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Socket 1156/1155/1150/1366/2011(-3) and newer
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If you are using Gskill Ram, we have been seeing allot of seemingly unrelated issues being corrected by using manual settings.Before tearing your system down and pulling your hair out, try setting the...
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xmad 172 30278 Last post Today at 12:40:39
by Chike
Recently all MSI Gaming, MPower and XPower class mainboards as well as MSI Gaming notebooks do come with Killer Lan or even Killer WLan. Many reports about issues related to the Killer NICs can be fou...
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flobelix 65 54876 Last post 18-November-15, 18:00:50
by flobelix
Application to easy install Windows 7.MSI Win7 Smart Tool is handy tool for creating a Windows USB bootable drive from an ISOThis tool allows you to create DVD disk and Windows 7 bootable USB disk and...
Svet 2 353 Last post 17-November-15, 13:32:35
by Nichrome
Hello there, I'm tired of trying to install final build of the Microsoft's Windows 10.I found that everyone have problems with G3258 processor, so please, can you make BIOS update for H81M-p33, so the...
drag1c 11 2128 Last post 27-August-15, 09:31:50
by veckans
(Edit by Nichrome) HiThanks for posting!Until MSI puts Windows 10 optimized drivers up to their product sites, I will stick this topic so anyone else can see what to look for until MSI does their stuf...
jason.villamil 5 1521 Last post 26-August-15, 16:27:20
by leonana.621
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in order to earn rewards. Members can earn points toward rewards such as PC ...
emersonyang 0 270 Last post 13-July-15, 02:24:05
by emersonyang
In regards to all LGA 1150 mainboards.In order to properly flash both the bios and me extension it is recommended to use FPT. (attached)Just place the program and fp parts on a dos bootable usb stick ...
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xmad 80 28435 Last post 21-April-15, 07:17:30
by Svet
As of right now, some of the newer bios's for intel platforms need to have the ME version flashed as well as the bios.  In order for this to happen, you need to do one of two things.1.) Ask for us to ...
xmad 35 28292 Last post 27-February-15, 16:32:36
by flobelix
Realtek ALC1150 - Microphone recording volume too low Affected models: Z87-G45 Gaming (7821) Z87-GD65 Gaming (7845) Mpower (7818)MPower Max (7815) Xpower (7811) Models with ALC1150Details and resoluti...
Svet 0 3061 Last post 06-December-13, 15:16:56
by Svet
For Updated Drivers Only and most recent drivers use those: website: link:h...
Svet 0 48821 Last post 01-November-13, 20:19:44
by Svet
Wanting to upgrade with a new cpu or running into troubles after having already upgraded frequently the question comes up if the new cpu is supported by the board used.Before asking about that with a ...
flobelix 0 5065 Last post 28-July-12, 16:29:06
by flobelix
Hi guys,Lately, I see many people giving the advice to place a mainboard on the anti-static bag it came in to test the setup.DON'T EVER DO THAT! STAY AWAY FROM THOSE BAGS, THEY ARE OF CONDUCTIONG MATE...
Hans 0 21908 Last post 19-October-09, 19:34:27
by Hans
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MOVED: It turn on computer but no image display
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Svet 0 5 Last post Today at 14:58:39
by Svet
Z87-G43 MOBO WOL(Remote boot) Issue
Hi there,I have a MSI Z87-G43 Mobo running Windows 10. I have managed to use WOL function when I shutdown the computer without cutting off electricity. It just restart normally as I send wake up comma...
zx1239856 1 12 Last post Today at 14:40:54
by Chike
X99A XPOWER AC pcie configuration
Hi, can anyone exeplain, how it works?In specifications for this mobo is written:• 5 x PCIe 3.0 x16 slots (PCI_E1~E4, PCI_E6), support up to 4-way mode- 1-way mode: x16/ x0/ x0/ x0/ x0- 2-way mode: x1...
kminute 1 15 Last post Today at 12:54:41
by flobelix
H67MA-E45 & Windows 10 1511
Have H67MA-E45 with I5-2400, 16gb, and SSD running windows 7 64 - no problems.   Successfully installed Windows 10 1511 without issue.  However, after a while, starting having system hangs and only so...
wekornegay 0 19 Last post Yesterday at 19:18:54
by wekornegay
USB device/port issues
Hello all!I've run into an interesting problem where either a device or the port on my MSI Z77A-GD65 keeps disconnecting and reconnecting once every few seconds.  This makes it impossible to listen to...
kineticelectromagnetic 1 30 Last post Yesterday at 19:09:23
by gapressman
How to setup MSI x99s sli Plus with m.2 with raid
I have been running a MSI x99s SLI Plus with two raid 1 configurations as I need the data protection.  One raid 1 with 2-2tb drives and one raid 1 with two 500 gig drives with no issue.   Wanted to sp...
gapressman 0 12 Last post Yesterday at 17:05:23
by gapressman
MOVED: MSI Z97 Gaming 5 MOBO crackle...
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Svet 0 12 Last post Yesterday at 16:05:42
by Svet
MSI Z170A PC Mate motherboard - Will not keep correct system time between power
Hey guys. I have a MSI Z170A PC Mate motherboard paired with intel core i5 skylake 6600k. It works very well except for one minor issue.The board will not keep correct system time if I unplug the powe...
h1741261 11 188 Last post Yesterday at 14:04:23
by Svet
B85-G41 PC Mate Not Displaying Icons
My B85-G41 PC Mate has stopped showing Icons when using VGA.  In fact, the only thing it shows is the wallpaper.  However, it works normally using  HDMI.I have tried re-installing the video driver.  N...
Tom9489 10 57 Last post Yesterday at 13:36:01
by Nichrome
MSI Z97I AC - How many amps/watts per fan header?
Hello.I would like to know how many amps/watts the fan headers on this board provide: am hoping they provide 1 amp, or 12 watts in to...
syed.ahh 1 24 Last post Yesterday at 06:14:27
by HenryW
Z170A Wireless Network Adapter not recognized
Just built a new PC and everything works except Windows does not recognize the internal network adapter. It shows up in device manager as "unknown network adapter". I was able to acquire the drivers a...
jvitzu 4 36 Last post 26-November-15, 16:59:18
by jvitzu
Help PLEASE!!! R9 380 newly installed on a 67a-g45 mobo, no display
Someone help me please.  I installed a Radeon r9 380 onto an MSI p67a-g45 motherboard and no display.  I updated BIOS correctly to the 5.x version and somehow still nothing will work.  I'm on Windows ...
jesse_zhai 2 28 Last post 26-November-15, 14:02:08
by darkhawk
R9 380 No Display
Hi,I just purchased a MSI r9 380 and when I hook everything up, my display cannot find it. I read that it has to do with the BIOS of the motherboard. P67A-G45(B3)I was trying to update the BIOS in ste...
ejbluth 13 157 Last post 26-November-15, 13:50:10
by Svet
MOVED: Z97 Gaming 7- bios A and B stopped working, help!?
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Nichrome 0 14 Last post 26-November-15, 09:18:44
by Nichrome
Can I use DDR3 2400Mhz with the MSI Z68A-GD65 B3?
Hicurrently I have 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz C9 and I want to upgrade to 16GB. I saw a 16GB DDR3 2400Mhz C11 Kit and I need know that if I can use it on my motherboard MSI Z68A-GD65 B3.Mi rig is:Core i5 2500K ...
obedlink 4 43 Last post 26-November-15, 09:16:16
by Nichrome
MOVED: Z97 Gaming 5 audio question
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Nichrome 0 8 Last post 26-November-15, 09:14:37
by Nichrome
MSI Xpower II (X79) USB 3.0 issues
Hi.I have a problem with the USB 3.0 ports of my motherboard. Specifically, when I connect any USB 3.0 device there (USB Stick or external Hard Drive),I can browse its data but when I try to transfer ...
sboutas 5 55 Last post 26-November-15, 09:11:00
by Nichrome
Z97 PC Mate
I read a review on Newegg that is mb will support AMD's crossfire but not Nvidia's SLI is this true?
bjett 2 26 Last post 25-November-15, 16:59:39
by bjett
MSI MPower Z87 - crtical bug in BIOS! Could you please finally fix it?!
Hi.I assembled my PC with MSI mainboard at November 2013. And I found there a critical problem in BIOS soon. But I did hope MSI fix it with time. Now I see that 2 years passed but problem still persis...
dima_ben 2 38 Last post 25-November-15, 16:09:46
by Svet
5820k wont register overclock inputs in bios
hi,Just recently build my x99 flatform with x99a sli plus with 5820k, i only change the cpu ratio to 44 and vcore to 1.25, then it would boot normally, fired up cpuid and the the voltage i input would...
eh_buluran 22 155 Last post 25-November-15, 11:25:50
by eh_buluran
Samsung pro 950 M2 wont list in post
Just picked up a nvme M2 950 pro. It will not post in drive list. Do I need an interface card? 1.10 bios Mpower max ac z97 board Thank you.
kmichcnc 7 152 Last post 25-November-15, 05:10:36
by kmichcnc
MOVED: Godlike Mobo out of stock everywhere. Problems with board?
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Svet 0 15 Last post 24-November-15, 23:31:13
by Svet
Can I use External bios chip without internal?
I have an old msi h77ma g43 mb, when update bios it bricked, Pc power up then power off immediately,I found Jspi info here  With a same fl...
comicfans44 4 51 Last post 24-November-15, 23:00:58
by comicfans44
EXPI9404PTBLK support on X99S Xpower AC
Hello,I have tried to install this PCI-E network card to my motherboard, but Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit does not recognized the card and I can not see it in Device manager (not detected at all).Drivers ...
mlenhart 4 75 Last post 24-November-15, 21:04:57
by Nichrome
Hangs on Cold boot
My desktop has a Z87 - G41 PC Mate motherboard which always hangs on A2 when Boot Up from cold. Once computer has run for a while it can re-boot without a problem. It doesn't show any signs of a CMOS ...
rexcats1 5 122 Last post 24-November-15, 15:11:05
by Svet
Z97 MPower Max Ac and NVMe M2 ssd support
Z97 MPOWER MAX AC mb. HHD support list:SM951 - MZHPV128HDGM AHCI M.2 SSD support OK.NVMe M.2 SSD support and boot OK:"With the latest BIOS, MSI X99/Z97/H97 motherboards can support NVMe devices as pri...
ljsemegi 0 26 Last post 24-November-15, 10:15:28
by ljsemegi
Need advice for memory and cooling in video edit system with X99A raider mobo
Hi allLooking for advice.  I am building a video edit system and plan on using the MSI X99A Raider mobo with a i7 5930K CPU.Will be using a NVIDIA GEFORCE 740 (4 gb memory) with probably windows 7, 64...
scumbuster 2 27 Last post 24-November-15, 06:38:06
by dag12141987
Z97 Krait, NIC will not stay active on shut down for Wake on LAN
Hello, I am trying to set up Wake on LAN for my PC from a shut down state. I currently have all proper settings to do it from a SLEEP state, so I have that much going for me. However there are instanc...
raider11991 3 46 Last post 24-November-15, 05:52:38
by raider11991
no display on monitor after installing new ram
Hey guys,After installing 2 additional sticks of ram my computer has no display when I turn it on. I previously had 2 8gb sticks of ram and i decided to add 2 more sticks of 8gb on top of that (32gb t...
sketchyakount 6 119 Last post 24-November-15, 00:51:23
by sketchyakount
PC Restarted while flashing BIOS
Motherboard: H81M-P33When I first put this PC together, I overclocked straight away and it would let me in the BIOS every time. After a short while, I couldn't access the BIOS, and I wanted to overclo...
loubot1 9 68 Last post 23-November-15, 22:00:16
by Svet
Z68A-GD65 (G3) bios update to 7681vP1 Version P.1, does not boot up
I'm running a Z68A-GD65 (G3) motherboard, the bios has been updated to 7681vP1, Version P.1 and now refuses to boot up with an Intel Core i5 2500K CPU.Can you please let me know if there are any worka...
GrGrGr 36 12063 Last post 23-November-15, 21:25:38
by Svet
Socket pins out of line
Hello one and allFirst time posting so apologies in advance, not confident this is right place for thread..Brand new build, no POST beeps, tried all common troubleshoot fixes no luck. Read likely be C...
sheaphead 7 47 Last post 23-November-15, 19:35:38
by sheaphead
MOVED: Z97 Gaming 5 with GTX 960 and GTX 650 - no display
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Svet 0 16 Last post 23-November-15, 17:28:48
by Svet
Z97 MPower Max Ac and a M2 ssd drive
I was thinking of getting a m2 ssd drive,like the HyperX Predator Half-Height 240GB PCI-Express,or wait a bit for the new Samsung 950 Pro.Do these m2 ssd drives work ok with the Z97 MPower boards.I th...
NIK1 14 242 Last post 23-November-15, 16:36:05
by flobelix
MOVED: Z97 Gaming 9 ACK Sound problem?
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
flobelix 0 14 Last post 23-November-15, 16:32:25
by flobelix
Z68A-GD65 (G3) bios upgrade fail.
Hi. Im having a panic-attack after trying to upgrade my motherboard with the newest bios. I did what you shouldnt do - upgraded it via windows. I downloaded the newest version from the MSI site 25.8 a...
luddelorentzon 3 57 Last post 23-November-15, 15:31:48
by Svet
RAM for G41 MP33 motherboard
I wish to replace the defective DDR2 RAM on the G41 MP33 motherboard with DDR3 RAM.  I want to know the part numbers for compatible DDR3 RAMs, but cannot find this information in the user manual or at...
laser 29 258 Last post 23-November-15, 14:58:59
by Chike
z87 mpower doesn't work with my i74790k
My motherboard MSI Z87 MPower doesn't work with my i74790k, this require a bios upgrade? All components work as well on this setup, power supply, memory, fans, i7, but don't on this motherboard...some...
gustavodezen 1 21 Last post 23-November-15, 13:27:04
by Nichrome
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