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Big Bang Fuzion, first boot.
I just started up a Big Bang Fuzion motherboard for the first time.I hear a very loud high pitch constant tone. I checked to see...
3dwizzard 6 2739 Last post 04-August-11, 04:58:18
by NovJoe
Driver issues?
I'm not really sure what to think about this:  I noticed it in the device manager, when I installed the geforce GTX 460.The top ...
3dwizzard 4 2117 Last post 28-September-11, 15:36:14
by 3dwizzard
Mermory Population Rule
Hello,      I just bought a Big Bang Fuzion mainboard, and was thinking about installing 16 GB of 1333 GHz of RAM. Reading the u...
3dwizzard 2 1915 Last post 15-June-11, 02:44:17
by 3dwizzard
At a crossroad with Random Access Memory.
            Hi, I hope some one can help me. I purchased a Big Bang Fuzion mainboard. I am trying to decide on what RAM to go wi...
3dwizzard 4 2367 Last post 25-June-11, 23:16:27
by 3dwizzard
Not sure what's going on with display.
I purchased a Big Bang Fuszon motherboard. I've been trying to get a nvidia geforce 8800gt to work.Every time I load the driver,...
3dwizzard 6 2668 Last post 07-September-11, 18:29:59
by 3dwizzard
Z77A-G45, can't install windows on SSD
I upgraded last night from a C2 machine to an i5 (MSI z77a-g45, i5-3570k, 4X4GB Patriot PC3 12800 kit). Previously, I was runnin...
3kramd5 9 4936 Last post 17-May-12, 14:39:59
by masterten
B150 PC Mate BIOS C.8 update killed PC
Hi,SPECS: Intel G4500 + B150 PC Mate.For some time while booting PC I was having a message about update requirement for BIOS usi...
3stark 1 1071 Last post 03-May-17, 21:45:25
by Svet
hard lock on MSI Z170A PC MATE i7 6700k HYPER X FURY 2133mhZ cas 14 W10pro
Hi there,Since building my new rig end of december 2015, i keep getting random frezzes at least once a day.when i say random , i...
3xoskull 6 2153 Last post 06-February-16, 14:11:33
by electrostingz
Help! Can I run Xeon Phi 3120P on X99A SLI KRAIT EDITION with i7-6800K?
I bought a Xeon Phi 3120P recently.At the beginning, I installed the Coprocessor and tried booting the system directly. Of cours...
420871644 1 594 Last post 25-February-17, 14:32:35
by HenryW
Can't get SLI to work Z97S motherboard
Don't know where I'm going wrong. Got MSI Z97S Krait Edition m/b, Intel 4790k processor, 850 watt power supply, 2 EVGA GTX 970 v...
426hemidood 4 1250 Last post 05-December-15, 04:16:30
by 426hemidood
Z68A-GD65 (G3) bios flash
Okay, i'm stuck hereI have a Z68A-GD65 (G3) motherboard running currently BIOS version N.70 (E7681IMS.N70)I've downloaded the ne...
44fire44 1 715 Last post 30-October-18, 20:45:57
by flobelix
MSI P67A-45, and CPU voltage
Hello friends!I hasten to apologize for my English.My problem is this ...Was acquired by the motherboard MSI P67A-C45 for use in...
4aek 19 9052 Last post 14-February-11, 23:11:01
by Froggy Gremlin
How to quit using the onboard RAID Z87-G45
In hindsight, using the onboard RAID has a number of drawbacks, from making updating the BIOS risky, disabling AHCI for optimum ...
4cpus4me 3 1519 Last post 03-September-14, 05:50:40
by pandaz
Worth it to add mSATA on Motherboard Slot? Z87-M45
Thinking about getting an mSATA drive and putting on the motherboard.  Is it worth it for Rapid Start and, if so, what size is u...
4cpus4me 3 1316 Last post 23-August-14, 07:31:03
by Sea Dog
SOLVED! Moving from RAID1 to SSD and enabling AHCI
It took some days of surfing, but I got some help in another forum and have solved the problem of moving from a RAID1 system run...
4cpus4me 2 1844 Last post 15-September-14, 07:15:36
by 4cpus4me
Z87-G45 Blue screens like crazy after removing GTX 460
I pulled my GTX 460 and switched back to onboard Intel 4600 graphics, now I'm blue-screening like crazy.   Kernel_security_check...
4cpus4me 3 1694 Last post 19-June-13, 17:19:17
by flobelix
MSI RAMdrive with Google Cache
I turned on the MSI RAMdrive and checked the box to put the Google Cache on it.  I couldn't get it to work.  The RAMdrive was cr...
4cpus4me 5 8640 Last post 29-June-13, 01:36:01
by 4cpus4me
Z87-G45 GTX 660 not recognized in BIOS
My new GTX 660 arrived today.   Plugged it in, moved the monitor plug over to it, booted up, no signal.   Turns out the BIOS doe...
4cpus4me 8 3317 Last post 20-June-13, 02:54:02
by 4cpus4me
About using the MSI RAMdrive and Command Center Z87-G45
At first I thought MSI integrating the RAMdrive in Command Center was pretty cool once it actually started working in Command Ce...
4cpus4me 4 4552 Last post 27-June-13, 04:01:17
by Froggy Gremlin
How do you update the Bios safely when using onboard RAID mirror? Z87-G45
How do you update the Bios safely when using onboard RAID with Z87-G45?   I'm using a simple two drive, RAID 1 mirror setup.I'm ...
4cpus4me 3 911 Last post 21-June-14, 16:31:13
by Svet
P67-GD65 (B3) won't boot
After upgrading my CPU cooler to a corsair H100, the video failed when my 570 gtx was plugged into the primary PCIX (top) slot. ...
4mbi3nt 2 1310 Last post 02-February-13, 18:12:52
by 4mbi3nt
compatible components info
Where do I find this on the main site?? Tried ( ) with no luck!!
4nimrod1 2 2098 Last post 29-July-11, 00:37:13
by Henry
Stereo digital out only from HDMI. How to get multichannel output?-H170M PRO-VDH
running Windows 10 64bit, tried manually installing latest drivers but no multichannel digital sound output from HDMI.Doesn't it...
4tunaerol 1 658 Last post 21-October-16, 00:35:29
by Svet
How to configure RAID on Z97-G45?
Just setup my new computer yesterday, and have everything working properly except RAID. I can't seem to figure out where I need ...
5050punk 1 6732 Last post 27-August-14, 18:38:07
by Zuhl3156
Z97 G45 Gaming Hung on BIOS Update
So, I just finished setting up my new PC two days ago, and loaded Windows 8.1 on it. Everything was working fine, except my prin...
5050punk 2 1296 Last post 28-August-14, 22:32:11
by 5050punk
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