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kirdecvegan and 12 Guests are viewing this board.
After ssd has been installed
Hi,I had recently installed Samsun msata 500 gb SSD on my GE60 0ND. I could not follow the procedure as my bios had no RAID opti...
adimitrov 1 1145 Last post 10-April-15, 06:27:01
by Victoria's Secret
New MSI Nightblade 70 setting up
HiI apologise for my ignorance but I purchased the above as a surprise for my son and I want to set it up have it ready to go. I...
varsitybloodstock 1 947 Last post 10-April-15, 05:59:42
by Victoria's Secret
Desperately in need of help regarding GS70 2PE Stealth Pro fans
HiThe fans have become unbearably loud lately, as in resembling a plane engine.I noticed that the fans on the stealth pro is str...
kangarootony 1 1017 Last post 10-April-15, 05:21:37
by Victoria's Secret
GP60 2pe Leopard Need help!
Hi I own a GP60 2pe Leopard i5 and I play gw2. My problem is the temperature it would go up to 90 degrees and I'm playing gw2 at...
johncarlovalbuena 1 1253 Last post 25-March-15, 07:41:54
by Victoria's Secret
Keyboard replacement guide GE60 2PE Apache Pro
Is a disassembly guide available for  GE60 2PE Apache Pro 16GF1 2014 model?I like to replace the keyboard, so some clear instruc...
ddgroote 3 3575 Last post 14-March-15, 01:06:42
by tom901027
GE60 2PL Apache in raid 0 ?
Do you have to have 2 msata ports on this motherboard to create at raid array? I have a evo 120 GB SSD as my boot drive and the ...
salty59 1 1611 Last post 04-March-15, 07:32:03
by Victoria's Secret
Hello everybody,I would like to change the WIFI card for an Intel with support for 5GHZ. Does anybody know which one I can use f...
knoba 1 1595 Last post 04-March-15, 07:24:45
by Victoria's Secret
I can gx640 Disassembly Guide
kuanblock 0 1222 Last post 07-January-15, 10:22:01
by kuanblock
MIS GX 630 Disassembly Guide
Could really use a issassembly guide on this, in particular, how to remove the HDD, and GPU. Thanks.
adiamond1978 1 1601 Last post 31-August-14, 23:36:08
by Svet
gs 70 2pe stealth pro Disassembly Guide request
I need guide because im going to replace ram. Thanks for reply.
grekli99 1 2010 Last post 18-June-14, 15:04:10
by Svet
Requesting MS-1491 Disassembly Guide please
Thank you!
ginarific 1 1932 Last post 01-June-14, 21:03:57
by Svet
Requesting disassembly/assembly Guide For MSI GS60 Ghost Plese
I would like to request a disassembly /assembly guide for MSI GS60 Ghost for GPU/CPU repaste. Thanks XD
ch12islee 2 6951 Last post 27-May-14, 23:04:36
by Kiwisaft
GT 70 2PE 1042US Dominator Pro Disassembly Guide - Request
If anyone has a link to the GT 70 2PE 1042US Dominator Pro Disassembly Guide I'd appreciate a link. Thank you.
pilsnermonkey 1 1798 Last post 15-May-14, 14:19:25
by Svet
GE40 2OC Dragon Eyes/CR42 (MS-1492)
Svet 0 1665 Last post 10-May-14, 13:25:57
by Svet
Barebones MS-16F4 937-16F454-017 Disassembly Guide
Hello,I'm looking to disassemble the Notebook. Currently using the 16F3 guide already on the list, but I'm having trouble removi...
Yuri_RP 0 2186 Last post 20-April-14, 17:42:34
by Yuri_RP
Requesting GT70 -895 Assembly/Disassembly Guide
Hi - I just ordered the GT70 Dominator-895 (9S7-1763A2-895) and want to add RAM and SSD when it arrives. Searched the net for a ...
jdj522 3 2149 Last post 07-April-14, 14:10:24
by Svet
GT70 2OC-059US
Hi I am trying to find where the two additional RAM slots are. It will be good to have for future reference as well.Thank you in...
smsts9999 1 1562 Last post 04-April-14, 14:15:43
by Svet
GT60 0NC-004US Disassembly Guide, please..
Hi folks,I have a problem with my GT60 0NC-004US. The power plug in it's broken so i have to keep pushing up the power cable to ...
Exlows 1 1757 Last post 31-March-14, 10:59:40
by Svet
MS-1763 Assembly/Disassembly Guides
MS-1763 Assembly/Disassembly Guides
Svet 0 4100 Last post 21-September-13, 00:28:15
by Svet
Requesting the GS70 disassembly guide
Hello, I'd love to see this guide as I have need to reapply thermal paste on my cpu. Thanks!
Jabber024 3 6028 Last post 26-August-13, 12:58:01
by Svet
HDD bracket is missing
I just 'voided' the warranty on my 3-day new GT70 by removing the back lid/cover. I noticed the HDD is held in place by nothing ...
MajorPayne 0 1835 Last post 25-August-13, 18:07:49
by MajorPayne
GE60 2OC assembly guide?
Hi, would i be able to find/get an assembly guide for GE60 2OC? Kurt
qrt 19 11223 Last post 11-July-13, 14:26:08
by qrt
Requesting GX70 dissassembly guide
Planning to install SSD for OS, and Upgrade ram this weekend. I found the GT70 guide, assuming there the same sort of.Anyways......
deadbc77 3 2827 Last post 10-July-13, 23:01:41
by The CPU Whisperer
GX 740 black screen
Hi. My screen on the GX 740 is all black. When connecting to second screen it works fine. Is there anything specific i should ch...
martinskav 0 2166 Last post 04-January-13, 19:47:46
by martinskav
Request full dissassembly guide for MSI GE60 0ND
Request full dissassembly guide for MSI GE60 0NDi searched youtube and here, didn't find anythingthe closest thing i found id th...
aos10 3 4860 Last post 26-December-12, 20:28:34
by flobelix
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