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Socket 1156/1155/1150/1366/2011(-3) and newer
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Recently all MSI Gaming, MPower and XPower class mainboards as well as MSI Gaming notebooks do come with Killer Lan or even Killer WLan. Many reports about issues related to the Killer NICs can be fou...
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flobelix 54 41498 Last post Yesterday at 19:32:07
by flobelix
Hello there, I'm tired of trying to install final build of the Microsoft's Windows 10.I found that everyone have problems with G3258 processor, so please, can you make BIOS update for H81M-p33, so the...
drag1c 11 949 Last post 27-August-15, 09:31:50
by veckans
(Edit by Nichrome) HiThanks for posting!Until MSI puts Windows 10 optimized drivers up to their product sites, I will stick this topic so anyone else can see what to look for until MSI does their stuf...
jason.villamil 5 784 Last post 26-August-15, 16:27:20
by leonana.621
MSI MGA 2015 Grand Finals is upon us! It’s the first time ever for the Grand Finals to set foot in the United States; all regional qualified players will battle at the StarCraft II and Heroes of the S...
emersonyang 0 37 Last post 13-August-15, 01:05:42
by emersonyang
If you are using Gskill Ram, we have been seeing allot of seemingly unrelated issues being corrected by using manual settings.Before tearing your system down and pulling your hair out, try setting the...
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xmad 149 25945 Last post 23-July-15, 19:10:55
by gskillsupport
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in order to earn rewards. Members can earn points toward rewards such as PC ...
emersonyang 0 136 Last post 13-July-15, 02:24:05
by emersonyang
In regards to all LGA 1150 mainboards.In order to properly flash both the bios and me extension it is recommended to use FPT. (attached)Just place the program and fp parts on a dos bootable usb stick ...
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xmad 80 26226 Last post 21-April-15, 07:17:30
by Svet
As of right now, some of the newer bios's for intel platforms need to have the ME version flashed as well as the bios.  In order for this to happen, you need to do one of two things.1.) Ask for us to ...
xmad 35 26205 Last post 27-February-15, 16:32:36
by flobelix
Realtek ALC1150 - Microphone recording volume too low Affected models: Z87-G45 Gaming (7821) Z87-GD65 Gaming (7845) Mpower (7818)MPower Max (7815) Xpower (7811) Models with ALC1150Details and resoluti...
Svet 0 2857 Last post 06-December-13, 15:16:56
by Svet
For Updated Drivers Only and most recent drivers use those: website: link:h...
Svet 0 41407 Last post 01-November-13, 20:19:44
by Svet
Wanting to upgrade with a new cpu or running into troubles after having already upgraded frequently the question comes up if the new cpu is supported by the board used.Before asking about that with a ...
flobelix 0 4844 Last post 28-July-12, 16:29:06
by flobelix
Hi guys,Lately, I see many people giving the advice to place a mainboard on the anti-static bag it came in to test the setup.DON'T EVER DO THAT! STAY AWAY FROM THOSE BAGS, THEY ARE OF CONDUCTIONG MATE...
Hans 0 21421 Last post 19-October-09, 19:34:27
by Hans
Normal Topics
MSI Z97s Krait idle temp and other issues
Recently my motherboard idle temp (bios page) went up to 45 degrees Celsius. It was at 35-38 degrees  even when the Windows OS is loaded until recently. There is a history of random restart and freezi...
themathterrornoend2 0 7 Last post Today at 11:11:00
by themathterrornoend2
Problem installing Corsair Vengeance 8GB(2x4GB) 1600MHz on MSI P55-CD53
My motherboard is the MSI P55-CD53, I purchased the Corsair Vengeance 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit (CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B) 1600MHz and installed them on the same color DIMMs but when I opened the PC i...
risch72004 19 140 Last post Today at 10:14:31
by risch72004
HDMI to TV not working
Hey.I'm attempting to connect my desktop PC to my new smart-TV through HDMI, but I'm unable to do so.My PC will not detect the TV through HDMI at all. The TV does detect that there's a cable plugged i...
rasmussen.emil 19 115 Last post Today at 10:03:11
by rasmussen.emil
z77 mpower gtx 670 4gb superclocked won't post- B2 error
Hi there,Current build:Z77 mpower (ms-7751)i7 2600k SB\Current Bios: H.D18 gb Kingston Grey 1600 2x4gRaidmax RX850-AE Gold plusIntel SSDIn the continuing battle with my 670, I purchased a brand new z7...
jimbatx 8 60 Last post Today at 06:55:11
by jimbatx
Z68A-GD80 (G3) capable of old-school BIOS mode or always in UEFI?
note: this is my first time dealing with MBR vs GPT and is why I'm wondering about BIOS vs UEFI. The answer is likely "it's just UEFI", I'm just being sure so I don't screw something up. So I'm settin...
Jahf 4 53 Last post Today at 03:50:10
by Jahf
No audio from MSI X99S SLI Plus MB
I have an MSI X99S SLI Plus motherboard with an Intel 5820K CPU installed and after about 10 hours of use, the audio quit working. I installed the Realtek drivers from the MSI site and I also have an ...
ssbn627 7 69 Last post Today at 01:43:52
by ssbn627
Please Help with FF and dE debug codes
Hi i have a z77a-gd65, now stripped to the bare essentials, 1 stick of 4GB RAM and cpu of course. when I switch to Bios A i get an FF code while when I switch to Bios B a get a dE code.  i checked the...
thewild 9 55 Last post Yesterday at 16:17:23
by Svet
MOVED: z170a M5 - No boot, no power
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Svet 0 9 Last post Yesterday at 13:00:18
by Svet
MOVED: failed to update bios Z97 gaming 7 HELP!!!
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Svet 0 7 Last post Yesterday at 12:57:21
by Svet
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Svet 0 3 Last post Yesterday at 12:55:31
by Svet
MOVED: x99 Godlike no mystic lighting
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Nichrome 0 13 Last post Yesterday at 08:50:58
by Nichrome
MSI Intel Extreme Tuning Utility Error Install!!!!
Hello!  I have my motherboard is Z87 Xpower so I have try to install Extreme Tuning Utility but it failed setup! Error code 0x80070643 - Fatal error during installation!I hope if someone who can help ...
coolmistry 32 8135 Last post 03-September-15, 23:37:43
by Nichrome
Z97 Intel Management Engine Removal
Folks,I have a Z97 MPOWER MAX AC PC I built several months ago.  When I run Live Update, it tells me I have V10.0.28 installed and there is a V10.0.31 available.  After downloading it through Live Upd...
m82a1pa 4 144 Last post 03-September-15, 23:26:19
by neo88
p67a-gd65 (b3) EVGA GTX 670 4gb will not post
Hello all,This is my first time posting in the forums, and I hope I found the right spot. I've been reading through a lot of post, but and I've tried lots of solutions, but still cannot get my GTX 670...
jimbatx 11 92 Last post 03-September-15, 14:31:21
by Cross78
Z77A-G43 keeps booting into EFI shell and my mouse and keyboard won't power
It happens every single time I reboot and it takes forever to get working if I can. Just tried to fix it for 2 hours. I've had it for about a month now and it started doing it a few days after I finis...
demonception 19 407 Last post 03-September-15, 04:46:29
by jake99117
What is the Windows 8/8.1 Feature in BIOS?
I have tried contacting MSI support and they keep dancing around the question. I'm certain that they don't even know the answer. They've linked me webpage to the new Windows 8.1 features as an answer....
Jumpman23 5 6809 Last post 03-September-15, 03:34:31
by brianscottlightner
Ok, so previously I have regestered all my MSI parts (2gfx and mobo) and on my account I log in it shows 0 registered productsI have RMA'd my mobo I can't get anything to show on this website.  I clic...
n3m37h 5 54 Last post 03-September-15, 02:27:37
by n3m37h
4 terabyte, SATA III Hard Drive and MSI H55M-P31 motherboard
I recently purchased a 4 TB hard drive. At first I tried connecting it via a USB 3.0 enclosure. The drive is not recognized by Windows (7 64-bit Home Premium). Then I tried connecting the drive direct...
manny01ab 2 22 Last post 03-September-15, 01:34:11
by manny01ab
Z77 GD65 B2 Code with new GTX 980 ti
Hi there,first my system specs:Windows 7 64bitIntel i7 3770kGigabyte GTX 980 ti G1 Gaming (old: POV Geforce GTX 680)MSI Z77 GD65 (BIOS 10.11)2* 8GB Kingston DDR3 RamsCorsair HX850I read several thread...
g.angst 13 225 Last post 02-September-15, 23:20:07
by darkhawk
Installing Windows 7
I have been trying to do a clean install of Windows 7, from a bootable USB created from an ISO using the Microsoft tool.It does not boot, and Microsoft have told me to contact the msi to find out how ...
dandrew 6 51 Last post 02-September-15, 21:59:34
by Svet
MOVED: MSI X99A Gaming 7 - Multiple M.2
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Svet 0 18 Last post 01-September-15, 21:29:02
by Svet
Updating MSI board drivers and BIOS
I recently built a new windows 7 PC, utilizing an i5-6600k cpu on a MSI z170 krait gaming motherboard. I recently tried to install GTA IV and wasn't able to do so due to the copyright protection (secu...
schiett 5 90 Last post 01-September-15, 17:36:54
by flobelix
X99A MIS SLI Krait Edition 8 & 4 pin power connection
Hello,I am currently building a new system and this is the first time I've used this motherboard.  I have a question about the 4 pin and 8 pin power connectors.  Do they both need to be used or can I ...
craignan 3 34 Last post 01-September-15, 17:30:12
by flobelix
X99A Raider and NVMe?
Hi, I cannot find any information about X99A Raider and NVMe support? Is this motherboard support NVMe? For m.2 or SATA-E? Or both? Thanks
truth1one 1 23 Last post 01-September-15, 17:08:28
by flobelix
MOVED: Error: Boot Guard verified DXE that is failed
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Svet 0 8 Last post 01-September-15, 14:43:55
by Svet
MOVED: Z170A M7 : 4 x DDR4 : error code 55
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Svet 0 14 Last post 01-September-15, 13:29:50
by Svet
MOVED: Problem with MSI Z97 Gaming 5 and Legacy Boot
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Svet 0 6 Last post 01-September-15, 13:28:55
by Svet
msi z87-g43 (motherboard)
Hello, just wondering if any knows/tested the 4 voltage pins next to the CPU socket.I was wondering if they work?Perhaps, I'll adjust the question to... has anyone tested the volt pins on any MSI moth...
g_goring 3 47 Last post 01-September-15, 07:16:06
by g_goring
Help Needed. Motherboard running the i7-4790k at 0.16V
I built a PC last week with MSI H81M-P33 motherboard and i7-4790k. It is running on the latest bios. Yesterday, I noticed CPU-Z showing 0.16V as core voltage. Then I installed HWMonitor to monitor eve...
ankursharma706 11 126 Last post 01-September-15, 05:55:06
by ankursharma706
X99A SLI Plus only sees 1 drive in Mediasonic HF2-SU3S2 4-drive SATA bay
Topic says all. I have a Mediasonic HF2-SU3S2 4-drive SATA bay with 4 drives in it. Does the X99A SLI Plus not SATA ports not support the port multiplier standard? How can that be? It supports RAID. M...
ericfis 2 36 Last post 01-September-15, 05:22:24
by ericfis
Z68A-GD80 ... determining G3 or B3 version without opening case?
I'll be opening up my PC in a few days to install a new graphics card, but if possible I would like to avoid opening it up right now (my set up is a large desk and my back is not forgiving after a lot...
Jahf 8 197 Last post 01-September-15, 01:51:43
by Jahf
Can't get Sound Blaster Cinema 2 (SBC2) work on my Win8.1 PC.
Hi everyone!So, I have been having this very annoying problem, with the Sound Blaster Cinema 2 for a long while now. It keeps saying "The current selected audio device is disabled, not present, not su...
khalil20089 10 124 Last post 01-September-15, 01:48:02
by JLio01
MOVED: MSI Z170A Gaming M7 Terrible sound
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Svet 0 18 Last post 31-August-15, 22:35:50
by Svet
MOVED: MSI Z97 gaming 3 - Fans still working after shutdown.
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Svet 0 10 Last post 31-August-15, 22:35:08
by Svet
X99S XPOWER AC M/B and Overheating of M.2 with Dual SLI Setup
Posting this as more of a warning for folks regarding the use of M.2 card with a two-GPU SLI on the X99S XPOWER AC M/B, and curious if others have had this problem.I installed a dual SLI rig (using PC...
clark.s.smith 5 88 Last post 31-August-15, 18:26:15
by vdelvec
Killer ethernet adpter takes down the whole network
Hello, I have just finished building my gaming computer but I have a technical issue with the ethernet adapter, as you can imagine I can't gain access to the internet on my new build. I will begin to ...
ktem9281 1 21 Last post 31-August-15, 16:37:45
by flobelix
Have P55-GD65 can I boot Intel 750 SSD PCIe NVMe?
Hello,I have a P55-GD65 motherboard that is running bios version 1.3. I bought the Intel 750 SSD that uses PCIe interface and NVMe. I have Windows 8.1 running and I can see the new Intel 750 SSD drive...
aneveu 1 28 Last post 31-August-15, 15:58:05
by flobelix
MOVED: Does B85-G43 Gaming Support SLI?
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Svet 0 9 Last post 31-August-15, 14:28:21
by Svet
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