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X99s SLI Plus isssue - quad channel memory not being recognzied
I have 8x8 for a total 32 GB of the following memory: I have ...
jhaakons 35 5353 Last post 26-January-15, 15:17:46
by Nichrome
MSI P67A-C43 (B3) XMP issue
Hi All I have just updated UEFI to version 5.3 and installed Ivy Bridge CPU. Currently I am not able to activate XMP function fo...
kangz 35 9771 Last post 25-October-12, 23:47:19
by Froggy Gremlin
X79 GD65 8D - Hardware monitor CPU smart fan Target - Not working!
Hi all,I have my new system for a week now and I'm experiencing some trouble.. I've had 5 freeze's this week, and after some adv...
muhtar 35 18485 Last post 17-March-12, 23:26:30
by Froggy Gremlin
Big Bang X-Power WHEA-Logger Event ID 17
This is my 2nd X-Power board as I RMA'd the first for nearly the same issue I'm having with the replacement.  The first board th...
pothole 36 22079 Last post 11-December-10, 12:47:00
by Jack
D-led2 "PROG.CLK" error message.
First of all: Why would you provide a debugging service which has error messages not explained ANYWHERE? There is no info anywhe...
Mangemongen 36 16990 Last post 30-November-10, 14:46:58
by Jack
Z77A-G45 Super Charger - not in system tray - not sure if working
I just built a new system with a Z77A-G45. When I first installed the utilities, Super Charger was in the system tray. At some p...
jb0nez 36 26214 Last post 04-January-16, 01:00:14
by Nichrome
New GTX 970 will not boot in MSI Z86A-GD65 G3
I just recieved my new gigabyte gtx 970 card and after installing it I get a B2 in the lower right of screen and it will not pos...
bpeterson 36 11466 Last post 01-November-15, 20:44:24
by flobelix
X58 Pro-E BIOS Settings
Hi Folks,I'm new to the forum and a little unsure about setting the BIOS for my RAM so please be patient. What I have is:i7 980x...
reidyg 36 15591 Last post 12-December-12, 15:45:45
by aicragleon
MSI H55M-E55
hello everyone. ive been haven trouble with my pc since day one. I bought 4 sticks of corsair xms3 DDR3 4gb (2x2gb) but when I c...
kountrykustomsinc 36 4736 Last post 06-July-15, 10:18:12
by Nichrome
WHY No Vcore voltage Offsets?
How the heck can there not be Vcore offsets in any MSI Z77 motherboards?  I wish I would have known this prior to purchasing a Z...
airgreek 36 22584 Last post 02-March-13, 19:33:52
by flobelix
BIOS update problem
Hello everyone,today I have downloaded the bios version H40 for Z77Mpower, after a message appeared (live update said I have H30...
monogram 36 11084 Last post 12-November-13, 19:44:35
by jfrogman
Problem with UEFI
Hello everyone, do not be lazy, read the whole brain itself already eaten. Problem: run the system at full UEFI such fichey for ...
Profy13 36 6801 Last post 29-September-14, 20:54:46
by flobelix
Z68A-GD65 (G3) bios update to 7681vP1 Version P.1, does not boot up
I'm running a Z68A-GD65 (G3) motherboard, the bios has been updated to 7681vP1, Version P.1 and now refuses to boot up with an I...
GrGrGr 36 18308 Last post 23-November-15, 21:25:38
by Svet
Z87-G45 USB Issues
Hey guys I have been bashing my head against this issue for two full days now. Essentially my problem is related to USB devices ...
dekker019 37 12752 Last post 07-December-13, 13:27:55
by Diamondo25
MSI eclipse + corsair 1600 MHz wont work Cant get it running at that normal spe
-Moederboard -MSI eclipse .Bios versie 1.1-Geheugen : Corsair TWIN3X 1600MHz DDR3, 6GB,  9 9 9 24 ?-Videokaart :geforce 7600 GT ...
strikey 37 23516 Last post 27-January-09, 07:50:05
by bongholio
P67A-C45 Chipset overheat
Hey Guys,please excuse my bad english. Im from Germany in search for help in this forum.  Anyway, as the subject says my chipset...
korkenzieher 37 20004 Last post 23-August-11, 22:23:18
by Froggy Gremlin
Random Freezing Can't fix.
Alright so it started when i rage quit from CS:GO and launched Skyrim 20 times. (I have a double click button on my mouse I held...
Luckris 37 8507 Last post 11-August-14, 05:09:44
by Luckris
A little bit nervous
Hi all first time posterAbout to build my first ever pc, here are the parts:z97 g45 moboi5 4690k cpuhyper evo 212 coolerg skill ...
gap30 37 8191 Last post 22-November-14, 17:15:11
by badboy2k
Eclipse with black screen - no bios - no nothing = help!!!!
HII have an eclipse, with a 850w psu ati 4870 and 2gb geil ddr3problem is all the led's are on, so are the fans but i only and a...
exlaval 37 15051 Last post 16-June-09, 23:31:04
by exlaval
Z68MA-G45 Problem. Please help.
Hello everybody.I recently put together a computer with the following components.Intel Core i5-2500 BX80623I52500 Processor Seag...
Arctics 37 8832 Last post 19-February-12, 15:15:38
by Jack
P55 gd65 w/ core i3 530 --> only PCI-E x8
My cooler will be in tomorrow so i figured id prepare my self for the (deadly bios update). Ive read problems with pci e running...
austin3334 37 17086 Last post 23-February-10, 03:14:44
by austin3334
Z77A-G65 and windows 8 mode shows no drives
I put the latest firmware on, and tried to install windows 8 pro after turning on windows 8 features mode in the UEFI setup.I ha...
brianiup 37 11209 Last post 26-November-12, 13:50:38
by xmad
x99 SLI PLUS no display output
Story: left computer on overnight, woke up and it was off. Computer would start but no video/display, keyboard and mouse didnt w...
noahpcfreak 37 16558 Last post 18-July-16, 20:14:12
by Nichrome
Z68 ma g45 b3 BIOS
I need a 20.1 bios for my Z68 ma g45 b3 motherboard.I have the exe version from the MSI website but need the actual bios as I ca...
zoszos 38 3741 Last post 24-August-17, 20:09:50
by badboy2k
Z68A-GD65 (G3) not detecting discrete video
Yesterday I picked up the following:mobo: msi Z68A-GD65(G3)cpu: i7 2600kram: gskill ripjaws x 2133 mhzI put my video card that w...
saudereth 38 15707 Last post 16-November-12, 23:59:56
by troutfinger
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