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My ryzen 5 1600 build on MSI B350M mortra arctic MB
Build for my friend, first time on ryzen.
jochionis 2 1271 Last post 08-January-18, 22:12:48
by jcioffi88
Thermaltake/MSI Wall Build at CCL Computers
[font=Arial","sans-serif] [/font][/color][font=Arial","sans-serif]Thermaltake P3 Build[/font][/color][/b][font=Arial","sans-seri...
admodz 1 1086 Last post 17-November-17, 07:24:52
by jcioffi88
【MSI PRO MOD – S5: Casemod】
Arl1 Z97 Gaming 7 Motherboard Pentium G3258 Intel Processor Scan Disk 120 GB SSD Western Digi...
knz_sami 0 861 Last post 27-October-17, 15:51:40
by knz_sami
【MSI PRO MOD –S5: Demonstration】Crevasse: The Mei Machine by InsolentGnome
Hey everyone, welcome to MSI's PRO MOD Season 5!  My name is Dave Cathey, or InsolentGnome as a lot of folks know me.  I hail fr...
insolentgnome 19 4933 Last post 26-October-17, 12:48:59
by sarfrazk9
【MSI PRO MOD – S5: Casemod】PROJECT ARCTICHello guys, my name is Mark Cruz "MC Industry"Facebook Account : https://www.facebook.c...
mark.techtips 4 2230 Last post 25-October-17, 18:54:22
by jcioffi88
Thermaltake wall build (RE-FRESH)
THi that I've found my feet with my new job, it was time to start with some massive re-fresh build projects.This one is ...
admodz 1 618 Last post 25-October-17, 18:52:21
by jcioffi88
Modding the MSI GTX 1080 TI Gaming X?
Has anyone tried to mod the "GEFORCE GTX" text on the side of the Gaming X 1080 TI? If so, were you successful in doing so? How ...
thomsontyler 0 1008 Last post 07-October-17, 03:42:34
by thomsontyler
Hi all,I'm ADmodz.This is my latest project,sponsored by MSI,Corsair,Scan Computers,Alphacool,Mayhems,To The Wire Custom Sleevin...
admodz 16 1198 Last post 05-September-17, 17:06:03
by admodz
judges’ individual preference.Cosplay CaseMod BY Jeng_Ki
Hi everyone i have one project present to you all this is "Project Of The Year" it long time for mod this project i very happy a...
jeng_ki 4 692 Last post 31-August-17, 19:59:15
by jeng_ki
【MSI PRO MOD – S5: Scratch Build】PIPELINE V2 "PV2" by Paulo Reis aka EVILPT
PROJECT PV2 by Paulo Reis Aka EVILPT
evil1980pt 6 2723 Last post 23-August-17, 11:32:43
by scorp18
【MSI PRO MOD – S5: Casemod】 GalaKrond by Amin Dadvar
Project "Galakrond" Modder Name: Amin Dadvar Instagr
water.architectur 5 2768 Last post 22-August-17, 17:41:08
by samuga_igor
[MSI PRO MOD - S5: Scratch Build] MSI Space Lab by RandomDesign
Hi every one its Stefan from RandomDesign again. Yes I am still from Germany. This will be my second entry for the MSI PRO MOD S...
mephiderweise 11 3355 Last post 22-August-17, 17:34:19
by samuga_igor
[MSI PRO MOD - S5:Scratch Build] MSI USS Dragon-1 by RandomDesign
Hi all its Stefan or mabe better known as RandomDesign from Germany. Now it is time for yet another MSI PRO MOD Season.If you ar...
mephiderweise 7 2539 Last post 22-August-17, 17:32:55
by samuga_igor
【MSI PRO MOD –S5: Demonstration】 ARCTIC Wolf by modding-extreme
Hello everyone. I am modding-extreme from germany. I am proud to be an judge at this PRO-MOD Season.I have modding experience fo...
modding-extreme 22 3544 Last post 19-July-17, 22:23:24
by modding-extreme
【MSI PRO MOD – S5: Casemod】RAGE
Hi, My name is Martin, better known as MooZ. I am from Colombia.  Check my fb fan page Let's start D:
mattoc91 19 5276 Last post 15-July-17, 16:07:05
by michaeljohn_lacerna
【MSI PRO MOD – S5: Scratch Build】ARCTIC HORROR . Hello friends! I'm from Russia, my project will be made of stekooplastiki and w... 29 6069 Last post 10-July-17, 21:55:42
[MSI PRO MOD - S5: Case Mod] Arctic Scavenger Controller
As to the relaunching of Acrtic Scavenger to the Arctic polesGOF made a new controller that will make hia surveillance much bett...
jozheusebio30 0 1389 Last post 10-July-17, 17:53:59
by jozheusebio30
【MSI PRO MOD – S5: Scratch Build】 ARCTPloration
MSI PRO MOD - Scratch Build ARCTPloration Hi, My name is Roy,I am from Indonesia .&nb
grosirsepatuwanita212 6 2177 Last post 10-July-17, 16:27:26
by grosirsepatuwanita212
【MSI PRO MOD – S5: Casemod】 Master of Ice by Technology and Gaming
Hey Guys. My name is Ethan Cooper aka Technology and Gaming from Australia! My Master of Ice build will be built in the CoolerMa...
ecoo997 6 2285 Last post 10-July-17, 13:49:41
by ecoo997
【MSI PRO MOD – S5: Casemod】" PROJECT PANTHER " Hi, My name is Edwin,I am from Philippines .  Check my fb fan page [
edwindecatalina24 18 4992 Last post 10-July-17, 12:51:36
by edwindecatalina24
HI everoneI am ICEWOLF and I am from chinaCPU:I7-7700KMB:(MSI)B250M MORTARRAM:Apacer BLADE DDR4-3200 8GX4GPU:MSI GTX1070 GAMING ...
ccy19840228 0 1405 Last post 10-July-17, 07:09:17
by ccy19840228
【MSI PRO MOD – S5: Casemod】AURORA By Y.M.
Hi Guys!My name is Y.M.My Facebook page is I', from TaiwanFor the first time to partic...
h05850207 14 3742 Last post 10-July-17, 05:58:15
by h05850207
【MSI PRO MOD – S5: Casemod】Base Camp by ArtMods
Greetings everyone! My name is Sean Rinna or most know me as (Seananigans/ArtMods) and I hail from the United States of America....
srinna313 6 3436 Last post 10-July-17, 04:34:17
by srinna313
【MSI PRO MOD –S5: Scratch Build】 Arctic Scavenger by GOF JozhClassified
Cheers to allJozhClassified from GOF mods Guangzhouthis is the 1st time I will be joining a contest outside China and I am very ...
jozheusebio30 16 3537 Last post 10-July-17, 03:19:40
by jozheusebio30
【MSI PRO MOD –S5: Demonstration】 ARCTIC Zone By Jeng_Ki WMP
Hi every body i'm Jeng_Ki frist Thank you very much MSI give me for chance to Judges in [ MSI PRO MOD S5 ] today i have some ide...
jeng_ki 26 4537 Last post 09-July-17, 16:30:14
by jeng_ki
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