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Upgrade question
Hello guys I have a question regarding which upgrade would be more beneficial on my rigMy current rig isRyzen 7 3700XRTX Armor 2...
louielaoang 8 562 Last post 21-August-19, 18:50:21
by louielaoang
Verify Sponsorship
It says that is sponsored by MSI UK, Can you guys please confirm this.
kingabdo772 1 806 Last post 15-September-16, 08:12:08
by Nichrome
Very funny..Conan O'Brien Reviews "Hitman: Absolution"
Another way of reivews.
hahaman 4 1948 Last post 21-August-13, 05:18:58
by TYC
Vox Eminor partners with MSI Australia!
After a long road through CS:GO the Vox team was fortunate enough to get a shot at qualifying for last year's MSI Beat IT world ...
Vox Eminor 0 1154 Last post 12-May-14, 03:42:05
by Vox Eminor
Wanna have a free Farcry3 game code to play?
Just found out a set of code on my desk. (You can tell how messed it is...)Tell us your favorite game and why. We will pick one ...
dereklcchen 21 4481 Last post 01-May-13, 11:39:47
by ACE
Want to know if gfx card fits in mobo
Hey guys,I'm planning to buy a new gfx card and wanted to know if it fits in my mobo. My mobo is a msi 7740 and the gfx card i'm...
millenniumGamer 2 962 Last post 28-July-14, 21:49:59
by tr4nc1d80m8
War Thunder
Have you played this game? See a brief of this game.
dereklcchen 7 2536 Last post 25-December-15, 13:49:26
by christopherbrodriguez
War Thunder - Video Contest
We just launched a Pan-EU video contest partnered with War Thunder. Join the contest and win great prizes - including GE40 Drago...
dereklcchen 1 1235 Last post 14-June-13, 10:43:02
by dereklcchen
War Thunder: Can an American take part in the D.521 promotion?
I see the American MSI website with a link promoting War Thunder (, but ...
Nigama 3 4463 Last post 18-December-14, 09:49:35
by coolgee6
Wargame: AirLand Battle
#at=10Wargame AirLand Battle is the sequel to Wargame European Escalation, the real-time strategy game created by Eugen Systems ...
rootseric 0 1113 Last post 24-July-13, 15:05:47
by rootseric
Hello Guys, I have an issue with TW Warhammer fps. To be more specific, the fps in campaign map are terrible(10-20) most times, ...
koutsoukisjohn4 4 829 Last post 09-June-17, 09:56:20
by koutsoukisjohn4
Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs is an upcoming open world action-adventure stealth video game. It will be released on November 19, 2013.Set in Chicag...
rootseric 1 1363 Last post 23-July-13, 11:17:29
by missroro
Watch Dogs Benchmarks on MSI G Series Laptops
Hey guys.Think I might've posted twice, but anyhoo. Here is a quick video of the game, it's features and benchmarks on the MSI G...
SI3G3 8 2562 Last post 24-July-14, 12:11:03
by marialuiza
Watch how Lara Croft has transformed from 1996 to now
rootseric 5 2249 Last post 16-December-14, 07:50:33
by harisdost8
What Are You Playing Right Now Thread
Hey guys!Let's start a good conversation! Thread topic is very simple which is...What Are You Playing Right Now?> Give a short o...
najiro 28 6575 Last post 01-June-13, 10:48:01
by Jda2la
What core are you using
What core are you using and how many cores there is? Example of cores  Intel Pentium Intel Core i3 [url=https://en.
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GamerAstro 56 7856 Last post 04-November-18, 20:41:33
by flobelix
What game do you like the best?
anthonypagano.03 4 833 Last post 14-November-19, 22:01:25
by mefe3234
What genre of games do you usually play?
*First Person Shooter (FPS)*Real Time Strategy (RTS)*Sports*Simulation (including Flight, Sim series)*Racing*Role Playing Game (...
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najiro 66 9016 Last post 15-July-18, 19:34:09
by GhostHitman007
What headset do you use for gaming?
A hardware topic in terms of gaming that I do not feel gets discussed nearly enough is gaming headsets. In my opinion, it's just...
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lukas.jacobsson1 90 16871 Last post 15-May-18, 04:18:03
by Green trees
What is Payday 2?
rootseric 0 1040 Last post 10-July-13, 16:12:42
by rootseric
what is your favorite genre on games
what is your favorite genre on games my favorite is open world games and racing games or an open world racing game like the crew...
ggplay092 9 1593 Last post 26-May-18, 18:41:03
by ivanbor8
What is your gaming mouse?
So, what is your gaming mouse? There's plenty of gaming mice on the market. Which one do you own, and which one is the best in y...
TheMephisto 32 5821 Last post 28-July-14, 21:54:23
by tr4nc1d80m8
What no TriDef VR
And where can i download the TriDef® VR, i have a registered MSI GTX 1070 AERO 8G card, dont tell me that this card is not valid...
f-han3 7 2044 Last post 25-March-17, 12:35:45
by darkhawk
What notebook cooler do you use?
Hello there!I ordered a MSI GL72-6Q... and i am not sure what notebook cooler works best/efficient with that notebook/series or ...
guesz-no_one 2 710 Last post 19-August-16, 18:29:56
by davidkatsburg
What should I choose?
Hello! I'm new here I have just built my new gaming pc it has GTX 960 4G. So I'm wondering what should I choose from free offers...
jokubas.alekna 1 675 Last post 22-March-16, 14:31:06
by abdulsalam.kteil
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