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MSI Windpad Tablet computers
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Sticky Topics
Hi. I bought an Enjoy 7 brand new in Pokhara, Nepal. They replaced it after 1 week after the charger socket appeared loose and s...
glaikit 3 3438 Last post 12-December-12, 19:36:14
by flobelix
For those who are wondering what to expect when you open the WindPad 110W, here is an "inside" picture with some marking for ori...
Jack 26 21921 Last post 17-December-12, 17:03:06
by flobelix
I managed to hard reset the tablet, enjoy 7 plus.  Thanks to Malaysia MSI support team Mr John.The steps are:-a) Completely shut...
clmels 4 23273 Last post 21-November-13, 14:15:41
by Magroba
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in o...
emersonyang 0 1524 Last post 13-July-15, 02:21:09
by emersonyang
MSI MGA 2015 Grand Finals is upon us! It’s the first time ever for the Grand Finals to set foot in the United States; all region...
emersonyang 0 1365 Last post 13-August-15, 01:04:00
by emersonyang
[Guide]Primo series FW Update/Recovery GuideFind more FAQs HERE.More guide from MSI technicians, visit the link: Ask A QuestionV...
msiTechNB 0 1962 Last post 09-November-16, 14:00:47
by msiTechNB
Normal Topics
windpad 100w factory default help!!
i put usb keyboard and press F3, then after show restore msi default then press on my keyboard ENTER, but it no responding.WHY?
hkyoon 3 4527 Last post 20-June-11, 19:45:07
by Ex Forum User 3
MSI WindPad 120W (Windows 7, 10", Cedar Trail)
Hi! Are there any news about 120W since it was presented at Computex 2011 in May? Or 110W model will rule until ~2012? Thanks!
Kirr 1 4469 Last post 01-August-11, 02:54:37
by Henry
How to flash bios in windpad 110w ?
HelloI got windpad 110w today. I do not know to go bios page.My camera do not work I think update bios.I see "Press <Del> to ent...
Pandamons 2 4074 Last post 16-August-11, 16:22:02
by Pandamons
Windpad 110W cameras?
Anyone know how do you switch from one camera to thye other? In device manager I only see one camera. Also the finger touch/mous...
Hopper 4 4083 Last post 19-August-11, 22:40:32
by Hopper
MSI WindPad 100W
Hi! I'm planning to purchase MSI WindPad 100W for some kind of publically accesed information stand. On it i plan to run applica...
Ihros 3 3437 Last post 09-September-11, 14:19:49
by Ex Forum User 3
MSI Windpad 110W - question on Win 7 tablet
Guys,Need help on how do I get into the BIOS setup of the Windpad 110W without keyboard F11 keys since the touch screen don't fu...
Henry YMC 3 5919 Last post 19-September-11, 19:58:16
by Stu
WindPad, WindTop.. how to disable software keyboard?
How do i disable that software touch keyboard that is implemented in every MSI touch computer with windows?
Ihros 6 3843 Last post 20-September-11, 08:19:51
by Ex Forum User 3
[Split]When in UK store 110w ?
HI, any idea when MSI windpad 110w will reach UK store? I am dying to get one
Giov83 4 3985 Last post 21-September-11, 22:12:11
by nightmare99
How to disable windpad 110W SAS touch Hotkey & Desktop Home Hot Touch Key
Hi, Please let me know How to disable windpad 110W SAS touch Hotkey & Desktop Home Hot Touch Key regards Naveen
a2zmasth 1 3089 Last post 26-September-11, 21:51:45
by Stu
ATTO benchmark
 Just in case anyone was curious and didn't want to bother on their own. Yes it's a slug for SSD.
Henry 7 4163 Last post 21-October-11, 00:00:14
by Henry
WiFi not functional after BIOS/FW Update
WiFi not working after updating the BIOS and the FW to the latest versions from the website, please help?Tried everything - OS r...
schnappi 6 3492 Last post 26-October-11, 23:35:07
by Slimak
Worrying sound coming from the fan of 110W, help!
Hi all!I am very happy user of MSI windpad 110w, but recently the fan of my tablet has demonstrated rather noisy behaviour. Loud...
bregg 3 2952 Last post 31-October-11, 22:57:08
by Ex Forum User 3
windpad 110W : keyboard disappear from the screen
I bought a new computer which is Msi Windpad 110WAnd I format the hard disk which was included windows 7 Home premium 64 bitand ...
saudi star 2 3275 Last post 06-November-11, 11:23:55
by Stu
WindPad 100W G- Sensor
Hi, My Windpad 100W screen doesn't rotate automatically and has been freezed. please help
ramy20021 14 8634 Last post 09-November-11, 06:07:04
by ramy20021
Touch input not working intermittently
I have been using my Winpad 110W for over two months now. Lately the Touch input started to stop working intermittently especial...
jeffreycheah 6 3999 Last post 09-November-11, 09:04:22
by jeffreycheah
Adaptive brightness turn off
I really need to turn off adaptive brightness function in my WP110W.I disabled it in:- Power options- AMD Vision Centre- Win Ser...
iPokey 4 3718 Last post 14-November-11, 11:05:51
by iPokey
Winpad 110w CPU high usage - slow response
I bought a Winpad 110w to test to see if it would work for my organization (Government agency).  It came with Windows 7 home edi...
yellowshoe 9 7257 Last post 20-November-11, 01:49:30
by Henry
Is there a Stylus for Win7 Windpad?
Hi All,Bought the Winpad with the intention to use it in the field for work. Just assujmed that all pads works with a stylus but...
Lomans1 26 15691 Last post 21-November-11, 07:41:05
by jeffreycheah
""""""Questions Before Buy """""""
Hi guys im new member for MSI products and wanna ask some questions before purchasing new hot 110w,well i was interested in buyi...
persia 15 8604 Last post 07-December-11, 08:03:35
by iPokey
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