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emersonyang 0 1603 Last post 13-July-15, 02:21:09
by emersonyang
help .. i need msi primo 81 adb driver ??
Hi .. Can anybody helps me find the adb android driver for MSI primo 81 tablet ... Thnx alot 
mustapha.gis 3 3776 Last post 27-May-15, 06:12:16
by hchg
MOVED: where can i find the windows 7 internet driver fore CR 640
This topic has been moved to C and S Series since it has been post on the wrong board.
msiTechNB 0 1932 Last post 27-April-15, 10:44:05
by msiTechNB
PLEASE HELP - How to Hard Reset MSI Primo 81 OR RECOVERY
Hi everyone, I have a problem that I am hoping someone on this forum can help me with. I searched all over this website and thro...
ulterios 1 3715 Last post 20-April-15, 01:04:32
by hchg
How to I get Google PLay on my MSI Android 4.0.3
My iPad is super easy compared to this Droid, but need it for work. Can you please tell me how to get google play on my droid ta...
hsdisposo-meme 1 1330 Last post 09-April-15, 12:09:40
by hchg
How do i update my winpad droid 4.0.3 to lastest droid?
How do i update my winpad droid tablet to the latest droid operating system?  this winpad is SOOOO complicated compared to my ip...
hsdisposo-meme 1 1136 Last post 09-April-15, 12:08:16
by hchg
Primo 81 Storage problems...
So, I am suppose to have 16 gig of storage space on this device, and go into the Settings, it shows 1 gig. and that is almost al...
kjo8244 4 2449 Last post 07-April-15, 05:20:34
by hchg
Enjoy 71 - Backing Up a LOCKED TABLET
Hi everyone!I am new here and quite a noob for IT so please help me here.Thing is that about 6 months ago my Enjoy 71 had its mi...
zohayer.k 2 1547 Last post 18-March-15, 02:32:45
by hchg
I CAN NOT DISABLE MY TOUCH PAD. CURSOR JUMPING EVERYWHERE. I USE A MOUSE. I have gone into settings, and chosen the "long' respo...
SNORKELCAT 1 1559 Last post 12-January-15, 14:33:22
by hchg
Primo 75 can't upload files from PC by mini usb
I can't upload files by mini USB: the explorer in windows 7 sees volumes, but when I click on them, it writes "Please, insert a ...
Shok 1 1632 Last post 19-December-14, 13:21:09
by hchg
Keyboard case for MSI W20 3M-001US?
I might be one of the first people to buy this tablet, so nobody may be able to answer this question yet, but I am looking for r...
Hydronium 1 1944 Last post 19-December-14, 09:44:13
by hchg
Primo 81 clicking charger (while charging and screen on)
Hi I have what may be a serious issue with my primo 81 charger.It is normally silent BUT if while charging I turn on the Primo 8...
softyengin 1 1690 Last post 19-December-14, 09:42:10
by KurtC27
Msi Enjoy 71 Wifi While Sleep Mode
Is there any option to keep wifi on while tablet is in sleep mode?
BabyBu 1 1902 Last post 19-December-14, 09:32:48
by KurtC27
Windpad 110W Win 8.1 upgrade can no longer boot under AHCI
I recently upgraded my 110W to Win 8.1, but then discovered that it would not boot after the first reboot.  As found in some for...
eduardoo 1 1663 Last post 19-December-14, 09:21:03
by hchg
usb on the go no work primo 73
Please in box show suporte USB on the go but i can't Connect in my MSI primo 73 pen drive,mouse,cellphones .what the best soluti...
kitkat 1 1621 Last post 19-December-14, 09:11:34
by hchg
MSI Primo 73 Allwinner A20 firmware issue
Hi Guys, can somebody pls help me with the below issue:I bought MSI Primo 73 for christmas for my girlfriend and it has already ...
pemann 1 3279 Last post 19-December-14, 09:09:45
by hchg
mode fastboot
as it does to get into fastboot mode? grateful
dilon 3 1949 Last post 19-December-14, 09:06:23
by hchg
I have the Enjoy 71. When will MSI be releasing an update to take care of the Heartbleed bug?On Google Play there is a diagnosti...
lwells 3 1616 Last post 19-December-14, 09:03:11
by hchg
fix msi windpad enjoy 10 plus
how can i fix my msi windpad enjoy 10 plus,it wont open,it only display the msi logo and it keeps on vibrating..anyone who could...
niekz27 1 1384 Last post 19-December-14, 08:43:11
by hchg
How can I recalbrate the touchscreen?
Hey guys Im using primo 81 and Im having a problem with my touchscreen:sad:.Is there a way to calibrate the touchscreen?
Prime81user 1 1303 Last post 19-December-14, 08:28:04
by hchg
How can i update primo 91 to kitkat
how can i update primo 91 tablet software from  ice cream sandwich 4.0.4  to kitkat or jelly bean
abdullah.alqurashi 1 1729 Last post 19-December-14, 08:25:36
by hchg
Kitkat Update for Primo 77
hi guys i want to upgrade my primo 77 to android kitkat...What should I do? Thanks!
frankiedmunky 3 2456 Last post 19-December-14, 08:23:29
by hchg
MSI ENJOY 10 PLUS, Media USB not Detected in CPU (HELP)
winpad enjoy 10 plus I can not be touched, do not work, and the device is not detected on the computer (no media), so can not up...
Bacuf02 1 1269 Last post 19-December-14, 08:19:51
by hchg
Msi Winpad 110W broken fan
My msi winpad 110w fan is no longer working, i opened it up to check the connection and everything is fine, I think it just wore...
mickystowe1 1 1123 Last post 15-December-14, 13:17:04
by Nichrome
Incredible tablet - MSI Primo73 video review
Wow! just saw a nice tablet video on Youtube. Sharing with you guys :cool:
missroro 0 1959 Last post 09-December-13, 17:38:25
by missroro
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