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As we are all tech crazy around here a place was needed to not only describe ones machine but to show it. This place is here. An...
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flobelix 109 38398 Last post 02-October-19, 21:29:51
by flobelix
Normal Topics
1757441889 1 1442 Last post 07-July-17, 06:57:43
i hope to be tomorow ,coming sunshine
​I love MSI, red, projects considered, the highest level projekt and quality.I build for month Fashion PCMOD for MSI kompetition...
71weiss 0 825 Last post 15-November-15, 01:10:43
by 71weiss
【MSI PRO MOD - S3】"Dragon Army" by Abiyan92
Hi all modders,I'm still a newbie in the PC modding and this my entry for MSI Pro Mod 3Just a little story, I am an architect st...
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abiyan92 69 18919 Last post 31-May-17, 06:52:02
by GhostHitman007
My Z97 Unveiled
I was not sure if i made the right choice at first but after putting everything together Im truly happy i did. My boot time is a...
Ace1564 5 867 Last post 30-November-16, 16:26:50
by flobelix
Review of the MSI 4GB GTX 1050 Ti GPU
Recently I have made the upgrade from the Gigabyte GT740 to the new MSI GTX 1050 Ti, and I have to say I am impressed!Design and...
adam.last524 0 1096 Last post 20-November-16, 05:27:02
by adam.last524
Petition for a full cover water block for Z77 MPOWER @ EKWB
Hey guys,I started a "suggest idea" page over @ EKWB for making a full cover wb for this board. The board is immensely popular a...
adi518 0 1548 Last post 11-June-13, 19:14:06
by adi518
Thermaltake/MSI Wall Build at CCL Computers
[font=Arial","sans-serif] [/font][/color][font=Arial","sans-serif]Thermaltake P3 Build[/font][/color][/b][font=Arial","sans-seri...
admodz 1 1119 Last post 17-November-17, 07:24:52
by jcioffi88
Project Sofia
Hi all.Project Sofia came to light one day when I was watching Sofia The First on tv with my 4 year old daughter.One of those gr...
admodz 0 734 Last post 22-June-17, 20:26:10
by admodz
Hi all,I'm ADmodz.This is my latest project,sponsored by MSI,Corsair,Scan Computers,Alphacool,Mayhems,To The Wire Custom Sleevin...
admodz 16 1225 Last post 05-September-17, 17:06:03
by admodz
Thermaltake wall build (RE-FRESH)
THi that I've found my feet with my new job, it was time to start with some massive re-fresh build projects.This one is ...
admodz 1 637 Last post 25-October-17, 18:52:21
by jcioffi88
Hi All , My name is Hamman ,A.k.A Hammanchronicle Project Title is " Arctic Dimension"  Inspired by [font=arial, sans-serif
ahmadsyfq 1 1582 Last post 19-June-17, 04:40:58
【MSI PRO MOD】Project :High Energy
hello. ^ ^ My name is Pakawat Chaiboonma. I come from Thailand. I am not good at English To use Google to translate may be somew...
akeandice 5 1630 Last post 24-September-15, 01:40:13
by akeandice
【MSI PRO MOD-S2】Project :High Energy
hello. ^ ^ My name is Pakawat Chaiboonma. I come from Thailand. I am not good at English To use Google to translate may be somew...
akeandice 8 2370 Last post 26-September-15, 08:59:20
by Bernhard
【MSI PRO MOD –S5: Casemod】Unicorn Destroy Mod Project
Nickname: St.Jimmy's PC ModdingFacebook page: ItalyHi guys! This is my entry to th...
alessandro.zaiti 18 3473 Last post 20-May-17, 18:47:17
by GhostHitman007
-----'PARVUM KRAIT'-----
Hi everyone. We have been very lucky in getting a chance to work on further projects for MSI. This time in a larger ATX sized Pa...
all 12 3381 Last post 01-December-15, 19:35:42
by .MadCat.
Hello everyone! I'm extremely excited to be starting another personal project, as most of you  will know since Chocolate Box I h...
all 26 6147 Last post 15-February-16, 17:26:01
by all
Msi Gaming M3 Z170A unboxing
Perfect compatibility with MSI Gaming M3 Z170A and Intel 6700K.. Unfortunately there is no graphics. I'm using onboard right now...
altansener 1 863 Last post 02-January-17, 13:34:23
by flobelix
Hello everyone. My name is Anatoly Krotov aka "AntSter". Have you seen the new vid
anatoliy4444 2 1503 Last post 01-October-15, 20:48:34
by anatoliy4444
【MSI PRO MOD】Buyangyang by Arcis Modz
PROJECT BUYANGYANG INTROThe aim of this build is to showcase all components of a computer.All parts will be exposed. Even the Li...
andrew_adanza15 15 4185 Last post 07-July-15, 14:52:59
by andrew_adanza15
[MSI PRO MOD-S2] Apocalypse
Hi Guys,Im Andrew of ARCIS MODZ. My recent project was Apocalypse which was inspired by the latest MoBo of MSI having the "Tank"...
andrew_adanza15 1 1543 Last post 31-August-15, 02:59:35
UnBoxing MSI 970A Gaming Pro Carbon
MSI 970A Gaming Pro Carbon, AMD AM3+MSI Performance GAMING motherboards deliver a polished gaming experience. The Performance GA...
ardhany.agung.saputro 0 980 Last post 09-February-17, 12:37:40
by ardhany.agung.saputro
mystic light and corsiar
I have my the Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard and the Corsiar led fan hub with 4 corsair ML 120 Pro RGB fans hooked into the ...
armdela 0 653 Last post 23-February-18, 04:29:56
by armdela
Fully integrated watercooling on msi GE-70 2OE
Hi I'm new to this forum but not in computer.And I'm sorry for my bad english.I'm at this forum because i discover the forum for...
ArTyOmE 36 10195 Last post 23-November-14, 03:17:29
by darkhawk
【MSI PRO MOD - S3】"YAZI" - Venator Class Star Destroyer
"YAZI" - Venator Class Star DestroyerLegend has it that the dragon has nine sons.Each of whom inherited at least one great talen...
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asphiax 63 91858 Last post 04-February-16, 11:59:25
by asphiax
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