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Sticky Topics
If you are using Gskill Ram, we have been seeing allot of seemingly unrelated issues being corrected by using manual settings.Be...
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xmad 233 121686 Last post 15-April-18, 22:39:25
by zer0nium
Recently all MSI Gaming, MPower and XPower class mainboards as well as MSI Gaming notebooks do come with Killer Lan or even Kill...
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flobelix 90 231936 Last post 27-January-17, 20:54:05
by TroyR
Application to easy install Windows 7.MSI Win7 Smart Tool is handy tool for creating a Windows USB bootable drive from an ISO[at...
Svet 9 15040 Last post 08-May-17, 23:39:39
by Nichrome
(Edit by Nichrome) HiThanks for posting!Until MSI puts Windows 10 optimized drivers up to their product sites, I will stick this...
jason.villamil 7 14933 Last post 18-August-17, 01:31:50
by raymondogden58
Hi guys,Lately, I see many people giving the advice to place a mainboard on the anti-static bag it came in to test the setup.DON...
Hans 0 32821 Last post 19-October-09, 19:34:27
by Hans
Wanting to upgrade with a new cpu or running into troubles after having already upgraded frequently the question comes up if the...
flobelix 0 15288 Last post 28-July-12, 16:29:06
by flobelix
For Updated Drivers Only and most recent drivers use those: w...
Svet 0 117835 Last post 01-November-13, 20:19:44
by Svet
Realtek ALC1150 - Microphone recording volume too low Affected models: Z87-G45 Gaming (7821) Z87-GD65 Gaming (7845) Mpower (7818...
Svet 0 12539 Last post 06-December-13, 15:16:56
by Svet
Normal Topics
MSI X58 boards bad chipset cooling - with proof and fix proposed for high IOH
Hello,First of all I like MSI boards this is not an anti marketing thread. I own one and with a FIX I don't regret buying it.I w...
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evr999 189 133941 Last post 28-March-11, 04:33:34
by Henry
Is MSI going to address the recent Intel ME vulnerability?
I just read in the news that the current Intel ME is vulnerable to buffer overflow attacks as reported by Intel themselves: http...
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artins90 163 25704 Last post 14-May-18, 19:55:28
by kruegmar
Intel Cougar Point Chipset Recall. Is the MSI P67 board affected?
According to the following article, Intel has acknowledged its chipset contains a silicon error. (Meaning you can't just load a ...
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clm67 148 100838 Last post 01-May-11, 12:25:35
by Jack
Z77A-GD65 - Turning on/off repeatedly
Back again with a new problem. I had previously had an issue getting my Graphics card to work, but that was resolved after an RM...
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allust47 124 25404 Last post 18-January-13, 03:47:38
by HenryW
Sudden Problems with P55-GD65
Everythings been running fine for months and now there's a few problems. The first problem was windows only picking up 2gb ram. ...
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Xplorer4x4 118 36571 Last post 26-June-10, 03:17:02
by Cey
Msi Z77A-GD 65 Windows not loading
Hi,Today morning i shut down my PC.and now when start it again after 6HoursWindows 7 Screen shows and stuck.Can any one help me ...
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aliawaiskhan 110 31346 Last post 26-January-13, 15:49:22
by aliawaiskhan
MSI X99 Boards not working with Windows 10 1809
There are several threads on Reddit and Windows Support for issues regarding the October feature relese (1809) and MSI X99 board...
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Schmak01 102 10664 Last post 19-April-19, 15:46:28
by rbleroy91
Z77A-GD65 PCI-E Problem
I just got parts for a new build, and I'm having trouble getting the motherboard to detect my video card. The card is a GTX 670,...
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allust47 99 23667 Last post 07-December-12, 14:48:58
by allust47
msi x58 pro memory problems
Hi Al l, I am really new to this type of computer building lark, I have the above board, with a 1tb sata drive , 3 sticks of 2gb...
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tworiversuk 92 28927 Last post 18-October-09, 16:14:00
by data_lore
Z77A-GD65 Problems with Ethernet (Intel 82579V) Code 10
Hi, on a fresh install of Windows 7 64bit i cannot make the Ethernet port on the motherboard work. It installs fine, but when i ...
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phasmatic 91 53857 Last post 11-November-15, 15:49:28
by flobelix
IOH tempreatures, bios bug or not, whats MSI HQ say ????
i have an msi x58 platinum motherboard & i7 920 cpu.I have a near constant IOH tempreature of 127c, thats with the system either...
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scotslad 90 55705 Last post 27-August-09, 23:33:49
by hollywood406
MSI B360-A PRO Intel Ethernet Connections (7) i219-v Problem
Hello,After the update of the BIOS I have a yellow triangle next to the network card (Intel Ethernet Connections (7) i219-v) and...
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michacz18 90 8552 Last post 06-January-20, 14:21:04
by Svet
Virtu Control Panel stuck in Trial Mode
Hi,I’ve built a system based around an MSI Z68A-GD55 (G3) motherboard, Intel Core i5-2500K processor and MSI GTX 570 TwinFrozR g...
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Kona 86 40451 Last post 28-March-12, 10:53:08
by Froggy Gremlin
LGA 1150 Bios Flashing & Intel Management Engine
In regards to all LGA 1150 mainboards.In order to properly flash both the bios and me extension it is recommended to use FPT. (a...
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xmad 83 52035 Last post 20-June-16, 12:03:29
by Svet
MSO PRO-E 7522 BIOS confusion and persistent BSoD
Hi thereA few months ago I switched from 775 to 1366.Components changed:CPU (from Q9550 to i7 950)MOBO (from Asus P5QL PRO to MS...
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EliteGhost 80 31218 Last post 20-January-11, 12:35:17
by EliteGhost
Problematic Motherboard MSI Z68a GD80 (B3) and bad customer service
I opened a support ticket at MSI's support site (
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k9kondop 80 26006 Last post 30-July-11, 13:33:39
by _Melk_
New P67A-C45 (B3) - Static/hissing noise almost in sync with HDD sound
I just bought a new New P67A-C45 (B3), fixed everything up, installed the realtek sound driver then i start to hear the static/h...
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terratoss 69 27084 Last post 13-April-11, 22:27:58
by Henry
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