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daniel_c_machado and 86 Guests are viewing this board.
Did I brake my notebook?
SO I was trying to fix issue with my laptop keep on crashing in game and just during desk browsing. I started downloading the Dr...
11moreshkin 1 793 Last post 01-October-15, 11:14:17
by RW3
GP70 2PE Leopard
Hi, when I play Starcraft 2 my CPU temperature spikes up to 70-80 degrees Celsius. I'm just wondering if that is considered high...
123hkbasd 7 1561 Last post 29-August-14, 04:50:01
by hchg
GP70 2PE Leopard
Hi, when I play Starcraft 2 my CPU temperature spikes up to 70-80 degrees Celsius. I'm just wondering if that is considered high...
123hkbasd 4 924 Last post 03-December-14, 08:40:59
by KurtC27
Hello everyone,I just bought a gt72 without any ssds in it because I wanted to use Kingston SSDnow 120gb m.2 for this one. Got 2...
13ege 1 671 Last post 13-December-14, 17:51:53
by JakeSully
[Solved] GT70 Registers as GE70 / Used live update 5
Hello everyone!So I have a GT70 notebook, and when I register it on the MSI website, the product name says: GE70 0ND.The serial ...
14Died14 2 1152 Last post 03-June-14, 12:06:23
by 14Died14
[Solved] GT70: Fans are out of control
So I have this GT70 0ND Notebook, a little less then a year old, and I have a problem with my fans.They are constantly changing ...
14Died14 4 1265 Last post 04-June-14, 09:08:33
by hchg
[Solved] GT70 0ND Framedrops in all games, how to find cause?
I have a GT70 and had some problems with drivers from Live Update 5 but I uninstalled them, and now those problems seem to be go...
14Died14 9 1547 Last post 09-June-14, 08:07:08
by hchg
GT60 keyboard backlight button not working
I have a GT60 msi laptop, and as of recently the little touch-button that turns my keyboard lights on and off isn't working, doe...
157000madere 6 1066 Last post 31-January-16, 06:33:32
by jianghongb
GS65 Stealth Thin 1TB 32gb availability Europe
I'm kinda new here and because MSI doesn't provide a chat support I'm asking my question here. Maybe there's some employees of M...
1775marines 1 275 Last post 27-June-18, 22:43:58
by david
Screen replacement cost of MSI GE62 Apache (or infact any other Msi laptop)
MY laptop GE62 Apache 2qd has been showing distorted images. Works fine on an external display. What should i do?Anyone gotten t...
1996.sarath 1 1595 Last post 28-July-16, 07:33:46
by RX-8
2 Quick questions about MSI GE70-2OE
1) Is this RAM, capable with my MSI GE70 2OE 2) Is ...
1996Alex 1 706 Last post 14-October-14, 14:43:41
by hchg
Dragon Gaming Center VS. Gaming Center (MSI GE62- 2QD)
Hello! I bought my MSI GE62 - 2QD about a year ago, and I was just wondering about two things.1: What's the difference in betwee...
1nash.rob 1 3397 Last post 26-August-16, 08:20:20
by chc
Sound blaster cinema wont downgrade
Hello, I recently bought an msi gp60 2pe leopard. I tested all of the apps and installed some more programs/games and also remov...
2007aaron 2 859 Last post Best Answer 21-September-15, 20:07:44
by 2007aaron
Battery Help?
Hi,I recently got a GE62VR 6RF Apache Pro Gaming Laptop. It's been working fine but I'm having some problems with the battery. M...
205073 1 553 Last post 06-April-17, 14:42:29
by 4lberto
Keys not working?
Computer Model: MSI GE62VR 6RF Apache ProNOTE: I am using the on-screen keyboard to type some of this message.My "E" key and my ...
205073 1 864 Last post 17-May-17, 02:55:16
by shawn.donnelly21
i want GP72MVR unlock bios
who can send me ths
2179446 0 63 Last post 06-January-20, 08:15:09
by 2179446
[URGENT] Searching for one msi file
Hey guys , i have an MSI GE60 2PL APACHE , in fact i don't have a real problem , but i want to solve this anyway (lol) , after r...
225franc 4 847 Last post 26-April-17, 01:40:59
by Nidhoggr
Hello , i own an MSI GT72S with G-Sync , i've tried overclocking the screen with the custom nvidia resolution utility , i've suc...
225franc 1 213 Last post 26-October-18, 08:34:12
by masonyang
16F4 Hot temperatures with 780m and 4800mq
Hi all, I'm a new MSI barebones owner.  I have a 16F4 with the GTX 780m, 4800mq.Afterburner shows my GPU running in the 90-95 de...
238127h 5 2088 Last post 24-September-13, 21:33:25
by 238127h
About G-sync for Gt72, any new device added for the G-sync?
Accucately I'm in China now, gt72 here with 5th generatin CPU doesn't have G-sync, any difference between this version and gt72 ...
243037903 3 1196 Last post 25-June-15, 05:03:21
by Konstantin
msi gs60 internet problem
Dear MSI. Computer bought almost half month.Play computer games ping is very high.Watching TV shows and download speeds normal s...
283515088 1 1056 Last post 23-March-16, 23:06:59
by tenacres
Please help, failed BIOS update
Hello,i hope someone can help me. Tried to update the BIOS when the computer crashed. Now it does not boot up. When i power it o...
290373m 2 615 Last post 24-July-16, 06:20:39
by 290373m
Why is the MSI Apache Pro GE72VR cheaper than the Asus Rog G752 980M 24GB RAM.I get the MSI is 8GB Ram but how is it so cheap wi...
292074 1 606 Last post 16-September-16, 11:33:26
by 292074
Are these temperatures normal for GX620 001US?
Hello,I have a msi GX620-001US model (black and silver version) with a geforce 9600mGt and dual 2.26 processor. I've noticed tha...
2ndchance 1 2061 Last post 20-December-09, 20:58:20
by j_m
gx620 us001: HDMI port not detecting separate monitors/tvs
Hello,I have a gx620 001us model (silver and black) with a geforce 9600m gt graphic card. This model has an HDMI port yet when I...
2ndchance 4 3022 Last post 22-May-10, 07:24:59
by Mike
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