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MSI Primo 81 Glitches
Hi, I have updated my tab to android 4.4 using the flash utility. I have noticed some bugs though and I was hoping that fellow o...
RPH 2 2090 Last post 29-June-14, 00:53:27
by RPH
how to go from 4.4 to 4.2.2?
hello.i have the primo 81 with updated 4.4 kit kat and i will go back in 4.2.2 because i dont like.which is the way to do?
paulkwst 9 4329 Last post 14-June-14, 07:14:16
by dilon
Primo 81 not charging beyond 95%
My brand new primo 81 does not charge beyond 95%. charging about three hours now and still nothing... any advice?
cfreitas 1 1498 Last post 02-June-14, 21:20:48
by Stu
problem in msi enjoy 71 pls help
hi i have msi enjoy 71 and yesterday it was with dark screan and when i pute the original rom in my sd card it will just downloa...
pidro.milito 2 1719 Last post 29-May-14, 17:06:10
by pidro.milito
now I need a super help ...
installed a phoenix rom suite and my tablet died, does not enter or boot and also can not access the phoenix survival mode, whi...
dilon 2 1774 Last post 19-April-14, 18:19:36
by dilon
updating primo 81 help
i am trying to update my primo 81 from 4.2.2 to the 4.4 update that came out 3-27-14  phoenix suite is not recognizing that my p...
wingjam 6 3529 Last post 15-April-14, 20:40:39
by wingjam
cases for primo 81
I was wondering if anyone has come across any cases or because of the dimensions being almost identical if anyone has been succe...
wingjam 2 2710 Last post 13-April-14, 04:03:17
by wingjam
How to set Primo 81 as MTP / Mass Storage?
How to set Primo 81 as MTP / Mass Storage?   I managed set as MTP before but after send for warranty due to main button problem,...
azrulzack 1 1720 Last post 22-February-14, 16:01:20
by azrulzack
Primo 81 not charging issue
I brought a Primo 81 few months back in Asia and was working fine but yesterday when I put it in charge, the tablet would not ch...
wingyzw 4 2780 Last post 22-February-14, 14:54:06
by azrulzack
Primo 81 buttons not working
Hello, we have a brand new primo 81 which the power and volumes buttons do not work. Any suggestions on how to resolve this issu...
spudmanlogic 1 1586 Last post 22-February-14, 14:52:34
by azrulzack
MSI Windpad 110W Parts (mouse pointer)
Does anyone know where to buy a new mouse pointer button for the Windpad 110w?
rickpcmp3 2 2468 Last post 15-January-14, 20:03:53
by bladedknight
WindPad and ArcGIS ArcReader
Has anyone readig this tried using a WindPad with ESRI's ArcReader.I would certainly expect by the specs on it that this table s...
bobberuchi 0 1393 Last post 10-January-14, 21:25:00
by bobberuchi
primo 81 hdmi out.. how to get it working
Hey, I picked up a primo 81 for my wife and we are trying to get it to output to the tv via the hdmi out...  Any idea's? The pdf...
RickBrownJr 11 3972 Last post 07-January-14, 19:45:14
by darkhawk
A question about the Primo 73 and DSLR controller
Hi, I recently acquired a Primo 73 and I'd like to use it as an external screen for my Canon DSLR. I've found the app "DSLR Cont...
ArcadeAdam 1 1599 Last post 26-December-13, 20:57:22
by darkhawk
MSI Primo 81 - Faulty Micro USB and Wifi
Hello, I've had my MSI Primo 81 for just about two months now, and suddenly It feels like I've been dropped into a certain creek...
Armonius 2 2370 Last post 26-December-13, 20:56:22
by darkhawk
msi primo 73 16gb capacity turns 8gb only after firmware update
can anyone help me to return the 16gb capacity of my msi primo 73, after updated my firmware when I checked it has only 8gb. I d...
jonjonjon 19 5989 Last post 22-December-13, 11:26:29
by kbr
esteban.rq.5 1 1742 Last post 01-December-13, 19:51:52
by Svet
Cell standby killing battery within 5 hours at stand by mode with airplane mode!
I have now , new msi Primo 73 tablet Issue : battery stand by time within 5 hours only !!, and charging time 12 hours from 10% t...
maher.jalal.92 4 2089 Last post 22-November-13, 20:18:28
by budoybudoy
MSI Primo 73 Poor Sound Output
  Is there a way to improve sound out put MSI Primo 73. The sound output is very low, very poor.
kbr 0 1619 Last post 20-November-13, 07:02:03
by kbr
Rooting and install CWM recovery PRIMO 73
Primo 73 owner who want to root their stock rom.1. make sure your device conected with debug option and ADB drivers are installe...
ian.lomboq 1 6650 Last post 20-November-13, 06:26:29
by kbr
Boot error on my MSI WindPad Enjoy 7
Hi Folks, I was hoping somebody from this forum might be able to help me solve my current issues with my MSI WindPad Enjoy 7 Tab...
kfronquillo 9 10520 Last post 19-November-13, 07:04:30
by khalta
msi windpad 10 plus wont boot
hello guys i have msi winpad tablet 10 plus i cant turn it on! when i plug it to the charger the led lamp turn green and when i ...
teto196061 0 1748 Last post 16-November-13, 20:06:05
by teto196061
msi enjoy71 tablet's camera not working
Hi ..can anyone please help me with my tablet's camera..I just got this tablet a couple of weeks ago,and the camera isn't workin...
virginiamanuela 0 1509 Last post 27-October-13, 02:13:26
by virginiamanuela
msi enjoy 10 plus charger not charging!! :(
pls help me, my charger does not work now and cannot charge anymore.(c0z there were times that it has a certain position of the ...
ivoj7 0 1834 Last post 07-October-13, 17:12:06
by ivoj7
MSI Primo 81
Dears, any body can tell me in primo 81 can use the full memory to install apps and the installed apps can be moved to sd
ra44415 1 2337 Last post 06-October-13, 14:23:45
by apacheman
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