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Sticky Topics
Hi guys,Lately, I see many people giving the advice to place a mainboard on the anti-static bag it came in to test the setup.DON...
Hans 0 32787 Last post 19-October-09, 19:34:27
by Hans
Wanting to upgrade with a new cpu or running into troubles after having already upgraded frequently the question comes up if the...
flobelix 0 15260 Last post 28-July-12, 16:29:06
by flobelix
For Updated Drivers Only and most recent drivers use those: w...
Svet 0 117786 Last post 01-November-13, 20:19:44
by Svet
Realtek ALC1150 - Microphone recording volume too low Affected models: Z87-G45 Gaming (7821) Z87-GD65 Gaming (7845) Mpower (7818...
Svet 0 12513 Last post 06-December-13, 15:16:56
by Svet
(Edit by Nichrome) HiThanks for posting!Until MSI puts Windows 10 optimized drivers up to their product sites, I will stick this...
jason.villamil 7 14896 Last post 18-August-17, 01:31:50
by raymondogden58
Application to easy install Windows 7.MSI Win7 Smart Tool is handy tool for creating a Windows USB bootable drive from an ISO[at...
Svet 9 15009 Last post 08-May-17, 23:39:39
by Nichrome
Recently all MSI Gaming, MPower and XPower class mainboards as well as MSI Gaming notebooks do come with Killer Lan or even Kill...
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flobelix 90 231784 Last post 27-January-17, 20:54:05
by TroyR
If you are using Gskill Ram, we have been seeing allot of seemingly unrelated issues being corrected by using manual settings.Be...
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xmad 233 121554 Last post 15-April-18, 22:39:25
by zer0nium
Normal Topics
ONE LAST HURRAH: Before saying Goodbye to my Beloved MSI Eclipse!
ONE LAST HURRAH: Before saying Goodbye to my Beloved MSI Eclipse!!!Well it has been two months since I purchased this MSI Eclips...
bartman1973 0 2362 Last post 27-April-09, 11:08:54
by bartman1973
Use COM1 DSR to sense redundant PSU failure?
I'm building a product based on the X58 Platinum SLI, and a redundant PSU. The PSU has an output that is at 5 Volt if both PSU s...
pfraser 0 1489 Last post 01-May-09, 02:35:08
by pfraser
Eclipse Plus & IOH
Blue/Black 'DrMOS' cover & 'Gaming Series' (IOH heatsink cover), look to be designed to route & use passive air flow from a 'sto...
Froggy Gremlin 0 2105 Last post 02-June-09, 09:08:09
by Froggy Gremlin
Which Thermalright chipset cooler for X58 Pro?
I'm looking to replace the terrible stock IOH heatsink for a Thermalright one but I don't want to impede the placement of graphi...
panetrez 0 1537 Last post 22-June-09, 17:06:35
by panetrez
Re: MSI 58 eclipse plus won't start
Hmmm...bad board.  I guess my context was completely wrong.  Hehehehe 
jcniest5 0 1676 Last post 20-June-09, 01:36:44
by jcniest5
MSI Eclipse SLI and USB ports
I have reinstalled Windows 7 fresh with formatting HDNow whenever I plug a memory card (even on the motherboard ports) in any of...
exlaval 0 1478 Last post 26-June-09, 23:59:50
by exlaval
MSI X58 Platinum with 4850x2/4870x2's??
Hello all, having serious issues with MSI support on the "dual GPU" theory.  They have NOT tested ANY dual GPU cards, either Nvi...
screwtech02 0 1762 Last post 18-July-09, 00:45:37
by screwtech02
green power option "led control" is "off" in Bios optionbut, can not NB LED offso, I have change GreenpowerII(Windows util) led ...
jinoo 0 1486 Last post 17-August-09, 11:05:00
by jinoo
IOH Temp - Obsession, Over Reaction, Or A Real Reason For Concern
Many of us have concerns over what is an acceptable IOH temp at idle & full load. Please, no rants, tangents, or bashing. If you...
Froggy Gremlin 0 3291 Last post 28-August-09, 00:28:12
by Froggy Gremlin
DDR3 1333 CL7 vs DDR3 2000 CL9 Best choice for P55-GD80?
Hi, I am going to add another 4gb to my p55-gd80 but what memory is better for gaming and some video encoding?  Is DDR3 1333 at ...
Tekkaman 0 3869 Last post 06-October-09, 18:46:49
by Tekkaman
MSI Eclipse SLI SAS Support?
Would like to know if the MSI Eclipse SLI supports SAS drives? Some websites say it does some dont specify that it does?
Methy 0 1632 Last post 28-October-09, 18:34:38
by Methy
D-LED 2 Temperature Detection - Type of Tape to Attach Thermistor
I have not connected the temperature detection wire to the D-LED 2 or to the heat sink on my system because I am not sure what k...
MJB53 0 1312 Last post 17-November-09, 02:48:35
by MJB53
X58M memory query
Planning a new build with the X58M MB. The intention is to use the i7 920CPU and 12GB memory consisting of the Corsair HX3X12G13...
Bernhard 0 1602 Last post 08-December-09, 16:49:57
by Bernhard
P55-GD80 raid setup issues
Specs:MB: MSI P55-GD80CPU: Intel i5 750RAM: Corsair CMD4GX3M2A1600C8 (2x2gb)HDD1: WD Raptor 150gb (1/2 in RAID0) - plugged into ...
skyguy414 0 2975 Last post 16-December-09, 03:46:42
by skyguy414
Problem with GD65
I just put together a new rig today, all was fine, untill i installed ET:Quake Wars and been playing for 20 min. That's when PC ...
Flamer 0 1661 Last post 17-December-09, 23:50:31
by Flamer
GD80 Status LED and System Suspend problem
Hi everyone.My hardware:- MSI P55-GD80-BIOS AMI v1.4-Intel Core i7 860-OCZ 4GB (2x2GB) 1600MHz CL8 Gold Low-Voltage-Zotac GeForc...
erni 0 2052 Last post 19-December-09, 18:34:51
by erni
P55-GD65:USBPORT.SYS fault
Nothing than troubles with this one.this is my first MSI board and it will be my last MSI board nothing then troubles with itWhe...
cavalleke 0 1555 Last post 27-December-09, 16:31:26
by cavalleke
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