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Sticky Topics
The >>Forum FAQ<< now contains links to all the assembly/disassembly guides that have been uploaded by request by the moderators...
Stu 0 16250 Last post 05-February-10, 20:23:44
by Stu
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in o...
Dragoonyang 18 9131 Last post 20-February-20, 12:23:26
by prachi.credicxo
Normal Topics
GT72 Dominator Pro Triple Surround w/ Accessory Display
[font=Verdana, Tahoma, "Nimbus Sans L", arial, sans-serif]Hi,[/font][/color][font=Verdana, Tahoma, "Nimbus Sans L", arial, sans-...
mitchalangford 0 664 Last post 05-October-16, 02:19:25
by mitchalangford
Problème avec true color
Hello, for some time, every time I boot my PC, I have an error message with msi true color: unable to load configuration file, I...
aureliendu54120 0 651 Last post 16-December-16, 12:52:27
by aureliendu54120
BD-drive for GT72s 6QD Dominator
Hi there everyone,I'm trying my best to find a suitable BD-drive to replace the current DVD-drive that's factory installed onto ...
saku537 0 611 Last post 21-December-16, 20:28:34
by saku537
MSi GL62 Why is it not charging? And the charger is fine.
Hey, my pc just stop charging out of the blue. And when i plug in the charger the little symbol comes up over the little battery...
henriette.milla.99 0 688 Last post 21-December-16, 22:30:15
by henriette.milla.99
Adding SSD in MSIcx62 7QL
Hi!I've purchased the MSI laptop model CX62 7QL and I would like to add a SSD disk.Is this possible, or may I remove first the D...
caseal7 0 843 Last post 25-December-16, 11:12:41
by caseal7
Keyboard MSI GE70 Apache Pro
Hello,2 years ago I bought my MSI Apache Pro GE70 2PE with a swiss keyboard. (QWERTZ)Everything went good up until last week, my...
NickRie 0 607 Last post 25-December-16, 21:36:42
by NickRie
Keyboard compatibility MSI Apache Pro GE70 2PE
Hello,2 years ago I bought a MSI Apache Pro GE70 2PE notebook, and up until last week everything worked fine!All of the sudden t...
NickRie 0 665 Last post 25-December-16, 21:43:30
by NickRie
Error debug codes
Hello I seem to be having some debug error codes on my x99s gaming 9 ack mobo, The codes are 04,55,60 and I think 62 or 63 can y...
dazeaze 0 541 Last post 26-December-16, 14:16:20
by dazeaze
Coil whine
Hi guys,After doing some research, I have come to the conclusion that my new laptop has 'coil whine'.The high pitch sound seems ...
games.gaston 0 565 Last post 15-December-16, 22:53:32
by games.gaston
GTX670MX MXM 3.0b - HELP search vBios chip.
Please help me search for vBios EEPROM module on this card where is vBios stored.I bought Programmer but i dont want to flash wr...
rafalorda 0 560 Last post 08-December-16, 20:22:26
by rafalorda
MSI Nightblade X2B OC
So I just bought my new MSI Nightblade X2B computer and I'm in the gaming app I can't choose OC mode. It just won't let me do it...
ludvig.ludde23 0 561 Last post 07-December-16, 16:34:37
by ludvig.ludde23
Usb/card reader cabble
Hi, so i've got a msi gs70 6qe, and yesterday  when i tried to clean it inside by mistake ive damaged the cabble for the USB 2.0...
cronosferus 0 620 Last post 06-October-16, 12:46:25
by cronosferus
Where can I find screen replacement?
My GE70 MS-1757 screen broke, tried to contacting local resellers but none seems to sell it. Is there anywhere I can buy a repla...
makkafon 0 598 Last post 19-October-16, 15:24:02
by makkafon
HELP ! My keyboard fails ( GE70 2PE Apache pro )
My laptop keyboard to change the position of all keys when typing. This error occurs when I set the EC Firmware and Touchpad. wh...
xo0ooo0ox94 0 627 Last post 23-October-16, 19:19:44
by xo0ooo0ox94
MSI Recovery Image Backup Error
hi Iam change my hardisk  whit m2 ssd so orginal hardisk its delete all recovery partition so i have all ready image DVD but its...
djgokmen 0 431 Last post 04-January-19, 00:50:53
by djgokmen
regard touchpad questions
hello.i am using ge62vr. i am using it for my work including gaming ofc.when i am using this laptop for workout, i usually dont ...
giveyouaflower 0 888 Last post 06-November-16, 11:54:40
by giveyouaflower
Does MSI GE62 2QC apache support Crucial MX300 525Go M.2 (2280) SATA
[font=Times New Roman","serif]Hi,[/font][font=Times New Roman","serif]I want to know if my laptop GE62 2QC apache support Crucia...
rami_bhsine 0 665 Last post 06-November-16, 17:31:48
by rami_bhsine
Hello guys and gals,I just got the laptop it's actually coming in on the 18th can't WAIT!!! before it I had the Vector-17-300 se...
mkamran1967 0 611 Last post 17-November-16, 09:08:15
by mkamran1967
MSI GL62 6QF where to find install plate for 2.5'' and what DDR4 to buy?
HiI have MSI GL62 6QF with 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD in M.2 slot. I'm trying to install a new SSD drive to the 2.5'' but it seems th...
ryynnik 0 718 Last post 07-December-16, 14:01:31
by ryynnik
Ge62 6QD M.2 upgrade
Will my laptop work with the Toshiba OCZ RD400 PCI-Express M.2? I'm pretty sure the M.2 slot on my laptop is rated for 2200MBs, ...
hotel.knights 0 504 Last post 06-January-17, 01:40:23
by hotel.knights
Gx600 mobo
Hello. Can someone tell me does the gx610 mobo fits in gx600? Will it work?
tasko022 0 564 Last post 09-January-17, 14:59:07
by tasko022
MSI GT72VR 6RD Dominator, Slugish video after playing games , help
Hi Guys,I just bought this laptop and I am not too happy with it, for some reason after playing World of Tanks, the video output...
info 0 683 Last post 10-January-17, 15:06:59
by info
Firebird SQL Magix - what uses this?
Hi,I'm doing some basic config on my new Apache Pro and this starts with uninstalling bloatware. What services uses the Firebird...
wawrow 0 1342 Last post 15-April-17, 18:45:08
by wawrow
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