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Various assembly guides that have been uploaded.
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Sticky Topics
The >>Forum FAQ<< now contains links to all the assembly/disassembly guides that have been uploaded by request by the moderators...
Stu 0 15555 Last post 05-February-10, 20:23:44
by Stu
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in o...
Dragoonyang 16 7346 Last post 30-October-19, 14:14:25
by joybesk
Normal Topics
MSI B150M Nigth Elf
Hi!I just bought the new MSI B150M Night Elf. And upon installing the operating system which windows 7 ultimate 64bit, I succesf...
bacsbarg 0 544 Last post 21-January-17, 14:40:56
by bacsbarg
GT72 2qe LVDS connector
Could u help me to find the information about number of pinsin my laptop? Is it 40pin or just 30pin?I tried to google this: ther...
shnyaps 0 634 Last post 04-October-16, 19:39:21
by shnyaps
GT72 Dominator Pro Triple Surround w/ Accessory Display
[font=Verdana, Tahoma, "Nimbus Sans L", arial, sans-serif]Hi,[/font][/color][font=Verdana, Tahoma, "Nimbus Sans L", arial, sans-...
mitchalangford 0 641 Last post 05-October-16, 02:19:25
by mitchalangford
Usb/card reader cabble
Hi, so i've got a msi gs70 6qe, and yesterday  when i tried to clean it inside by mistake ive damaged the cabble for the USB 2.0...
cronosferus 0 584 Last post 06-October-16, 12:46:25
by cronosferus
SSD and RAM from GP602PE to GL62M
Hello ! I have currently a msi GP60 2PE Leopard i bought 4 years ago and I'm now looking for buying the GL62M 7rex!I have an add...
cadi.nicolas 0 378 Last post 27-July-18, 20:26:29
by cadi.nicolas
Where can I find screen replacement?
My GE70 MS-1757 screen broke, tried to contacting local resellers but none seems to sell it. Is there anywhere I can buy a repla...
makkafon 0 565 Last post 19-October-16, 15:24:02
by makkafon
HELP ! My keyboard fails ( GE70 2PE Apache pro )
My laptop keyboard to change the position of all keys when typing. This error occurs when I set the EC Firmware and Touchpad. wh...
xo0ooo0ox94 0 564 Last post 23-October-16, 19:19:44
by xo0ooo0ox94
GPU Change in my MSI Nightblade MI-029NE
[font="Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Hi! I have a MSI Nightblade MI-029NE... Can i change my GPU from [/font][fo...
martinladekaer 0 547 Last post 03-October-16, 21:21:11
by martinladekaer
Blown Internal Speaker (Left)
Good day,One of our laptops (GL62 6QE) has just blown its left internal speaker. Laptop was just acquired less than a month ago....
manuel.utzurrum 0 887 Last post 05-September-16, 19:24:37
by manuel.utzurrum
Updated MSI supported graphics drivers?
I have a Ghost pro 2pe.GPU is Nvidia geforce gtx 870gtx.I have a problem that most games only uses the Intel GPU instead of Nvid...
child.of.omen 0 637 Last post 03-September-16, 20:38:10
by child.of.omen
Updated MSI supported graphics drivers?
I have a Ghost pro 2pe.GPU is Nvidia geforce gtx 870gtx.I have a problem that most games only uses the Intel GPU instead of Nvid...
child.of.omen 0 569 Last post 03-September-16, 20:36:37
by child.of.omen
[Request] GT72VR 6RE dissasembly guide.
Hi all.I am searching for a dissasembly guide for this laptop (GT72VR 6RE), I haven't seen it.Where can I find it?Thank you in a...
quetzalcoaltlp 0 827 Last post 27-August-16, 09:07:50
by quetzalcoaltlp
Problem whit motherboard B150M Mortal
Hey guys,I recently bought Msi B150M Mortal and I have a problem.After the motherboard came I unbox it and tried to see if works...
alex12b 0 484 Last post 24-August-16, 13:21:31
by alex12b
Msi GP72-6QF Screen problem/Graphic card problem
Hello there, I have a problem for some time, when I open my laptop, after some minutes there is a vertical white line that appea...
maximefil 0 791 Last post 14-August-16, 16:14:27
by maximefil
I broke the screen on my GT72S 6QE pro g220 laptop will B173ZAN01.0 4k UHD fit?
I broke the screen on my GT72S 6QE pro g220 laptop will B173ZAN01.0 4k UHD fit? Any suggestions for UHD or FHD panel?
sepi464 0 542 Last post 12-August-16, 13:12:38
by sepi464
EX623 nvidia geForce 9650 GT
Ahoj Bude fungovat NVIDIA GeForce GT 9650m v mém EX623? Jak to udělat? Díky
fiala.o.f 0 610 Last post 10-August-16, 15:20:31
by fiala.o.f
MSI z170A Gaming Pro Carbon
Is the new Intel 750 Series SSD compatable with this motherboard? I read that it is only compatable with PCI gen4 slots? Does th...
kris.meaney 0 602 Last post 08-August-16, 06:13:59
by kris.meaney
regard touchpad questions
hello.i am using ge62vr. i am using it for my work including gaming ofc.when i am using this laptop for workout, i usually dont ...
giveyouaflower 0 866 Last post 06-November-16, 11:54:40
by giveyouaflower
Does MSI GE62 2QC apache support Crucial MX300 525Go M.2 (2280) SATA
[font=Times New Roman","serif]Hi,[/font][font=Times New Roman","serif]I want to know if my laptop GE62 2QC apache support Crucia...
rami_bhsine 0 614 Last post 06-November-16, 17:31:48
by rami_bhsine
Hello guys and gals,I just got the laptop it's actually coming in on the 18th can't WAIT!!! before it I had the Vector-17-300 se...
mkamran1967 0 585 Last post 17-November-16, 09:08:15
by mkamran1967
goood stuff!
yeye msi the best!!
miguelvanhove 0 598 Last post 21-January-17, 02:37:58
by miguelvanhove
MSI GT72VR 6RD Dominator, Slugish video after playing games , help
Hi Guys,I just bought this laptop and I am not too happy with it, for some reason after playing World of Tanks, the video output...
info 0 649 Last post 10-January-17, 15:06:59
by info
Gx600 mobo
Hello. Can someone tell me does the gx610 mobo fits in gx600? Will it work?
tasko022 0 516 Last post 09-January-17, 14:59:07
by tasko022
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