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As we are all tech crazy around here a place was needed to not only describe ones machine but to show it. This place is here. An...
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flobelix 111 42947 Last post 23-June-20, 13:48:46
by flobelix
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MOVED: B360 gaming plus motherboard 12v supply
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
flobelix 0 347 Last post 05-June-20, 16:52:09
by flobelix
MOVED: Can the silver "feathers" on the X570 Creation mobo be removed without damage?
This topic has been moved to MSI AMD boards.
flobelix 0 374 Last post 10-May-20, 18:23:41
by flobelix
MOVED: upgrade flash /boot hard drive MSI GS60
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
flobelix 0 228 Last post 29-April-20, 20:31:29
by flobelix
[MOD] Mystic Light Dynamic Led Adjustment
Hi all,First of all, if forum moderators think this post is not posted in the right place, please, do what you best think about ...
sergi_estrella93 0 495 Last post 01-April-20, 13:48:29
by sergi_estrella93
MOVED: is there a way to connect rgb led to b365m vh pro ?
This topic has been moved to MSI Intel boards.
flobelix 0 287 Last post 23-March-20, 19:48:09
by flobelix
My pc "almost" finished
thanks for all the support from the moderators on this forum you have been a big help spec.AMD ryzen 7 2700x (will be upgrading ...
curlster81 0 292 Last post 12-March-20, 11:14:21
by curlster81
My new PC build is a UFO!! What is yours?
Hi,According to my new PC build is a UFO  My CPU is the cat's whiskers, and my GPU is the bee's knees  Nuff sa...
Topo 0 266 Last post 09-March-20, 01:24:44
by Topo
Custom B450 pro VRM heatsink
I just did this VRM heatsink to my Mobo.
bkrenderman 0 437 Last post 21-January-20, 19:37:43
by bkrenderman
Questions - Modding A Motherboard BIOS
I just have a quick question I am hoping someone can answer...Does MSI prevent the users from flashing a modded BIOS onto their ...
iioliumenii 1 1063 Last post 29-November-19, 18:29:53
by Krank
Ez Debug LED Feedback (ways it can be improved)
Seeing what led is lit can be difficult as the LEDs are all in the same place and they are the same color, using different color...
evilkitty 0 498 Last post 10-August-19, 17:04:02
by evilkitty
MEG X570 ACE Review
Hi there,as far as i can see: at this moment simply the best MB i had in hands by now !  Supports the automatic and manual detai...
guido.bode 1 578 Last post 06-August-19, 21:14:48
by flobelix
Goa´uld Al´Kesh [scratch build]
The Goa´uld Al´Kesh is a space ship of the bomber class from the TV series Stargate SG1. What is there to say? Designation: Al'
capten-cork 14 3145 Last post 03-March-19, 13:36:46
by capten-cork
Project MSI Limited Edition Case
Hey guys! I have finished some light modding to MSI case. Let me know what you think! Can't upload the pictures due to big size,...
denismosentsev 1 554 Last post 21-February-19, 21:24:43
by flobelix
X399 Carbon AC VRM-cooling extra fan in Phanteks Enthoo Pro case
Has anyone solved the issue of adding a fan whose main purpose would be VRM cooling?I've seen many pics of such devices, but all...
p.wozniacki 0 443 Last post 18-February-19, 15:48:55
by p.wozniacki
[REVIEW] X470 Gaming Pro Carbon
X470 Gaming Pro Carbon ReviewIntroductionIt’s been a while since I’ve written a motherboard review, particularly one for AMDs X4...
bizketxxx 0 869 Last post 12-January-19, 17:49:17
by bizketxxx
PC for entry level gaming for 450€
Just built my office pc, but it's capable to play games if put inside some GPU
jochionis 2 838 Last post 03-December-18, 15:42:39
by jochionis
Interesting review on Godlike MB by Gamers Nexus good watch if you are "techy"
kshafer 0 595 Last post 21-October-18, 00:06:51
by kshafer
[Build Log] Custom PC (Computer inside Desk) #ProjectD
I just want to share my current Project called #ProjectD. I’m currently building a custom PC (Computer inside desk). For now I j...
droms 3 921 Last post 14-October-18, 15:14:22
by droms
Project: One for All
Hi guys! I'm Sam from Philippines.The idea of the mod will be Deku from Boku no Hero Academia, a popular shonen anime/mangaProje...
saamwee 3 612 Last post 03-September-18, 16:50:02
by saamwee
Using Thunderbolt 2 on MSI MPOWER z97
HelloSo I was wondering if I could get a PCI card to chuck in the back of my for thunderbolt 2. I'm looking to buy a soundcard t...
richard.c.v9548 0 947 Last post 22-June-18, 03:11:58
by richard.c.v9548
Gamer from Finland
Finally managed to save up some money to update my old poor mans PC with parts i really wanted in first place.Only part i didn't...
lastre8el 0 769 Last post 06-May-18, 18:22:45
by lastre8el
I bought a new MSI RX580 Gaming X 8G graphics card and am very satisfied. I can play most games in a resolution of 2560x1440 at ...
ferdok76 1 815 Last post 08-March-18, 12:51:41
by leevincent139
Hardware:I5 7600kMsi Z270i Gaming Pro CarbonMSI GTX 1060 6gbZADAK Ram 2x4 3600m
edwindecatalina24 0 686 Last post 26-February-18, 08:25:27
by edwindecatalina24
mystic light and corsiar
I have my the Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard and the Corsiar led fan hub with 4 corsair ML 120 Pro RGB fans hooked into the ...
armdela 0 877 Last post 23-February-18, 04:29:56
by armdela
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