Svet, after multiple research and information I turn to you to get there. I plan to update my old laptop "msi gt72 2QE I7 498...
mickael22277 1 172 Last post 17-March-20, 15:29:31
by Svet
GT70 0ND to GT70VR conversion, code 43 on zotac 1080, maybe a bios, ec issue
Hi,I'm quite new to this fourm but have been around on NBR doing laptop mods for quite sometime, I need some help @svet with my ...
DaMafiaGamer 1 191 Last post 17-March-20, 15:28:31
by Svet
BIOS for MSI FX-603 (MS-16G4)
Have been looking long and hard for a BIOS to install i7-920XM in my MSI FX-603 w/out luck. Laptop obviously boots, as fan is ra...
catilley1092 0 125 Last post 16-March-20, 05:11:42
by catilley1092
[Request] Unlocked BIOS and EC for GS43VR 6RE-006US
Svet,Kindly requesting your Unlocked BIOS and EC for a GS43VR 6RE-006US.Current BIOS and EC are:BIOS E14A3IMS.109EC    14A3EMS1....
aarazak 1 197 Last post 13-March-20, 13:26:32
by Svet
MSI GP62 6QF LEOPARD PRO Laptop has 960M 4 GB GDDR5 versionNeed full unlocked BIOSAlso, I need ...
david10 1 183 Last post 13-March-20, 13:21:41
by Svet
Backlit keyboard Gl72 7QF
So I bought a backlit keyboard to replace my broken keyboard on my laptop. From what I understood I need a custom ec to make it ...
bibsim91 2 179 Last post 11-March-20, 23:27:24
by Svet
BIOS for my GS40 6QE Phatom
Is it possible to get a custom BIOS for my GS40 6QE Phatom in order to decrease minimum fan RPM ? (CPU fan currently at 4000RPM ...
sergey.golubev.1980 1 148 Last post 11-March-20, 23:25:57
by Svet
[REQUEST] Unlocked BIOS and EC for a MSI GE70 2PE Apache Pro
Kindly requesting your Unlocked BIOS and EC for a MSI GE70 2PE Apache Pro Model: MS-1759 Bios Version: E1759IMS.52D [font=Verdana
Cibernaco 1 153 Last post 11-March-20, 23:25:15
by Svet
GT72VR 7RE 1070 BIOS for 1080GTX UPGRADE?
Hi,I do not know if default bios will run fine. But it is posible to have a customized/unlocked bios that allows to use it, from...
djra6 0 136 Last post 11-March-20, 18:49:59
by djra6
(Request) GT72 2QD 1237XES unlocked BIOS
Hello! I was looking for a way to unlock my BIOS, specially regarding the 47W of TDP of the CPU. Is this the correct place?
eastrider 1 213 Last post 10-March-20, 15:26:41
by Svet
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