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Socket 2066/1155/1150/2011(-3) and newer
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MOVED: X58 Platinum bios update problem
This topic has been moved to BIOS.
Svet 0 2051 Last post 21-March-09, 00:21:58
by Svet
X58 Pro will not power on
CPU: Intel Core i7 920Motherboard: MSI X58 Pro LGA 1366Memory: OCZ 6 GB (3 x 2 GB) 240-pin DDR3 13333 (PC3 10666) SDRAMVideo Car...
Killerfurbies 14 5270 Last post 20-March-09, 07:46:35
by NovJoe
Proud owner of a X58Pro
  Just installed my new setup this evening, Got a MSI X58 Pro from Newegg along with a i7Core 920 2.67GHz, and 6Gig OCZ DDR3 133...
brasstech 3 2234 Last post 19-March-09, 09:33:01
by NovJoe
IOH Temps
Hi All,I've started to have issues with the Temps on the IOH. I have read most of the info on the forums and have tried cleaning...
halvare 3 2407 Last post 19-March-09, 07:00:34
by Froggy Gremlin
Help with ICH and IOH heat sink change
Dear friends,I apologize for my lack of knowledge, I am a new builder.  I own a Mobo eclipse sli.  I received it with out a pin ...
shantita 9 4272 Last post 18-March-09, 05:20:50
by HFB1217
MSI Eclipse with Logitech Illuminati keyboard.
Any ideas how to get this combination to work while booting? Now booting with this keyboard takes ages and can't get to bios. Sw...
Priisti 2 2402 Last post 17-March-09, 17:54:08
by Priisti
How to find serial number of X58 ECLIPSE Mainboard
I try to register the ECLIPSE mainboard with barcode no. on the box ,get a reply saying that is not a MSI product.try another ba...
nellwill 3 2400 Last post 17-March-09, 08:21:38
by NovJoe
X58 Pro Random Reboots
Hello all, I recently put together this new build and it has been very frustrating from the first moment, not sure why.After put...
amdcool 4 2607 Last post 17-March-09, 08:11:44
by Froggy Gremlin
Difficulty seating atx 24 pin & atx 12v on eclipse
I ran into a bit of a snag while connecting the atx 24 pin and the atx 12v power connectors to my eclipse mobo. They dont seem t...
kincomer1 3 2324 Last post 17-March-09, 03:09:17
by kincomer1
eclipse bioses (1.3, 1.4, all seems to be official?) list both 1.3 and 1.4 bios version....
xyzzxy 11 6636 Last post 16-March-09, 17:02:11
by Mike
MSI Eclipse & 2 x 9800GTX+ - No Display RESOLVED
Spent a lot of time searching the forums and web and I haven't seen this posted so thought I'd share it:I've just purchased MSI ...
redbeard 15 8594 Last post 16-March-09, 15:29:53
by Svet
HPET in Bios on x58 Motherboards
Hi All,Make sure HPET is enabled in the bios on these Msi X58 Motherboards for a stable system.  I think it is off at default, t...
ninof8 4 6296 Last post 16-March-09, 04:11:50
by joker1973
X58 Platinum SLI and Intel ICH10R
I have two hard drives connected to the motherboard and already installed Vista 64. It recognizes the one drive that has the OS ...
SgtSOB 3 2884 Last post 15-March-09, 08:57:53
by Froggy Gremlin
X58 Platinum I/O panel eSATA doesn't work
Hey everyone,I've got an external eSATA drive that I know is good. It works just fine with its USB and Firewire ports, and it ev...
SeanP314 9 4566 Last post 15-March-09, 07:39:10
by NovJoe
X58 Pro QPI
I just read on hard OCP that the X58 Pro shows the actual QPI voltage.  Guess I shouldn't have spent $350 on the top of the line...
joker1973 10 4291 Last post 15-March-09, 07:26:03
by Froggy Gremlin
MOVED: X58 Pro - How to change base clock?
This topic has been moved to Overclockers & Modding Corner.
Jack 0 1658 Last post 14-March-09, 21:13:02
by Jack
MSI X58 Platinum will not post - yellow LED near JUSB1/JUSB2
Hi all,I suspect I have a faulty motherboard but I wanted to get ideas before trying to return it.I have a MSI X58 Platinum moth...
wgoulet 5 4690 Last post 14-March-09, 05:48:24
by NovJoe
MSI x58 PRO Won't Post
# CPU: Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem 2.66GHz# Motherboard: MSI X58 Pro LGA 1366 Intel X58# Memory: CORSAIR XMS3 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pi...
battlet3chvx 20 10924 Last post 14-March-09, 03:43:12
by NovJoe
how to raise an issue with msi directly ???
Iam just trying to figure out how to raise a ticket or whatever it is ya do to make an issue directly with msi technical support...
scotslad 4 2753 Last post 13-March-09, 16:21:58
by joker1973
RAM questions
If I want to add more Ram to my computer, since DDR3 is so much cheaper, do I need the same type as what I have in here now.  No...
jakethesnake011 2 2203 Last post 13-March-09, 04:24:13
by jakethesnake011
MSI Eclipse Plus Motherboard Featuring NF200 Chip is it worth the it????
Well MSI have launched there i7 with NF200 support according to some uk sites and the price is like ouch ouch and ouch again £35...
Locutus-of-Borg 11 7564 Last post 12-March-09, 13:59:56
by Locutus-of-Borg
No beep without memory X58 Platinum
No beep even i don't have memory
dyrer 5 3672 Last post 12-March-09, 10:28:12
by Froggy Gremlin
MSI Tech Support and the X58 QPI Mystery
I sent MSI Tech another lengthy group of overly Technical Questions and it took them a week to come up with this,"We are sorry t...
joker1973 5 3913 Last post 12-March-09, 07:37:03
by Froggy Gremlin
Eclipse SLI Bios Official v1.3 vs Beta v1.44
Just wondered if anyone has any experience w/ both? I'm pleased w/ v1.2 but am planning on OCing soon.
Necrosis 19 10609 Last post 11-March-09, 15:36:46
by Svet
MOVED: X58 Pro not POST after flashing new bios v7.1
This topic has been moved to BIOS.
Svet 0 2755 Last post 10-March-09, 20:28:28
by Svet
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