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Sticky Topics
[Guide]Primo series FW Update/Recovery GuideFind more FAQs HERE.More guide from MSI technicians, visit the link: Ask A QuestionV...
msiTechNB 0 2382 Last post 09-November-16, 14:00:47
by msiTechNB
MSI MGA 2015 Grand Finals is upon us! It’s the first time ever for the Grand Finals to set foot in the United States; all region...
emersonyang 0 1454 Last post 13-August-15, 01:04:00
by emersonyang
Hi. I bought an Enjoy 7 brand new in Pokhara, Nepal. They replaced it after 1 week after the charger socket appeared loose and s...
glaikit 3 3552 Last post 12-December-12, 19:36:14
by flobelix
I managed to hard reset the tablet, enjoy 7 plus.  Thanks to Malaysia MSI support team Mr John.The steps are:-a) Completely shut...
clmels 4 23483 Last post 21-November-13, 14:15:41
by Magroba
For those who are wondering what to expect when you open the WindPad 110W, here is an "inside" picture with some marking for ori...
Jack 26 22229 Last post 17-December-12, 17:03:06
by flobelix
Normal Topics
Windpad Enjoy 10 cant access Google Play
Did a recovery of Windpad Enjoy 10 and after few days Google Play cant be access. It says "No connection" then below "Retry" but...
shinoman28 0 1258 Last post 03-December-12, 12:59:24
by shinoman28
Help! i have a problem with the wifi of my Msi enjoy 10 plus.
Good day...i am having trouble with my msi enjoy 10 plus and i don't know what to do WiFi connection only last for 3 ...
jharicz 0 1357 Last post 23-December-12, 23:59:30
by jharicz
enjoy 7 plus usb charging
Why is it that the tablet cannot be charged through usb port?
madboy 0 1555 Last post 01-January-13, 13:22:22
by madboy
Tablet Disproportionate Photo Display
Hi all.I've just got my MSI Windpad Enjoy 7 Plus just before the new year.But I'm a bit disappointed on the way that it handles ...
freekey 0 1265 Last post 03-January-13, 03:09:35
by freekey
Firmware Windpad Enjoy 7 Plus
Hi. Like many others, I flashed the firmware on the official website of MSI. For my surprise (and like many others) the screen i...
patriciogac 0 1406 Last post 05-January-13, 15:47:55
by patriciogac
DC Jack for windpad 110w
Is there a place where I can buy one? I nee a knew one on mine I don't know why its loose.
brandonjb85 0 1198 Last post 09-January-13, 09:08:13
by brandonjb85
JellyBean Upgrade (JB): MSI Enjoy 10 Plus
Hi Will the MSI Enjoy 10 Plus be getting the JellyBean (JB) upgrade
jinkira 0 1780 Last post 09-January-13, 15:16:45
by jinkira
Help msi enjoy 7 plus
hello from chile and need your help to update my tablet with this rom on MSI and now the screen is shifted to the right can anyo...
cristianlp 0 1272 Last post 30-January-13, 18:38:22
by cristianlp
hello everyone,first time sorry for my very bad english ( yes i'm french )second time, i've an msi winpad 100w and sometimes the...
joh 0 1593 Last post 11-February-13, 00:53:50
by joh
MOVED: msi wind u160dx does not work with HSDPA usb stick
This topic has been moved to MSI Notebooks & Netbooks.
Svet 0 1162 Last post 20-February-13, 21:33:32
by Svet
Map to use with GPS with out internet
I am on Holiday and would like to use my 110W with a map and the built in GPS. Is there a map I can download to the drive and th...
Riverfurm 0 1670 Last post 09-May-12, 07:40:04
by Riverfurm
How do I get vibrate on my windpad 110W again
Hello everyone,just out of curiousity, because I do not really need this (working hi-res camera on win8 would be much more impor...
sku 0 1546 Last post 26-November-12, 21:23:30
by sku
MOVED: Taking apart a Wind Top AE2220
This topic has been moved to MSI All-In-One and barebones PC series.
Svet 0 1365 Last post 01-November-12, 15:31:40
by Svet
Windpad 110W Android x86 ICS App Storage Problems
Does anyone else have trouble getting more than a small handful of apps installed before there isn't any room for more? I have a...
rickpcmp3 0 1641 Last post 05-July-12, 02:07:32
by rickpcmp3
MSI Windpad Enjoy 10 problem
I bought new Windpad yesterday and when I turn on the Wifi or Bluetooth it will hang and then reboot... please help...
squall_0122 0 1494 Last post 06-July-12, 06:45:10
by squall_0122
Windpad 110W - replacement WIFI module and Win8 RP USB issues
A couple more issues have come up, maybe someone has seen them before.1. I got a new wireless unit for the Windpad as the stock ...
pox67 0 1884 Last post 18-July-12, 03:33:56
by pox67
Windpad Enjoy 10 plus not booting :(
i downloaded the firmware driver for my msi windpad enjoy 10 plus which was uploaded to the msi website....... i installed it su...
Vishnu 0 1636 Last post 23-July-12, 20:10:28
by Vishnu
Enjoy 7- WiFi error
my wi fi works for few minutes and suddenly its turns off and when i turn it on again it says ERROR, have to restart it always. ...
jhansari 0 1316 Last post 29-July-12, 18:29:35
by jhansari
enjoy 7-internal memory problem
When playstore downlosad any app it goes directly into internal memory and then it starts showing memory full despite of moving ...
jhansari 0 1240 Last post 30-July-12, 13:22:20
by jhansari
MOVED: MSI Wind U135 screen problem
This topic has been moved to MSI Notebooks & Netbooks.
xmad 0 1483 Last post 01-August-12, 00:56:33
by xmad
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