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As we are all tech crazy around here a place was needed to not only describe ones machine but to show it. This place is here. An...
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flobelix 109 37172 Last post 02-October-19, 21:29:51
by flobelix
Normal Topics
GTX 650Ti BOOST video review
Here is my little none professional take on the MSI GTX 650 TI Boost TF:
trentbg 0 1712 Last post 07-June-13, 18:20:37
by trentbg
This topic has been moved to MSI Notebooks & Netbooks.
Svet 0 1108 Last post 30-June-14, 12:31:10
by Svet
Msi M9 ACK MotherBoard and Set
My new gaming set i bought 1080 Sea Hawk X too, its comingg  Now shipping...  A motherboard that promises to deliver a high amo...
grabltyss 0 701 Last post 27-February-17, 16:59:26
by grabltyss
Perhaps MSI wouldn't mind giving us a detailed overview of the ECO series motherboards?
Bernhard 0 1033 Last post 11-July-14, 18:14:08
by Bernhard
Using Thunderbolt 2 on MSI MPOWER z97
HelloSo I was wondering if I could get a PCI card to chuck in the back of my for thunderbolt 2. I'm looking to buy a soundcard t...
richard.c.v9548 0 593 Last post 22-June-18, 03:11:58
by richard.c.v9548
Z97 GAMING 5 Review Part 2 - UEFI BIOS
IntroductionMSI CO., LTD. is the first motherboard manufacturer using UEFI BIOS design (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface). ...
MSI-MKT 0 1508 Last post 18-July-14, 03:04:06
MSI Z97 GAMING 3 Software Tool Introduction – Command Center
After reading the last Z97 GAMING 3 motherboard article, I believe that everyone  already has a deeper understanding of the MSI ...
MSI-MKT 0 3550 Last post 18-July-14, 03:58:44
Gamer from Finland
Finally managed to save up some money to update my old poor mans PC with parts i really wanted in first place.Only part i didn't...
lastre8el 0 520 Last post 06-May-18, 18:22:45
by lastre8el
Z97 GAMING 5 Review Part 3 - Gamecaster
IntroductionMSI has been focusing on development of GAMING series for a long time. All new 9 series GAMING motherboard not only ...
MSI-MKT 0 1305 Last post 24-July-14, 03:57:23
Z97 GAMING 5 Review Part 4 – Performance Test
IntroductionAfter reading the former three articles, it can be believed that everyone has already realized MSI Z97 GAMING 5 moth...
MSI-MKT 0 1057 Last post 01-August-14, 07:14:47
MSI motherboard BIOS Update Tech Introduction
The traditional way to update BIOS must operate under DOS environment and it requires not only a DOS startup disk, but also the ...
MSI-MKT 0 2832 Last post 12-August-14, 05:47:58
[MSI PRO MOD - S4] PC case Knight of Darkness Bitman
Hi guys my name is Kaixing and welcome all to our new work-logThis time we’re going to enter the Fourth season of MSI PRO MODS a...
fuxking0813 0 2868 Last post 13-July-16, 11:35:49
by fuxking0813
MSI X99S Gaming 9 AC Unboxing Video
Hey guys,newbie here on the forum...just bought my first MSI mobo, so I thought I should join MSI forum just in case I have any ...
yapchagi 0 894 Last post 17-September-14, 06:19:16
by yapchagi
【Case MOD】Kraitskin by by CalegaR1
【Case MOD】Kraitskin by by CalegaR1Wow. That is all we can say about this beautiful casemod called “Kraitskin” made by CalegaR1. ...
victoria.tseng.14 0 839 Last post 19-September-14, 13:20:08
by victoria.tseng.14
MOVED: Unigine Valley Benchmarks - Extreme HD
This topic has been moved to MSI Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 688 Last post 11-October-14, 21:02:13
by flobelix
Ryzen in the house!
Just finished my new Ryzen build over the weekend and thought I would share my story here (yes, I am THAT proud!). First of all ...
not4us 0 885 Last post 27-March-17, 00:23:27
by not4us
MOVED: Unlocked BIOS
This topic has been moved to Notebook Modified & Private BIOS'ses & EC-FW.
Nichrome 0 808 Last post 13-October-14, 22:04:40
by Nichrome
MOVED: Ez debug lights
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Nichrome 0 376 Last post 17-August-18, 19:17:14
by Nichrome
8 * Radeon RX480 8G
So it's been a while since I purchased these video cards, but I guess it's time that I upload some photos of what I've been up t...
ps9864 0 832 Last post 21-February-17, 20:00:53
by ps9864
Petition for a full cover water block for Z77 MPOWER @ EKWB
Hey guys,I started a "suggest idea" page over @ EKWB for making a full cover wb for this board. The board is immensely popular a...
adi518 0 1538 Last post 11-June-13, 19:14:06
by adi518
Interesting review on Godlike MB by Gamers Nexus good watch if you are "techy"
kshafer 0 330 Last post 21-October-18, 00:06:51
by kshafer
[justify]Bought this beauty a couple of weeks ago, upgraded from a MSI R9 380 gaming 8GB graphics card, which was a fantastic ca...
vandermerwe_marcel 0 814 Last post 24-December-16, 13:24:32
by vandermerwe_marcel
mobo water blocks.
 Hi.Does any body know of a compatible motherboard water block that will fit the MSI X79A-GD45 PLUS LGA 2011 mobo? ( chipset, Mo...
pauly 0 1652 Last post 26-June-13, 01:55:27
by pauly
MSI N770 Lightning.. The Lightning Continues...
From MSI N680GTX Lightning to the R7970 Lightning, now comes the new N770 Lightning.  First of all let’s talk about the GTX 770 ...
gzhil 0 1823 Last post 05-July-13, 09:26:35
by gzhil
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