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As we are all tech crazy around here a place was needed to not only describe ones machine but to show it. This place is here. An...
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flobelix 109 38437 Last post 02-October-19, 21:29:51
by flobelix
Normal Topics
Quick Short Test & Review of X58 PRO-E
Here is an upgrade version to the entry level X58PRO motherboard that MSI has to offer before. Model name is “X58PRO-E” and this...
gzhil 14 8506 Last post 23-August-09, 07:32:34
by stereo55
Teaser Warning!!!MSI P55-GD65 (P55 Chipset)
 QuotePackage  Contents: (This is what I like most with MSI Motherboards. Their bundles are complete)• IDE Cable/ Floppy Cable• ...
gzhil 15 13502 Last post 11-September-09, 20:49:05
by Varg
MSI P55-GD80 Benchies. Whooping i5 750 @ 4.8ghz on Dry Ice!!!
Below were shots taken from the Philippines Launch Event for MSI P55 Motherboards. My friend bartman1973 & I were invited by the...
gzhil 17 7919 Last post 21-September-09, 08:53:35
by Aaron
MSI R5770 @ core speed of 1031mhz & mem speed of 5648mhz
Just got a new toy to play with MSI R5770 What I really like the most out of this card is the DX11 capability, 40nm GPU Chip (r...
gzhil 0 1983 Last post 05-November-09, 14:20:25
by gzhil
MSI Big Bang Trinergy!!! Teazer Pics
Look what I've got Big !!! Bang!!!! Trinergy [img width=360 height=480]
gzhil 1 2066 Last post 03-December-09, 04:02:01
by Hedghawg71
My Short Quick Test of MSI R5970-P2D2G
Wooohooo!!!! One of my upgrades upon starting 2010 hehehehe Some Few Specs of the cardQuoteCore: 725mhz CoreMemory: 2GB DDR5 40...
gzhil 0 3032 Last post 02-January-10, 04:17:07
by gzhil
My Tests with MSI Big Bang Fuzion
Fuzion has arrived. Overall design of the motherboard is pretty the same with its brother “Trinergy” and includes features such ...
gzhil 3 3080 Last post 29-January-10, 02:10:17
by gzhil
MSI R5770 Hawk is out and Here it is!!!
Guess what has dropped by on my doorstep. A HAWK series 5770 video card. With the successful high-end LIGHTNING  series that MSI...
gzhil 4 5748 Last post 03-March-10, 01:12:43
by gzhil
The New 5830 Twin Frozr II
So many new MSI video cards are showing up recently and here is one of them, MSI 5830 Twin Frozr II. Built on Military Class Com...
gzhil 0 2211 Last post 29-March-10, 02:19:34
by gzhil
Trying out my MSI 5870 Lightning
Glad I was able to get a hold of this baby.Customized 5870 design with 15-phase power supply system (13 phases for core and two ...
gzhil 7 6408 Last post 07-April-10, 20:04:48
by famich
MSI R5570. Good Value Performing Card
Just tested this new R5570 video card from MSI. This VC sits between the entry-level 5450 and the mid-entry level 5670. So I gue...
gzhil 10 6719 Last post 10-April-10, 02:42:04
by mkchiu
My Review for MSI Big Bang Xpower & Overclocked
This will be the very 1st X58 big bang series of MSI and the 1st X58 MSI motherboard to have USB 3.0 and SATA 3 connections. Tar...
gzhil 4 3841 Last post 23-June-10, 22:48:55
by Henry
New Release: MSI N465GTX-M2D1G. Quick Test
Just my share. Just finish testing this MSI N465GTX-M2D1G video card. Reviewers in the net were stating that this is like a 275 ...
gzhil 3 4786 Last post 26-June-10, 01:25:46
by Henry
Teazers of MSI N465GTX Twin Frozr II Video Card
Just right after testing the reference design MSI N465GTX video card, here just what showed up today. MSI N465GTX Twin Frozr II...
gzhil 4 3413 Last post 26-June-10, 05:13:38
by Mike
Hot and fresh :) MSI R6870 2PM2D1GD5
Heard the news of the upcoming ATI 6XXX videocards? well, here it is. The first and real benchies of the 6870 videocard.Upon my ...
gzhil 0 3491 Last post 22-October-10, 06:26:11
by gzhil
MSI 430GT !!! Fermi based Bang for the Bucks!!!
This is the first Fermi based entry level video card that Nvidia released and so far it gives one hell of a punch for its price....
gzhil 0 4468 Last post 27-October-10, 05:03:08
by gzhil
MSI R6850 PM2D1GD5 Short Test
Here is my short quick test for the MSI R6850 PM2D1GD5 and my share for the peeps in this forum. The videocard’s box is pretty t...
gzhil 0 4413 Last post 05-November-10, 08:56:49
by gzhil
Some Teazers for the New MSI Sandybridge Motherboards (P67/H67)
These are actual shots of the said motherboard models  H67MA-E45 [IMG]http://i31.photobu
gzhil 0 3110 Last post 22-November-10, 03:20:33
by gzhil
Short Review of MSI R6950 TF2 OC "Twin Frozr II OC Ed"
Twin frozr II 6950 has already arrived. By now, Im sure you guys are already familiar with MSI's Twin Frozr Classification of vi...
gzhil 1 5807 Last post 24-January-11, 15:16:04
by Over50
Sandybridge MSI P67-GD65 with Cayman MSI R6970 Short Test :)
Just for share and I think this post is already late because there are lots of reviews in the net for the new ATI 6970 video car...
gzhil 3 4991 Last post 27-February-11, 05:36:28
by dot
Top of the line MSI P67 Motherboard. “Big Bang Marshal” 5.5ghz 2600k
MSI Big Bang Marshal MSI's Top of the line P67 motherboard with hydra lucid chip, 24 Power Phase Design, Multiple PCIE Video Ca...
gzhil 4 4854 Last post 08-March-11, 19:34:36
by Froggy Gremlin
New MSI R6870 Hawk with Twin Frozr III & Propeller Fan Blade
MSI just released yet another model of their 6870 video card categorized under the HAWK series. You will also see that it’s usin...
gzhil 3 5045 Last post 19-March-11, 03:43:14
by UpToDate_
The beast has arrived!!! MSI R6990-4PD4GD5!!! The fastest card in town!!!
MSI R6990-4PD4GD5 - the fastest and latest video card that AMD has to offer. Dual Cayman GPU, dual Bios capability (extreme & pe...
gzhil 0 3255 Last post 06-April-11, 10:12:53
by gzhil
MSI P67A-GD80 B3. High Clocker!!! Resulted to 5.5ghz Intel Core i7 2600k OC
with the realese of MSI's P67 top of the line "Big Bang Marshal" motherboard. Another alternative model is the P67A-GD80 which i...
gzhil 4 4641 Last post 15-April-11, 01:23:55
by Henry
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