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Re: MSI 58 eclipse plus won't start
Hmmm...bad board.  I guess my context was completely wrong.  Hehehehe 
jcniest5 0 1678 Last post 20-June-09, 01:36:44
by jcniest5
Experiences about Z68A-GD80 (G3) and firewire?
Hi,have someone tried to connect an external firewire audio production interface using the integrated VIA VT6308P? is it good or...
MrMonster 0 1148 Last post 04-April-12, 20:37:44
by MrMonster
P67A-C45 b3 don't boot with ITE8212 PCI card
Helloi was installing my all new motherboard P67A-C45 rev B3 with a core i5 2500K, 4gb of DDR3. No problem for installing all my...
Yamashiro 0 1332 Last post 19-January-12, 18:12:51
by Yamashiro
RAID0 with P55-CD53
Hi guys!I just got 2 new WD Caviar Black 1TB HDD's and really want to set the disks up with striping. I already have a SSD disk ...
jallaby 0 1456 Last post 14-December-10, 19:19:32
by jallaby
P55-GD80 AHCI readings
So I'm back to having I/O problems again (bout ready to RMA and/or buy a new mobo at this point) and while looking through the B...
Bitgod 0 2663 Last post 07-February-10, 02:19:06
by Bitgod
P67A-GD65 UEFI >2T Bootable W7 Partitions???
How do I make a RAID 10 4 TB Bootable Win7 64 Partition which is supposedly supported by the UEFI Bios?Tried everything I can th...
edwusa 0 1519 Last post 24-May-11, 23:58:50
by edwusa
P55-GD85 memory issues
Just recently put together a new system.  The system is perfectly stable when I have 2 sticks of ram in, but when I increase to ...
twill713 0 3086 Last post 18-February-10, 21:45:55
by twill713
Eclipse Plus & IOH
Blue/Black 'DrMOS' cover & 'Gaming Series' (IOH heatsink cover), look to be designed to route & use passive air flow from a 'sto...
Froggy Gremlin 0 2105 Last post 02-June-09, 09:08:09
by Froggy Gremlin
graphic card length
I have just bought a P67A-GD55 mainboard and installed it into a new case alongwith  an i5 2500K and everything else other than ...
carlan2uk 0 1324 Last post 10-March-11, 15:45:20
by carlan2uk
Intel Raid Vs Marvel Raid on Big Bang B3 Marshall (Non OS Drives) via win7 setup
I apologise in advance if this seems lazy but has anybody tried setting up RAID 1 mirroring of two non-essential data hard drive...
optical10 0 1742 Last post 14-July-11, 18:54:46
by optical10
Big Bang Waterblock?
Hi , I just bought a Swiftech H20-220 Edge to cooling my i7 930. This set has the ability to add new blocks as an upgrade. I´m j...
patriciogac 0 1497 Last post 25-October-10, 05:42:55
by patriciogac
SPDIF Pass Through for Realtek HD Sound Card?
My last sound card had the ability to pass through audio using SPDIF direct to a receiver without any surround sound decoding/pr...
Inbox7 0 1985 Last post 04-November-10, 01:21:21
by Inbox7
P55-CD53 wrong CAS# latency after SLEEP state
Hi!I found next BUG:If you RUN after SLEEP state BIOS change memory timings. In my case normal (from SPD) CAS# latency is 7. Whe...
retex 0 2196 Last post 07-January-10, 00:08:57
by retex
P67A boards - UEFI BIOS
The new boards seems to all support UEFI.  Nice.  So, P67 owners can say goodbye to preboot managers in a multiboot environment ...
claykin 0 1937 Last post 29-December-10, 18:14:35
by claykin
MSI P67A-C43 (B3) & OCZ Vertex 3 VTX3-25SAT3 Issues
Specifications:QuoteMobo/Laptop: MSI P67A-C43 (B3) BIOS: 1.B (2011-04-14) CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K RAM: 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DD...
louisville slugger 0 2759 Last post 09-September-11, 21:09:37
by louisville slugger
msi x58 platinum & vcore
Hi guys,how to give the DEFAULT voltage to Cpu, Dram and so on?setting "0.00"? I dont want auto, i need to increase little by li...
fantalorenzo 0 1554 Last post 20-January-10, 14:06:05
by fantalorenzo
ONE LAST HURRAH: Before saying Goodbye to my Beloved MSI Eclipse!
ONE LAST HURRAH: Before saying Goodbye to my Beloved MSI Eclipse!!!Well it has been two months since I purchased this MSI Eclips...
bartman1973 0 2362 Last post 27-April-09, 11:08:54
by bartman1973
GD80 Status LED and System Suspend problem
Hi everyone.My hardware:- MSI P55-GD80-BIOS AMI v1.4-Intel Core i7 860-OCZ 4GB (2x2GB) 1600MHz CL8 Gold Low-Voltage-Zotac GeForc...
erni 0 2052 Last post 19-December-09, 18:34:51
by erni
F.A.Q. & Former Stickies
>>Intel Cougar Point Chipset Recall. Is the MSI P67 board affected?<<>>MSI's All-new X79 Series Mainboards<<>>Running your memor...
Jack 0 2633 Last post 27-February-12, 11:20:24
by Jack
MSI X58 Platinum with 4850x2/4870x2's??
Hello all, having serious issues with MSI support on the "dual GPU" theory.  They have NOT tested ANY dual GPU cards, either Nvi...
screwtech02 0 1765 Last post 18-July-09, 00:45:37
by screwtech02
How to get rid of those Marvell raid drivers
By accident I installed the whole bunch of the dvd msi tools and also the Marvell raid drivers (Winky ?). Motherboard Z68A-GD65 ...
Johannes46 0 1424 Last post 21-November-11, 10:14:42
by Johannes46
Does MSI H67MA-E45 BIOS compatible with SoundGraph iMON VFD?
Hi!I would like to mount SoundGraph iMON VFD in my PC. It connects to MB by USB port. The problem is that BIOS bootup stops show...
tuv555 0 1622 Last post 16-September-11, 16:18:26
by tuv555
MSI P67S-C43 (NOT B3-version) - Microphone issues
I have tried everything except for an external PCI-soundcard since i dont have one..New drivers, different mic's, grounded outle...
Darkburrow 0 1339 Last post 06-March-12, 19:07:25
by Darkburrow
P55-GD65:USBPORT.SYS fault
Nothing than troubles with this one.this is my first MSI board and it will be my last MSI board nothing then troubles with itWhe...
cavalleke 0 1557 Last post 27-December-09, 16:31:26
by cavalleke
MSI P55-CD53 + 5.1 headset = hissing and buzzing noise
Hy Guys!I bought my PC about 2 months ago and I finally got a new headset which is Speedlink Medusa NX 5.1: http://www.speed-lin...
Yaga 0 2644 Last post 28-January-10, 17:40:17
by Yaga
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